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Monday, 15 December 2014

Penis Size Does Matter

We have all heard the lie: that penis sized doesn't matter. That girls really don't care about the size of one's penis. "It's not the size of the ship it's the motion of the ocean" and all that. Well, this is simply not true.

Sure, penis size does not have a massive impact on female -- once it is inside of her. Unless you are overly small...like 3 inches...it just isn't a big factor. In fact thickness is far more important than length and a cock that is 12" long can be really quite uncomfortable for a female and even painful. But the trick is getting you dick into her, am I right? Well guess what? Women are very attracted to big dicks.

Researches have studied penis size and found almost no correlation to the amount of pleasure she gets from it during sex and the biggest factor is what you do with it. So when the sex researchers at the University of Ottawa decided to study how penis size affected how attractive a male was, they expected it to have very little real impact. They couldn't have been more wrong.

The researches found that cock size is most definitely related to attractiveness. In fact, it is as
A tattoo of a baby holding a finger. Executed badly.
important as height and almost as important than shoulder to hip ratio (the most important factor). So a big pot bellied troll with a giant cock like Ron Jeremy *IS* more attractive to women than a shorter man with an average sized dick.  Also, women were not just interested in length: a shorter but thicker cock also rated very favorably.

The tests were done with computer generated images that varied proportions and then the sample group was asked to rate the images based on attractiveness.

Now I am not exactly tiny and I have definitely noticed girls being appreciative of size -- and I am clearly thicker than average (by a fair bit) and I can say, when I have 'revealed' myself I have certainly noticed that the female liked it. A lot. But I have mostly seen girls reacting to my cock and generally speaking I have been bigger than the other guy when I have taken a girl with another man. But I did think it had a lot to do with the girl liking cock and reacting accordingly.  But apparently there is more to it.

Sorry ladies, but these cock shots were too funny not to post 
Still, I am surprised that it rated almost as highly as height when judging attractiveness of naked men. But if you are less endowed...does it really matter? Generally by the time she sees your penis it is a bit late for her to be judging your attractiveness and deciding if she wants to fuck you. 

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