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Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Slutwear vs. Slut-Shaming

This is my favorite costume on this page!
Yes, Hallowe'en is upon us again and the truth of female nature is allowed to express itself as Halloween is the one day that any girl can wear any slutty costume she chooses without risk of judgement.

And what happens? Girl come out in force wearing skimpy, sexy clothes that show off their assets so they can get laid.  Why? My theory is that girls love cock, love getting laid and want it to happen often -- and yet society represses them and judges what they wear so the amount they get laid is diminished.  But come Halloween night, girls are momentarily cut free from the shackles of slut shaming and they let their hair down and go wild. So sluts, enjoy your day!!

Note on slut shaming: Slut shaming, of course, is retarded and hurts everyone. I am profoundly opposed to slut shaming and actually prefer the company of sluts.  Their is a lie out there that men only prefer the company of promiscuous women...briefly.  From what I have seen, however, is that sluts are able to have longer, loving relationships and guys fucking adore them.  And not just for one night. Personally, I prefer my girls to be sluts and would only want to be in a long term arrangement with a bisexual slut -- you can keep you good girl and ship her off to bible camp where
she can bore the shit out of...i dunno...whomever is at bible camp. But leave the sluts in my bedroom (or dungeon) please.

This goes doubly so for the douchebag who is willing to have a  1 night stand with a hot slut and then, due to his own fucked up issues, no longer wishes to see that slut. Definitely drop her off in my bed. ;)

Anyway, back to Halloween.  Now in recent years there has been some backlash to the slutification
of halloween and specifically for tween girl costumes that are 'inappropriate'.  But tween girls just entering puberty should be encouraged to embrace their budding sexuality and own it...from an early age.  Women have been repressed for far too long and so they should be encouraged to be sluts from an early age in order to transform this puritan society into one that is far more fun. After all, if a girl has hit puberty, she is being driven by a sex drive and the last thing we should do is repress it just as it is starting up -- as that will fuck up her world view on sexuality, potentially for the rest of her life. No,  if she feels ready and wants to wear a slutty costume...let her. Because she is an individual and her wishes should be treated with respect.  It's a great place to start to end slut shaming and the repression of women's sexuality.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pilots, Porn at Work and the Assumption of Misogyny

Sexy, but probably can't fly for real
A news report came out today that Air Canada pilots have had the habit of keeping porn in the cockpit (not that kind of cockpit!)   Now the issue itself seems to have lit a fire and gotten a lot of people upset. The allegations were made after an internal Air Canada document was leaked to the CBC.  The porn was apparently found on flights from Los Vegas and a female pilot had to deal with seeing it.

I find this interesting because having porn at work and in the workplace is seen as both misogyny and as grounds for dismissal.  And I am wondering why as both of these seem somewhat illogical.   I will explain.

First, misogynists are, by definition, people who hate women. That's what the word means. So calling someone a misogynist for having pictures of beautiful women -- for the purposes of appreciating their beauty seems more than a little nuts.  Sure, some people who own porn may hold some rather extreme views on women and actively hate and despise them.   Then again, some people who own porn actively hate and despise black people and are out and out racists.  But the correlation is weak. Why? Porn is fucking common. Everyone from 14 year olds to 80 year olds have viewed and enjoy porn (older and younger too.)

Her having skills definitely makes her sexier
Personally, I love women. And I love porn. I voted for women for city council this week.  I gave a presentation about women in the workplace making the best leaders -- and stated that 4 of the best 5 leaders I have encountered in my life experience were women.  (Women tend to be more socially skilled and able to connect with different members of the team more easily -- and when they are coupled with the rare leadership qualities can make outstanding leaders. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked for these roles because of social traditions -- but certainly not ability.)   That said, I don't see how thinking women are attractive and having porn as an artform conflicts with any of this.

I have heard it argued that women are 'not sex objects' and porn objectifies them. Yeah, well humans are highly sexual and sex is one of our primary motivators.   Saying you don't like that aspect is in denial of reality. Men and women are sexual beings. Deal with it. But saying that viewing women as sexual beings is wrong --and worse, that you hate women as a result of it...is insanity.  Now saying that women are ONLY useful as sexual beings is also in complete denial of reality.  It's sort of like saying that a man who isn't good at sports is useless.  But if I say that a guy is a really outstanding basketball player does that mean I hate him or think that he has no other useful quality? Not, it's simply describing what is.  The rest is the meaning that is being added on by external parties.

Enjoying porn and specifically women's bodies in porn simply means that you enjoy the way women's bodies look. Everything else is meaning that is being overlaid on that fact -- often with it's own political agenda.
Now to address the 2nd point, that one can be fired for having porn at work.  Why? Because it's
distracting? Well, you know what is fucking distracting? Smart phones. I would say a smart phone is about 10 000 times more potent as a distraction than a porn magazine. Yet I can easily have  a smart phone at work.

Some women may feel uncomfortable being around porn in the workplace -- but this is a societal value that I feel is on the cusp of changing. See, we have to ask, 'what about porn in the workplace makes you feel uncomfortable.'  Is it that any form of porn make you assume the people are misogynists? Well, see above. The fact is, it is photographs of human bodies. If you don't like them, don't look at them.  I can see a case for someone putting up pictures of someone that you find offensively ugly...but I don't think that's what is going on here.  No, I think that any form of sexuality in the workplace makes people uncomfortable because of our prudish, puritan society that views sex between unmarried couples anywhere but a bedroom as inherently wrong. Our laws and society are based on outdated religious ideals of many generations ago. Yet now flirting with someone at work is a dangerous activity as it could easily get you fired...because no one has ever slept with a coworker.

This guy has mad skills -- and is even sexier
I don't see just cause for banning images of human bodies at work on threat of firing as logical. There are many human bodies at work -- but an unclothed one --in image form--  is somehow the worst thing you can do?  Fire people for unsafe practices. Ignoring safety rules...putting other people at risk. If you steal from the company, sleep on the job, falsify you qualifications, are violent or insult clients...these are reasons for dismissal. But somehow it is just accepted that an image of a tree or horse is completely acceptable and encouraged but a boob will get you fired?? Why oh why?

Ok, I've said my piece, yet I will address the specifics of the case. Porn in a cockpit is seen as a distraction as you could crash...if somehow you were wildly masturbating to it -- but are books and smartphones, newspapers and magazines also banned in cockpits? Why single out porn? As for the female coworkers seeing it...well you have seen naked bodies before, right?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sex and the Law: BDSM and Consent

A recent article in the news today was Jian Ghomeshi (former host of CBC radio's show Q and a celebrity in Canada) was fired for his sexual preferences. You see, apparently he practiced BDSM and has the balls to admit it.  Well, he was fired because of that and his jilted ex-girlfriend's allegations that they practiced kinky sex. He says all the sex they had was consensual and that he used things like safe words.

Specifically he said:
We discussed our interests at length before engaging in rough sex (forms of BDSM). We talked about using safe words and regularly checked in with each other about our comfort levels. She encouraged our role-play and often was the initiator. We joked about our relations being like a mild form of Fifty Shades of Grey or a story from Lynn Coady’s Giller-Prize winning book last year. I don’t wish to get into any more detail because it is truly not anyone’s business what two consenting adults do. I have never discussed my private life before. Sexual preferences are a human right.

But according to outdated and retarded Canadian laws, you cannot consent to bodily harm, no matter how slight. Bruising is too much and can result in charges.  And the cops are only too eager to pursue these cases because they are lazy and let's call a spade a spade, not  the brightest people...and bruising is damn easy to prove.

It doesn't matter if all the parties involved are intelligent, informed, willing participants.  If everyone involved wants to play then the government should go fuck itself.  To quote our former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, 'The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." Well Canada... our leadership has spoken. So let's change this goddamn insanity and accept the reality that people enjoy bondage and kinky sex. Duh.

Worse, the police has stated that they spoke to 4 other women and former lovers of Jian,  whom they refer to as 'victims' who were also 'abused' by Jian. Well, yeah, if you consider spanking a girl who WANTS to be spanked abuse then sure, she's a victim. I prefer the label 'adult' myself.

And none of the 'victims' of Jian's 'abuse'  have chosen to come forward 'for fear of internet retribution' according to police. WTF? This smells of complete bullshit by the police. One, Canada has great laws regarding anonymity with respect sexual assault -- their names should never been seen in the public sphere (there would also be media bans to help protect them.) I think the sad truth is: the police don't have a fucking case nor a shred of evidence. His former play partners aren't coming forward because the law is stupid and that's it.

I am speculating a lot here...but my gut feeling is: the only victim here is Jian. He is likely being
wrongly persecuted by an over-aggressive police force that is attempting to enforce out-dated Victorian era laws that really need to be changed.  This was probably kicked off by the jilted ex who should be the one under scrutiny for ruining this man's life. He's lost his job and this legal fiasco will probably be with him for years before he finally proves the obvious: he is not guilty of any type of sexual assault but simply was enjoying a normal sex life.

[Note: Consent is key and a must in every BDSM relationship. I am not advocating rape or the abuse of women -- if such details come out to support this at a later time,  what I am saying about BDSM and the law in Canada still holds true even if the details of this particular case do not support it. ]

Sunday, 26 October 2014

What Really Happened to Bettie Page?

[Continued from The Resurgence of Bettie Page and The Mysterious Disappearance of Bettie Page]
So what REALLY happened to Bettie Page?
Bettie Page, the Queen of Bondage and pin up icon of the 1950 suddenly disappeared at the height of her career.  No one had any idea of what happened to her.

Why did she disappear? Because she 35 years old and wanted the world to remember her a gorgeous pin up in her prime -- to be remembered as flawless and perfect.

Yes, it seemed as if Bettie had dropped off the face of the planet. She was an icon and it is hard to believe she could so completely disappear without a trace. It seemed that she had vanished..but never underestimate the devotion of fans.

A group of fans founded a club devoted to finding Bettie called The Bettie Scouts of America.  The BSA were trying to solve what the mystery of what happened to Bettie Page. They existed for years without a solid lead. It seemed that Bettie truly had disappeared.

Then the founder of the BSA, Steve Brewster got a call from a reporter named Thomas Goatsmith (whom Steve credits with actually finding Bettie Page.)  He actually just left a very very big clue: Bettie had a living brother living in Nashville, Tennessee. So Steve wrote the Bettie's brother and he forwarded a letter to Bettie in April 1992. Then in December 1992 Steve received a letter from back from Bettie Page.  (I read the letter and Bettie sounds like such a sweetie in it!)

She married Armon C. Walterson on November 6th, 1958.  She had called him up and he dumped his current girlfriend and immediately started dating Bettie Page. But 2 months after Bettie found that she again had made a mistake, "The only thing we had in common was movies, sex and hamburgers." So they got officially divorced on October 10, 1963 with the reason on the certificate being 'desertion." You see, on New Years eve 1958 she got into a heated argument with Armon because he wanted to go out drinking with his buddies (Bettie never liked alcohol) and she wanted to go out dancing. So he left. And she went out walking.

Betty_Page_hairbrush_disciplineWhile walking, she saw the neon light of cross on a church and heard singing and felt compelled to
go inside. There, she confessed to having posed new (she never felt any guilt at all about the bondage photos but thought the Lord might judge her for posing nude.)  The priest explained that God forgives all sins and would certainly forgive her for the new photographs. That night she accepted Jesus into her heart.

She went off to bible school for 3 years at Biola College. In those 3 very strict years the only movie she saw was The 10 Commandments (and Bettie has been a huge film buff all her life.) After graduating, Bettie tried become a missionary but they would not take her as a missionary because she had been divorced. They thought divorce was worse than murder.  There was pressure on Bettie to marry her first husband Billy Neal again.

So she did. She met up with him and thought Billy was sincere and she married him again. "One month I was in his hands. The man would not even have sex with me."  Apparently he accused her of both being frigid and having a venereal disease.  He said that everyone knew it! She responded, "Well, everybody is a liar because I've never had a venereal disease in my life."  What was this abusive dickhead's response? He grabbed her by the throat and choked her. Bettie fought him off and managed to get his strong hands off her throat long enough to scream, "If you kill me God will never forgive you."   Bettie said of that incident, "That was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I almost lost my life."

So Bettie left him. Because fuck that.

So she went off to Peabody's Teacher's College in 1965.

[To Be Continued]

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Resurgence of Bettie Page

Betty_Page_Queen_of_the_NileBettie Page suddenly disappeared from the the world in 1953.  But the world didn't forget.

In the 1980s, Dave Stevens published a comic book called the Bettie Pages. It sold out instantly in new stands and comic book stores. It didn't take a marketing genius to figure out that Bettie Page was still a hot item. Suddenly an entirely new generation was exposed to the perfection that was Bettie Page.

So many tattoos of Bettie Page
Since the 80's all sorts of things bear the likeness of Bettie Page from lighters, calendars, guitars, coffee mugs, figurines, buttons, keychains and t-shirts. Some stores have whole Bettie Page sections in them. She can be seen in movies, books and comics and posters. I personally have the Irving Claw photoshoot figurines, a coffee mug, 3 books and a poster.  Bettie Page has had songs written about her. And inspired several movies including The Rocketeer, The Notorious Bettie Page and Bettie Page Reveals All (the last has 4.3/5 stars on Netflix.)
There are many different kinds of Bettie Guitars out there


The truth is, Bettie Page's popularity only seems to be rising.  Go into a small comic book store in a little town and you are likely to find more than one item dedicated to Bettie Page. She has truly become an icon.  Her beauty and playfulness has become symbolic of sexiness -- the perfect mix of innocence and kink.  She's the perfect subject for art.

Hell, she's on just about anything these days that can be sold. T-shirts, mugs, cufflinks and books. But did you know there is even a Bettie Page store Los Vegas! Yup yup yup. Bettie Page is a hot ticket item.

How to drink with style


As if she wasn't hot enough

Not the only deck of Bettie cards. I have this one but
the cards didn'


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Mysterious Disappearance of Bettie Page

[Continued from Bettie Page: Bondage Queen]
Bettie Page began modelling at the age of 27. She hit her stride and became the Queen of Pinups and a Bondage Queen by the age of 32. But buy now Bettie had been harassed by the law and seen her good friend Irvin Claw ruined by draconian law enforcement. She also realized that she was 34 and wanted to leave the pin up world at her peak so the whole world would remember her in her prime. And so...she just disappeared. She left New York City and left only mystery in the wake of her peak.

"I would like people to remember me how I was in the photos."
                                                                         -Bettie Page

Do you have any idea how hard it
was to find patent leather boots with
heels in 1950??
With this final move of completely disappearing at her peak cemented her place as a pinup legend. She simply dropped off the face of the planet and no one had any idea what happened to her. And just like all celebrities that die -- her place as a treasured national icon was secured.

Rumors of what happened to her spread like crazy. Everything from selling hash in Texas to marrying a Duke in England...but no one really knew what had happened to the infamous Bettie Page.  Many fear she had been kidnapped or worse.  Some suspected that she went to one bondage shoot too many and met her demise bound by some sadistic killer. There was even one rumor that she was passing out religious literature in Chicago at the O'hare Airport for Billy Graham.

And guess what? The last rumor...was actually true!

So what actually happened to Bettie Page?  The truth was a complete mystery for decades. The pin up icon that transformed fashion and our idea of what is sexy...simply disappeared.

[Continued in What Really Happened to Bettie Page]

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bettie Page: Bondage Queen

[Continued from Bettie Page and Religion]
Bettie Page: Bondage Queen
betty_page_corset_iconBettie Page was becoming one of the most sought after pin up models of the 1950. Her innovations in 'sexy clothing' including basically inventing the modern bikini as well as posing nude and, of course, posing in the revolutionary magazine of the day: Playboy, secured her place in the hearts of red blooded American men.  So where could she take her career to make herself into an icon remembered and adored 60+ years afterwards? Bondage. This media savvy minx knew what really gets our hearts pumping and praise Allah, she went there.

Bettie Page  looked at doing bondage and BDSM scenes as good fun and great acting. She enjoyed pretending to be scared or being a domme. And soon she was getting requests from all over the country. "Mostly from doctors, lawyers and businessmen" who could afford paying to see Bettie realize their fantasies.

bettie_page_whip_corsetBettie Page became a bondage supermodel who enjoyed fetish
shoots. Soon, she created an unforgettable body of work that helped define exactly what fetish meant. She'd wear leather, corsets, boots, opera gloves, high heels, garters and stockings. And be tied up in all manner of positions. Or tie girls up too. She was involved in spanking video, wrestling, girls fighting, and girls ganging up on each other and trying up a victim.

Artist Olivia De Berardinis said of Bettie, "She makes it accessible and fun. You know you're not gonna go to hell for it."

Again, this was super taboo in the 1950s and Bettie approached it with passion and yet always brought her innocence and playfulness to every shoot. And America went wild for it.

Back in the 1950s it was highly illegal to have any sort of leather,
fetish or bondage combined in any with nudity. If a nipple was showing, the FBI would arrest you. In fact, the feds asked Bettie Page to testify against Irvin Claw. She was called to testify before a congressional hearing in May 1955 because a 17 year old killed himself with rope and looking at bondage pictures. This was allegedly a case of bondage pornography corrupting youth but was most likely an early case of accidental death caused by autoerotic asphyxiation. I've read accounts on the net claiming that this boy was involved in a Bettie Page shoot but I've heard a recording of Bettie saying, "This boy was in Florida and what in world did I have to do with that?" So I'm gonna go with: she wasn't present or involved in any way. Still, they tried to get her to testify against Claw.

Bettie, being a tigress said, 'Those creeps! They can't make me testify...I don't care. You can't force me. I won't do it."

It didn't matter. The court ordered that all the photos and negatives should be destroyed. But Claw's wife managed to smuggle a few photo to safety.

[To be continued]

Side note: She knew about foot fetishes too ;)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bettie Page and Religion

[Continued from Earlier]
Now one thing you probably didn't know and/or expect is America's favorite pinup model was also deeply religious and devoted to God.

During one wrestling movie shoot, Bettie Page heard a crack. "I couldn't straighten my right knee at all. Finally I called the doctor. He said, 'there will be a 6-inch scar.' He said, 'You won't be able to do you your pin up modelling any more.'   I was lying in bed feeling unhappy because I wouldn't be able to do my modelling any more...when all of a sudden I heard a man's voice, just as loud and clear...he said, 'Bettie, you can straighten out your knee. Try it now.' And within a couple seconds I was able to straighten out my knee. I knew immediately that it was the voice of God."

Bettie actually went to church on Sundays.

Bettie_Paige_couchLater in life, she would leave an ex-husband to answer the call of the church (a neon cross called out to her and she had to go inside that church.)  From there, she studied for 3 years in Bible College and upon graduation wanted to become a missionary. However, Bettie was divorced and wasn't allowed to be a missionary.

So Bettie Page was always deeply religious, through out her entire life. When she met the president of her fan club, she spoke passionately with him and mostly about the bible.

Bettie never saw any conflict whatsoever with God and her bondage/fetish modelling.  She felt that she was just being playful and was in no way sinning. Her only hesitation at all was with doing some of the nude photography work as did thing God may have an issue with that.
[Continued in Bettie Page: Bondage Queen]