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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Recipe for Making Love

This is the finest recipe for making love that I know.  This is the real beans here, not stuff that you learned from a book on your grandmother's shelf -- and definitely not that smack sold by magical culinary elfs....this is the recipe for making love.

FYI, this is Harry Connick Jr.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Amber Rayne is Dead

I just learned that porn legend Amber Rayne died.  Literally. I haven't even changed rooms since I found out. I knew Amber on a personal level and we communicated...and then a few months ago she just suddenly just dropped off the face of the Earth. I knew she was rather upset because her horse had died and I thought she had fallen into depression related to that. I sent her several messages...but no reply.  I just realized that I messaged her several times after she died...including the day she died.

And this morning I stumbled across an article saying that she was found dead in her home on April 2nd...4 month ago. :'(   So much for going to a San Jose Sharks game with her.

I immediately googled all I could to find out what had happened.  Apparently she died in her sleep as a result of a cocaine overdose. No doubt a direct result of self-medicating to deal with the death of her horse...whom she is now riding and flying with in heaven.

One thing that makes me upset about all the reports about her death was...they all mention a particular porn actor she was not fond of with respect to a sexual assault.  This had absolutely no relevance to the story and was by no means a defining part of her life. She was strong and didn't let that incident trouble her and to have it mentioned in virtually every report of her death seems just plain wrong.

It would be far more appropriate to include things like she hated smurfs.

Amber Rayne was a beautiful person, both physically and inside in the places it counts. Her given name was Meghan. She was an actress first -- a traditional actress -- and was an understudy in Les Meserables and tried to break into the film industry in California but only succeeded in getting a handful of jobs as a background extra.

But she found her calling in what she described as 'the loving community' of porn. And unlike most porn actresses who cum and go, she stayed with it into her 30s -- and kept her body hot the whole time too. She starred in over 500 adult films and was nominated for over 20 adult film awards...but only won AVN's not so coveted 'Unsung Starlet of the Year' Award.  She deserved better and hopefully she will get more recognition for her work this year, as often it takes a person dying for them to be appreciated.

After retiring from porn, she became a horse trainer and she was making a new life around that  -- and she had always loved horses. In fact, her very first horse as a child was named Amber Rayne.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Dating a Vanilla Person When You Are Kinky

Sometimes, you meet someone and you just feel wildly attracted to them.  There is chemistry and soon you are just thinking about jumping their bones all the time.  But the problem is...every time you mention something 'kinky' they don't respond positively to it. What do you do?

Well, first of all, you have to ask the right questions and drop the right hints and then watch their response.  Specifically, try watching his or her micro-expressions. These are uncontrolled expressions that flash across their face for just a fleeting moment before they regain control and show you what they want you to see.  What their face very closely ... hmmm...maybe you need some practice like this:  http://www.microexpressionstest.com/micro-expressions-test/  

Good, now that you know what to look for...try mentioning spanking her -- and see what her face does...if she reacts with fear or disgust...this girl definitely has some issues with BDSM.

Perhaps you could flat out ask her what she thinks of BDSM or other kinky behaviors...as from my experience, the kinky ones generally don't have a problem talking about it. Scratch that...the experienced and active kinky ones don't. But the ones who are open to but never had the opportunity to explore may be far more concerned with how they appear to you...and not want to just simply reveal that they are good to go for fear of rejection.

The trick is: you don't want to screen out the girls who don't want to appear 'slutty' from the ones who are truly vanilla.

That said, if you do test them on a number of occasions and every time they come up as completely
vanilla...even if you really like them, it is probably not going to work out.  If she loves missionary position with the lights out and you love nasty anal while she's blindfolded and tied to the bed...both of you are on a collision course with a breakup (and mutually unsatisfactory sex).   So be sure. Sit down and have a long dicussion about what you really want in bed. Don't worry if it might go badly as most likely, at the end of this conversation, you are going to break up anyway. Unless they reveal that, 'yeah, I really would love a spanking but was just hiding it!' it is best for everyone to break up.

I know this because I have dated a vanilla person...someone I loved and who loved me...but in bed, it was fucking terrible. I just couldn't pretend to be satisfied any longer. In fact, for months I ended up pretending I was too tired or not interested in sex because...well, i wasn't interested in sex -- with my vanilla partner.  So do yourself a favour and screen the vanillas out early before you both become too attached. Because believe me, there is nothing worse than dating a vanilla person that has a completely different idea of a 'fun time' in bed than you. Sexual chemistry is too important and life is too short to waste on a relationship that doesn't satisfy you.