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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Kinky but...I am more than just Kink

perfect-panties-assEven when one is kinky and has 24/7 lifestyle kink built into their life -- it doesn't mean they have the time and energy to be full on wild and devious every second of the day.  But if I choose to kiss my slave -- and enjoy that sensual, sexy feeling, isn't that part of hedonistic-ally enjoying the shit out of life?

And sometimes life is just better sitting down with my slave and playing Diablo or Perfect World and geeking it out with them playing video games.   [Aside:  Is there any really good co-operative 3 player fantasy adventure games out there?  I need a good one for 3-4 people to play ;)  ]

My point is, while I have a deep passion for all things kinky -- I am not a one dimensional raving hard on that only has the capacity to fuck and that's it.  I am a fully realized man and I am into a wide variety of things  -- and kink is just one of them. If I wanted to go skydiving, take off for a month and backpack across Asia or just go sailing...It doesn't mean I'm not kinky: It means I'm interesting.