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Sunday, 30 March 2014

How Many Girls Are Shaving Off Their Pubic Hair?

sexy pussy
It's no secret that women are now removing all of their pubic hair but just how far has this trend progressed? Who is doing it and what percentage? Are they removing it all, most or just trimming? Well, the short answer is:  women under 30 are almost all women who are sexually active are at least heavily trimmed and the majority are completely hairless -- and a great portion of those under 60 too.  It’s clearly the common now. In fact, doctors all over the world have reported a massive rise in this phenomena but who has actually studied and researched this? (Hint: me.) This article will explain pubic hair removal rates in detail and I'll also try to explain the rationale and break down the demographics as well.
shaved hot girl totally nakedNow, as full disclosure, the first girl I slept with (and I was madly in love with as a teenager and fucked her for a year and a half) was completely hairless and she insisted it was the most feminine -- and goddamn, she was so hot, sexy and feminine it was hard to argue with that. The next girl was completely hairless too -- and so on.  So I am strongly of the opinion that bare pussy is by far the prettiest,  sexiest and most feminine.  And now, when I see a girl with pubes I think of it just like a girl with hairy armpits or hairy legs: she’s not trying very hard and clearly not expecting to get laid.
And now it seems, I am in no way alone.  Girls across North America are now pretty much all removing some or all of their pubes.  I am basing most of this on a study published at the end of 2010 called Pubic Hair Removal among Women in the United States: Prevalence, Methods, and Characteristics by Debra Herbenick, PhD, MPH, Vanessa Schick, PhD, Michael Reece, PhD, MPH,* Stephanie Sanders, PhD,†and J. Dennis Fortenberry, MD. It was a detailed study of women of 2451 aged 18-68 and I believe it to be highly representative of the general population of North America.
sucking on pussy
Impossible to do with a hairy pussy.
First off, and this is no shocker, women with no pubic hair at all are 15 TIMES more likely to have received cunnilingus 5+ times in the past month than those who partially trimmed or did nothing at all and 4 times more likely than those who  ‘trimmed most of it’.  So clearly, being completely bare is good for getting oral sex.
no pubic hair girl
The opposite of scary.
I’ve seen it stated several times that men are apparently scared of hairy pussies -- and I kinda have to agree. I’d prefer to see exactly what I’m working with.  A big furry patch of unknown could be leaking and oozing god-knows what where a bare healthy pussy says, 'Dive right in! The water is fine." So from an evolutionary biology point of view this kinda makes sense as you can assess the health of your partner much more easily if she’s bare -- and seeing a healthy partner is a turn on.  (Of course,  you could also argue that seeing hair lets you know that your partner has reached sexual maturity and so we should be turned on by that and not a hairless youth.  To that I respond that the average 12 year old girl and many a 9 year old girl has the ability to grow hair… and considering that, there is probably  better methods of ascertaining the suitability of a partner. )
Perhaps this has to do with their partners appreciating the pretty look of a bare pussy? Or the
nude girls on the beach hairless
fact that it’s completely lickable everywhere (with no nasty hairs in your mouth. )  Well,  according to Lowenstein L, Gamble T, Sanses TV, van Raalte H, Car- berry C, Jakus S, Kambiss S, McAchran S, Pham T, Asch- kenazi S, Hoskey K, Kenton K, at the Fellow’s Pelvic Research Network,  “women’s partners are more attracted and/or attentive to vulvar/clitoral stimulation, and markedly more interested in performing cunnilingus, when there is no hair.”  Now I’ve read on a number of websites that the ‘preference of men’ is actually to have a  little hair -- but when I tried to find the scientific data to back it up, all I could find was studies like this stating that both men and women prefer to look at (and lick) completely hairless pussies. (I even emailed the author of one such article asking for the data to back it up and she sent back a reply which made me think she personally resented shaving and thought this was part of the patriarchy repressing her by telling her what her genitals should look like.   Well, the lots of lesbians prefer 100% hairless too and lesbians certainly get Brazilian bikini waxes so... meh.

Actually, sexual orientation is a major indicator of if a woman will be a total hair remover.  Not surprisingly, lesbians we the least likely to remove all their pubic hair -- but not by much. Women who identified as straight were next but bisexual women were twice as likely as straight girls to be ‘typically hair free.’ So Bisexual women are WAY more likely to be hairless.

Now this makes sense.  I have typically had a strong tendency to both attract and to date bi girls.  And almost every one of them was hairfree from the start. So my impression of pubic hair being uncommon is partially screwed by the fact that I don’t date lesbians (tho I have dated girls who have gotten married to girls and identify as lesbian...but they clearly liked cock too. )   
shaved goddess
Now let’s talk some numbers. In the 18-24 year old age group, 38% engaged in ‘some total removal in the past month’ and another 20.6% described themselves as, ‘typically hair free.’  So that’s nearly 60% (58.6%) that have had no pubic hair in the past month.  Another 29.1% engaged in ‘significant partial removal’ --which I have to assume means something similar to a landing strip.  So now we are up to 87.7% of younger North American females having little or no pubic hair.  Considering what the numbers concluded about girls not getting any action being lazy/depressed and not shaving -- it seems that pretty much all the sexually active girls are shaving and the majority of those opting total hairlessness.    
Damnit I’ve run out of time -- even though I have a ton more to say on this topic (and prepared research,  graphs etc…but that will have to wait till a future post. So...[To Be Continued]
nudist girls hot and fit

Thursday, 27 March 2014

If a girl is gonna fap, she's gonna fap a LOT!

hitachi dildo touching
How often does a girl touch herself? You'd think that girls masturbating once a day would greatly outnumber those cumming several times a day or more, right?


And not just a little wrong. Flat out, hands down, you be totally wrong on that one.

Girls who masturbate "several times a day or more"  outnumber girls fapping 'daily' by 7 to 1.  This is science too.  

sexy girl masturbating
So amongst women, if you're gonna touch yourself: you don't do it just once.  Compare this with
guys -- and way WAY more guys cum just one time a day. Maybe twice -- but a fraction of a percent cum 3 times or more a day.  Keep in mind...this is on an "average day." So in this respect, girls can and do out perform men.

But I think it's so interesting that girls tend to go for 'cumming many times' vs. just once and being done with it. Guys? Well they tend to stop and have a quick fnap. But girls will just get their motors running and lubed up...so why in hell stop at one? Well, they don't.

girl getting off
I just have to say it again: Women are 7 times more likely to cum 'several times a day or more'  than they are to cum just once a day. This is based on a 2010 study by Quinta-Gomes which took the responses from over 3500 women. The masturbation habits of men were studied and the results were -- well, if she's getting some action...she's much more likely to touch herself. But also, nowhere near every girl masturbates with any frequency. Lots (about 1/3) barely do it, if ever. This same group also is significantly less likely to cum during sex or to even enjoy sex. Basically, this is the group I try to ignore in all daily activities. I just have no use for them*.

(*as lovers)

But of the ones that do touch themselves -- the frequency was around the same touching themselves 'several times a month' as were doing it several times a day. But there was a massive dropoff in masturbation rates for just once a day...girls just don't tend to touch themselves once a day. It's either several times a month or several times a week (less so) or several times a day. But girls don't like to touch themselves daily -- and stop.  When they are getting off...they get off a bunch of times.

Of course, this FULLY matches my experience. The vast majority of girls I've known and cared
girl masturbating shower
Sometimes intense fap sessions overflow your tub...
 so be careful
for deeply in relationships...all were very frequent masturbaters. I just thought I had extraordinary good luck and chocked it up to them being, 'awesome.' Fuck yeah, they are awesome. But perhaps not quite as rare as I'd thought. Still, a girl who touches herself many times a day -- is the way to go. She'll be way more fun in bed, guaranteed.

I will post way more about this -- and may others studies I've read recently -- down the read. I may actually link PDFs of the studies because...well, I have a bunch of recent scientific studies on sexuality and I'm OK with sharing. ;) I have written much more on this for this blog but haven't gotten around to publishing them yet.

For now, I'm just offering a teaser with the tidbit that if a girl is gonna fap, she's gonna fap alot.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Been Crazy Busy...

and I've done some great research for upcoming posts -- just haven't had the time to write the articles (though I've read plenty...some interesting stuff cumming up.)

So, I'll be back in a little bit ;)

bdsm cartoon back later

Thursday, 20 March 2014

When a slave is Ready...

slave ready to be fuckedNothing quite says 'ready' to me like:

  • a hot slaveslut bound to a bed
  • wearing a corset
  • wearing thigh high boots
  • with her ass in the air
  • with a butt plug in that ass
The only thing I could add to this is she's squirming because she desperately needs to pee and she's soaked in oil/lube. 

But this girl is so ready to be fucked it's insane. She practically has a neon sign and arrow flashing, "Anal sex here, now." All the preliminary work has been done. Now it's time to slip that butt plug out of her ass and slip inside her sweet, tight little ass and fuck her till I feel like cumming. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

You Know Your Daughter Picked Up Your Kink When...

Sometimes parents pass on more habits than they know.  If you watch her carefully, you can tell if your daughter has picked up on your kinkiness if:

  • She plays doctor and always prescribes an enema
  • She plays cops and robbers and insists on cavity searches
  • She borrows your drill to fix her barbie
  • She instinctively uses a handful of twizzlers as floggers
  • The babysitter is found bound and gagged
  • When you explain the birds and the bees she looks confused and says, "That doesn't explain bukkake at all!"
  • You send her into the change room at the pool and she asks if she
    can film it
  • Your 12-year-old daughter asks if she can pee...and when you say yes she immediately wets herself
  • Your 13 year old daughter starts eating out of the dog dish
  • She gets way too excited about joining you for trips to the hardware store
  • When you buy markers for her, she always insists on buying the thickest ones
  • Her favorite game is Cowboys and Brothel Whore
  • She insists on going to a catholic school because they get to dress up like schoolgirls
  • When you tell her she's being a bad girl right now: she presents you with a flat wooden spoon
  • The Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Vibrating Broomstick is her favorite
  • She makes a corset in sewing class
  • She keeps earning the knot tying badge in girl guides
  • Her barbies all have leashes
  • Instead of a first bra, she asks for her first corset
  • She asks for an bikini area electric razor as soon as she hits puberty
  • Your bedside buttplugs keep disappearing
  • When the neighbourhood boys want to have a squirtgun fight, she fills her gun with pee
    And this is her squirtgun
  • She makes a ball gag out of her superball
  • She insists she not too old for diapers
  • You find her spanking other girls with her hairbrush
  • She sews her own microbikini to wear at the beach
  • Her sheets are covered with candle wax stains
  • When you take her to the beach she complains it isn't a nude beach
  • When you brush her hair, she gets excited by the hair pulling 
  • You find her stuffed animals in rope dresses
  • Your daughter's teacher calls you up sounding very disturbed
  • She takes her bracelet crafting gimp, and uses it to tie up her stuffed animals... especially, if one ends up in a rope corset
  • She brings a friend home from school and instead of playing dollys they play hide the carrot

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Obedience and Punishment

Obedience & Punishment
Control of the behavior of a slave is the ultimate goal of a Master. A Master who controls the physical body of a slave without controlling the mind is no more than a kidnapper or abuser. The slave that willingly submits and strives to be obedient -- that is the mental state that every Master should enforce.  A slave that is obedient serves with her heart -- she is eager to serve her Master and works to gain his approval. Of course, a slave may fuck up and may require her Master to punish her in order to enforce good behavior. But a good slave may be just as upset with knowing that she has failed in her servitude and a few sharp chastising words may cut her as deeply as a cane.
The entire slave, mind and body, must conform to the will of her Master and his desires. A
slave should be guided so that her default mental state is that of obedience and compliance to her Master's will. Then, any restraints or punishments inflicted by Master become a welcome embodiment of her devotion.

A Master must strive to teach her the values of an effective slave and, especially in the beginning, train her mind. Just as hypnosis is a state that can only be entered willingly by choice, obedience is a conscious choice of the slave. So you better give her some damn good reasons to obey you and reinforce them often. Only after she has fully submitted to you, giving herself over to you in mind (first) and body (not as important) should you discuss what it is to be owned by you. Because ownership should not just be something she agrees to -- it should be something she desperately wants with all her heart. 

Discipline is something that a Master must employ to let his slave know what is expected
of her and what behaviors are unacceptable. Discipline gives the slave time to ponder the extremes of physical discomfort and feel triumph that she has made it through it to prove herself worthy to you. Discipline may be physical but it should always be mental.

Punishment, however, is a way to correct behaviours that you wish to be minimized. It is a penalty and every Master is obliged to punish his slave when misdemeanors are witnessed in order to train his slave that those weak behaviours are no longer acceptable.

I look at the key difference between punishment and discipline as, punishment is reactive and in response to a witnessed behaviour where discipline is proactive and done to train your slave's mind regardless of her behaviour.  I was going to say that, being a sadist, that discipline is done because you enjoy hurting her but punishment really shouldn't be -- but, well, sometimes it's fun to punish a slave so they are both good.

Obedience is the way a good slave as well as her Master should judge a slave's performance. Then, I like to amp it up to test her limits to see just how far she can be pushed to obey me. I personally like using 'body experiences' for this...such as not allowing her to eat, or overfilling her bladder without letting her pee, or making her puke to show her devotion to me. In the right frame of mind, she sees these all as opportunities to prove to me that she is a good slave, willing to obey my every command. She has learnt to pride herself on her obedience and setting my will before any physical discomfort. It is through this process of proving her obedience that she gives herself ever more to me.

Obedience is the goal. You can only train her to be a willing sex slave if she is obedient. You can do most anything you want with her only after you have convinced her to obey you.

My Dom style is not heavy handed. I don't try to scare or intimidate her into obedience. I'm far more subtle than that. I want to own her heart and have her eager to obey me because that is who she is.  Some say it is better be feared than loved. I say, "It is best to be loved and have her fear your kinky, perverted mind."

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My first time feeling aroused

girls locker room shower
My first time that I remember feeling aroused was I was maybe 4 years old. My mom had taken me to a pool for a swim. Being under 5, she took me into the girl's locker room to change before we went swimming. Inside the change room were two beautiful young (ok, WAY WAY older --prolly 15 or 16-- and HUGE compared to me) girls who were mid-change and talking to each other completely naked.

perfect ass in thong
It looked like this, only wetter with no thong
I remember staring at this girl's naked form and thinking it was the most beautiful thing  I had ever seen. I was
swept up in some strange new emotion and wanted to....lick her all over. I just wanted to lick her thighs and perfectly round ass.

Then she bent over to dry her calves. 

Not really sure what possessed me to do such a thing but I just had to touch her perfect ass. I ran over and pinched it! I felt soooo aroused reaching down to touch that smooth, round ass I can barely put it into words.  And when I did pinch it -- it felt great too! But the way she screamed and spun around made me laugh and laugh!

Her expression completely softened when she saw she was pinched by me in the 4 year old format -- and
she and her friend just smiled at me with a big grin.
I've enjoyed both pinching girls and making them scream ever since.

True story of a girl's first kiss pt 4

Note: I'm not making this up. This actually happened -- I'm just trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

See True story of a girl's first kiss pt 1 here

See True story of a girl's first kiss pt 2 here

Continued from True Story of a Girl's First Kiss (Pt. 3)

Vector by Vrailink
A few days had passed from the night of the sleepover and Envy had never known she could be THIS HORNY.  She'd been masturbating like a nun on vacation: every possible opportunity. She even set her alarm early this morning so she could cum extra before getting up.   At school Envy had been making frequent trips to the bathroom just to cum there for most of the period.  It seemed her first real experience with girls had transformed her into the horniest little slut on the planet.

But she'd still never been kissed.

Sure, she'd had a girl put a dildo deep up inside her -- but never once had she kissed a girl. And perhaps this would change today.

She awoke all excited and wet -- and wasn't sure if she shouldn't touch her bare pussy because it would be bad luck. But today was a very special day indeed. She had a date with Angel --her best friend that she'd been crushing on for, like, forever. She just hoped that when Angel said we should have an all day date...that she meant a real date.

The date was all day too, except for the breakfast because both of them were hideous in the morning. Envy
met Angel at 9:30 am and they drove off to the mall to reach it while it was barely open.  Envy lived in a tiny little town (if you could even call it that) filled with Christian zealots that were not exactly friendly to her bisexual desires. The mall however, was in a small town over 30 miles away where she and Angel could be free to be themselves.

sexy shoppers in a mallThey started off clothes shopping but didn't buy too much.  Angel went to buy something when she went off to the bathroom and left her stranded for a little bit -- and Envy thought, "Perhaps I have time for a quick touch in the bathroom?"  But then she didn't want to risk it.  When Angel returned Envy said, "Ok, what did you find? Let's see it."

"Nope," Angel grinned, "it's a surprise for later."  The way she grinned made Envy wet. She just wanted to grab her and kiss her perfect lips right then and there. Goddamnit, I hope she's into me and not just thinking we're friends or I'm gonna die.

sexy girl adSo Envy pressed on, with no idea what she had in store for her.  I 'm going on, no idea what she has in store
for me. They went about and checked out the cool new stuff at Hot Topic and a funky t-shirt store. Angel tired on a cropped shirt that showed off her belly in American Apparel but in the end she was to shy to buy it. But the highlight was helping her select the right lacy push-up bra at La Senza.

After having a juice at Orange Julius they declared the shopping trip a success and headed back to the car. Moving around to the back of the car, they put their treasures in the trunk and as Angel shut the trunk, their hands touched briefly.

lesbian kiss
It was the spark that lit the explosion. Angel just aggressively grabbed Envy and planted a huge wet kiss on her mouth. When Angel pulled back to look into her eyes, Envy was stunned speechless so Angel dove in again for another round.

This time, Envy yielded to her desires and what proceeded was a deep and dirty French-kissing makeout session right there beside the car in a mall parking lot. The kissed so passionately the Envy thought she was going to melt away --and this kiss, was her very first -- and it was a makeout session with her bestie!! They kissed for a good 3 minutes before coming to their senses and realizing that they were still two young girls in small town America and, well, making out in a parking lot is just not polite.

But Envy had had her first kiss!!


Now thankfully, this story is not done. There's more to come.
[To be Continued]

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Fucked Silly Wave

You have probably seen it. The slave is engulfed by a wave of pleasure -- so much so that she can't think rationally.  I'm bounding her ass with my cock and she is wailing 'OMG' loudly when suddenly it becomes too much for her to process.

She reaches back with a retardedly ineffective 'fucked silly wave' as if this will dissuade me.  Her hand weakly touches my stomach (if her wave is makes it to that effective) or perhaps makes it to my hand but mostly the fucked silly wave meekly paws the air behind her as if to say, 'Whoa, no more please."

 I've never actually witnessed a fucked silly wave be accompanied by words but I'm sure it's theoretically possible. However, I have seen attempts at making words that fumble into gurgling noise -- but mostly there are just whimpers.

You see, the raw intensity of anal fucking has an immense ability to overwhelm the senses and shut down
the verbal centers of the brain with an erotic haze of invasive consumption.

But a fucked silly wave almost always has the opposite effect on me. Instead of easing up or stopping...it lights my fires: I will make you cum harder-- my eyes widen as I grab her hips to drive my point home sinking my unrelenting cock deep in her ass as I attempt to knock her out with her own orgasm.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ode to a fallen slave

My sexkitten Ashlie is still feeling rather low and lost due to Special K recently and suddenly passing on due to a car accident.

It's kinda cute, at times though because Ashlie is a little and, well, littles have their own way of dealing with things. (If you are unfamiliar with the concept of littles then you really should read this post here on ageplay. )   Ash may get all cuddly and snuggle with stuffed animals for awhile and I just want to love her and squish her.

When we were talking about her, she said some heartbreaking things though. Ashlie said, "She was the perfect girl for me. For us. [Special K] was so inherently awesome -- she fully accepted us, both of us [referring to myself and her] and loved us fully with all her heart. You know how rare that is?

It's hard to type this as I'm feeling emotional -- and doubly so because I feel so much for Ashlie too and (ironically) hate to see her in pain.  :'(

"I had hoped to marry her someday -- we'd talked about that and we both really wanted to get married to each so we could be married slave sisters for you..."

"It too hard to think of finding some Korean lil' girl that could match [Special K's] horny potential. I
mean, she was permanently horny and always making me do stuff to her many times a day -- I know I'm much hornier than most but she breathed horny.  She was so ideal. And pretty too..."

"I feel like I've let you down somehow Master: that I let my perfect girlfriend pass away."
 --I don't even know how to make that last part right...my sexkitten is my light: my sexual supernova....and she's never once betrayed me nor let me down. Hell, she's never once said no to anal sex. Not once! Ever. In years. Let down...how can she blame herself for this? :'(

"I know it's not rational, but I feel it all the same."  -- and yeah, I feel it too. Like I should have been with her -- that maybe I could have helped avoid the accident. If I'd been more attentive to her that day then maybe...

But Special K was probably the horniest girl I ever met -- which is incredibly hard for me not to love. That's my kryptonite: when you can beat and fuck and supervise a girl cumming for hours and when I'm bushed she continues on with Ashlie. Special K is also one of the few girls I've met that has suggested multiple things that made my jaw drop with, "O. M. G. You are SUCH a pervert. Totally depraved." (As in, I had not ever once considered doing such a thing. How could such a cute, fit little bird be so wickedly sinful that she surpasses my twisted desires even though she's much younger than me?)  The girl would practically have a fit if my cock left any ass in her presence and she wasn't allowed to suck it -- and no, that's the 'normal stuff'...I probably can't write about any her most shocking desires here without putting my blog at risk.

I don't want to put her up to far on a  pedestal---  as she was not perfect but a girl doesn't have to be perfect to be a really really good match (doubly so as there was 2-3 of us and she drank all our piss in the most intimate of ways.)  When she came to us, she was so utterly lost and alone. She had nowhere to go and definitely didn't have anything that felt like a home. And when she got that, she was the happiest little girl ever. I mean, she was so pleased to have a pricey but sexy bikini bought for her because they were too expensive for her to even imagine buying before. Though to be honest, she was always most comfortable wearing just  a collar and naught else.

There's a hole in me.  In us. In Ash.  The best games we know all have 3 players. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Dom a Grieving Submissive

I recently took a month off from blogging due to personal loss. I wrote a little about it here

My sexkitten and divine sex slave Ashlie has been moping about this week -- she just seems to lack any sort of energy and when I talk to her about what's going on she just says she feels utterly overwhelmed.

Like...brushing her teeth is too much -- that kind of overwhelmed.

It obviously has something to do with the death of Special K...that's a no brainer. But how do you deal with that?  In a conversation I had with her about Special K today she said, "I don't know if I can express it, I'm just so...so devastated."

Another friend emailed me post on  Ways To Dominate a Submissive That Is Grieving.

So here it is, paraphrased and expanded:
  1. You Don't...
  2. You do what you see is needed -- and watch to see how what is needed changes.
  3. You hold them and hug them and let them cry, talk, or just lay in your arms.
  4. When they wander about the house kinda lost and holding a toothbrush, you get the toothpaste and brush her teeth for her.
  5. You wait.
  6. Tuck her in a night.
  7. Make sure she always has her teddy bear.
  8. You be their safe place.

Not everything about having a sex slave is sexual. Sometimes, it's just about being a good human being...and genuinely loving your sexkitten.  

Saturday, 1 March 2014

SexBots on the Internet

Chat has become automated in order to trick you into giving out your personal information in the hopes of getting laid.

The first chatterbox program was ELIZA made in 1966 and would give basic responses without much knowledge such as, "Why does your head hurt?" said in response to, "My head hurts."

But now they are being used to pretend they are real people to exploit you. And that fucking annoys me.  They even have the nerve to ask for your credit card info.

But they all fail the Turing Test horribly. The Turing Test was invented by Alan Turning (see my post on him being pardoned here) and it basically is a test to see if a machine can engage in intelligent behavior indistinguishable from a human.

See my chatbox conversations below for some examples of just how bad they are:

But how long will it be before the AI on these gets so good we can't tell a sexbot apart from a real girl?