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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sexy Video Game Cosplay Girls

Name the game...'cause it is one of the best!

Still trying to figure out what sexy thing to dress up as for Halloween, ladies?  Well, I've covered the comic book hero cosplay of the Avengers, the Xmen, as well as Wonder Woman and Supergirl and then Batman.....but what if you are down with cosplay but comics really aren't your thing?  Then you are probably a different breed of geek being a gamer geek and the obvious choice becomes: dress up in a  video game vixen costume!  (In all honesty, the gamer-geek guys will go just as gooey on the inside as the comic book geek boys would...so it's all good.)  

But with so many video games out there...what do you dress up as?  Well, use this post for your cosplay inspiration.

And yeah yeah, some may be anime girls -- but you get the idea. ;)




Kitana wins, FATALITY 

This one makes may gamer-geek
heart sing!













Ok, so it's a guy...a girl could easily pull this off and...WOW!!



Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Cosplay: Sexy Female Batman

Comic book hero cosplay for Halloween? You betcha! I've done the Avengers, the Xmen and the DC heroes of Wonder Woman and Supergirl....so now it's time for the Dark Knight: Batman himself!  Well, herself...as I am doing a series on girls dressing up in sexy super hero costumes to offer inspiration for Halloween (which is almost upon us!)  Of course, I also included Robin and bunch of the villians including the Joker and a sexy catwoman --which means pretty much any Catwoman.

The Dark Knight never looked so good.
And Robin. 

All of a sudden, the gay references between Batman and Robin start to be way more visually appealing to watch.

If you want to see some of the best, sexy halloween costumes of 2015, this is the place!
With cape -- I'm mentioning because you can't
stop staring at her cameltoe

No sexy Batman story would be complete without Catwoman holding
her whip

Harlequinn <3

The Joker

Poison Ivy...so much prettier than
 Poisson Ivoire

The Huntress

Sexy Superhero Costumes for Halloween 2015

best-wonderwoman-costume-ever This post is for the ladies...that like superheroes....and other ladies. Mwah hahahahaha!  But seriously, who doesn't like superheroes? Lame-assed people...that's who. Superheroes embody all that we aspire to be -- and deep down, everyone of us knows that we are deeply special and magical...just like every superhero.  Even the Punisher is special and awesome in his own way.

Hnnnnnn...I suppose some of these outfits may also appeal somewhat to F2M trans people...but I doubt it has much appeal as the 'dudes' are being done up like really sexy lady-folk. But then again, I'm not trans so how would I know?? But the cosplayer will appreciate this for sure!

The point is, the halloween slutpocolyse is almost upon us and I want to be sure that as much skin is exposed as possible! So ladies, please, use this opportunity wisely-- and blow all the nerdy boys minds.

First up is Wonder Woman. How can you go wrong? She's a warrior princess that kicks ass and ties up the boys and forces them to tell the truth. She's the #1 female superhero of all time. That's why there are so many Wonder Woman movies -- almost as many as Superman films! Er....fuck. Seriously, wtf is up with that??  How many Batman movies have their been? They even did Guardians of the Galaxy and a frikkin' raccoon got to be a superhero. Where the FUCK is Wonder Woman!!

I actually love this version because it's sexy
and yet practical looking and...believable. It
just oozes confidence to me. 

Not as subtle as the others

You should see what she wears
to the beach!!
Classic WW that will always
be sexy
Not a fan of WW?  How about Superwoman (or a femme'd up Superman?)


Of course, I prefer Supergirl...and blame the supergirl comics I saw when I was about 13 years old....as I thought she was the hottest thing ever. 

Ms. Marvel was also a favorite from those summer cottage comic times.

I don't remember the comic looking
this good
Crap, I have a bunch more --and as I promised, they were all the male heroes redone...but they won't upload well at the moment so I will post them later.