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Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Lesbian FIst Game

My sex kitten showed me this Christmas Lesbian Fist Game when I started humming "Just Fist Me This Christmas" --as she's a total pervert ;)  haha

So yeah, a fun little Christmas fisting game...though personally I find it kind of difficult as lesbians seem to not appreciate me fisting them for some unknown reason :/

Be Naughty this Christmas!

Screw being nice --and the nice girls. Be naughty this Christmas! Start with a sexy treat.

Christmas cookies are awesome. Who doesn't enjoy putting a hot, sweet cookie in their mouth? And Christmas is no exception. Christmas cookies are one of my most favorite things about the holidays -- especially ones that are prepared to perfection with sprinkles that make it a wonderful treat for Christmas morning.

Of course, many of my readers where naughty, and not just to save Santa a trip. They were naughty because deep down in their souls they are kinky. Everything they do is driven by their deep, dark obsessions and lusts. Yes, for them, being good so that Santa will bring them sex toys is not nearly as powerful a driver as being kinky as fuck and getting their lovers to deliver all the sex toys (and sex) that they desire this Christmas morning.

I am on my way over to my parents house -- with my slave in tow... for Christmas morning. I am not expecting too much because I was naughty this year.  But I can give as good as I get. And my little slave has a ton of sex-tastic toys heading her way as there is plenty of BDSM stocking stuffers and 'insertables' heading her way.

And there is going to be some sex toy reviews posted here in the next little while -- so you'll be able to see some of the things she got for Christmas!

Merry Christmas all and make sure to fuck someone you love this special day. 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Polyamory is NOT Swinging

See the smiles? That's the most important part!
When I say that I am polyamous, people (aka girls) often respond poorly --so I want to clarify. I am polyamorous -- with a big emphasis on amorous!  While I am capable of having more than one lover at a time...and I am completely comfortable with having more than one lover in my bed at the same time -- I am not comfortable with casual sex. I just don't like it.

If I am going to sleep with someone...it is because I really like them and want to sleep with them over and over again.  I like having multiple loving, long term stable relationships. I don't think sleeping with someone just once is a good idea...it's terrible in fact.  Well, I have slept with a friend  and it WAS terrible and I didn't want to repeat the experience... we stayed friends and I now she felt bad that we seemed so utterly incompatible.  It was like I was Lego and she was Blocko (I think those don't actually fit together...I'm not exactly down with Blocko at all).

polyamoryIf I connect with someone -- really connect -- I tend to want to connect on a sexual level. If we have chemistry and attraction then making someone that I care about happy and orgasmic is the best ever. If I don't know you at all and we just met...you have to be pretty fucking amazing on a lot of levels before I will want to jump into bed with you the first time we meet. Mostly...I have to get  to know you be sure that I like you.  Perhaps it is because I have other relationships that I am not simply going to throw down a 'fun fuck' as I can do that pretty easily.

Think about an orgy...if I don't know at least a couple people there -- there is no way I am into just fucking someone on a physical level. I just don't feel like doing that.  I prefer not to.  But it's not that I am opposed to orgies. I really like sleeping with multiple people at once (and I'm good at it too!)  But an orgy of close lovers is the best thing in the world to me. It is so rare and precious and awesome! And once you've had that...then why would you settle for having sex with some meaningless randos? No, that is what Swinging is all about -- and I am NOT a swinger. Sorry, I just can't and won't separate sex from emotion.

Life is short and it needs to be filled with love -- and not meaningless sex.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Star Wars cosplays are amazing


 Looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens with my sex kitten - maybe she will meet a nice lesbian/bi Slave Leia. Also, if you can successfully read all of the way to the end of this sentence, there may be some pictures to follow.
Not as much sexy as awesome!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Hottest Starwars Cosplay

With the Force Awakens upon on, Star Wars cosplay is especially important today. I found best Star Wars girl fans doing cosplay really really well. So, for your viewing enjoyment...the hottest Star Wars cosplayers around:

She's sexy because she just so damn cool

Starwars Cosplay

More Sexy Star Wars Cosplay -- Since the Force Awakens today...it's gonna be a Starwars day, even though it's not May the 4th.  I'm really hoping the movie theater has girls dressing up like this.




Thursday, 17 December 2015

10 Sexy Pictures Not Seen in The Force Awakens

KinkUnveiled shares with you 10 Star Wars images you won't see in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  God I love cosplay geek girls <3


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Do All Married People Think About Cheating

I heard someone say this today, "All married people at least think about cheating. That is part of marriage. Not acting on it is the other part."  I thought about it and it confuses me even more.  See, I am polyamorous and I have accepted that people have the capacity and urge to make connections with various people as they pass through life -- and so I see this whole dominant culture of monogamy is a great disservice to happiness and living life.

But seriously, people get married and just accept that they want to sleep with someone else but deny themselves -- often repeatedly. People accept this as part of marriage? Why? I am honestly asking. Monogamy actually makes no sense to me and hasn't since the very first time that I stumbled across a book written in the 1600s about polyamary and a light bulb went on.  I knew that this was how I WAS.  I had just never had anyone tell me that it was an option.

So do all married people think about cheating and just accept it? And many act on it too...but just how currently have a sexual partner (or at least this year.)  Others say about 18-20% of people have affairs over their marriage. Still others like Sherry Hite think 70% of women in marriages over 5 years have had an affair.  Yet another source says men are the bad ones with 65% having affairs compared with 45% of women.  But I think the real answer is: we don't know and depends on who you ask.
caught-cheating-with-textmany I couldn't get a clear picture of.  Tom Smith of the National Opinion Research Centre (NORC) thinks about 3-4% of married people

But if you ask Americans, 80% polled by the NORC say extramarital sex is always wrong.  But take that with a grain of salt as 56% said homsexual relationships are wrong and 26% think premarital sex is always wrong too...so Americans must be feeling really really guilty about their own actions.

If a good portion of the population acts on extramarital sex -- then is it really so hard to believe that all
Instead of acting like this...
people in a marriage have the thoughts and the urges at least some of the time? A Gallop poll said that
92% feel that having an affair is morally wrong -- so maybe we are all just a bunch of sinners?

The other option is far scarier. Maybe we are all a bunch of bonobos and we are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Perhaps, there is a better way to be.

You could be like this - and happy.

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Scarlet Letter

Monica Lewinski wearing an 'A' beside
President Bill Clinton
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a classic book called The Scarlet Letter in 1850. The Scarlet Letter is about a puritan woman (Hester Prynne) who is 'convicted' of adultery and required to wear a red letter 'A' for 'adulteress'. It is about a woman who spends her life helping the sick and poor yet is branded with shame for having sex outside of wedlock and is subsequently alienated from society.

This book highlights the moral background which continues to influence North American culture although 'sex outside of wedlock' it could be argued, has been transformed into 'sex
outside of a committed, monogamous relationship."  Every example I see in the media on almost every TV show and movie is a majorly angry, jealous and wholly inappropriate reaction to a partner finding sexual joy with someone other than yourself.  And I fear that people see how 'everyone else' reacts and when it inevitably occurs to them, they 're-enact' the only response they have ever seen. This leads to moronic responses like burning all of your loved one's possessions on the front lawn -- and these harmful, illegal and hurtful actions are somehow applauded by other morons on the internet.

The truth is...if your lover is finding love with someone else, it will often boost your own sex life, increase everyone's overall happiness and their ability to love you and be happy. That's right, cheaters often 'compensate' by having more sex and being more attentive with you.  But there is another way, which is polyamory -- simply accepting that humans are not programmed to be monogamous and that multiple relationships can enhance everyone's life and greatly decrease world-suck.

Oct 2015, Bill and Hillary celebrate their
40th Wedding Anniversay
This post was inspired by me finding a picture of Monica Lewinski, perhaps the worlds most notorious what meaning you give it.  If you decide that your partner had a fun time with a friend and is happier now...then that really works well - without a bunch of needless drama and pain.  
adultress - standing beside Bill Clinton with an  'A' pinned to her.  How appropriate.  And yet, in my eyes, this poor girl who has been much maligned, paved the way to show that Bill and Hillary can still have a strong marriage after 40 years together with lots of love and sharing. Sexual infidelity does not have to be the end of a marriage -- it only means

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Condoms Breaking are Worse Than You Think

Seriously, breaking a condom is major bad luck. So how can you avoid 18 years of bad luck? Or a lifetime with  an STI (sexually transmitted infection)?  Well, if a condom breaks -- there's the morning after pill (Plan B) but if you are worried about an STI, then currently the best thing that you can do is go take a shower and wash off with soap.  Unfortunately, there's not much out there that can help - it would be awesome if there was some product that was a soap for killing off the nasty STD bugs, but that sadly hasn't been invented yet. So yeah, 7 years of bad luck doesn't sound so bad. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I Dreamt of Latex and Punks

This is actually pretty close to
the right dress! But hers had
laces on the side
I dreamt of my ex last night and it made me long for her.  Not my ex the Playboy model but my ex, the fetish queen -- and it made me miss the thriving alternative scene and bondage community in Toronto.

In my dream, we were walking down Queen Street, surrounded by all sorts of pierced punk characters in studded leather, with vibrantly colored green, purple and bright red hair -- and it felt so comfortable and like home.  You see, I used to have a purple mohawk or bright pink dreads with the sides all shaved off so on Queen Street in Toronto surrounded by punks...feel comfortable.
Reminds me of Joanna but this one
looks a bit trash and Italian Gina.

So I was shopping with her, let's call her Macy, and she was dressed in a green latex form fitting dress that looked...damn hot on her.  Macy used to (and probably still does) have the habit of dressing to the nines and looking amazing in fetish-wear.  I will do a google image search for the dress -- and it is not unlikely that the image will actually be her. Anyway, we were just walking around and shopping with her friend, let's call her Joanna who was also wearing latex -- I guess it was just a latexy sort of fall day -- not too hot so you sweat like a swimming pool and not too cold so the sweat freezes.

Inside the real Peach Bezerk
And the store we were shopping in was filled with cool shit everywhere.  From amazing studs and glow in the dark piecing that entwined with each other to a variety of one off clothing that was pretty much only available in this store.  The whole store was pink too -- which reminds my waking self of Kingi's store...what was that called again? Peach Bezerk? I wonder if that's still running? To the GOOGLE! Apparently yes.

So yeah, this dream was just a shopping and lazily walking around Queen Street, surrounded by people from the BDSM community and punks -- and it makes me wonder what I am doing in this smaller town where I blend in mostly because I conceal my inner freak. Well that,  and most of the 'fetish people' here are so lame it brings tears to my eyes.  There is little choice but to import talent and train the TNG folks as corrupting the youth should really be my priority

The point was, the store was filled with 'my people' and interesting folks. punks, and people just hanging on the street smoking before heading back into some dingy club like the Bovine Sex Club, the Horsehoe or ...for the amount of money I spent on cheap beer there I should totally remember it's name! Damn,  it was a little hole in the wall with a great backyard patio and frequented by hippies and punks and BunchofFuckingGoofs who annoyed me nightly and clashed with my anarchist friends who had far more style and political resolve.
My Kryptonite

And then as we went outside, I saw my kryptonite... a hot punk girl with a mohawk <3   She wasn't wearing a plaid kilt but that was about the only improvement I could make.  A fiery political activist with sick home made patches all over her hoodie  -- I just punk as fuck. I wanted her big time. My god, when's the last time I saw any girl with a mohawk in this dingy little town? The locals would probably die of shock or rush to her aid and attempt to immediately convert her to Christianity. :/  But I have always had a fetish for girls hardcore enough to get a hawk because that is fucking awesome. And soooo pretty! I know I'm in the minority here, but I can't help it if other guys can't appreciate the best thing that happened to punk girls ever.  I dunno, maybe it is just me externalizing and missing my own mohawk.

And then I woke up :'(  I miss Toronto and interesting people.