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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Asking to use a Master's slave

Not my slave...
Like many Masters, I receive regular requests from guys I've never heard of  (and often new) "Doms" to play with my slave(s).  In person and also by email.
...because she looks like Michael Cera.

Now I wonder why these dudes think this is okay? If you walked down the street and saw a beautiful 1967 Mustang Shelby sparkling in the sun...Would you immediately seek out the owner and ask him if you can take his car for a spin?  If you did, what do you think his response would be?

Now a slave is something that a Master must put a lot of time and energy into to get into tip top shape so she's perfectly suited for himself. So perhaps this is more like a custom motorcycle that I have put a lot of time and care put into perfecting.  Would you walk up to a biker with such a bike and say, "Damn, that is a hot bike! I would really like to ride it!"

The reason you don't is fear. Because that biker is going smash your face.  But is there ever any doubt that he will say no??

My slave is my work of art. She's beautiful. She's hot. She is amazing to look at and even better to ride.

And she is mine.


No, you can't drive my car.
No, you can't touch my bike.
And there is no fucking way you are going to touch my most prized possession that I love more than anything.

Why-in-the-fuck did you just ask me that?

No. No. A thousand times, no.

It's not like I won't let a good friend drive my care after -- y'know, we are good friends. But you are just some random dude. And this is the FIRST thing you say to me??  There is no way that I trust you. I don't know shit about you. And what exactly do I get out of this? Just because I am into BDSM and have slaves does not mean that I let everybody use my toys...nevermind the best thing that ever happened to me.

The next time you have the urge to ask a guy if you can play with his sub...go sober up and reflect on this. The answer from every Master in the world is going to be, "No." So just don't bother asking. And if you do...don't be surprised if you get your ass kicked.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Love Glove

Here's an interesting idea for those of you who are inclined to use toys and sex equipment: a wolf teeth silicon love glove. I have seen this being advertised as a 'female ejaculation glove' because as you insert your fingers and poke her g-spot to make her squirt...the teeth on the glove rub and stimulate the rest of her bits so she cums easier.

It seems good in theory but full disclaimer: I have not used this. ;)  But it is made of silicon so it is easy to clean and doesn't trap bacteria and other nasties in it  Additionally, the glove leaves the finger tips exposed so you can actually feel the g-spot or her clit without feeling like you are 'having sex inside a raincoat.'

And most silicon sex toys sell in stores for $40-$100 and this glove is on sale here for a mere $5.62 -- and that's the main reason I am posting this. It looks like a high quality, bargain priced sex toy for making the gal(s) in your life squirt.

(It is $15.21 here and and here for $17.99 ... and these are all internet/China based selling points so I imagine it is at least $40 in any sex store.)

And if it doesn't work well as a sex toy, at least you can comb your hair with it! ha ha, ok, I did read reviews of this product and I will sum them all up as, 'this is a good quality, durable glove' but nobody mentioned actually how good these are at causing female ejaculation.

And finally, my favorite description of what this glove can be used for: flirting.  Yes...I usually find flirting best when my fingers are inside of her.

Friday, 10 April 2015

She Wee


How can girls pee standing up?  With a product called the SheWee!  The she wee is great way for any woman to stand up and take control of her bladder (ha ha. )  Because sometimes it is just a lot easier to pee while standing up -- or at least to be able to aim where you pee.

The she wee is essentially a shaped cup that fits over the vaginal lips and it opens into a tube where the pee comes out.  (This is not rocket science.)  The she wee allows girls to snugly place it over their bits and pee so she can pee into a toilet.

sheweeNow why would a girl want to pee standing up?  As a guy, I can answer that easily: convenience.  Say you go into a public washroom and the toilet is disgusting.  No problem. Piss on it without sitting on it!   After a club you are walking home and really need to pee.  Don't drop your panties and crouch in a corner while the more sober guys reach for their smartphones. No, use the She Wee and put it up your skirt and then piss on the wall with the rest of the guys.   On a road trip and want to piss in a bottle? Now you can.

Of course, some girls are completely unfamiliar with where their pee hole is.   If only those girls had easy access to a vagina to inspect and find it! (They may have to wait till the owner of the vagina is willing to pee for her so she can watch -- which is marginally more difficult.)  But if that is too hard for a girl to arrange, she can consult this handy image below:

The "Urethra" is the Pee hole!

If you want to buy one, you can order it from Amazon for $9.00 to $25.00 here.  (And that should save you the embarassment of looking someone in the eye as you pay for a She Wee. )  Now you too can find out just how hard it is to avoid pissing on the seat! (Lift that seat!)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Vaginal Weight Lifting

Tatiana Kozhevnikova
I have done other posts on Strength Training for Your Vagina and How to Do Kegel Excercises to Squirt (this last one is a great place to start) but I have never posted a video on it. Till now.  ;)

I will do a quick recap. Women who want to squirt or to have strong vaginal muscles so they can please their partner more (or shoot a ping pong ball across a room)... need to work out their vaginal muscles -- commonly known as your 'PC muscles' and the exercises as 'Kegel excercises.'  The vagina has muscles like any other muscle in your body and it makes sense that if you work them out...they get stronger.   A nice thing is...strength training for a vagina has massive payoffs because the goal is to 'be able to squeeze really hard' and not 'work up to bench pressing 250 lbs'.
This is the world champ for strongest vaj
And strong vaginal muscles means that g-spot stimulation is more likely to result in a female ejaculation.  And why would you want to female ejaculate? Because squirting looks, feels and tastes awesome. That's why.   Every woman can vajaculate  aka shejaculate -- don't listen to the morons that say different. If a woman is willing to work out her gspot muscles and practice bearing down while having her gspot stimulated...the result will invariably be female ejacualation.  Maybe not the first time you try...but with some preserverance, she will squirt.

And strength training really helps with this. So here's a cute video that will help you visualize what that might look like:

Of course, if you want to get further into vaginal weight lifting read here.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Squirting Stickers!

I found this and I had to share!!

It is squirting stickers!!! Yes, what better way to show support to the female ejaculator in your life than an "I love squirters" sticker. I imagine this is best for a car but would also pimp out any bicycle.
This is simply a must have item if you really love vajaculation aka shejaculation.  Though unless you are ridiculously ripped, I can't imagine women approaching you saying, "I am a squirter" but still, it's the thought that counts. And honestly, the more people that are thinking about female ejaculation, the better.

Though I have to wonder how many people will look at an "I love squirters" sticker and be completely mystified.

The squirting stickers are even on sale now for just $5.50 each  B-)


Shocker: Sexist Men like Huge Tits

For the guys who have no sense of proper proportion
Here is a shocker. The University of Westminster published an article in February on the sexist attitudes of men compared to their breast size preference.     And guess what? The most sexist men liked the biggest breasts! Unbelievable. Thank you science for that shocking and unexpected insight.

Because men of different ethnicity and sexual orientations prefer different bust sizes as 'ideal' the researchers decided just to poll straight white guys.  (But I do have to wonder...what breast size is the preference of gay white guys?? My hypothesis is 'more than an handful is a waste').   The men were shown 3D models of women who had different breast sizes with all other factors kept constant. The computer models were viewed from 360 degrees.  Then the man picked the tits he most wanted to spray his jizz over...er, I mean, the bust he found most attractive.

Then the men were surveyed on their hostility to women, relationship values between men and
Allegedly 'perfect' but to me: 'too big to date'

women, how 'benevolent sexist'  he was (aka women should have traditional roles such as housewife or be part of the subservient class) and how much he objectified women. 

Here's the results!

 37.2% --Medium
Most men preferred 'medium' sized breasts the most. (Not the largest girls, pay attention!)

24.4% -- Large

19.1% -- Very Large

15.5% -- Small

8.3% -- Very small

Not bad but could be smaller. :)
Now notice how almost 25% of guys like prefer small and very small boobs? That's equal to the amount that like 'very large' breasts'.   So yay small boobs! (I am definitely a huge fan of the 'very small' variety followed by small, then medium...then the scale drops off for me and large and very large can go fuck themselves with some 70s bush. *barf*

Now there was also a correlation with younger men liking bigger boobs more often.

Anyhow, men who were the most sexist in all categories were strongly correlated with liking 'very large' boobs and the correlation goes all the way down the chain with the guys liking very small boobs being the least sexist. Nice. Maybe I'm not such a sexist pig after all? (Oh wait, it is not a 100% correlation :/ )

The researchers thought that 'traditional femininity' was the factor that most attracted the sexist guys and that the more feminine the woman looked, the weaker and meeker she appeared to him.  Interesting...because when I see very small boobs (on a small frame) I think that the girl is the most feminine and beautiful...so sleek and slender.  Also -- from an independent study  by the University of Wroclaw, men who liked the smallest breasts were most likely to have long term, successful committed relationships.

But guys in general did seem to associate large breasts with weakness. Worse, the most benevolent
When I was his age...I would have cried tears of joy.
sexism also were most likely to perceive their view of women as positive.  (Somehow, I don't think this is positive from the bottom line perspective of paying women 23% less because of their...um...not sure if it is breasts or genitals. I will go with genitals for such a large pay cut.)  And men who like large and very large breasts are most likely to have shorter, less stable relationships with greater infidelity (from the same University of Wroclaw study.)

Or, from a separate but favorite study: men did tend to choose larger boobs more often -- when they were hungry!! Bahaha. Old habits die hard!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Female Sexual Dysfunction

I recently came across a stat that seemed like utter nonsense to me -- but it appears all over the place from Oprah to across the news networks:  There is a 'secret epidemic' where 43% of women suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction.

The bar for 'suffering' from this is insanely low. It was the results of the a survey asking the following questions:

During the Last 12 month has there ever been a period of several months or when you...

                                                         Yes          No
A. Lacked interest in having sex?    

B Were unable to come to climax ?

C. Came to climax too quickly?

D. Experienced physical pain during intercourse?

E. Did not find sex pleasurable?

F. Felt anxious just before having sex?

G. Had trouble lubricating?

If a respondent checked yes to any 1 of those (YES! Just 1!!)...they fell into the 43% with FSD.

The sociologist who created the survey, Ed Loaman said that, "a lot of these women are perfectly normal." (Yeah, no shit.)  "A lot of their problems arise out of perfectly normal responses of the human organism to challenges and stress."

Aka 'life'.  Yup, I hate to break it to younger, inexperienced readers, but you might not always find
Am I dissatisfied...or is he gay?
sex pleasurable and you may, at times, feel anxious just before having sex.

Pfizer also had financial ties to the authors of the survey--- so yeah, there's that.

When Vivus studied the effects of their drug they also ran into a big problem...the porn that they were using seemed to be having an 'equal' effect to the drug...meaning women who watched porn got hornier and had more of a sexual response...the same amount measurable response with or without the drug.  (so when these drugs are marketed and they show 'effectiveness' ...be very careful about their claims because the big claims of effectiveness are ENTIRELY due to watching porn.