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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Prostitution in Canada (Sex and the Law Update)

As far as laws goes, the laws in Canada regarding prostitution make no sense. You see, sex workers in Canada made a constitutional challenge and had the laws against prostitution struck down on December 13, 2013.  This was sparked from an October 2012 Ontario Court appeal against these bullshit laws. (I did a post about some of the crazy legal bullshit surrounding prostitution laws here.)  The government, with the laws on prostitution being struck down as unconstitutional, choose to keep enforcing the old laws until a new law was passed (because we should keep arresting sex workers even though we know it is opposed to everything we hold true as Canadians.)    Well, they passed a new law and it is not only completely illogical, it makes things worse.

First off, I want to rage against all the crap
puritan cunts who are trying to enforce their conservative agenda against all things sexual -- because Christians all know that sex is wrong and sinful.  The courts have ruled that the laws against prostitution are illegal. Wake up and pay attention you dumbasses! Instead, this is their new solution:  Selling sex is legal but buying it is illegal.  What?!??

Let's look at this from a logical point of view: FAIL.    I propose we also legalize selling weed but arrest anyone caught buying or smoking it. Additionally, let's make driving cars legal but parking illegal.  Also, coins with heads are legal but coins with tails are illegal.

no_bad_women_just_bad_lawsSadly, this worthless piece of legal excrement  (aka Bill C-36) went through the Senate on Nov. 4th,
2014 because the senate passes everything and apparently no one in government read the damn thing and said, 'but that doesn't make any damn sense!'

It was presented to the public as 'The Swedish model' or 'the Nordic model' (even though only Sweden made the mistake the first time.)  Most Scandinavian countries have decriminalized prostitution entirely and Denmark, for example, only has pimping and running a brothel as illegal -- because men engage in these activities to exploit women. Just because one Scandinavian country fucked up doesn't mean you have to repeat their mistake when al the other ones went the other way. We should at least have come up with a homegrown solution: especially considering the Swedish law defies all logic. But I suspect that the optics of presenting as a Nordic model made this bitter pill easier for the public to swallow.

Speaking of the public, polls were used by the Conservative Government to show support for their continued crackdown on sex workers. They sited a June 2014 Angus Reid poll saying it showed 45% of the people thought prostitution should be illegal. They completely ignored the fact that 51% of the population thought prostitution should be legal and the previous Angus Reid poll stated that 65% thought prostitution and brothels should be legal (21% strongly agreed to this.)

Those that disagree with prostitution were mainly concerned with the exploitation of children and women being sold in underground markets as sex slaves.  But these concerns can and should be directly addressed: they are independent crimes that are more kidnapping and violent coercion based than prostitution based.  I image a poll asking, 'Should children be allowed to be sold into violent sex slavery for the profit of mob pimps?' would get well under 50% of the popular approval. Part of me is shudders to think that it would be as high as 2% -- because people are dumb and can't read the question (or the mob pimps are answering).  The simple solution is best here: if you are concerned about a problem: directly address the problem.

So where does this leave us?  With the focus shifting to arresting Johns instead of whores, the trade will be driven further underground and into more desolate locations which will almost certainly put more lives of sex workers at risk. Which in my opinion, is highly immoral.

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