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Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Dom a Grieving Submissive

I recently took a month off from blogging due to personal loss. I wrote a little about it here

My sexkitten and divine sex slave Ashlie has been moping about this week -- she just seems to lack any sort of energy and when I talk to her about what's going on she just says she feels utterly overwhelmed.

Like...brushing her teeth is too much -- that kind of overwhelmed.

It obviously has something to do with the death of Special K...that's a no brainer. But how do you deal with that?  In a conversation I had with her about Special K today she said, "I don't know if I can express it, I'm just so...so devastated."

Another friend emailed me post on  Ways To Dominate a Submissive That Is Grieving.

So here it is, paraphrased and expanded:
  1. You Don't...
  2. You do what you see is needed -- and watch to see how what is needed changes.
  3. You hold them and hug them and let them cry, talk, or just lay in your arms.
  4. When they wander about the house kinda lost and holding a toothbrush, you get the toothpaste and brush her teeth for her.
  5. You wait.
  6. Tuck her in a night.
  7. Make sure she always has her teddy bear.
  8. You be their safe place.

Not everything about having a sex slave is sexual. Sometimes, it's just about being a good human being...and genuinely loving your sexkitten.  

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