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Sunday, 9 March 2014

My first time feeling aroused

girls locker room shower
My first time that I remember feeling aroused was I was maybe 4 years old. My mom had taken me to a pool for a swim. Being under 5, she took me into the girl's locker room to change before we went swimming. Inside the change room were two beautiful young (ok, WAY WAY older --prolly 15 or 16-- and HUGE compared to me) girls who were mid-change and talking to each other completely naked.

perfect ass in thong
It looked like this, only wetter with no thong
I remember staring at this girl's naked form and thinking it was the most beautiful thing  I had ever seen. I was
swept up in some strange new emotion and wanted to....lick her all over. I just wanted to lick her thighs and perfectly round ass.

Then she bent over to dry her calves. 

Not really sure what possessed me to do such a thing but I just had to touch her perfect ass. I ran over and pinched it! I felt soooo aroused reaching down to touch that smooth, round ass I can barely put it into words.  And when I did pinch it -- it felt great too! But the way she screamed and spun around made me laugh and laugh!

Her expression completely softened when she saw she was pinched by me in the 4 year old format -- and
she and her friend just smiled at me with a big grin.
I've enjoyed both pinching girls and making them scream ever since.

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