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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beauty's Kingdom

OMG  OMG OMG! Anne Rice aka A.N. Roquelaure published another book in the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Series!!  If you don't know The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty...you are really missing out! It is one of the best BDSM erotic novels ever written (in my opinion...then again, I also like Anne Rice's style.)   But Beauty's Kingdom was released in 2015 and I am so excited to read it -- and get my slaves to read it as well.  I am very happy that the trilogy now has a 4th book!

The previous 3 novels were written 20 years ago and they are: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, and Beauty's Release.   It's been 20 years so I never imagined Anne Rice would revisit and add to the series. But she did!!!  (I can't believe I haven't done a post on The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty before this as it was introduced to me by a favorite slave who introduced me to the royalty of BDSM community in Toronto --and she is considered royalty herself (not my descriptive words but they do seem accurate. I should totally email her about this latest novel too!)

anne_rice_beauty's_kingdomIf you don't know, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is the continuation of the fairy tale story of Sleeping Beauty, a young maid who was stricken with the sleeping curse and slept for 100 years.  But when the Prince awakens her, he takes her off to a BDSM driven kingdom where she is forced to serve him as a sex slave. There is plenty of masochism, bondage and lots of well written, wonderful stuff in these novels.

In case you are unfamiliar with Anne Rice, she is also the author that wrote the epic Vampire Chronicles – Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned and Prince Lestat – she is famed for uniting the supernatural and visible worlds through her stories. Interview with the Vampire is one of the many books she has had made into a movie and it stars the A-list celebrities Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Kirsten Dunst. It was nominated for 2 Oscars but I don't think it won any. And it had a worldwide gross of $105M ...which is respectable but it's more than that now because that was as of 1995.

She has written other BDSM books as well, including Exit to Eden which was also made into one of the worst movie adaptations ever made. Exit to Eden the movie stars Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Aykroyd and is only remotely similar to the actual book.  In the book, it is a hardcore BDSM sex island where the ultra rich go to use their slaves. In the movie, it is as sexy as Rosie O'Donnell --> and turned into a comedy with a pair of detectives solving a case...which is completely invented for the movie and has nothing to do with the book.

Anyway, I am super excited to get my hands on Beauty's Kingdom and see what Anne Rice has done with this epic tale of a Kingdom whose main commodity is sex slaves.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Two True Loves

I was sent a link to this by my slave as she both new it would make me smile...and she also reminded me of some of the loving threesomes we have had together.  Of course, she missed an important one and so I had to remind her of that one as well ;)

My Two True Loves is a 'comedy' song from College Humor but it doesn't seem like a joke to me. It makes me smile.  I am by nature, Poly. I just don't believe that I or any of my partners could be truly happy with just one lover to attempt to satisfy all our needs.   I know lots of people think that polyamory 'cannot' work because some poly relationships fail...but show me a how monogamous relationships are guaranteed to work forever and I will consider your point.   (I have had longer and more stable poly relationships than monogamous ones.  Have you tried both??)

Now a think I found slightly off putting was the comments on the video. One particularly dimwitted fellow compared those who support polyamory with those inclined to pedophilia.  Another misguided individual linked poly to abusive BDSM relationships.   Now, of course I have certain leanings towards things link BDSM but I don't see them in any way related to polyamory. They are utterly different. It's like me liking boardgames and yet also having an interest in sailing. Yes, I like both. But they are not linked.

The sad thing is, people think it's fine to sleep with 40 people by the time you are 50 -- so long as they are in serial monogamous relationships...but sleeping with 20 people in more stable poly relationships is definitely more frowned upon.  It is sad, really. But fuck them. All I need is my two true loves!

Anyway, I love the poly math in this video! Enjoy.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dangerous Masters

First off, this post is not for the rancid queefs who came to 'the lifestyle' to get laid and 'smack bitches around'.  There is no teaching for those types as they need to go back and learn the core lessons from kindergarten again. 

This is for those that call themselves 'Sir' or 'Master.' The Dominant should know that every other Dom in watching/judging them at parties. How do I judge? First off, I classify any bad Dom as one who is unsafe. That is your primary fucking job: keep the submissive safe! If you don't do that, you've failed as a Dom and it doesn't matter one baked queef if you have the coolest toys...the point is: you don't know how to use those toys safely so you shouldn't be using them at all.

Despite our illusions of grandeur, there is but one thing we as Dominants actually control in a scene: ourselves.  I say again: you only control yourself.  You have no real control over the submissive, the properties of the ropes, physics or anyone watching. You just control yourself.

And what fucking terrifies me a Dom who loses that control!

My first thought:
"where are the rope cutters?"
It is not about losing control and becoming an enraged monster who is engulfed with desire
-- so much so that you are blinded to the Number 1 Rule: Keep Your submissive Safe.  If you lose control and drop that ball, you are putting her at risk, you selfish prick. Because this is not about you. A scene is about her.  A submissive should always be ultimately in control of the scene...not you.  She is the one who grants you the power. And she is the one who can take it away if you fuck up.

And if you lose control, you should have that power taken away from you. Sadly, that is just the scenario where you won't stop.  Suddenly the scene transform from one of light-hearted play to terrifying rape. Worse, the panic she feels echos and resonates across the entire fetish community. If you, in your uncontrolled state 'lose yourself' and don't realize the kind of damage you are inflicting...you are 10 times as clueless to the emotional damage you are inflicting.  She loses the ability to trust -- and could easily ruin her as a submissive for the rest of us.

Buy a fucking mirror. You are not a Lord but a merely a man. You are flawed and human.  You do not deserve the respect of everyone in the room...you have to earn it.  If you think you know everything and have nothing left to learn-- you are a dumbass. Everyone has stuff to learn. Especially in the multifaceted craft of BDSM. There is so much to learn that no one can possibly know it all. Even you.  If you think there is no better way to do things aside from your way...you are probably a dangerous Master.  If you lose control in any way during a scene: you are definitely a dangerous Master. 

If these things accurately describe you: please turn in your title at the end of this post. Don't worry, you can earn it back. The important thing is to know and to not place anyone else at risk. Remember, it is the number of people that want to submit to you regularly, that know, love and respect you that determines how good a Master you are. If you have been a dangerous prick in the community for years...that doesn't mean squat. Consider how many are wanting and willing to play with you repeatedly. 
You'll notice I didn't focus on a particular dangerous practice (like fucked up suspension
bondage) as that shit is too numerous...but at the core of each of those problems is the man. A man who is unwilling to listen, unwilling to learn and unable to stay in control.  Though if I had to pick just one, general dangerous practice it would be "negotiating during a scene." Just don't do it. If she hasn't agreed to it beforehand, you can't expect valid consent during a scene...things just don't work that way. Stick to what you discussed beforehand.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Most Men Are Dogs

 Most men are dogs. I don't say this as a feminist or man hater. No, it is simply an observation. Most men are dogs. They try to please. They worry and fret over the approval of others. Many of their actions are driven by the desire to prove something to other guys -- so you see the childish behaviors like challenging each other to jump off higher and higher cliffs.  The guy who takes the biggest risk (successfully) gets the most respect. And it is the respect of others that most men crave. Like a dog.

I don't believe most men are even aware of this kind of behavior. But I am certain women are.  Because if a guy is conscious of this at any point, it is when he is with a woman he is trying to sleep with.  He is definitely trying to please her.   And that is counter to his goals.

Yes, women don't exactly 'crave' the nice guy who is doing everything he can to please her. It's a turn off, if the truth were to be known. Because women don't want a dog. And if they do, they want a cute little purse pet...which could be you if you are not careful.

Yes, most men are dogs. But a small percentage are wolves. Wolves take what they want. When they want it.  When I seduce a girl, I have been told they were surprised when I grabbed then and kissed them so hard an passionately. "I wasn't even sure you liked me," one very willing girl said.

A man cannot be free until he unshackles himself from the expectations of others and stops trying to prove himself by pleasing others. Fuck social conventions. Do what you want. Be a real man who does what he wants because, simply, he wants it.

This, of course, applies to BDSM and being a Master: a Master is not 'trying' to please. He's taking what he wants.  A good Master should get off on the sounds of her submitting, cumming and experiencing the pleasures he places upon her. But he is ultimately pleasing her because he want to hear her cum for his own pleasure.

I am a wolf. I have long associated with the animal. I have tracked them and even gotten within about 20m of a pack before they detected me (which is much much more difficult than it sounds and was the result of a couple days efforts).  Sometimes I catch myself in a pattern of, 'I should do this because' yada yada and the realize, no, I don't want to do that because it doesn't suit me. So fuck that.

Most men are dogs, eager to please and content with being an 'employee' doing some job that another assigned for them. But I think like a wolf. I do better hiring people than going to interviews (I have interviewed/hired far more people that I have no chance of ever seeing that many interviews from the other side.)   I see people judge the car I drive --I have talked with pickup driving morons who don't like my little Japanese car-- and I think, fuck those guys. This car rocks for my purposes: fuel efficient, big trunk, low maintenance, reliable, and cheap ('cause God knows it'll be junk in 10 years or so why the fuck buy a 'good' car that will just mean you lost even more money in the end.) If you think I drive a terrible car, I respect you less because 1) you can't see the superiority of my choice and 2) you can't respect my decision 3) you don't have to drive it so why does it matter at all. (On cars, I really couldn't give a fuck about them but I found out recently that I have driven the most expensive production car ever made, a Bugatti, which was not a car I'd ever heard of before I drove it but
whatever...and the guy I told the story to didn't believe me. He thought I was trying to impress him...which is counter to my nature. And if I were trying to impress him, it wouldn't occur to me to use a car story because that's just dumb. He googled the car, and I was like, 'yup, that's it' and he said 'no way, you never drove that.'  I didn't care in the slightest but reaffirmed, 'Yes, I did.' Because I did drive it.)

My main point, long and rambling as it is, is that men should strive to please themselves far more than anyone external to them self. You can't be free until you throw away the idea that you can and should try to please others over yourself. I don't believe that 'nice guys finish last' because that doesn't seem to be the case. But being nice is different from trying to please. Trying to please comes off as false and having ulterior motives. It is simpler to be a wolf and do what you want...and it will come off as genuine every time.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

My BDSM Test Results

I have seen BDSM test results for years posted on people's profiles on Fetlife. So I finally decided to take the test myself and see what the results were.

100% Bondage Giver
100% Dominant
100% Master/Mistress
100% Non-monogamist
96% Degradation Giver
96% Sadist
88% Exhibitionist
84% Primal (Predator)
71% Primal (Prey)
70% Voyeur
66% Switch
62% Masochist
40% Bondage Receiver
33% Submissive
29% Degradation Receiver
11% Slave
5% All-Rounder
5% Vanilla
It's not too surprising. Mostly Dom (duh) with some switch leanings (for the right Domme.) You see,
I had the pleasure of meeting a 6'2 Domme who was really fit and actually placed in the top 5 at the World SWAT competition (men were included in the competition.)   So she could actually crush me and shoot better than me...which makes submitting to her much easier than trying to pretend. So for the right girl, yeah, I could sub. That said, I did enjoy the pain she could inflict and the endorphin rush...which is spectacular. So I get that.  But for most girls...I would much prefer being the one holding the nipple clamps, thank you very much.

Interestingly, I am 5% vanilla. Cool. I like that flavor too ;)

If you want to take the test yourself, go to https://bdsmtest.org and give it a shot.  If you are trying to 'introduce' a new partner to BDSM...this may be a useful tool for feeling out where their interests are or if you are actually completely incompatible.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Deep Throat

Deep Throat is a practice that is usually performed by a male Dom, where he rams his cock in the sub's mouth until it fills her throat - going deep into her throat.  So, deep throating is a form of oral sex where the penis enters the throat of the giver. It is a particularly challenging form of oral sex as the penis hits the back of the throat where it can trigger the gag reflex and cause the giver to vomit. If the performer of oral sex has enough control, the gag reflex can be suppressed and the result is large amount of extra saliva which adds lubrication and is generally a very good thing. Deep throating is an intensely pleasurable form of oral sex as the entire penis is consumed and given stimulation along the entire length. It also has added benefits as some subs feel particularly submissive when they are forced to take a penis all the way down their throats and they also enjoy the thrill being so close to puking. Note: whenever the gag reflex is engaged, it causes involuntary contractions in the muscles of the vagina and anus. This is of particular interest to those Doms engaging in threesomes where the female sub may be forced to deep throat an gag while the other Dom feels the muscles clench and tighten in the anus or vagina for added sensation. Deep throating may also be used to intentionally
cause a sub to puke to further humiliate them. While deep throating is typically practiced by a male Dom, some female Dommes also enjoy wearing a strap-on and forcing their sub to deep throat too. While Dommes can't enjoy the physical sensation, they do enjoy the emotional context of being in control of being "in control" and the submission the sub lovingly offers. Deep Throating is also essentially the same as Face Fucking or Throat Fucking, however, the latter two definitions also imply a more active ramming action being utilized by the Dom.

Deep Throat: the movie Linda Lovelace  Image  is the most notable porn actress associated who starred in Gerard Damaino's classic 1970's porn movie, Deep Throat. The premise of the film is that the protagonist, Linda Lovelace , has become sexually frustrated and cannot seem to orgasm. When she seeks medical attention, the doctor informs her that the reason she is having difficulty is her clitoris is located at the back of her throat. The best remedy for this situation, as she demonstrates throughout the movie, is taking as many cocks deep down her throat as possible -- which causes her to orgasm. This the first porn film to be widely viewed and gain popular attention in public mind. This attention lead to the informant in the Watergate Affair to be codenamed "Deep Throat."


The Dom/me must take responsibility for his partner's safety during the act of deep throating, especially if the partner is bound and immobilized. By being too rough and thrusting too vigorously, the neck of the sub can become strained. Also, rough thrusts can also cause some mild damage and swelling of the lips. As the penis is blocking the throat, the Dom must also take care to pull out far enough and often enough to allow the sub to breathe. Finally, as the sub can puke, care should be taken to ensure the sub does not choke on the vomit, if this should occur and there is also the risk of getting puke all over your surroundings (like your bed...which can be smelly and unpleasant if left unattended.) The sub may also become rather embarrassed if she does puke and this may lead to requiring the stopping of the scene to attend to the sub's emotional state.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Spiders Give Oral Sex to Demanding Females

Domme-spiders demand oral sex first. For male spiders, being good at oral sex is a lifesaver.  Having sex is a dangerous thing for male spiders as the larger females have a habit of eating them. So sex if often the last thing a male spider does.

At least in 76% of the time, male Darwin bark spiders are eaten. Which means you have a 1 in 4 chance of surviving sex. Not surprisingly, with those odds, male bark spiders never use condoms as STIs are the least of their concern.

A team lead by Simona Kralj-Fisher from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences studied the spiders (Caerostris darwini)  in Madagascar, They found that some of the better spider lovers were performing oral sex on the females before penetration. The team thought that the males spiders were lubricating the female genitalia which noticeably relaxed the female spiders before sex.

The aggressive female spiders were far less likely to eat a male spider after sex if he performed good oral on her before the act. In just 36% of the cases (1 in 3 saw cannibalism) did the female domme spider eat the male spider after sex. I can only assume that 1/3 of male spiders couldn't find the clitoris and are generally bad at oral sex.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy MILFs Day!!!

Today is Mother's Day! Yes, call her! She carried you physically for 9 months and financially for 28 years! Call her!

And for all you wonderful MILFs out there, this day was created just for you. Congratulations on procreating. Now all the younger men want you more. Y'know that, right? You've proven yourself fertile and sexually active.

I can't believe I haven't done a post on this already *giggles*

A MILF threesome


Procrasturbation is procrastinating with masturbation.  This is a word first used by my sexkitten when she described her inability to get anything done that day because she was just too horny/lazy to do anything but fap to porn all day.  And it has to be far more common than just her.

I loved the word as it seemed so perfect to describe the experience. I would be shocked if you masturbation wasn't in the top 5 ways to procrastinate and so it deserves its own word. If I am late for something, procrasturbation is the most likely cause. This is especially true for students who go off to write a paper on a source of every form of pornography known to mankind. Fap fap fap.

procrasturbating_fucking_yourselfprocrasturbation_demotivational_posterSo tell me, do you have a problem with proasterbating?  Has procrasturbation made you late for anything major?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Austrian Kisses

Booze, check. Public, check. Deep kiss, check. 

Everything you need.
Austrian Kiss: a sloppy drunken public kiss/makeout. You've heard of Austrialian Kisses (same as a French Kiss, but down under), but what is an Austrian kiss? Well, apparently Austrians are well known for both excessive beer drinking and public displays of affection. In Austrian culture, public making out and groping is much more accepted than it is in North America...which isn't saying much since Americans consider 15 years in prison for grinding sexually on a beach an appropriate punishment. Yeah, so Austria is even more accepting of natural sexual affection than that. But seeing a couple make out and grind somewhere in public in Austria is not at all uncommon and more importantly, it is not frowned upon there.
So what is an Austrian kiss? It is simply a drunken, passionate public kiss.  Austrian kisses are very common after 1 am in every bar, ever. Especially true in Kaktus Club, Vienna, Austria. Americans will know this as 'public display of affection' and I was once with a girl somewhere on the East Coast and she warned me that we might get a ticket for PDA and I was baffled till she explained it to me...then I was more baffled. Apparently you can get fined for public kissing in the USA because...y'know, land of the free and all that good stuff.

Ja, I am a hot Austrian
Anyway, if you a term for public kissing and groping that doesn't sound like a palmtop handheld computer from the 90s, and the people are obviously drunk...it's an Austrian Kiss.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sex and the Law: Sex in Public

A couple grinding sexually on a beach face up to 15 years in jail. This is USA and not ISIS passing the sentence down.  This week (May 4, 2015), Jose Caballero, 40 and Elissa Alvarez, 20 were convicted of lewd sexual behavior on a beach in Florida.   The sentence could be up to 15 years in jail.  Seriously. 15 YEARS. For something utterly natural, normal and basically victimless.

The reason for the harsh sentence was mainly that a 3 year old may have seen them.  And I am certain that the same 3 year old didn't understand anything and has already forgotten the incident entirely. If you saw someone having sex when you were 3, would you remember?  Even if they were super hot? You might argue that, what if the child was underage but old enough to understand what was happening? Well, then they already understand what was happening so who cares.

Worse, nobody could actually claim to have seen genitals or penetration that day on Bradenton Beach and the couple claims they were just grinding and making out.

The whole thing is utterly stupid and yet terrifying.  We still view sex as a fundamentally evil act here in North America.  Sex is not viewed as natural and normal. It is viewed as a great way to send people to jail and -- in this case -- put them both on the national sex offender list for LIFE. So again, simulating sex (grinding) with no nudity can fuck you for life.

A couple getting screwed together.
This was completely consensual sex.  Sure, Jose had been convicted once before of some completely unrelated crime but the fact is, he did not harm anyone. And seriously, if you had a hot 20 year old in a bikini on a beach...would you not want to fuck her too?  I not only don't blame him for this crime...I don't even see what the crime is.  If I was on the beach, I would probably be thinking, "Lucky guy"...but how wrong I would have been! Up to 15 years in jail and a lifetime as a sex offender??? Fuck me.  He's the least lucky guy on the planet.

I want to stress that this is in America and not Iran or Saudi Arabia. America, land of the free. Well, free unless you have sex on a beach. Then your ass is locked up for 15 years. He could be 65 when he is let out.  *shakes head*

This is a shame on America shows how utterly screwed up their 'justice system' is.  Give them a fine and say, "Please, get a room."   Having to go to court and have a judge say that too you would be just as effective at discouraging this behavior.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bargain Collar, high quality.

I saw this on sale and immediately recognized it as a screaming deal.  I have seen this exact collar on sale at high end BDSM stores (Northbound Leather in Toronto I think) for well over $200.  And here it is for $22-$25!!  Which rocks!

The collar is a stiff wire design made of rustproof stainless steel in a posture collar shape.  You may think that the wire bends but it really is not very flexible at all because it so thick. If you are looking for a good quality collar for your slave...you can't go wrong with this one. It is heavy duty and I really like it a lot.  Nice sturdy tie points, you can tie off the sides easily, it is stainless so you can get it wet without worry (a big problem for leather collars).

This is the perfect way to say, 'You're mine."

I want it.

Vajaculation: Female Ejaculate deserves its own Word

This word is so sweet and perfect. What is vajaculation?  Vajaculation is the female equivillent of male ejaculation and it squirts out of her vagina...hence: vajaculation.  I have also called it shejaculation...which is another word for it which I also like. But which do you like better?

Vajaculation is female ejaculation or squirting and it is definitely a real thing.   There have been articles lately on the web stating that female ejaculation has been disproved and that it is only pee but they I did a post already on the study this is based on... and it clearly shows that female ejaculate contains stuff not found in pee and that the source of most of the fluid, the bladder, fills up way way to fast for it to be regular pee (and the concentrations of urine are way under what is typically found in pee...and in different proportions.)

But back to the word vajaculation...it is the perfect marriage of vagina and ejaculation. As soon as your hear the word vajaculation it immediately conjures up the image of a squirting pussy spraying her love juices everywhere and soaking the sheets.  So I really like this word and I believe it should be a thing much more than female ejaculation (which is way too long and sort of implies that males have the 'normal ejaculation' and females need to have their gender specified).  Squirting is the other option but considering that squirting also applies to squirt guns, insects and popped zits...it is hardly specific enough.

Also,  the word to identify the substance that is squirted out is vajaculate (as opposed to female ejaculate...which seems like a misnomer because the ejaculate is not female but genderless and we don't call semen 'male ejaculate' but we have a word for it...and damn it, vajaculate deserves its own word already!!

For me, it is a close race between shejaculation and vajaculation but there are no other contenders at the moment. Or is there? Am I missing any?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Slave Leia for Star Wars Day

Yes, May the 4th is upon us once again: Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! And for all you geeks to geek out, what is better for a blog on BDSM run by a geek than to spread the love with everyone's favorite geek slave: Slave girl Leia.

Of course, if you have not seen or even heard of the sci-fi masterpiece Star Wars, then I am obligated to tell you to go watch it immediately -- to which you will say, 'Nah' and then I tell you to go fuck yourself.   Please do. You can even use these handy images of slave girl Leia.

But yes, this is a wonderful outfit the was worn by a captured Princess Leia as she was bound and chained and kept as a humiliated pet in front of Jabba the Hutt so all could see his prize.  And Leia gets off on humiliation play.

The slave Leia outfit was originally worn by Carrie Fisher (aka. Princess Leia) in the classic 1983 Return of the Jedi. But dear god, I hope you already knew that.  Since then, the costume has been seen all over the place from Family Guy (He's too sexy for his fat),  Friends (The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy), Robot Chicken (practically all of them) and of course, every Comic Con (aka Comicon) and Sci-Fi Con ever.

This one is my favorite cosplayer.

And Slave Leia is massively popular amongst cosplayers. I challenge you to go to any Stars Wars event and find only one Slave Leia. The are so many they can be gathered in groups surrounded by hundreds of guys who have absolutely no idea how to please them.

Leia's gold metal bikini is literally everywhere.

Wait, maybe this one is!
And feminists hate this iconic outfit because it has clear connotations of female servitude by the
misogynist patriarchy.  Clearly Princess Leia is being treated as a sex object. Ever notice that the only people to call sexy women 'sex objects' are feminists? I think they are clearly the ones responsible for objectifying women. But it was not the sexist pigs who wanted Leia to wear this outfit...it was the actress Carrie Fisher who requested it because she wanted something to show off her feminine figure because the guys kept putting her in baggy robes.

It is also worth pointing out that this bound sex object used her chain to kill her master, Jabba the Hut because maybe, just maybe, she wasn't so unempowered after all.

Of course, if you can't get enough of slave Leia in the Star W
ars universe, please feel free to visit and fap to this piece of Slave Leia Fan Fiction.

God I love May 4th!


Oh, and if you can't get enough of Princess Leia, it is Star Wars Day so here's some a couple bonuses:

Get your paws off of me!

Leia and Han locket <3