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Thursday, 21 January 2016

America, fuck yeah

I am stunned by societ'y and the completely mad idea that sexuality and morality is related to age -- and ageism itself is completely inconsistent.  I did a post last week on a teen with different ages (but the same photo) getting completely different responses based on...I don't know that.   But  a person in the US can fucking die for their country (join and fight in the military at 18, they are responsible enough to get lifelong tattoos at 16 and magically able to handle their sexuality at 18 -- but cannot drink until 21. Why? Because: America, fuck yeah! ("What, the land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy.")

Monday, 18 January 2016

Bioniix: Stops Herpes from Spreading

I posted about a month ago "wouldn't it be nice if there was some kind of spray that you could use to protect you from sexually transmiitted diseases like herpes"...well, the world is a marvelous place and there is now just such a product.  Bioniix just started a website announcing a sexual cleaning spray that you can use after sex to kill off viruses such as herpes and HPV.  (I know there's a stigma against talking about this subject at all but talking about it could prevent people from catching it!) It was launched in 2016 so it's brand new.

And you can buy it here: Bioniix website.

Specifically, Bioniix is a small bottle of a product which targets and kills these viruses that are on your skin. What you do is you spray the Bioniix on your junk after sex and basically wash with it...and it will kill viruses and protect you from infection. Apparently it takes about 30 minutes for herpes and HPV to make it through your skin and contact nerve cells where they can infect you -- and if you use this spray, it will kill the virus and prevent infection. So Bioniix is the first product I've seen that actually protects people from herpes and prevents it from spreading.

This is a really neat breakthrough as prior to there, barriers such as condoms and dental dams were the
only way to protect yourself from such sexually transmitted infections.  But the problem is, condoms don't cover every area and ANY skin to skin contact between the infected person and the mucous membranes where the virus can take hold... can lead to an infection.  I don't have any of the exact stats but people using condoms can catch herpes and commonly do.  So the best way to protect yourself is to use the bioniix spray just after sex and make sure that you kill the virus.

A small bottle of bioniix is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse and can protect you or your partner from a potential lifelong sexually transmitted infection. Considering that herpes is for life...the $19.99 price tag for a bottle that you can use a bunch of times to wash with...that seems like a really solid idea to me.  Also, the more people that use this product, the less people will have these diseases! It's a big win for everyone!

Consider that 530 million people have genital herpes (HSV-2) and another 300M women have HPV...that's a whole lot of mines in the minefield.  And Bioniix is like a minesweeper. So I am going to get my hands on a sample and test it out for you to see if it tastes funny or anything off like that ;)

This product is especially useful for vacations or any form of one night stand -- it's an absolute must have to protect yourself -- and make sex more enjoyable and worry free.  Additionally, if you are unfortunate enough to have already contracted herpes...bioniix is a great way to protect your partner. And this is the first product that I've seen that actually protects people from herpes. So that's a very good thing.

Just for the piece of mind, I think this product is worth it.  Oh, and if anyone has used it already, please
comment about your experience.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

I Am a Sex Addict

I've always known I liked sex. Even before I knew what sex was, I wanted it. I clearly  remember being 4 years old and going into the girls change room with my mom...and looking around with wonder. Everywhere were young naked girls. Girls nude and wet in the shower. And I was hooked.

girls-in-change-roomI remember seeing a hot young teen girls ass and I had to -- HAD TO -- go pinch it. She screamed and turned around in rage...and I laughed so hard I fell down.

They no longer allow me in the girls change room, sadly.

But I want sex all the time. I fuck my slave twice in the morning and when she goes to work...I can't
help but look at porn and touch myself.

I love fucking her in the ass. I love having threesomes because there is more girls to enjoy and spread my endless energies upon.

undressing-before-sexI love porn because even if there isn't someone around -- I can still be a part of fucking.

Girls make everything look sexy. Hot and pretty.

Sometimes in public, I have thoughts about just pulling out my cock and cumming on people's faces.

I see a girl walking down a hallway with a certain sway that tells me she's ovulating -- and I just want to grab her and take her down. Take her, right there in the hallway. What better way to introduce myself.

about-to-have-sexI can be bold and confident because I want to fuck and why be shy about it?  You see...I am a sex

I can't lay in bed and sleep without cumming. I wake up in the morning and want to fuck. I may be suffering from sex addiction but damn it...that is who I am. And fucking is the best thing in this cruel world.

I need someone who will stay home and fuck...all the time. Thank GOD for sex slaves! <3

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Princess You Are Now MY Whore

I will love you softly and gently through the day.

Whisper that you're beautiful.

Tell you that your lips taste like honey.

Grab you from behind and squeeze you tight.
Steal a kiss on your sweet neck.

I run my hands through your hair and breathe in your scent and feel my heart open as I smell you from your hair.

I caress your cheek as I gaze into your eyes. Let my breath warm the side of your ear.

You hear me whisper that I am going to take you later.

hot-throat-holdThat evening you try to pass by me but I am not going to let THAT happen. I grab you by the throat and slam you against the wall. I thrust my mouth onto your, taking a wet kiss while ravaging your lips.

forced-blow-jobI slap your face - hard - just to see your eyes dilate while I tell you that this is what happens to dirty whores. I force you to your knees and thrust my cock deep down your throat -- hoping to make you gag. I slam your face deeper on my cock and listen to you gurgle and the more you struggle, the harder I press my cock down your throat.

Puke all over your tits if you must, slut. It makes no difference to me.

With spit covering your chin, I throw you on the bed and rip off your panties and begin to spank you just to see the red marks of my hands on your ass.

I spank you ass harder. This is just the beginning you dirty little slut.

I spank your thighs harder on the inside to force you to spread your legs farther apart. The pain on your inner thighs spreads your legs involuntarily and when they are wide enough -- I thrust into you -- taking you completely by surprise.

thumb-in-her-ass-while-fuckingI grab your hair and pull like reigns...pulling your pussy onto my cock with the reigns. I fuck you hard, fast and deep. I hurt you as I fuck you. I bite, slap and scratch because I need to own you. To possess you.

You were my princess. Now you are my whore.

I force my thumb down your throat -- and then in your ass. As I pull out of your ass, I switch, pumping your ass with my cock as I feed you an ass-flavored thumb.

See you eagerly slurp up the flavorful thumb lets me know you are the perfect whore for me...and I fill your ass with wave after wave of cum.

You are my whore...and I fucking love you.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Coming Out Song -- and Bisexual video too

This is a great little song for gay people to send to anyone to let them know that they are gay -- for example, send this to your grandmother to explain things.

My favorite comment is a girl losing it at the other retarded YouTube comments about how she can't be gay because she is a girl.  So just to clarify: gay technically means homosexual and if a girl only has sex with other girls...she's gay. You may call her a lesbian and you'd also be right. All lesbians are gay but not all gays are lesbians.

But not everyone is gay. A lot of people are bisexual and I don't want to leave anyone out as bisexuals are often overlooked.   My favorite from comments are: she's on "team everyone is cute" and "it's kind of like how you can be attracted to anyone regardless of hair color. I feel that way about gender."

So many bisexuals are the most awesome because they are totally stealth and camouflage as they can relate to gays, lesbians and straight people so no one really knows ;)

Monday, 11 January 2016

Human Sexuality Map

sex-mapThis is a map of Human Sexuality.  It includes all sorts of interesting areas that I have visited...and some that I plan to stay way-the-fuck-away from!  But overall, it's a beautiful place!
Of course, you can expand this map and blow it up so you can see all the lands much better. 

Is there any lands I should add?  Which lands do you want to visit?

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Society on Age and Attractiveness

This is a pretty visual post commenting on society. It's pretty clear and accurate. People are unwilling to admit the attractiveness of an individual deemed to be 'too young' because the number of revolutions around the sun somehow magically effects how pretty someone is.  Of course, I totally get the 'appropriateness' issue and wanting to avoid exploiting those too young to be able to fully understand their actions...but this has been taken to such an extreme that girls can only be seen as attractive once they hit the magic age of 18 and any younger they are suddenly gross. That last week...they don''t suddenly enter a chrysalis and transform: they are basically unchanged but it our view of them that is ALLOWED to transform.

Monday, 4 January 2016

What's Wrong with Sluts??

Rush Limbaugh called a woman a slut. Specifically Sandra Fluke, a then 30 year old law student who made a speech on Capitol Hill about funding contraceptives.  This was back in 2012 but it's still worth a comment as Slutgate as it became known...completely missed the opportunity to have a real conversation about sluts -- and that would have been interesting.

Rush went on,
Can you imagine if you're her parents how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she's having so much sex she can't afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them, or the Pope.

Be comes down hard on her because she's a slut. In fact, he dismisses her entire argument by labeling her a slut.  But what the
slutgatefuck is wrong with being a slut?  A slut is a woman who has a lot of casual sex with different people.  Isn't that the dream? Isn't that what living life is all about? Why is having a lot of sex a 'bad' thing at all -- as long as everybody's safe?  The puritans that formed North America have fucked it up for 4 centuries now with their messed misconceptions about sex.   North America is divided into A) People who like sex and B) People who are creeped out by sex.  

Well guess what?  I'm one of the ones who loves sex. I'm a pro-sex person. And news flash -- I think I'm in the majority. Seriously...have you had sex? What's not to like??

Should I, or Sandra Fluke for that matter, have to apologize and make a public bow to the conservative minority by pretending I'm not really into sex?

I can freely admit that I'm into hunting down and killing large mammals like deer with long range rifles -- but God forbid my employer finds out that I like sex! Or that I have opinions about sex that I speak publicly about the activity the almost every one of us loves and wants to way more.  Do I encourage women to masturbate? Hell yeah! I encourage everyone to touch themselves as often as they can. Even while you are having sex.

There would be far less problems in the world if we collectively embraced our sluthood and stood tall, proud and horny. You should be ashamed that you haven't cum in a long time and that sluts are putting you to shame by rejoicing in hard cock attached to fit strong men (and bare, tasty pussy) when you haven't gotten any.

Just look at Rush Limbaugh....he's a celebrity sure so perhaps he can cash in on that aspect of his life to
get laid by someone who has the morals of Klu Klux Klan member -- but honestly, I think he is attacking sluts because he is angry, deep down angry that he is not getting any lovin'.

And is Sandra Fluke anything but a hero for championing mandatory insurance coverage of contraceptives? She's the slut of the day -- and I mean that as the highest honor.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Bondage: More than Just Rope

Sure, being tied up with rope is good...but there are plenty of other interesting option.   I know rope is a key part of many BDSM scenes --and being tied up can also get your kink on without requiring a specific interest is BDSM.  But sometimes there are ways to explores bondage without using rope.

Of course, rope is a core method, so look into shibari if you want to go there.

Let's take a look.

Leather cuffs are one of the fastest and easiest ways to bind someone and hold them down. They are typically belt like bracelets worn on the wrists, ankles and neck which have a 'D' ring on them that can be clipped to eye-hooks or to the other cuffs.  Using a simple carabiner -which is a climbing clip - is one of the easiest ways to join a d-ring to an eye hook.

Climbing carabiner clip

A law enforcement favorite is handcuffs.  These are quick and easy to apply and certainly hold somebody down well. Don't cheap out on handcuffs as Smith and Wesson makes very high quality cuffs and they are only about $20 more than cheap, crappy cuffs. Also available in ankle cuffs.

Bondage tape is another easy and awesome option.  Bondage tape is made of PVC and comes in a variety of colours and is great because it sticks to itself but not to skin.  Just wrap her up in it! It is also fun because you can create outfits out of the tape if you have enough of it. And it is reusable.

Silk ties and scarves are an excellent form of bondage that feels nice on the skin and is less threatening to the bondage noob.  They also work great as blindfolds. I think silk is probably used most often to introduce someone to the joys of feeling helpless.

Honor bondage is great because it requires the submissive to hold a position as if they were bound --
but they are only bound by your words. So you give the command and she is responsible for actively restraining herself.  It works on her desire to give up control and boosts her willpower. It is also easily the safest and cheapest bondage option -- as there is no cost and essentially no risk.