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Monday, 30 November 2015

Top 5 Fears about Squirting

soaked-table-shejaculationThese are the top fears, real and imagined, that girls have about squirting (aka: your female ejaculation worries.) I know that almost no guy is afraid of squirting and over 90% are totally into squirting. I also know that I just invented that last fact and 90% is directly from my ass.   But squirting can also be the cause of anxiety for women, so let's talk about that.I know that almost no guy is afraid of squirting and over 90% are totally into squirting. I also know that I just invented that last fact and 90% is directly from my ass.   
But squirting can also be the cause of anxiety for women, so let's talk about that.

Girls squirting during orgasm is known as female ejaculation, vajaculation, shejaculation and amesome....is hands down the easiest way for a girl to eject shejaculate. Nothing beats it. But sometimes girls are fearful of this perfect amrita and proof that she is a living goddess.

What are the top fears that women have about squirting?

#5 It is really pee?-- Yup, she's worried that maybe she's lost control of her bladder. Is it pee? The
answer is pretty clear to me that it isn't. It originates in the skene glands aka the female prostate. Even taking into account the recent study using an ultrasound finding that some of the fluid originates in the bladder...it's still not pee and is generated far faster than pee during (and only during) sexual arousal. The main thing is, it doesn't feel like pee, it doesn't taste like pee and it doesn't look like pee. So it's probably not pee. 'Nuff said.

#4 Possible Revulsion -- Girls are pretty sensitive creatures and they worry that squirting will evoke a massive negative reaction in their lover.  I can't imagine why but girls have told me they were relieved that I responded so positively.  But think of it like a guy...guys want you to love up there sperm and adore it so they get this way more than you possibly know.  I'm not saying a bad reaction isn't possible but the guy has to know he's being a total dick if he does react poorly.

Her answer is "yes", apparently.
#3 Male Ego Inflation -- A girl who squirts is likely to inflate the guy's ego to unforeseen heights and think he is a sex god.  Granted, I have made many girls squirt and have a huge ego, I'm extremely confident and I think of myself as a sex god. But then again, I've had more than one girl actually use those words...and I don't think of squirting as the end all and be all of sex.  I love squirting because drinking it makes me cum so that's my motivation. But some dude who does it for the first time is likely to think he's amazing to the extreme (instead of 'competent' which would be much more accurate.)  He may just have been lucky too.  So yeah, you're on male ego maintenance duty once again. Go easy on him but let him know that it happens.  (Or if it's your first time...god help you.)

#2a Performance Anxiety I  -- Not being able to squirt.  Maybe you've only squirted a handful of times or not at all...but you want to until he puts on his game face of 'it's my mission to make you squirt' and puts you in such a relaxed state with all the diagrams, sex toys, lube and his most serious face. You know the face: he's got his tongue poking out a little from the side of his mouth like he does when he plays Call of Duty.  Except now, female ejaculation is the mission and if he fails to earn the shejaculation medal, his ego suffers. Fuck, what happened to having a good time???

#2b  Performance Anxiety II  -- You can squirt but now you're supposed to do it on cue to please him? WTF?  What happened to orgasms being about putting me in the right mindset so I'm relaxed and ready? Squirting used to be about me -- not you. I'm not a performing monkey and neither is my sweet, bare pussy.

#1 Ruining the Mattress -- Yup, the #1 fear of squirters everywhere is ruining the mattress.   Female
ejaculators everywhere always gush and then you can see it in their face: fuck, did I just ruin the mattress?  Now, of course, this is never the case during hotel sex (where your entire reason for being it to disrespect the room).  But when you are on her bed -- she's definitely thinking about it.  Guys, you have to imagine what it's like bleeding every month ---wrecking the mattress with stains, smells and moistness is  built into most girls.  It's like they spend their entire lives learning how to keep a mattress free of vaginal fluids and then BAM they just when all thermonuclear on it!  But fear not. To quote an ex, "It is a magical fluid that just disappears!" I've seen this many times too...vajaculate is made of magic and rainbows and will literally disappear without a trace.  I can't explain it better than that but a totally soaked bed will do worse from pure water spilled on it than a gallon of lady-jizz. If you squirt clear liquid...consider it gone. Even if there's enough of it to be way to cold to sleep on...it just disappears (even from black or dark sheets!)  In fact, I am personally guaranteeing you that I will not buy you a new mattress if your female ejaculation ruins it!  So squirt with abandon: your mattress is safe. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ex Messaging my Brother on Tinder

Not her, but not unlike her (or her Tinder profile shot) either...but I think the
ex is a bit prettier to be honest and same body
My ex is on Tinder and messaging my brother. I know, 'cause I looked at my brother's phone when it buzzed and the screen lit up.  On it was a face familiar to me.  Yup, it was my ex.  At first I thought she'd sent me a message...but it was his phone.  Oh, she'd sent him a message on Tinder.  Wonderful.

I didn't know she was on Tinder but it makes sense. She's younger. Younger than my little brother even at 23 so of course she's using Tinder. I picked her up the old fashioned way: I saw the hot girl and plowed on in there and talked to her and got her digits.

But the thing is...do I mention to my bro that I dated her?  I think not.  First, it would look like I was snooping and secondly he might be a bit awkward about any mention of Tinder --or not. I don't care in the slightest but he may.  Besides, it's not like he's bringing her as his date for Christmas dinner.  Please don't have him bring her as his date for Christmas dinner! That would be awkward. And hilarious! :)

We could get drunk together like old times! bahaha

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thankful for Thanksgiving 3somes

Some may see a bound naked girl as 'violence against women and
objectification' but I clearly see "dinner".
It is Turkey Day in the USA and while I already celebrated Thanksgiving, I appreciate those who are taking time out to spend it with family and share what they are thankful for. Personally, I am thankful for the Internet, for changing attitudes towards same sex relationships and BDSM, and most of all I am thankful for my 2 girls who are the best submissive lovers a man could ever ask for. Oh, yeah, and I am definitely thankful for threesomes.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

More People Imagine Others During Sex Than You Think

Do you imagine other people while having sex? Or are you sexual thoughts purely in the moment and just about your partner?   More importantly, is your lover thinking of someone other than you?  Well, it turns out that more people imagine others during sex than you'd think.   How many?  You better sit down for this:

90% of sexually active people of another lover during sex with their partner.


90%?  But...that means...the odds are against me?? :'( But don't worry, it's not every time. Just 46% of the time. So it's every other time ;)

Yup. You may believe in monogamy but neither of your brains are on board with that program!

Sexologist refer to this as "a perfectly natural part of a healthy sexual relationship" but what they really mean is, 'everybody does it."

Who does your partner think about?  The odds are incredibly high that they are thinking of friends,
coworkers or past sexual partners. But 25% are thinking of fictional characters because...Jessica Rabbit.

What does this tell us about human sexuality? Well, monogamy definitely isn't hardwired into our operating system.  Perhaps we really are wired like bonobos.

Period Panties!

Ok, I'm about to freak approximately 95% of the guys out.  This post is on period panties.  Run now. And to the guys into menstruation porn --it's your lucky day! Or be brave and press on.  I don't normally review menstrual products (shocker, that) but fuck it...these seem way better than pads to me.   For girls who wear tampons...yeah, tampons are very good-- the best even. But what about when you go to bed for long periods (pun intended...hey, is that a pun on pun unintended???)  you risk toxic shock if you leave a tampon in for too long.  And there's also the risk of running out of absorbency and spillage.   Which stains the sheets. Gross.

It's currently a kickstarter (order here).

Enter the period panties.  They have a natural
bamboo pad which is super soft, absorbent and comfortable. And these are so much easier on the eyes than a pad -- which is pretty much the grossest looking thing on the planet.  So if you have to choose between a pad or period panties to sleep in...go for period panties!  Also, if you want to wear them all day when you don't have a chance to change tampons easily, these are definitely the product for you.

They have a really good track record for not leaking, even with super heavy flows. But the primary benefit is aesthetics -- they look and feel way more appealing than a pad.   Also, for your bf (or gf), it becomes a visual signal that your bleeding...just by recognizing the panties...so you don't have to feel a big lumpy pad and say, "oh...":/  *slowly retracts hand*

So give period panties a shot.  Fair warning...the designs featured are not currently available in the absorbent period panties but they are available here. The actual appearance is pictured down below the video. I am trying to hook these two groups up to make the ultimate period panties (I contacted each group and gave them the other's contact info). Oh, and there's also this review of them here:


Friday, 20 November 2015

Why Separate Toilets Are Stupid

Does anyone care that all this person needs to do is pee?
How long have gender specific toilets been around? Nowhere near as long as you'd think! Ever wonder where the concept of separate toilets came from? It defies logic that males need a different place to poo than females; it is highly inefficient to build 2 identical facilities everywhere just because about half the population has a dangly bit and the other half don't.   Worse...this practice specifically alienates transgender people. And really, why are we stopping people that need to pee from peeing based solely on their anatomy and gender?  The bottom line is: a toilet works for everyone.

batman-wonderwoman-toiletFirst, as a man, I have seen massive lineups for the women's washroom while the guy's bathroom is basically empty.  That's dumb.  Also, women, the secret is urinals. Get yourself some 'pee only' stations and make sure no one is getting distracted on their phones while peeing.  I've
seen girls pee and it's almost as fast as guys and it'll nuke that lineup.

Ok, but the real issue is bathrooms that serve only one person at a time.  Then completely and totally fuck gender. The toilet don't care and neither should you.  It's a fucking bathroom. Don't label it with meaningless gender crap at all.  I've seen signs on 1 person bathrooms saying, "All gender" or "Unisex" which is oddly redundant because is there anyone without some gender identity?? We could also label it, "Bathroom for humans only" or "You may only use this room if you need to go." Perhaps, "You must be alive and conscious to use this room." There's just no point. Call it a bathroom or a toilet and everyone gets it without specifically making it about gender because guess what? It's not about gender. It's about full bladders.

multi-stall-all-genderI overheard some guys 'complaining' that there's an "all gender" bathroom as it's taking toilets away
from men and women -- which amazes me because apparently these guys were too dumb to realize they have a gender.  So the 'all gender' label is not only redundant but unfairly discriminates against the dumb. B-)   There simply is no issue at all when you call it a bathroom -- actually...since there is no bath in most of them and that's not what you want anyway...it should be labelled 'Toilet' and be done with it.  Oh, and small businesses need not worry about having separate toilets for each gender as that added expense is often built into the building codes.

 So where did this imaginary distinction for single person toilets come from?

girl-and-guy-using-urinalThe first law for gender specific toilets was passed in 1887 in Massachusetts with similar laws being passed rapidly after that across North America.  So it is literally Victorian prudishness.  And except for the past 128 years, we've done fine without gender specific toilets. Not shocking at all because there are totally fucking useless. This is a totally new concept -- but we don't recognize it because it's been around for everyone's living memory. Just barely.

washroom-without-gender-biasI lived in Saudi Arabia for a year and I was always shocked and offended by the separate spaces designated for men and women -- based on the belief that men would sexually assault women if left alone with them.  Well, sexual assaults in the country did occur when men found themselves left alone with women :/  But the cause was probably the separate spaces in the first place...at least psychologically.   The way the problem of sexual assaults should be solved is through proper training and interaction between the sexes.   I have also been to many a rave where the bathrooms were all gender -- and these were not single person stalls but facillities with urinals and stalls.  I've seen desperate girls pee in urinals because they couldn't wait for a stall -- which makes me wonder why urinals that function for women don't exist to speed up the lines.  But my main point is, everyone quickly got over the fact that girls and boys both need to pee and could do so in the same space. Better, it broke down barrier between the sexes and was oddly freeing and nice.

There's a scene in Starship Troopers where male and female soldier shower together...and why not? There are a lot of gay and bisexual men out there and they can shower near me without getting hard and trying to hump me
(granted, it does take considerable restraint for them ;)  )  and that's fine.  And lesbians shower with girls all the time. So if it is about sexuality...the whole showering separation doesn't hold any water either.   But let's take this one step at a time.

So to summarize: if there is one toilet, it is MADNESS to designate a gender or appropriate set of genitals that go with said toilet.  All single toilets should be labeled as such without any meaningless reference to gender at all.  In group bathrooms, allowing humans to pee together promotes unity of the species -and there really isn't that much different  between boys and girls...just for the record. The Victorian prudishness has damaged our concept of what it is to be human for long enough and it's time to take back the bathrooms for the people!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Blowjobs Vs. Face Fucking

What's the difference between a blowjob and face fucking?  On the surface they seem extremely similar but they couldn't be more different.  Yes, both involve a hard dick being in her mouth...but that is where the similarities end.

A blowjob is an act of worship.  It involves your mate actively pleasuring you --her lips tenderly caressing you as her hands glide over your balls and jerk off the base of your cock.  A blowjob is her servicing you. She gets to serve you by giving you pleasure and all you have to do is lay back and enjoy.  A blowjob can be a great stress reliever at the end of the day where you don't have to think or do anything but feel, unwind, and enjoy. She is highly skilled and this is her way of pleasing you.  So feel appreciated for being the man that you are. Now give her the cum that she is begging for.

Facefucking, on the other hand, is active and aggressive. You
have to be in the mood for facefucking because you need to take her. And pry her mouth open so you can slide your hard cock right to the back of her throat and pump her jaw to show her who is boss. Drive your cock deep down her throat, thrusting as deep into her mouth as you can.  Making her gag on your cock makes her drool more which feels and slides even better. Gagging and choking her with your cock so it's hard for her to breathe as she endures your cock. Make her slobber all over your cock so her face is soaked. Bruise her with your grip. Painfully twist her hair as you forcefully hold her head in place. Invade and punish her mouth with your hard cock until you deposit your load deep down her throat so the only option is to swallow.

Facefucking is an act of domination.  A blowjob is an act of submission. Both are awesome, but the character is completely different.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Little Girl is a Slut

She was in trouble as soon as I opened my bedroom door.

"Hi Daddy!" she exclaimed and opened her arms for a big hug.

I stood in brooding silence and watched her face drop as she read my expression.  She looked up at me from the floor where she had been coloring.

I tightly held her wrists and said, "Babygirl, we need to talk." She tensed up as I pulled her into the next room, ignoring her attempts to brush her ass up against my cock in a vain attempt to distract me.

I pushed her down on the bed, beside her laptop.

"Log in."

She looked up at me instead, with a worried expression on her face. I slapped the expression away.


She quickly typed her password.  I literally breathed down her neck and I could smell the fear on her.

Which her computer up, I opened My Documents --> My Pictures --> Summer Camp

And then I paused as she sat there utterly silent and still.

woods-park-flashBelow was a directory of various folders. Folders of her. Young and naked.  With boys.  And she
knew it.

I clicked on the first folder. "Derek".  It was filled with candid photos of her and a teen boy with no chest hair whom I assume is named Derek.   Photos of her bare legs wrapped around him.  Photos of her having her first adventures at summer camp.

I flipped through the photos rapidly on Honeyview photoviewer so we could see each photo full size.

Then I opened another photo.  Her on her cabin bunk.  A younger her-- spreading her her cunt in one...her ass in another.

The next album was her stripping in the woods with youthful

bikini-jailbaitShe sat there quietly...unmoving.

I opened another called 'Jake': she was naked on a dock.  Tanned, a couple random mosquito bites showing. And her having a lot of fun exploring her new cell phone camera.  Jake taking her ass on the dock, one she obviously took of him licking out her hairless pussy.

Next album was called 'Last Day of Camp' and she inside a cabin and she was surrounded by eager
boys with hard young cocks. This album showed her younger self in all manner of compromising position.

slut-triple-penetrationI paused on  a photo of her on her knees, with a boy in pussy, a boy in her ass and another cock in her mouth.  Even her hands were full.   I just left the photo up...letting it seep in.

She could barely look at it and kept looking down at her lap -- her eyes the only part of her that was moving at all.

"Was this your first airtight?" I asked.

She seemed thrown and confused by the question but eventually managed to choke out, "Air tight??"

"Air tight," I explained, "is when you have all your holes filled."

She just sat there, motionless. Embarrassed and blushing with shame.

I pulled her ponytail so her eyes met mine, "WAS it your first air tight?"

She looked like she was about to burst into tears. "No" she said as the tears welled up and her mouth bunched up like a cheerleader's scrunchie and she pulled away so she could look down: unable to hold my gaze.

The next album was her on her parents back porch, wearing a tight fitting white tank top and
engaging the both of neighbors boys cocks with her mouth.

"So this behavior wasn't just for summer camp?" I queried.

She simply, and slowly shook her head. More photos revealed her shoving fingers up her ass on the porch and later a boy licking her tight little hairless hole.

She softly spoke, "I'm so very sorry, Daddy..."  I could barely hear her.

"Don't be."

She opened her mouth to question me, then shut it, still confused.

"You are a slut. You don't have to explain it or try to justify your actions to me.  I know you love sex.  You love to get fucked and have a good time. I admire you for it. Most girls are too ashamed to act on their true desires, but you are brave.  You seize the moment and take all pleasures that life has to offer. And that...is why I like you. Don't you forget it. I am proud of you for being such a slut. More so that you have always been a slut too."

And with that, I leaned over and ripped her shirt in two, destroying it to reveal her lovely flat stomach
and pink, lacy bra. I kissed her hard and passionately while enjoying the feel of girly lace in the palm of my hands. I forced her back and down, till she was laying under my weight, pinning her in place.

rough-sex-bra"Most girls aren't sluts. But you're a nasty slut." I reached around back and snapped her bra open with my left hand in one fluid snap.  "Mmmmmmmmmmm....My little girl is a nasty little whore," I whispered in her ear.   I held her throat as a pulled her panties off, revealing her tiny little hairless pussy, and I noted that the back of my hand was moist just from pressing up near her pussy.

I was hard as a rock now, thinking of my young little girl at summer camp, exploring her sexuality and blowing all those guys...it was so hot.  I used her moistness to wet the pads of my fingers before playing with her swollen clit.

"So it's ok that I was a slut?" she asked, still not fully believing me.

"I wouldn't have you be any other way.  But it's not ok for you not to be a slut." I bit down on her shoulder...then more bites to the base of her neck as I pleasured her with my fingers -- enjoying the feeling of her entire warm body pressed against me.

"You can fuck any guy you want, just so long as you fuck me once for every time you fuck someone. Ok?"

She thrust her hips forward. "Yes daddy. oOooooh!"  she moaned at the thought of her liberation.

"A little slut like you needs lots of cock, don't you?"  I teased.

"Yes Daddy. Ohhhhhhhhh--" I thust my cock into her wet pussy. It glided deep inside of her, thanks to her wet, flowing juices.

Then I began to punish her with my cock, thrusting deep into her, over and over as I made her tell me about her exploits as the photographic evidence of her slutty youth paraded in front of us from the screen of her laptop. I threw her to her knees and found her hole again quickly to keep my momentum going strong.  I began slapping her and insult her as I enjoyed her youthful body -both currently and on screen. I took her hard, and fucked her to possess her -- and as far as I could tell, she was loving every second of it..

"I'm your filthy little girl, daddy."

"Yeah, I bet a whore like you is just dying to have something in your ass" I responded.

"Ohhhh yes! I do Daddy. My ass is small but I am big enough to take you Daddy." she begged.

I massaged my thumb into her puckered anus and began playing with her slutty little asshole...knowing that she'd had many boys before me.

"Who is that?" I pointed at the screen to a particularly handsome young lad pummeling her ass in the photo on screen.

"I can't remember, Daddy" she pouted.

"You are such a slut you can't even remember the name of  a guy who ass-fucked you?

"But daddy, I was young and not to worried about names or --" I smacked her to cut her off as I began to penetrate her ass.

"You can't remember because you are such a big slut that you only cared that he was hot and hard for

"Yes Daddy."

Her simple addmission of sluthood drove me over the edge. I came with a hard, electric orgasm as I sent gallons of sperm into her horny asshole. Oh god yes, she was a real sex-crazed whore and I was fucking her. I shuddered and tried to hang on to her as I lost sense of time and space.

"Oh God yes! Daddy loves his whore!!"

What if 1 in 5 Men Were Attacked by Bears?

This video makes a great point...what if 1 in 5 men were attacked by bears? Would that be acceptable?

It is very similar to John Oliver pointing out that if you gave somebody a 2 dozen donuts and one of those donuts had been sexually assaulted, you'd be pretty upset. And those are just fucking donuts.  But that is the estimated rate of male prisoners who have been sexually assaulted.  Worse, of those prisoners brave enough to come forward and report the assault...just 9% of those resulted in a conviction.  That's less than 1 in 10 of the reported prison rapes resulting in a conviction.

It is our duty to do something about prison rape -- and all other forms of sexual assault.  If a bear was attacking 1 in 5 women -- you bet your ass we'd be out shooting some fucking bears.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Connections are very important
Connections are important. And Connections are especially important for BDSM slaves because they live in their own little world with different rules from everybody else.  So bi submissives really need to have good connections with other bi slaves that understand exactly what she is going through with her Master.  Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world to know that someone else is going through the same things as you are.

Slaves can often grow strong feelings towards other slaves -- and that's ok. You should encourage this. And help the bi slaves feel as connected to one another as you possibly can.

Connections can make her feel much more fulfilled.

Being more connected can make her feel more loved.

Being more connected will help her experience more joy.

So help her feel connected to other slaves. She'll thank you for it.

New Magic Wand Attachments --for Cheap!


Great news! I found some super cheap attachments for the magic wand! As any reader of this blog knows, I am a huge fan of the Hitachi magic wand aka the magic wand (because Hitachi wants to distance themselves from orgasms).    I think the first attachments I bought for a magic wand cost about $60 each -- and so when I found these attachments for under $10...I immediately knew what a steal I had found.

The attachments are made out of medical silicone -- which is about the finest thing you can make a sex toy out of.   Silicone is perfect because you can boil it to clean it and it is non-porous so it doesn't harbour any nasty bacteria or viruses. The main disadvantage of medical silicone is that it is so expensive. But not this time!

Oh, and the seller has over 50 reviews and only one of them wasn't 5 stars.  Seriously, go buy this
right fucking now.
So there are three recommended styles-- the dual anal/pussy simulator ($9.99) -- because fuck yeah.

Or the 3 insert-able vibes with clit massager (all 3 for $9.99???)...because you need this. You may not know how badly you need this...but omfg do you need this.

There is also this 3 pack here that has the best attachments all grouped together for an affordable $19.99.

Oh, and I have no affilation whatsoever with this -- I am just a hedonist who is trying to share the truth with the world like an evangelical Christian on a streetcorner...but way more fun.

$1999 worth of joy for $19.99

Friday, 6 November 2015

Say My Name

Him: Now listen to me. You've got the greatest orgasm cook in A-- no, two of the greatest orgasm
cooks in America right here, and with our skills, you'll cum more from me on my lowest speed than you ever would on your own.

Her: Yeah, so you say. Just wondering why I'm so lucky. Why cut me in?

Him: The rabbit is retiring from our crew, and so his share of the partnership is available, if you can handle his end -- lubrication.  And if you give him 5 minutes  of the 15 minutes that you'll fap today. Just think of it a s finder's fee for bringing us together.  I was just plugged in and I'm cool and ready to go.  Are you ready?

Her: (heh) Who the hell are you?

Him: You know. You know exactly who I am.  Say my name.

Her: Do what? I don't -- I don't have a damn clue who the hell you are.

Him: Yeah, you do.  I'm the beast.  I'm the one who gave Jenna Jamison her first orgasm.

Her: Bullshit.  The We-Vibe got Jamison.

Him: Are you sure?   *looks her over, hard*  That's right.   Now say my name.

Her: Hitachi.

Him: You're goddamn right.

Why You Should Only Date Bi Girls

Bi girls tend to appreciate pretty,
androgynous guys and girls
There are a lot of beautiful girls out there in the world but the best ones, in my opinion, are bi.  And for this reason, I will only date bi girls.  Seriously, I screen girls when I talk to them and the ones that come across as 'strictly straight' are set aside as I am holding out for an 'ultimate yes'...and a straight girl is boring and lame.  Ok, ok, straight girls aren't that bad but they just don't hold a candle to bi girls.  I will explain why you should only date bi girls.

Bi Girls Are More Open Minded
Ok, this one is a generalization but it seriously holds up with all the bi girls I have dated.  Bi girls are more open minded kind of by definition: they are simply wired to be open to more possibilities.  And this specifically applies to polyamory. The number of females into polyamory that are bisexual is very high and there is a very strong correlation between bisexuality in females and polyamory (see my other blog posts which I am too lazy to find and link too but I have covered all the stats in the past)...and since I am poly...making sure she is bi is an excellent screener.
I included the guy in this pic 'cause...both sexes
gotta be represented, right?

Actually, this correlation has proven to be extremely useful even with girls who are not poly because some have just not realized that they were poly.  And bi girls also are able to fully grok the whole poly concept without resisting it like mad -- even if they themselves are not polyamorous.

You Share Common Interests
I have noticed that straight girls tend to be threatened by the presence of other attractive females -- and they go on guard and become quarrelsome and jealous about your attentions.  Bi girls, however, are usually down with a pleasant surrounding of hot females because they share your interest and fascination in the female form.

I suspect everyone in this photo is bi
Better than just sharing an interest,  they are accepting of your attraction to other girls and can teach you acceptable ways of expressing your appreciation.  If you hang with frat boys...you will learn the complete wrong way to drool over girls...but bi girls will teach you the way to subtly appreciate the girls. My advice is: pay close attention to what they do as girls are far more subtle creatures than men and they can show you how do express yourself without appearing like a giant buffoon.

Bi Girls Can Teach You About Women (and Men)
Bi girls actively dating other women and sharing their experiences with you is like taking a Ph.D in female sexuality -- if you pay close attention you can learn a massive amount. They can share with you the hot things that make them melt, sexy text messages...and also the fails and what to avoid.  This is doubly true for boys. Boys and girls have totally, inherently different styles and roles in the whole dating world. Sure, Dom/mes and subs behave totally differently --but so do male subs vs female subs and Female Dommes definitely do shit that a male Dom would never do. ;)

A good bi girl will also share with you the guy stories of what really works (eg. taking her on a date where he took her up in a plan and flew her over her house) and what failed (and most importantly, WHY it failed.)  A good example of a fail that is repeated all over the place is the oddly erotic comment out of nowhere. For example:

Him:  Hey I was just wondering what you are doing right now
threesome-hotHer (thinking that was a bit lame but whatever);  I just got home from work and I'm trying to unwind while getting dinner together.
Him: My cock is hard.  Wanna see a pic?
> <

God, even if she did, she doesn't anymore. *shakes head*

 But then she can explain to you why this is so not what she was looking for and you can be her friend and sympathetic ear.  Hmmm...I guess this is a bit more 'why I like poly girls' as if you are in a monogamous relationship...the above is probably pretty distressing to you, maybe?  Anyway, it's a good way to bond and share experiences and really get to know her.

Bi Girls Will ALWAYS Have a 3-Some with You and LOVE it When You Assume That

Actually...no.  Please read the above bolded statement with an epic amount of sarcasm.  Never, ever assume a 3-some, ever. And if a girl mentions she is bi and you immediately bring up a 3-some possibility, you are making her regret admitting that to you while simultaneously she is searching for the fastest way to depart your company.  (Of course, if you are ridiculously good looking, your gf is present and also ridiculously hot -- that may be an exception to the rule but generally you have just handed her a business card that says, 'Giant Douch-bag')  It has to be the biggest pet peeve of any bi girl and immediately mentioning a threesome is like shining a massive spotlight on your own sexual inexperience.

Bi Girls Need Love
Truthfully, if you can love and fully accept a bisexual girl for being a normal person who happen to
Honestly, it hurts me that you felt you needed to hide
this part of yourself from me. Not cool. Not cool at all.

have broader and better taste than most...you just making her feel accepted will make all the difference.  I recently came across an article by Gregory Herek called Heterosexual Attitudes Towards Bisexual Men and Women in the United States and he states:

feeling thermometers were lower (less favorable) for bisexual men and bisexual women than for all other groups assessed—including religious, racial, ethnic, and political groups—except injecting drug users. More negative attitudes toward bisexuals were associated with higher age, less education, lower annual income, residence in the South and rural areas, higher religiosity, political conservatism, traditional values concerning gender and sexual behavior, authoritarianism, and lack of contact with gay men or lesbians. White heterosexual women expressed significantly more favorable attitudes than other women and all men. A gender difference was observed in attitudes toward bisexuals and homosexuals: Heterosexual women rated bisexuals significantly less favorably than they rated homosexuals, regardless of gender.

And girls know this. So first off, her admitting that she is bi is a usually a big step that shows a certain degree of trust. But she is probably really concerned about how you will react to this revelation...which considering (some) people rate it just above injection drug use...she's probably shitting herself. So if you can warmly accept that aspect of her without any judgement, that's going to put you in her good books.

But here's the thing, I genuinely really prefer bi girls as straight girls just don't make all the much sense to me. (Sure, the first couple girls I dated were straight but I was young and didn't know any better then.)   I wouldn't consider seriously dating any girl who was unable to look at an attractive, confident person and think, yeah, that person is so cool and great that I would sleep with them.

What Doesn't Count As a Bi Girl
Girls fake-grinding with each other at bars to get guys attention -- pretending they are bi so the frat
boys go nuts.  Fuck me I hate that. It's so gross and unappealing. If you are just willing do something for show...that's bullshit.  It's sort of like bad porn actresses doing girl on girl scenes and it is painfully obvious that the girls don't like each other.  Don't fuck people you are not attracted to! It's not rocket science.  But straight girls doing girl on girl porn lacks all heat and looks...unfortunate.   Of course, girls who are genuinely hot for each other (or any couple genuinely into each other!) is ideal and what I want to see.  I don't ever want to see someone having sex 'because they are getting paid' as that is the opposite of an aphrodisiac.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

King Kong Boobies

Sadly, I think this may indeed by 100% accurate (with the major exception that it is on straight and bi guys).   Seriously, I was like, 'waaaaaaaaaaahtt?? King Kong is in the background?? Because...boobies. "

Sometimes I am a complete simple -minded fool.