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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Roman Showers: Emetophilia

There is a term that I need to share and get it out there more: Roman Showers. Roman showers are the other end of golden showers...though technically the two could be combined in a golden roman shower...but I will elaborate on that later.  Roman showers refers to the act of vomiting on another person. (Usually for some form of sexual pleasure.)

What can I say about roman showers?   First off, don't judge...maybe it's hot to get someone's tummy juice all over your face.  Actually, I did a post earlier on Vomerophilia which is the arrousal from seeing someone vomit...but Roman Showers seems like a more fun to ask someone... "Are you into Roman Showers?" -- and I have to wonder, what percentage of the population is into this?

For some, this is hot???
I will ask my wise Uncle Google.  And the official results are...none. I couldn't any percentages because it's a bit weird, no?  Under researched for sure. 

Some research of note on the topic:
Stoller, R.J. (1982). Erotic Vomiting”, Archives of Sexual Behavior 11: 361-365 (1982).


Aggrawal, Anil (2009). Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unususal Sexual Practices. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Apparently, most people that have this fetish are female and it is apparently somewhat common among girls with Bulimia Nervosa --as the guy forcing her to puke takes all the guilt away.  Some examples:

  • A woman that didn’t actually vomit herself but claimed she could reach orgasm “by imagining someone vomiting in a hard, humiliating fashion”.
  • woman who experienced an orgasm every time she vomited.
  • A woman said that “vomiting for me is like an orgasm in that I’m tensed, I feel the intense flood of good feelings almost continually throughout the vomiting and experience relief and quiet warmth in my body when I’m finished. It is not identical to an orgasm. I do not feel it intensely in my genitals alone, but I do feel it there as well as the rest of my body and in my mouth”.
  • A woman who puked when she was 6 years old while her grandmother rubbed her back and her knee inadvertently stimulated her clitoris -- linking the sensations
  • A woman who was 11 years old when she was caught masturbating by her father and then he sexually abused her. The young girl came during the encounter and was so disgusted afterwards that she puked...and the sensations were forever linked in her mind. 

The term Roman Showers comes from the alleged practice of the Romans having a vomitoriums to puke up the contents of full stomachs so that they could eat more in an orgy of food.  However, Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope (I love this guy's writings, btw) explains that vomitoriums were actually passageways in the amphitheaters designed to quickly eject patrons out into the streets. So much for the hedonism of Romans...but the name still stuck. 

Roman Showers is definitely easier to remember than Emetophilia (being sexually aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit) and this vomit fetish name quickly brings to mind 'Golden Showers' which is the act of peeing on someone for sexual pleasure.   Some are aroused by the spasm and ejaculation followed by relief of vomiting. Others get off on seeing and hearing someone vomit. I suppose it is possible to be turned on by the smell...but that is one hell of an acquired taste. :/ 

Max Hardcore with some sloppy, slimy sex
Roman Showers are now associated with deep throating and gagging...especially in extreme porn such as the porn genre created by Max Hardcore with his shock and humiliation.  However, I believe Roman Showers are most common in the BDSM community as an act of dominance and submission. 

Bulimics definitely can adopt this fetish easily as they are often filled with guilt over their purging acts and having a partner 'force them' to puke removes all the guilt and turns it into an act of submission which is guilt free. This could actually be a healthy expression of bulimia if the Dom is the one completely in charge of making her puke as it could take the control away from the bulimic girl and he could monitor her vomiting so that the obsessive portions of this disorder are kept in check and he can monitor her health and ensure she is not puking too frequently for her own good. 
vomit_fetish_roman_showersNow as promised, I will take Roman Showers to a new level and combine it with golden showers.  How is this done? Easy, pee down the girl's throat as she blows you and then force your cock down her throat so that she gags and pukes your piss back up all over your cock.  It actually feels quite warm, slippery and pleasant.

There are many negative health consequences from regular induced vomiting including:
  • tooth decay and cavities
  • red eyes from broken blood vessels
  • rotten gums
  • erosion of the esophagus
  • sores in the mouth
  • vomit is not sterile like urine (contains gut bacteria)
  • electrolyte imbalances
  • changing the pH of the vagina (if you puke there) with associated yeast infections, irritation, inflammation and increased risk of STIs. 
Google Bulimia for more info.  But also know that we evolved so that we could vomit every once in a while...so the trick is not doing this too frequently to cause damage.  Precaustions can be taken to avoid damage such as immediately rinsing with water and then brushing your teeth (ideally with a baking soda based toothpaste.)

Sqweel 2: oral sextoy

The Sqweel 2 is a sex toy with 10 flexible tongues that rotate around in a wheel.  It is made of 10 silicone tongues that rotate in a wheel as an oral sex simulator. The tongues rotate around in a circle and basically act as many tongues licking your lady bits.  The Sqweel 2 is 30% more powerful from the original and it also has more settings.

And it is made by Lovehoney but fair warning, these people do not follow the conventions of a u following a 'q' and radicals like this can't be trusted. That's right...it in not a 'u' but a double 'u' (w) so grammer nazi's be warned.  I love that warning. *evil grins*

First off, a thing I like about this is the toy is silicone.  That means it is easy to clean and won't harbor harmful bacteria or viruses.  A concern I first had about this toy is how the hell you clean it. It turns out it was engineered to be cleaned.  The Sqweel 2 comes apart easily with the side panel coming off and then the wheel of tongues is removable.  Simply wash the wheel of tongues in warm soapy water and clean out the wheel casing with a cloth and the whole toy is cleaned. Easy.  (Oh, air dry and reassemble by putting the back on and snapping on the side of the case again.)

black-oral_sex-toyThe toy takes 3 AAA batteries to run and works well with a LOT of lubrication.  Small amounts of lube just won't be enough for this to help you find real pleasure. The controls consist of 3 speeds and 'forwards', 'backwards' and 'back and forth' rotation settings.

The rotating wheel works well for some girls but it seems like it could be an issue if you have very long labia lips or (god forbid) long pubic hair which could get caught in the wheel and pulled around. Also, feedback on this is: the Sqweel 2 is GREAT but has a big learning curve to figure out just how to use it.  This product has a bunch of very strong, vocal supporters and also people that really dislike it or didn't get much pleasure from it.  So it really is a matter of preference and trying it out to see if it is for you.  Now, from my experience, some girls love having their clit licked and sucked in all variety of ways and other girls just adore a constant lapping motion (which is the most boring to oral to give, in my humble opinion) but also these girls would also most likely benefit most from the Sqweel 2.

The most important thing is lube.  Use tons and tons of water based lube with the squeel (water based so the lube doesn't break down or damage the silicone.)   The best way to apply the lube is put lube on your partner's stomach and then turn on the Sqweel and lap it all up. This is required for the best, frictionless feeling that is closest to oral sex (so I am told.)

What I like about the Sqweel is it can used on any part of the body and also used by a partner or Dom to stimulate many sensitive areas --anywhere that can be licked can be pleasured by the Sqweel 2.  The feeling of it is not quite like a tongue but definitely tongue-like and the cost is decent too at $59 -- and that price for a silicone toy is a definite win. It is certainly worth trying out to see if it is for you...as it could be your favorite sex toy ever. Get it here (and get ready to Squeal)  and let me know what you think.

Oh, and if that doesn't convince you...this might:

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Max Hardcore Songs!

Max Hardcore Songs!   Lol, I found some songs dedicated to the porn legend Max Hardcore.  It is funny because I never imagined that making young skinny girls puke on your cock would inspire people to write songs about you.  

Max Hardcore just recently turned 60 and is once Max Hardcore inspired and warped an entire generation's values just at a time when kids of the digital age are exposed to porn by the age of 12 or so....so many view him as a villain.  And others idolize him in song.
again free from prison -- as he was sentenced for making porn so obscene that it offended the community values...and in hindsight, he probably is responsible for a lot of the extreme, sick porn that is out there.

Regardless of your feelings toward him, Max Hardcore has had a much bigger influence on this coming generation -- including the porn they watch and being one of the biggest promoters of anal sex -- than anyone is giving him credit for.  And for that...he's earned a couple of songs.
Incorrect - Does a Max Hardcore Tribute

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Writing a Flogging Guide

I just finished my Guide to Caning and I am working on a Flogging Guide.  I would love to be able to make a post everyday but it is a challenge. Creating quality content takes time and really, I want to put out a very good flogging guide that people can use and benefit from and not some half-assed attempt that will miss something key or worse, get people hurt.

So yeah, that's what I am working on lately. Well, that and texting a noobie subbie named Harlequin as she is shitting herself about actually allowing herself to play. Seems she has had many a painslut fantasy and I asked her 'Roughly how much of your fantasies revolve around pain?'  -- she replied 98%.  I can work with that ;)  But when I invite her over she replied, "I want to look into your gorgeous blue eyes again."  Yeah, yeah, I don't see a conflict between that and coming over.

And another girl, Rachel seems to have dropped off the radar entirely. I haven't heard from her in 6 days although the last message she sent was that her laptop was broken. (Still, she should respond to texts. I may have to phone her. haha). Before that, she told me she liked Ashlie very much too and thinks her skin is beautiful and that she want to lick her all over. Then she sent a series of unsolicited nude photos with very gushy warm words for me...and disappeared. So I don't think she's blowing me off. Then again, she is a girl and if I rely on past experience, that puts her firmly in the flaky department :/   I am tempted to post a nude shot of her body her because, damn, she's fine -- but there is no way in hell I would do that without her permission. Hmmm, so I will post a similar body type so you get the idea. :)

Friday, 21 August 2015

High School Teacher Gives A+ for Sex

Considering this is a mugshot...she's gorgeous! <3
Highschool teacher Kayln Thompson has been convicted of rape and specifically for exchanging sex for good marks.  She had sex with her failing student and suddenly his mark shot up to an A.

They had sex once by a local lake and another time in a Tulsa motel.  She got busted by some bitchy highschool girl taking photos of the couple making out in a truck.   She has been sentenced by a Creek County District Court to a year in jail with a 5 year suspended sentence -- and of course her life will be ruined as she will be placed on the sex offender registry.  Why? Because this hot woman had sex with a 17 year old male who was willing.  How-in-the-fuck is this rape??

The male was willing...look at the photo! She's a hot 25 year old and he was 17: the age at which boys will happily hit on a snake if they think it'll get them laid. How could you rape a horny, ultra-willing 17 year old?  Well apparently, the age of consent on Oklahoma for 'people in positions of authority' is 20.   20!! So he could have been 19 and it still would have been rape! These standards are completely insane.  The poor woman's life is ruined. The sex offender registry is something I have blogged about before -- and it is a pure evil which serves only to destroy people's lives while...protecting horny young men from scoring with a hot babe like they have always dreamed about.

There is absolutely no way that a 19 year old is not emotionally and intellectually capable of
understanding the consequences and implications of having sex.  At 17,   I had a good understanding of quantum physics and the general theory of relativity -- including some of the complex math behind it.  WTF...of course I understood what sex was.  This is an entirely ageist attack on a couple who obviously wanted to be together.

Granted, a teacher should not be giving out good grades to a student for having sex with her. That's bullshit. But what it is not, is rape. Sure it is clearly unethical to trade grades for sexual favours at any age. But the male is also guilty of accepting good grades on false pretenses.  And if you don't think he was doubly willing to have sex with her for that additional benefit of acing a course he was failing, you do not understand teenaged males.

So yes it was unethical but ruining someone's life and labeling them a rapist because the young man
was not yet 20 and couldn't legally give consent? That is insane.  All the articles refer to him as 'the victim' and he is. Can you imagine how traumatized you would be at 17 if the cops swooped in, stole your girlfriend, convicted her and sent her to prison while telling you that you have been raped??  That is messed up and will undoubtedly mess him up for a long time.  Thanks to an abusive legal system, big brother has squashed another productive individual and ensured that she will no long contribute to society for the rest of her life.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Caning Guide

Canes are weapons of shear terrror.  They are a BDSM symbol of severe punishment and can inflict some of the nicest marks shockingly quickly. Yet canes are extremely easy to use accurately compared with whips and may be used seductively with very little power.  In fact, a can at low power may be perfectly aimed where a whip or flogger just flops around. And the light strokes are more important than the heavy ones. Why? Because canes can do so much damage that you can destroy someone's ass in 30 seconds and a proper hedonist wants to spread that joy out over an hour or two.

Caning can be a very very intense experience. It can hurt so much that your slave squirms and writhes about initially and later, she can totally lose herself in subspace and lose sense of balance. For this reason, the sub should be bound in such a way where she cannot move freely and if she goes completely limp, her weight will be supported.  For this reason, bound with her torso flat on something like a padded bench is best.  Next best is the laying down ground itself -- as she can't fall far.  Be nice and give her some soft padding or, there is this thing called a 'bed' which some real perverts have which may also do nicely if you are lucky enough to have one handy.  Laying or resting her weight on a bench is best so you have easy access to her lower ass, which is a nice juicy, fleshy target. Try to avoid the 'bent over' is position as being in an "L" exposes the tail bone (see the safety section.)

Caning is definitely one of the harshest BDSM tortures that you can inflict with percussion and so it is definitely recommended to have a clear, frank talk with your sub to make sure she knows exactly what she is getting into, clearly gives her consent (written or even video taped is best to cover your ass), as well as the estabilishment of exactly what you will do and safewords.

Canes can create a variety of sensations from a stinging near the surface to a deep thuddy blow. The
most intense power comes from the last 1/3 of the cane (the part farthest from you).   To make stinging blows, pull back quickly in a snappy motion just before impact.  To make a thuddy blow, follow through as if you were hitting something a 20 cm on the other side of her ass.

Canes can easily inflict marks and physical damage so make sure to alternate sides to keep you work symmetrical.  The sting of a cane can take many seconds to fully register as the sensation takes on different levels of 'ouch' from the initial hit to the radiating pain which can last up to 30 seconds. So don't rush through the hits but draw them out so she appreciates the full sensation of every stroke.  While you wait between each stroke, caressing her ass or the mark you just made is sensual and fun. My hands also tend to 'test the waters' to see how wet she is. ;)

Canes can hurt like a motherfucker so if you want to ease up a bit on her, use the part of the cane closest to your hand because that part is way slower and won't hurt as much. Blows from the inner part of the cane tend to be more thuddy and definitely less powerful.  I use these types of stokes to keep up the 'feeling' and rhythm of my strokes without totally backing off.  

You can also press the cane up against her skin and rub it along her -- to threaten her while massaging her and most importantly, let her know you are still there with her as you give her a bit of a breather.

The tip of the cane is most useful for are areas where a full stroke of the can will pass over boney areas so you just use the tip instead  It is also useful for the soles of her feel or for shoulderblades. Be most careful with the tip of the cane as it travels the fastest and can do the most damage.  Never use a full stroke with the tip as these areas tend to be more sensitive, the tip is hardest to aim, and a full stroke with the tip can break the skin.

Canes work best on the soft fleshy skin of her lower ass.  Have her bent over and hit there in the meatiest portion.  If you are hitting the upper ass, take careful aim and slow down as the cane can strike high and hit the pelvic bones above the ass.

domme_caning_slaveGoing to hard or fast is not required with caning. Caning works, in my humble opinion, because the sting of the blow lasts for so long.  So slow and steady is best. Begin with warming her up slowly and lightly, very gradually working her into a submissive space. With caning, it is easy to push her too fast and get a ''red" call as you transition from good pain to bad, overload pain as she freaks out thinking she is taking too much damage.

Think of it like, not making any stroke more than about 25% harder than the one before it -- and gradually work your way up to the hardest strokes while remembering that this is not a race. Just gradually ramp it up as this will help keep her in the right mindset.  If a girl has never been caned before, I definitely would start with something less and work my way up to it. A spanking, then flogging and finally some caning is my usual order.  But I might add a massage and some percussion strokes for a total noob.

When starting with the can, begin with some light percussive tapping on the areas you plan on destroying, er, hitting. Avoid any bones and use the tip feel out and hit areas between bones. The cane blows should be light. Remember, it is very hard and stingy and a little bit goes a long way. Use a mix a light taps and barely hitting a all to create a sensation of feathers fluttering on her ass.

Now introduce a single tap inbetween the flutters. The taps are partly to show you are still there and engaged with her as the pain of the tap spreads out and subsides.  As the pain recedes, tap again to keep her in pain while the fluttering strokes keep her distracted.  Keep doing this, mixing many very light fluttering strokes with a stinging tap.  The sub should never know when the next stinging blow will come and it should take her by surprise.

Now gradually increase the intensity of the harder taps, slowly but smoothly getting harder.  Also, now is a good time to introduce the double-tap which is 2 tap strokes back to back to keep you punishment unpredictable.

As you hit harder and harder as your strokes get more intense, pay close attention to:

  1. the sub's breathing and if need be remind her to take deep, relaxing breaths (short, shallow, rapid breaths indicate panic and this is not the state you want her in.) 
  2. place your hand on other parts of her -- this can be comforting and reassuring-- and it also lets you feel the amount of tension she has in her body.  The ideal is for her to slip deeper into a relaxed, accepting subspace.
  3. the marks that you are leaving as you hit harder -- it takes awhile for the marks to come fully to the surface but you can inflict some heavy damage with canes from deep welts, broken skin, and bruises so keep a close eye on this and don't do too much damage
  4. Ask for feedback and stay attentive to her -- caning really really hurts and silence may indicate massive overload and not enjoyment
You can also do a hard tap and follow up with many fluttering strokes on the exact same area to confuse her senses and avoid her from being overwhelmed with the sensation of the blow. Remember, the point of this is to get her relaxed and releasing endorphins from the pain so only increase the pain gradually.

From here, if your sub or yourself is inexperienced with canes, it's a good place to back off and end the caning portion of the scene.

If your sub and your are ready for more, you can do more powerful strokes but these take more care. You want to avoid striking too far off of her body so that the can 'wraps-around' as this is dangerous and tend to hit and hurt things you have no intention of hurting.   Careful: more powerful strokes can hit 10-20cm further out than lighter blows. So watch your aim carefully and assume you will it further out with a hard stroke and adjust for it. 

Actually, fuck it. Practice on a cushion (ideally a velvet one that clearly shows where you last hit) until you have a clue of how to adjust your hard blows. But know that I think of my light taps as 'ranging blows' and assume the hard blow will extend another 10-15cm further out from the ranging blow.  Specifically, I line up the ranging blow so the tip hits the middle of her far ass cheek so that the full blow will be across her entire ass without wrapping around. But this takes practice so don't try this without practicing on a pillow.

damaged_assWhen you are ready to do hard blows with a partner, place padding on the far side of her to protect her from wrap around.  Additionally, only use hard blows on the fleshy part of her ass and upper thighs and nowhere else. And be warned: hard blows do damage and 30 hard blows is a fuck ton of them. Hell, 1 or 2 hard blows massive and sensory overload for many subs.  If this is her first time, assume that the pain from the hard blow will be intense for at least 1 minute and use that time to gauge her response and proceed cautiously.  Remember, many people choose not to use full power strokes at all and lighter strokes are still vicious so don't let some bullshit 'ego' thing about being 'hardcore' cloud your judgement as you can inflict serious pain without 'full power' strokes which can (will) result in real, visible damage. 

The shockwaves of a cane travel through the body and vibrate it. For this reason, focus on the lower 'sweet spot' of the ass sends those waves right to her pussy and vibrates it.  Here, steady light and medium blows can result in her cumming. Watch for her hips rising and falling if she starts to enjoy these cane vibrations. 

Also, the endorphins released by caning can definitely result in sending your sub to the la-la land of subspace.

CANES - Tools of the Trade
I recently did a post on canes being sold at my local dollar store for a buck.  But here's a brief 'what you need to know about canes'.

variety_of_canesCanes are straight sticks about 8mm in diameter and about 50-80 cm long (30 inches). Natural canes can be rattan (best), forsythia (next best), and  bamboo (safe only for light and medium caning-- see the safety section).   For the rattan, forsythia and bamboo sticks, lots of knots is best.  Canes can be sanded down so there are no rough edges anywhere.  Ideally, cut your cane about 1 cm past a not at each end as there should be a knot that each end to help resist cracking. The tip end definitely needs a knot that is carefully sanded smooth so there is no edges at all to break the skin.    Cracked and split canes shouldn't be used.  These natural materials can be varnished with lacquer (3 coats, sanding in between coats). Also, a wrapped handle can be added for better grip.  

(Note: some of these natural sticks you may get are not straight and can be straightened with water or steam -- and I bet you Google will provide you with exactly how this is done.  )

Man-made materials for canes are Delrin, Lexan, fiberglass or nylon.  These are all more dense than natural materials are more thuddy and can do deeper damage.  They can be purchased from plastic supply stores such as Plastic World in Toronto.  They are durable and strong and need little preparation except the filing and smoothing of the edges of the tip.

Do not cane bones as blows can cause bones to chip, fracture, or bruise. Additionally, there is risk of
Bleeding from mild tip wrap-around
compressing nerves into bones and causing nerve damage.

The easiest type of damage in inflict accidentally is wrap around damage where you hit too long and the cane extends off the side far end of your slave and whips around 90° and the tip cuts into your sub.  This is most common with heavy blows because heavy blows tend to land about 15 cm further out than lighter aimed blows to the same spot.

Bamboo canes should not be used for heavy caning because heavy blows can make it split revealing dangerous, razor sharp edges.

Always practice on a pillow that shows the marks so you are proficient with aiming your blows at various power levels.  Hard blows always tend to strike further out than softer blows so always practice first so you have a good idea of where your blows will land.

Exercise caution with using canes as they can inflict serious damage so always increase the hardness of your blows very gradually so you can see the difference the harder blows are making.

The tip of the cane travels the fastest and is the most likely area to split the skin.  Never do a full force blow just with the tip of a cane as you will split the skin followed quickly by blood.

The safest area to cane is fleshy areas of the buttocks (especially the bottom 1/3 of her ass) as well as thighs.  Do not cane the spine and bony shoulder blades.

Again, DON'T cane bones.  Caning bones can result in bone bruises (which is not a sexy kind of pain at all and it lasts for far too long.)   Also, hard strokes across bones can case bones to chip, fracture and also cause nerve damage.  If you must hit the fleshy spots around these bony areas, just use the tip and don't use anywhere near full force blows.

Caning from the 'bent over' position seen in many Victorian movie results in the tail bone being exposed. As the tailbone is  bone, a hard cane stroke can chip the tailbone and cause massive 'bad' pain which may not heal and leave your sub permanently damaged and suffering.   If you must hit her bent over in an 'L' so her tailbone is sticking out, feel for it first with your hand so you know exactly where it is (human anatomy varies greatly so just because one partner didn't have a tailbone that stuck out this way does NOT mean that all your partner's won't.  Personally, it just isn't worth the risk.

Finally, canes hurt a ton and push your sub right past her limits so be extremely mindful of your subs mindset and state and monitor closely, checking in with her often to make sure that she is still okay. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Alien Egg Tentacle Sex Toy: Ovipositor

Sexy, right!?!
This sex toy is a must have those that get off on science fiction: the ovipositor finally allows you to fulfill your fantasy of being impregnated with alien eggs. That's right, it's the perfect marriage of dildo and alien-tentacle-egg-depositor. Primal Hardwere has created a big alien dick which will lay gelatinous eggs into any body cavity you can fit it in.

Of course, if your fantasy involves giant insects laying eggs inside of you, the ovipositor is also a perfect match. Of course, having an alien penetrate you with a tentacle and lay eggs has got to be the most common fetish ever...  I think of how hot Sigourney Weaver was in Aliens and this product captures just how arousing that movie was (in an alien dildo sort of way).   And just for the record, ovipositor is the actual scientific name for an egg depositing organ frequently used by insects. In many parasitic species, it's used to pierce and directly place the egg into exactly the right place in the host's body. Of course, in some species, the ovipositor is also an extension of the genitals -- which I assume for this sex toy as well.

I recommend J-lube for this toy...to get that authentic, sticky alien ooze look.  This perfect for any girl with an impregnation (aka breeder) fetish.

insect-alien-egg-depositing-sex-toyThere are 2 models: Splorch and Kubera.  They are made of high quality silicone (what I recommend for all sex toys) and they cost between $109 and $119.  Splorch has a  9.5" tall shaft and 2" in diameter (without eggs inside it).   Kubera is larger, being 11" long and coming in 'natural Kubera' colour, which apparently is greyish-purple. But a wide variety of colors are available including "supernatural neon green", "chaffed anus" and "tentacle monster".

If you are having a hard time deciding if this is the right alien-tentacle-egg-depositor-sex-toy for you, this video of it in action should help you decide:

If you order Splorch now, they will throw in 6 eggs for free.  But any hardcore egg impregnation gal is gonna need way more eggs than that, so here's a video on how to make your own eggs:

You're welcome!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Her Polyamorous Dad

This article was written by Miss Lia, a Domme from California whose adventures can be found online at http://missliasdungeon.com. This writing originally ppeared on FetLife's Kinky & Popular on August 8, 2015 and is reprinted with Miss Lia's express permission:

My dad was polyamorous before it was cool. Or moderately accepted. Definitely before there was a Fet. Before there was a Collarme. Heck, before there was even Internet (and not just the AOL version, I mean before the Al Gore version.)
Before me.
Before my mother.
He may have been poly before computers. I know for sure he was poly when he built his first computer.
Today he is dying.
He has had heart disease for 20+ years, perfectly timing his first heart attack to coincide with his final attempt at monogamy (my mother) falling apart when I was 13. The family suspects that the two were not unrelated.
Over the last several years his health has dwindled, though he remained the independent nudist dad I grew up loving till just over 40 days ago. In the last couple of years he has, in his failing health, started a moderately successful Plein Air life drawing club, run a nude Plein Air drawing class, and (of course) gotten another new girlfriend.
This is to say, he has always been poly.
I remember when he and my mom broke up. He was monogamous with her, removing all his girlfriends to simple friendships when he married her. I found out, after their divorce, that she was always jealous of his loving friendships with the women in his life. Though she dabbled with polyandry before I was around, mom is terribly traditionally vanilla and had a monogamous heart.
It was probably 10 years after their divorce that he talked to me about his girlfriends. I was teasing him about one, asking about the nature of their relationship one summer when I was home from college, and I asked what had happened with another. Had they broken up?
A tattoo I am considering 
No, he told me. She was his girlfriend as well.
So, you have lots of girlfriends?
Of course, why limit yourself? He answered.
Do they know about each other?
And what?
And what nothing. That was the end. Love is bigger, so much bigger, than the understandings society teaches us.
Over the next ten years I got to know the constellations in his love Galaxy. The ways in which the different elements interacted. How they overlapped and pulled at him. How they fit into the larger picture of our family.
It wasn't until I became active in the kink lifestyle that I began to put a name on how my dad loved. Polyamorous.
It seems too big a word, to academic, to explain the reality.
The reality is this:
Love looks different every time it is expressed, but when done purely, no one expression in anyway diminishes the others.
I have in no way appreciated it as much as I have during this time. As the family 'communicator' I have been the one making the calls and tracking down the people important to him. And they have come. All of them however they could, have come. By phone, and Skype, and car.
The mothers of his children, who he only admitted to me three months ago number three not two. Those who he calls out for and worries about and who lament not just his passing for their own selves but for the hole it will leave in our family.
The lovers of his body, who knew him when he was young and virile and they were nubile young nude models, who have continued to love him as both his and their bodies have failed, and who now sit and hold hands in a level of physical intimacy that makes me weep to see.
The lovers of his mind, who sit and speak to him in beautiful words of days sitting under the sun, and call fourth like Ferdinand the beauty of the out of doors. Who spun games with words and beat him at cards, now holding the space for his mind which floats mostly free of this place.
And yes, even the lovers of his old age. Who never knew him when his heart and body were whole or his mind untinged by the beginning encroachment of dementia. Who love his soul, for the way it shines and the way he loved them back.
I have watched them.
As each one connects those final times, in her own unique way.
He was Poly before Poly was a thing.
For him it was only ever love.
Love, overflowing.

Amnesty International on Prostitution

Amnesty International is calling for a decriminalization of the sex trade.  This very much supports my own position that the sex trade should be legalized because it can be taxed, regulated and most importantly: made safe for the prostitutes.     Sure, there are lots of people saying that supporting such an industry is supporting the abuse and sex slavery inflicted upon women by violent pimps...but seriously...do you think we can come up with better regulation than that? And currently, there is no shortage of violent pimps exploiting girls who are working in the industry because they have no choice. Yet the only way the sex trade is currently controlled is by police arresting prostitutes and Johns with little focus whatsoever on the source of the problems in the industry.

hot_whoreFull disclosure: I have never purchased the services of a sex worker and buying sex is really not a desire of mine.  Despite my lack first hand knowledge, I have blogged about Prostitution in Canada, and Prostitution and the Law.

When I think of regulation of an industry, I think of the unregulated steel industry run by exploitative bosses where the average career of a steel worker was around 5 years before being killed or maimed. In 1913, there were 23 000 industrial work related deaths in the USA.  In 2013 there 4405 but the workforce has increased massively in size and the majority of those are car accidents.   Clearly, regulation creates a safer work environment.

Besides, consensual sex between adults should not be attacked by the state.  In fact, if a prostitute is assaulted, they should be able to turn to the police for protection and justice just like every other citizen. Driving the industry underground just makes it easier for serial killers to prey on them.

streetwalkersAlso, wouldn't it be nice to remove the stigma from the world's oldest profession and make it...more professional?  In 2002, Germany liberalized their prostitution laws and now they feel more confident and empowered to pick good employers and suitable work conditions.

Sure, you may end up turning some pimps into legitimate businessmen.  But then again, they would also be put in direct competition with legitimate businessmen who could offer far more while never even considering bitch-slapping them and taking 100% of their earnings (ummm...who would you work for?)

Additionally, if the trade is legal, you can do things like mandate condom use, regular testing for sexually transmitted infections, and where the transactions will take place (like inside a house where nobody else has to witness anything they don't wish to see.)  

The Toronto Star chides Amnesty International for supporting the buying and selling of sex as "defeating the purpose" with a moralist view that it is inherently 'bad'.  The article goes on to misrepresent the 'nordic model' of criminalizing the buying of sex as being adopted 'Europe wide' when it is used only in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland and by population represents a clear minority.  Canada is implimenting the Nordic model and the newspapers like the Globe and Mail seem to echo the moral view with the assumption that any prostition is an offencive practice. The Globe and Mail points out that the use of the Nordic Model

compared with those in Denmark, where prostitution was decriminalized in 1999. When the Danish government started measuring the number of individuals in prostitution in 2002, the head count stood at 3,886. By 2009, the number had jumped to 5,534, an increase of more than 40 per cent.

tunnel_hookerBut this again assumes that any prostitution is bad and things have gotten worse.  In Denmark,
however, they see the same stats as proof that there more prostitutes as there are less problems and this is an endorsement for better working conditions attracting people to the job.   And lots of articles in the Canadian media point to decriminalization resulting in increased human trafficking. Some found that 30-40% of a Danish prostitutes are trafficked -- an epidemic problem until you realize that the Danes couldn't find a single case of 'human sex slavery' and the definition of 'trafficking' is 'a foreign worker.'

As Forbes magazine summarized it in their analysis:

"Imagine that rabbit butchery was illegal in one country, then it legalized it. Some domestic labour that desired to be rabbit butchers who were dissuaded from doing so given the previous illegality would now become rabbit butchers. We would also expect to see some people quite willing to be rabbit butchers currently in poorer countries immigrating, either legally or illegally, to become rabbit butchers in this country where it is newly legal. And we’d be most surprised indeed to hear that people were kidnapping foreigners to import them and force them into rabbit butchery."

child_whoresThink about it.  How often do you buy moonshine vs. buying legal booze?  The truth is, making it illegal for people to buy sex serves to drive the trade deep underground where it cannot be seen -- and suddenly things get a lot less safe for sex workers. That is why Amnesty International is actively protesting the Prime Minister's offices in Sweden.  

Finally,  the current situation has the trade driven far underground so the exploitation of children is rampant -- and that shit will just stop if there are inspectors, licensees and spot checks.  The point is: it currently is a very dangerous industry...and we need to do something about it.   Amnesty International has it right: we must decriminalize both the selling and buying of sex to make this industry safe.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Happy 60th Bday Max Hardcore!

paul_littleMax Hardcore, aka Paul F. Little turned 60 this week! So Happy Birthday Max Hardcore!!

The reason I like him is he uses ageplay scenes and he is definitely a Dom.  Of course, I see it through the filter of being a Master in control where others definitely don't appreciate his style but he was first introduced to me by a shy girl who really appreciated his work and could barely get out the phrase, 'This is how I want you to treat me, sir." So I see him partly through this girl's eyes whenever I have watched one of his scenes.  And I appreciate him because, well fuck, he'd do anything he could think of and was creative at it too.   (Warning: his stuff is not for everyone. And by everyone, I mean, everyone. His stuff is almost there...yet his lack of emotional connection or use of the extreme treatment as a way of forming a strong bond with the girl is seriously lacking -- and THAT would take his stuff to the next level.  Instead of a 'throwaway tart' he should be, in my humble opinion, grooming the girl to be his lifelong devoted sexpet and ever eager sex slave.)  But yeah, he liberally uses piss, fisting, vomit and gagging and anal sex yet thankfully draws the line before scat play. (Thank God!)

max_hardcore_porn_legendThis infamous porn producer and performer was responsible for pushing the limits and boundaries of what is acceptable in porn.  He pioneered the who vomit fetish genre though now it is possible to see many gagging and extreme face fucking video --because he basically invented the genre.  He created such extreme videos with acts such as:

  1. putting a speculum in a girl's ass
  2. spreading it wide
  3. pissing into the girl's anus
  4. inserting a clear hose into her anus
  5. shoving the other end of the hose in her mouth
  6. making her drink his piss out of her own ass using this straw 
So yeah, his name is pretty damn accurate and well chosen.   Max Hardcore has made a ton of videos and I have seen estimates  (which I don't believe, fyi) that this porn legend is worth up to $705M in 2015.  But that seems way too insane to be real. 

Still, he is known as the King of Gonzo porn and is well respected in the adult film industry -- especially because the US Government convicted him on 'obscenity charges' for pushing the envelope so far (with consenting adults) and he went to jail as a free speech activist. 

And now he's just turned 60! So happy birthday Max Hardcore! His actual birthday is August 10th, 1956. I have to wonder how exactly he is celebrating...but I would be surprised if he makes it through the day without whipped cream and cake being squeezed out of a some cutie's ass.    His website is www.max-hardcore.com|
Screencaps from Max Factor #18 -- fisting, piss and vomit. Seriously Hardcore.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Safecalls - Essential for meeting new people

For online BDSM dating, you simply must use a safe call.  It is an essential for thing for your own protection. Essentially, a safe call is simply a check in call that you make to a friend to let them know that you are OK after the date.   You give them all the details that you have about the person you are seeing so that if they turn out to be a rapey-kidnapping-psycho-murderer, someone knows that you are missing and they can start the search for you.

But there is a big problem with safe calls. If you don't have a really good bestie that you feel 100%
comfortable sharing all your kinky-sexcapades with -- and her knowing exactly how much of a slut you are...then what do you do?  Do you onl
y arrange a safe call once in a while (so you seem like less of a slut?) Do you leave a detailed notebook open on your bed for crime scene investigators to find once your body shows up weeks later? Obviously, those are not very 'safe' options.

Because we live in a world where images
like this are out there...and consumed daily.
Enter Safe Call, the app that allows you to tell people whom you're meeting and all their details IF you don't check in.  You put all you new play partner's info into the app and set a time where you must call or the app will automatically start contacting people letting them know that you are missing and whom you were last with.   If everything goes fine, you call and the app deletes all the info and nobody but you has to know what naughty business you were up to.

Check out the safe call app here (both android and itunes):

This way, you can always arrange a safecall, give as much details as you want about the person and nobody but you has to know anything about it unless something goes wrong and you WANT people to know. I think this is an essential part of BDSM safety for any single player or anyone who is meeting someone that is possibly sketchy for the first time.

Also, there is few similar apps like Bugle (itunes).  Or EmergenSee (itunes and google play).  I think these are all free.  

Stay safe!

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Pitfall of Falling in Love with your slave

One issue that comes up in BDSM relationships is love. Specifically, a Dom fall in love with his sub and loses his drive to beat, humiliate and fuck her -- and starts wanting to cuddle and protect her.  This has happened to me where I sometimes forget to be mean...and I worry that my slave may be asking herself, "When was the last time he choked me with his cock till I puked?"

You see, being the one who protects her and makes her feel secure is not what she got into this relationship for: every submissive is not inherently attracted to being gentle.  She got into this because you were a mean and twisted bastard who creatively found new ways to torture her for his own amusement.  That is what she is attracted to.

So being overly gentle and kind put you at serious risk of losing her attraction and boring her.  If you really love her, tie her up tightly and get to work. Beat her ass till it is bright red and warm to the touch. THAT is paying attention to her needs.

Seriously, what's not to love?
If you want to build trust -- look out for her safety during a scene. Flog her without mercy and then
pull her hair hard and fuck her.  She is not going to resent this...this is what she lives for.  Being a lame-ass vanilla 'lover' is not going to make her wet or keep her coming back for more. So get out those nipple clamps and watch the pained expressions on her face.

hot_slave_slut_beaten_brokenShe is the most valuable thing I own. I will protect her. You love her so tell yourself that you also need to see those tears rolling down her cheeks.  If she is wearing my collar...she is going to have earn it. Well, she has earned it? And my love.  Not good enough. She has to keep earning it. Because I am twisted pervert with sadistic leanings and I love releasing my primal self on her weak, feminine body.  That is why she is with me and I can't forget that.

Subs crave to be broken by her Dom. So reduce her to a sobbing puddle.  Give her the opportunity to show you just how much she loves you by enduring the worst you can put out.  (Side note: The worst should not be anywhere near as bad as the 'worst' in the 50 Shades of Grey movie... which was truly the worst scene I have witnessed.)   Be strong and powerful, commanding and confident and give her the opportunity to be as weak as a crying babe.

After you break her...then you can cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Refaptory Period

Sleep: how to sneak through the refaptory period
Combination of "fapping" and "refractory period." The refractory period is the recovery time during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have another orgasm. The refaptory period, therefore, is the recovery time during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have another orgasm by fapping.

Definition: Refaptory Period (noun):  the time after fapping where you can no longer get another erection in order to fap again.

Just for the record, the average refractory period of guys ranges between 1 minute and 1 hour.  This is effected by age, diet, physical fitness and health. So a strapping young 18 year old may be able to fuck a minute after cumming where a 91 year old grampa in poor health is looking at an hour or more. Personally, I don't like thinking of my own grandfather in such context and there is no way in hell I'm asking him!

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Unicorns are real.  In the BDSM community, a unicorn is a single, hot, bisexual female who is submissive and enjoys playing with couples.  So why would a girl like this be called a unicorn? Because she's extremely rare and hard to find. Some even suppose that she's mythical and doesn't exist in the real world.  Even if you meet a unicorn, *everyone* else is trying to capture her so actually luring one back to your dungeon is a challenge for only the most skilled -- or absurdly lucky.

I believe I create my own luck...and I am absurdly lucky.

Then again, I have been told on multiple occasions that 'threesomes are just a myth' and nobody actually does that.  Which is complete horseshit as 3somes are really common (they are fucking fun so why does everyone think they could never happen???? So lame.)

Just remember, sprinkle your fairy dust liberally on your junk, keep a positive, optimistic mindset and
your eyes peeled...these mythical creatures do exist but they often only show themselves to a hero that is worthy.

Little known unicorn facts:

  • unicorns always love anal sex 
  • they only fart rainbows
  • unicorns are highly intelligent and experts and witty banter
  • unicorns are always porn friendly and have better porn than you
  • unicorns magnify your sexual charisma
  • rolling a critical hit with a d20 results in the unicorn being really into every fetish that you have