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Monday, 29 February 2016

Give Me Your Body

Give me your flesh
That I may abuse it
See the red marks rise
And know that you are mine

Give me your mind
Let me guide you to new heights
New lows of perversion
And help you become the person you've always wanted to be

Give me your trust
I've earned it, slowly over time
I won't let you down
And your trust in me makes me up my game

Give me your fluids
Your cum squirting all over the bed
Your drooling spit from deep-throating my cock
Your piss as I play with your pussy making it so hard to pee
Your blood -- because I'm not going to stop fucking you 1/4 of the time

Yes give me everything you can: body, mind, spirit, trust and heart.
I will bruise your body -- I guarantee that
Yet the rest I will polish and cherish far more than any boyfriend
As you are mine and I like you strong.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Why I like truthful girls

This is so true...and who doesn't appreciate a girl who is being honest and straightforward? <3


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Reason I love small tits #172

I love small boobs....Because small boobs usually come attached to small frames like these:

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Let Your Slut Flag Fly

She could do better
Being a slut is empowering and awesome so let your slut flag fly!

Don't be prude. Not at all. When you are with someone, be a dirty little slut.

You don't need to be promiscuous. Casual sex is nowhere near as good as letting your feelings get involved. So make a real connection. Feel something real for once. You deserve it.

Secret Truth #1 - Sluts don't fuck everyone. Not even close. They just fuck the ones they want to. 

Don't worry about the future. Fuck the future. Be here now. If things don't line up down the road, at
least it's lined up here -- enjoy every second.

But being 'selective' doesn't guarantee you won't get hurt. Guys can be assholes or bad in bed. And you won't find that out till you let your guard down...so fuck it...drop your guard early and let your slut flag fly.

You know what's hot? Being fucking horny.  All the time!

Own your healthy sex drive and celebrate it.

Secret truth #2 (that no one actually tell girls): it's awesome to get fucked often. 

Besides, when Mr. Right comes along, do you want to be a confident, skilled girl who knows exactly how to land him? Or the shy, unskilled prude dusting off the cobwebs while acting awkward?

So release your inner slut -- and your outer slut too -- and let your slut flag fly.

Remember, being a slut is not about sheer numbers of partners -- that's bullshit. It's about the number of times you get fucked and the quality of said fucks. I dated a girl, monogamously, who was the most wonderful and insatiable slut. She was awesome.  I've also dated girls who have slept with other people while I dated them...while being a fucking corpse in bed.  Yeah, she'd just lay there and let me do anything to her -- without really moving or speaking.  She was not a slut.

And I've also dated more than one wonderful girl (at the same time) who fucked up a storm and would attract the kinkiest, funnest people into our bedroom because she was such a dirty whore.  And you know what? She was the best of all because she was confident and proud enough to let her slut flag fly. Her slut flag flew the highest...she'd wear latex and garters on the street and flirt with the drooling boys acting like noobs and high fiving me -- and she was easily the happiest. Every day with her was a treat. And every type of pleasure too.

Honestly, don't you wish you were like  her?
If you want to live your life to the fullest, you have to give society the finger and let your slut flag fly. You'll thank me for it ;)   Also, from my experience,

Secret Truth #3: the best sluts are the smartest, most fun, best educated and most empowered girls there are.  

If those are ideals to aspire to, then there's no shame in letting you slut flag fly.  (Oh, and dumb girls usually don't have the goods to pull off being an excellent slut.)  It is the dumb, prude girls that guys are not interested in that are most likely to slut police.

Secret truth #4: Girls call other girls slut because they hate getting blown away by superior

Of course, being 'too available' is a major turn off for either sex. Think of the guy who is desperate and hitting on every girl that moves...terrible. It's a game. And to be a proper slut you have to do it well. Play the game...lure them in...build the tension...and pull the trigger. If it works, you get laid. Hopefully many times (in the same night ;) )  I want you to be good at this afterall.  And a good slut is the one that the guys are chasing.  However:

Secret truth #5:  If you are trying to land another girl, you need to chase her and actively and boldly seduce her. 

Final Note on Slut Shaming
that'd-be-greatDon't fucking do it.  And guys, seriously...do you want girls to be all full of games and obstacles or do you want them to be easy and fun? Personally, I have no interest in difficult girls. And if you want an engagement ring before we have sex...you better propose to me really early on.  But always get consent -- and just because a girl is dressed like candy doesn't mean you can touch the candy.  It's like being in a bakery with all kinds of delicious pastries around...just because they look yummy doesn't mean you can grope and lick them. You have to wait till the pastry chef offers you one (or point out one you can't resist and ask if you can have it.)

Click for more on letting your slut flag fly

Friday, 19 February 2016

Condoms Ruling: Not Required on Porn Sets, Ca.

OSHA votes nay to mandatory condoms on California porn sets.

The controversial law proposed requiring condoms on all California porn sets was voted down.  There was a vote crucial to the California porn industry this Thursday, Feb. 8th 2016 in Oakland, California held at the Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board (OSHA).  The vote today at the Harris State building auditorium was on updating the regulations on workers safety to protect workers in the adult industry from bloodborne pathogens.  This would update Title 8, Section 5193 of the Cal/OSHA regulations making condoms mandatory in all porn shoots in California.

This regulation was extremely controversial in the porn industry because California represents about
65% of all the porn shot in the USA and OSHA could have required condoms to protect workers -- which would have had major effects on the industry.  Currently, 'bareback' films are the standard (bareback refers to no condoms being used) and are much more popular amongst viewer -- with many resulting sub genres such as 'creampie' (where the male cums inside the female) and pissing films possible only without condoms being in place.   The San Fernando valley, aka The San Pornando Valley and Silicone Valley has be the center of the American porn industry since the 1970s but this law would have likely caused a mass exodus to a state which currently has no condom legislation in place.

porn-industry-condomsNote: I have seen Nevada being proposed as the most likely place for the industry to go as it is nearby but that makes no sense as shooting porn in Nevada is illegal -- which kinda trumps the whole condom law altogether. Personally, I think a move across to Miami, Florida is way more likely as currently about 25% of porn is shot in Miami.  Thinking there won't be an exodus is foolish considering Los Angeles County with it's infamous "Measure B" (the Country of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act) -- and porn permits dropped from 480 in 2012 down to just 28 in 2015 -- a decline of 1700%.

This OSHA ruling follows on the heels of a law shot down in December 9th,  2015 that proposed mandatory condoms on adult film sets and making bareback films a criminal offence.  Judge Susan P. Graber cited freedom of expression and said expression trumps the possible risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Condom use in porn would definitely have a major impact not only in the porn industry but in society in general.  Since the advent of the internet, porn has become mainstream and an entire generation has received sexual education directly from porn. And porn not using condoms often has a major effect on that education and I believe directly contributes to condoms not being used for protection from STIs.  While there are some alternatives which can prevent the spread skin to skin contract viruses (see my article on Bioniix (or go buy this handy spray product here)  condoms remain the first line of defense against blood borne pathogens such as HIV/AIDS.  And they are also somewhat effective in preventing pregnancy too ;)

So the adult film industry has vocally opposed the mandatory use of condoms on film sets -- as this would directly impact their bottom line and the viability of industry in California.  It has turned the fight for worker safety into a freedom of expression fight.  But there have been HIV and other STI outbreaks in the tightly knit porn industry which often requires multiple partners and swapping of bodily fluids. And while I am not a huge fan of condom use until condoms that feel a lot better (see my list of the best feeling condoms here) I am an engineer and safety is a major influence in my life.

mandatory-condoms-porn-setsIn my current industry, practices that have harmed, killed and resulted in lost days of work have been systematically targeted and eliminated resulting in a workplace that used to have hundreds of lost time injuries and deaths at my location now has the occasional person slipping on some ice and hurting themselves.  This is a very good thing.  One of the older guys said to me, "There used to be lots of extremely poor kids here in the 1960s -- as their fathers had been killed in the plants and there was no compensation. Now, we do everything possible to prevent any chemical release and dangerous practice and our jobs are a lot better as a result."  This was said to me this week.   So change takes time -- but protecting workers rights is absolutely essential to improving people's lives and safety should never be taken lightly.  

So I am pro safety in a big way.  But that said, a husband and wife team that has sex exclusively with
each other should not be forced to wear condoms at 'work' when they don't wear condoms most of the time when they fuck --so that doesn't make sense either.   But how common is that scenario compared to a young, naive girl with little confidence being told by an more powerful, experienced porn producer  that if she requires condoms being used that she doesn't get the job? The whole 'work refusal' under such circumstances is not a real option and girls are bullied into no condoms every day in the adult industry.    And if being bullied results in you getting a lifelong, life threatening disease like HIV/AIDS that is a major fucking issue.

Condom use is also being championed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (aka AHF).  Of course, testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections IS already mandatory in the industry with testing required every 14 days (increased from once every 28 days).  Still, the Center for Disease Control investigated a 2014 HIV infection and concluded this week that it was contracted on a porn set in California.

adult-film-star-using-condomBut porn IS a fantasy and my fantasies never involve condoms because they...well, they suck. A condom that enhances feeling and makes sex feel better is absolutely required to actually transform their use.  And condoms have basically been unchanged over the past 50 years -- so it's time for technology to step up and do sex a solid. (I began researching an article on condoms that make sex feel better about 8 months ago but the results were too preliminary to actually post...but I will revisit that topic and see what new innovations have come to light --as people are working on this problem...it's just 'how far' have they advanced since I last looked.)

So, despite my desire to see workers with the best and strongest health and safety laws...I can't say I am
totally disappointed to hear that condom use wasn't made mandatory. If you have an opinion on this topic, I'd love to hear you r comments on it down below.  I am especially interested in your opinion if you work in the porn industry so please let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Michigan Gives Life Sentence for Hetero Anal Sex

Put them in jail for life!
Sadly, this is not a joke or an exaggeration.  Anal sex can get you life behind bars in Michigan. Earlier this week, I posted about how Michigan passed an anti-anal sex and anti-oral sex law --though I forgot to mention that the penalty for having anal sex or giving a blow job was 15 years in jail!!! This is for both homosexual and heterosexual sex.  Here's my original post on the ban on anal and oral sex in Michigan (it was bundled in with a law against cruelty and abuse of animals.)   Anyway, reason has prevailed, along with the New Civil Rights movement  -which is the advocacy arm of the state's LGBT advocacy organization "Equality Michigan".

Equality Michigan vocally opposed this unconstitutional law and attempted to have the Michigan house remove the sodomy ban language from the animal rights bill passed last week. Logan's Law, a law designed to protect animals from abuse including bestiality included language which broadly banned oral and anal sex as well.   In response, the Michigan house changed the wording of the law from basically any person (as in, namely a homosexual!) to 'a sexually delinquent person at the time of the offence.  But worse, they changed the sentence for such an offence to a maximum of LIFE imprisonment!
Life in jail for you both, perverts!

Let that sink in...if you are a sexual delinquent -- which I assume includes all those poor souls whom have been labelled sex offenders for peeing in public -- and you have anal sex or receive a blowjob in Michigan from a consenting adult...you could sent to jail for life. How fucked is that?!?  They took the wording of an already unconstitutional and puritanical law and made it broader and harsher.

Here is the amended law:


The bill will be voted on this Tuesday.   If you live in Michigan...make some noise about this before this insane law gets passed!

Friday, 12 February 2016

What Guys Should Know About Threesomes

I have had a lot of 3somes...and by a lot I mean, I have no idea how many but very regularly and with regular partners so that the number of threesomes I have had approaches the number of times I've had 1vs1 sex. So I'm gonna share with you some of what I have learned. 

First, a threesome is not some magical fantasy thing -- it's not inherently going to make you feel good about yourself unless you bring yourself fully into the experience and open your heart to the people you are with.  Just like regular lovemaking: it's all about connecting with your partners and sharing with them.  If you are ready to laugh, love and share yourself...and relax and have a good time...then a threesome is for you. If you're doing it to achieve some form of holy grail of sexual experience...gtfo. You'll be bringing way too much bullshit into the experience and it won't work well.

Be chill, be relaxed. Seriously, chill and enjoy. If you are there giggling and making your partners feel more comfortable -- all the better.  If you are sporting a 'serious face' that is laiden down with performance anxiety...God, just listen to how that sounds! Would you want to kiss someone in that state? Nope.  You gotta be relaxed and looking to have fun no matter what happens. Don't be attached to some result -- as who the fuck knows how this is gonna turn out?   I've found the best plan is to have plan. B-)  

threesome-kissOne of your partners may feel awkward. Yeah, it happens.  Just like in regular 2-some sex.  Pay attention and comfort them...let them know that you are there to support them in whatever they need -- and be there for them.  Don't try and plow through their 'resistance' or have you and the other willing party amp up their sexual energies while this poor girl is feeling lost and confused about her feelings.  Amping up the sexual energy at this point is going to alienate her further and she's will probably end up distancing herself and perhaps watching...or even leaving the room. Why? Because you ignored how she was feeling. Any lover that ignores how you are feel gets left. 

Most guys think of 2 girls and themselves as the ultimate experience.  This is partly to do with homophobia and partly to do with selfishness.  Now don't get me wrong, 2 girls at once works just fine...if you are confident and have excellent stamina -- and you are up to it.  But I'm willing to wager that most guys aren't. This is from talking to girls too...saying that they made him cum fast and then...it was girl on girl time.   Most guys I've talked to have admitted that they are really scared of actually having to perform for 2 girls at once.  When the situation arose, they ended up bailing out to save face. That's fine. Recognize your limits.  That said, two girls in a loving triad is one of the best things ever --and I adore the female energy becoming an unbridled sexuality -- but it takes a while for that energy to build up to full strength (like...30min?)  so you actually have to be into this for a considerable tine for it to really pay off. Oh, and that said, I am not into 2 straight girls at once just focusing on me. Personally, if that was the case, I'd prefer 1 and then the other. So I could focus fully on the girl and not have a 'competing for attention' situation. Gack...maybe that's just me but I don't really get straight girls or know what to do with 2 of them at once.   

One bi girl and 1 straight girl is a recipe for disaster.  If a bi girl is using the 3some as an excuse to make moves on a straight girl...it's gonna blow up in your face. The straight girl is gonna be awkward as fuck and backing up and moving away from her --- and towards the guy...and the whole dynamic is terrible.  This is probably the awkward 'after' case where people don't speak to each other (I really don't know...I've never had a 3some end in a situation where people didn't talk.)  

2 Guy and a Girl works really really well.  Girls have the capacity to handle more guys. Pun intended.  While a girl may have her sexual energy build over 20 minutes...a typical male only lasts 5 so...she's left holding the pillow and wondering why she didn't cum and what's wrong with her.  But if you have 2 guys taking turns and focusing on her...she's in heaven.  It's like...1/4 the performance pressure as if you back off there's someone that's got your back right there, picking up the slack. Taking turns mean you both can last longer and when you guys are done, she's done too :)  Trust me, this really works well and the girls have been glowing afterwards.

3some-laughing-happy2 Bi guys and a girl -- Newsflash: many girls have fantasies about being with 2 guys that are into each other. I know, shocking! Especially since 2 girls into each other is such an uncommon male fantasy! Haha.  Guys feel warm, soft and nice -- not that different from girls. But most guys have societal barriers preventing them from even considering this path. So I'm here to advocate for sexual experimentation and enjoyment.  If you try it and like it...it's all good. And there being a girl present means you're not gay so you can chill out and experience it for what it is.   

2 Straight guys and girl works well too -- but you gotta be chill about touching each other. There's no cooties or minus points if you touch each other.  But having a magical shield wall where you try to never contact any part of the other guy ever....while you are naked and in bed -- is retarded.  You can do a way better job if you accept you are going to touch the other guy at times and that's ok. Focus on pleasuring the girl and if you can pleasure her more by adjusting yourself such that you touch the other guy...whatever.  Personally, I'm a hedonist and if I can fuck her harder and better (for my own pleasure too) I'm taking that path. 

Hmmmm...what else can I say?  3 Way kisses are the best!

Let's see...do not advertise or let on to the girls and ESPECIALLY to someone else that you are trying to have a 3some.  Girls hate being perceived as sluts and won't go with you if it makes them look slutty. Even if they want it...they will not go.  So don't even hint about it with other people.  And hinting that you want a threesome will also seem desperate.   Do you go up to a girl in a bar and say, "I'd really like to have sex tonight?" No...because it's a fail.  Saying you'd like to have a 3some is exactly the same thing. Just do it and don't talk about it.

If for whatever reason you have the girls agree... do not pass hesitate. Immediately drive, take a cab, find the fastest route possible to a bedroom and do it before they change their minds. When a girl is ready and wants to have sex...treat it like a window that is already starting to shut.  You may be ready to fuck whenever the opportunity comes along but she's not wired like that. When she wants to fuck: she wants to fuck.  If you don't do fuck her...she'll think you're a pussy. And so will I ;)  But getting 2 girls to line up at the same time...pull the trigger ASAP or you'll miss the game.  And don't talk about it on the way either!

Act like you would with one girl. Just because you are with two girls doesn't mean you should become a fucktard. Don't do or say anything that you wouldn't 1on1.  For example, thanking them up and down in advance...if thank a girl repeatedly for sex before you have sex with her...she's going to think you are desperate.   That won't change if there is an audience -- in fact it makes it worse.  

If you are with your regular girlfriend and a new girl, pay more attention to your girlfriend!  I can't emphasize this enough. The new girl will see that she is joining you in this experience and want to join you guys... meanwhile, your girlfriend will not feel like you are way more interested in the new girl than her.  Besides, you are probably most comfortable with her anyway -- so do what comes naturally before trying to factor in the new girl.
The new girl may sit there watching and unsure what to do...so invite her in by touching her and bringing her closer.   But don't try and force your gf and her to kiss -- as they will kiss when they want to.  But if they are not ready...it'll establish a very weird dynamic from the get go. 

Remember, the point is not to see two girls kissing -- the point is to share an experience and enjoy yourselves. Never lose track of this goal. 

What else can I say? One guy fucking her ass and one guy fucking her pussy...is often seen in porn but the angles don't exactly line up well so you both can move...it's a lot trickier than it looks to get this into a working formation. But a blowjob and sex is super easy to configure. 

fingering-shaved-bisexual-girls-threesomeAlso easy and gives her a lot of pleasure is the guy fucking her (pussy or ass) and the other person sucking on her clit.  Also, if you're the guy sucking her clit, you can get an amazing view of her ass being fucked that's way better than porn. Oh, and you're getting a blowjob at the same time B-)

Not everyone ends at the same time.  If you are done first...get some refreshments and fruit for everyone and come back as they're likely to be hungry and thirsty afterwards. 

It's okay if someone gets up and leaves -- and then comes back in and joins in again. Things come in waves (again, pun intended) and sometimes it's nice to have some 1-on-1 connection and while she goes off to pee or just take a break for a few minutes. 

Oh! Protection! Female condoms are a fucking godsend! They are not perfect for oral sex on her -- which is the biggest drawback...but man, does it make switching between girls sooo much easier and natural. 
How to Start a Threesome.  As for how to start a threesome...that's a damn tricky thing as I honestly have no idea.  They just tend to start around me and I go with the flow. Alcohol and drugs certainly don't hurt...but are by no means required and most 3somes I have had were sober. Basically, if people are into it...it just tends to happen.  I've had one start by a girl saying, "Let's all go get horizontal." And that worked for me ;)  The best way to start is by kissing both girls at the same time and seeing who is into it...but I think that mostly means you have read everyone well already. Just read the people and know that they are probably just as into a threesome as you are -- but you are the guy so let's face it: you're probably the one that's going to have to make the first move. So get them alone and it should work...as long as you are comfortable and natural and make it all seem easy. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Michigan Bans Anal and Oral Sex

Illegal in Michigan
Living in the "Land of the free" doesn't include anal sex or blowjobs. Apparently the state of Michigan is looking for attention because they just passed a law banning both oral and anal sex. Yup. The fucktards actually passed Senate Bill-219 in Feb of 2016 -- which reinforces their already unconstitutional laws on the books banning sodomy and this new law adds the language of "abominable and detestable crime against nature" which apparently has a legal definition of butt fucking and blowjobs.  

Extremely illegal in Michigan: Land of the Free

I don't know about you, but I love plowing a tight little ass and then feeding her my cock to clean up -- so this law doesn't exactly work for me. Luckily I am not in Michigan!

This anti-sex wording was actually buried in an anti animal abuse to prevent bestiality but was
specifically worded to include 'unnatural acts' like anal sex (which seems pretty natural to me.)

How we can make it to 2016 and still be anti-anal sex which seems based entirely on homophobia -- is beyond me.  Add to this fire that the laws are unconstitutional since 2003 and there's no justification for it whatsoever. Burn the law and start over.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Perfect Name for My Daughter

I know what I want to name my daughter! Amrita! It's the perfect name for a girl... or a Cambodian wife ;)  Haha.

For those of you not familiar, Amrita is also a word for female ejaculation or squirting. It comes from the tantric tradition but I am betting that most people would not put that together and just think, "Amrita, that's a beautiful name." And it is. Squirting is the most beautiful thing ever. And naming my girl after a squirting orgasm is just about the best name that ever existed.

Besides, I don't think I'd be legally allowed to call her "Cumshot" and that just doesn't sound as pretty. ;)

Hmmm, I might be able to get away with Shejaculate but that sounds more like a vampire name to me. :/  I could make that her middle name...

Oh, I think I published a post on Amrita...yes, "Amrita: Sacred Female Ejaculation" explaining Amrita in detail. (It is kind of odd...that post got barely any hits...1019 only! So weird how that works. Other posts have 100-200k views and that one...left out in the cold :'( )  Tantric energy is soooo cool and more people should know about it...but you can lead a whore-ta-culture but you can't make her think. (That was the best answer ever to: "Use horticulture in a sentence").  B-)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

What Breast Size Preference Says About You

Sure, everybody loves breasts -- with the rare exception of the recently out gay guy who is trying so hard to be gay that he's pretending that he is grossed out by them.  But if completely straight girls like to look at boobies...I highly doubt anyone finds them that gross.  But what does your preference for breast size reveal about you?

First off, this is based most on a variety of scientific 'research' into this subject and is not simply conjecture.  Secondly, I don't really put a lot of faith into these studies because the conclusions and research methods to discover such rudimentary things as, 'men tend to like larger than average breasts' give me little faith they could successfully locate the clitoris never mind achieve more difficult tasks.

Oh, and full disclosure to prove my point -- every photo here is from a google search for 'sexiest tits ever' from the top search results.  The size range is pretty epic.

Before I begin, I have to say, the world of breast preference seems to be highly divided -- with strong preferences being stated for enormous boobs, big ol' titties, and the opposite side of the spectrum of preferring a small perky A cup to very tiny boobs.  So the middle sized boobs...meh.  You'd think people would be all over mid-sized boobs but...no. You tend to go big or small in your preferences. 

#1 --  Hungry men prefer big breasts.
Yeah, boobies are a great source of food when you were younger and that stays deep in the


#2 -- Sexist men prefer big tits. 
Yup, I think I even did a blog post on this study when it came out.  'Nuff said.

#3 -- Very successful men with a lot of resources like smaller boobies
That's right! If the guy has a lot of wealth and resources, he's not so focused on making sure his girl comes with enough fat storage to get her through the winter. A 2008 study in the Journal of Socio-Economics found a link too: financial security correlates with small boob preference.

"Please let him be smart enough"
#4 -- High intelligence is correlated with smaller boob preference. 
This is an interesting one.  A 2013 study found that the smarter the guy, the smaller he liked his boobies. This is a very broad generalization and of course smart guys like big tits too.

#5 -- Lesbians prefer big boobs too
Lesbians are a big fan of big milk jugs.

#6 -- But Bi girls prefer small boobs
Yeah, girls that like both guys and girls are much more likely to appreciate girls with tiny tits.  Some guesses are that girls like guys chests without big tits (manboobs) and some of this transfers to female boob choices.

#7 - Small boobs usually means you became sexually active at a young age
Sexual preferences and imprinting on your brain are highly influenced by your first experiences. So if the first boobs you saw were teeny-tiny because you were young too...well, that preference stays with you.

#8 - Most high school guys prefer huge tits. 
Yup, breasts are 'new' to high school aged boys -- so they all are pretty much fascinated with big boobs. So your real preferences won't surface (or stabilize) until your early 20s).  Young teen boys are the most fascinated with epic sized boobs.

#9 - Men who want a submissive partner prefer smaller breasts
Perhaps this is why I love small boobs? Give me a submissive girl to adore and play with!! And make sure she has tiny tits!

#10 -Men who don't want children prefer tiny boobs
Yeah, if making babies isn't a priority, having huge, useless milk sacks kind of loses its appeal. Conversely, men wanting and ready to have kids show a strong preference for big tits.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Why Young Teens Are Convicted of Making Child Porn

So I was listening to the CBC news on the radio today and they were talking about a small group of 13 to 15 year old teenagers on a relatively remote island in Ontario being arrested for child pornography. You see, someone had a unique feature on their their phone apparently: a camera.  And they took a picture of their girlfriend. Naked. Even more unbelievable, this young man actually showed it to his friends! I mean, who'd be able to predict that?!??!

Well, somehow the police got involved and ended up laying federal charges on these boys because hey, child porn is a very serious crime!  And I have to say, "What. The. Fuck."  Seriously.  WTF?!?  We are arresting children and throwing them into the criminal justice system by using laws that were drafted to protect children!  These insane actions are delivering a very clear and extremely scary message to these children:  SEX IS BAD. YOUR BODY IS EVIL. NUDITY IS WRONG. YOU ARE THE WORST SINNERS EVER.

dick-picIs that really the healthy, sex positive lesson we want to be conveying to our children??  You should also know that this is FAR from an isolated event.  Did you know that the majority of child porn 'busts' are laid on children under the age of 18?  I will say that whooper again: the epidemic of child porn and associate arrests is from the children themselves.  They are not being exploited or being taken advantage of...they are exploring their own sexuality and using the tools at their disposal. I mean, you know that word 'selfie' is a thing, right?  And just try and pry a smart phone out of the hands of a teenager -- you will unleash a dragon! It's not possible be cause their phone is their life.

jean-shorts-phone-pocketOh, unless you convict said young teenager of a child porn crime (no pun intended).  Then, you completely fuck them socially -- by denying them their life blood of any access to the internet, computers, smart phones, Xboxes and 'any other device that has memory or the ability to access the internet'.  WHAT? This is essentially ostracizing the teens from the community and banishing them forever.  Or at least 5-10 years or so... which will so destroy them socially that any prison term is a joke in comparison.

Why are we attacking our teenagers so brutally for something as simple as taking a picture of themselves? Is the human body that fucking bad? And what the fuck happens at 18 years old that is so fucking magical? Nothing. No...it's our laws that are completely the lives ruining lives they were intended to protect.

The United States is even worse for this problem of arresting those under 18 for child porn ... with well over 50% of the people arrested being under 18 themselves.  But in Canada we are arresting children too--  this happened today (Feb. 5th, 2016) and the previous Canadian case I found was just 25 days prior (on January 11th, 2016) and I barely looked. Now we tell youth that they are not old enough or responsible enough to understand the consequences of nude modelling if they are under 18...so it stands to reason that they also don't understand the consequences of sharing a photo that they took of their girlfriend or boyfriend.  The law on this subject have to change -- and as fast as possible as we are ruining lives just as these teens are starting to understand their own identity.  And we are forcibly transforming that identity from, "Guy with a cute gf that he loves" --> "Sex criminal" and that is just wrong.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Amber Rayne Hates Smurfs

Former porn legend and currently all-round awesome person Amber Rayne hates smurfs. Technically, she is terrified of them.  But what is she so afraid of?  And what the fuck is a smurf anyway?

This girl is not afraid of anal sex, licking pussy, licking assholes or even drinking piss...so why is she so afraid of smurfs?

To me, a smurf is a gamer term meaning an experience
UN Soldiers are also known as smurfs for their blue hats
player who is pretending to be a noob  so they can destroy the low level players and make them look like they were destroyed by a novice.  So yeah, I am somewhat terrified of these forms of smurfs!

Oh, maybe she means a meth lab helper who goes out to by actifeds in quantity along with psuedoephedrine? I have very limited experience with meth and yet the meth heads I have encountered make me think they are the sketchiest class of people ever. So again, I can understand Amber Rayne being terrified of this kind of smurf.

Smurf also is a verb meaning "to wake somebody up by whacking them across the face with your
penis. Ok, this is the one definition that could be the one.  Perhaps she's been woken up sooooo many times by penis face whackings that she's just fucking done with being smurfed so rudely? I don't know...I can't really see her getting bored with that. :/  In fact, I hope she's not as her unbridled enthusiasm and pure sexual energy is part of what makes her one of the most attractive women out there. The kind of girl I would be uber proud to call my girlfriend.  But only if she's not traumatized every time I smurf her. (And have you seen her lately? omg. She's traded her youthful hotness for...something far better.  Her face now has her personality on it -- and that makes her far more appealing (at least to me...because she is so imp-ish and lovable now...so that makes her much more fuckable than she ever was while she was working as an actress.)

Perhaps Amber means a Smurf? Meaning, the drink. Specifically, Blue Curacao, Malibu Rum, ice and
then fill the glass with sprite.  If you want to get extra fancy, add whipped cream and a cherry on top. (It's blue on the bottom and whit-ish on top). Somehow I don't imagine the Amber Rayne is terrified of an alcoholic beverage. It seems too tasty to be that scary.

If it is not any of the above, then perhaps Amber Rayne is terrified of those little blue communists under the 'red father' and party leader.  They are allegedly 3 apples tall but look like little freakish creepy dolls with big eyes.  And worst of all, there are only 2 female smurfs, meaning having 2 girls at once is not an option (if you are female) and that is truly terrifying!