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Friday, 28 February 2014

True story of a girl's first kiss pt 3

Note: I'm not making this up. This actually happened -- I'm just trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

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Envy had never been kissed. Not by a boy. Not by a girl.  And now she was naked. Her girl-crush and best friend Angel was wearing red lingerie that practically stopped her heart. And Jane was there too, wearing a black lace bra and panty set. But it was Angel's friend Jen was wearing a tan bra and thong that had emerged as the leader and was really driving this game of Truth or Dare.

Jen, an innocent looking wisp of a blond girl seemed far more kinky and bossy now that she had willing girls to follow her commands. Every time a girl made a dare -- and they were all dares -- Jen would tisk disapproval and chastise quickly if the dare didn't meet her standards.

"I dare you to stick your tongue up Envy's nose," Jen said to Jane.

My nose??!? But....

"ummmmm, ok?" Jane said. Jane was fucking georgous. With long red hair a stomach so flat that she could be a swimsuit model, Jane came closer and started to lean in. Envy was dying with excitement inside. When Jane paused near her face -- Envy thought she was going to kiss her and a tickle of moistness escaped her pussy.

But instead she grabbed Envy by the neck and roughly forced her tongue up her nose and wiggled it around. When she pulled back, she felt partly violated, partly grossed out, and oddly, 100% turned on. She had the siliva of a totally hot girl on her face and it cooled her nose as she breathed.

Envy was still a tizzy when her bestie said, "I dare you to lick Envy's inner thighs,"to Jen.

Without hesitation Jen was pushing Envy on her back and exploring every inch of her thighs with her tongue. Envy thought she was wet before but now a river drizzled out of her pussy her body betrayed her innermost desires. Then she locked eyes with Angel. Angel just smiled with a knowing look then seductively licked her lips and glanced down at Jen.

Envy felt excited enough to cum even thought she wasn't touching her clit in the way she did every morning before school or talking to girls online using the anonymity of the internet.  But now she had 3 hot girls and every one of them seemed to be basing their dares around her.

When Jen had finished. she sat up suddenly with a sly smile, "I know what I'm going to dare Jane to do!" she exclaimed as she ran off shouting over her shoulder, "I'll be right back!"

Jen was literally running and was right back, this time holding a blue...dildo?? And something else as well. Envy had seen them in porn, of course, but they lived in a pretty small town and there was no sex shop here.

"Here," Jen said, thrusting a blue vibrator into Jane's hand. "Stick this vibe up Jane's pussy and turn it on while you move it in and out."

"Ummm, do I need to wet it?" Jane asked.

"Honey, look at her. She has already made a puddle on the floor," said Angel.

So much for nobody noticing just how excited I am.

And with that, Jane leaned in and slowly penetrated Envy's pussy with the vibrator. Envy looked  down at her own shaved pussy, taking a vibrator for the very first time. She's used the thick Crayola markers and a big thick sharpie before...but this was bigger. Not huge, thank god, but definitely bigger than any marker she'd ever used.

The blue vibrator was not thick but certainly made her feel full.  It was hard and slide in her nice and smooth.  Envy never imagined she'd be losing her virginity this way to -- OOOOOHHHH!  The strong vibrations rocked her body and electrified every nerve in her pussy.  When Jane started to move it in and out Envy knew she couldn't hold back an orgasm.

"Please, please stop!" Envy quickly begged in the hopes it wasn't too late.

"Make the bitch cum for us." was Jen's reply.

And WHAM! Envy came in front of all three girls. She'd barely lost her virginity for minute and she'd had her first sex orgasm.

But the girls weren't even close to done with her yet.

Luckily it was Envy's turn for a dare.

"Jane, I dare you to make out with Jen and french kiss so we can see your tongue in her mouth."

And so the girls lips locked. Tiny blond and thin redhead sucking face as their moist tongues danced like charmed serpents.  Envy couldn't believe how hot she found it to see too other girls kissing right in front of her. She subconsciously glanced over to her best friend and Angel was grinning at her with a look that said, "I'd do that with you, y'know."

When it came to Angel's turn, Envy so hoped she dare her to French kiss her just like Jen and Jane had just done. But no such luck. "Envy, I dare you to put 3 fingers deep inside Jen's pussy."

Envy had never touched another girl's pussy before. She'd seen them, like the time she helped talk Cynthia through putting a tampon in the first time, but she'd only ever dreamed of touching another wet cunt.  Envy had always wanted to touch Angel's pussy and had cum to that many a morning before school...but she'd never dreamed it's be a girl she'd just met. But this girl, Jen, was sex crazed nympho if she'd ever met one. And Envy had always had  a thing for blonds.

Envy cautiously approached and Jen eagerly pulled her tan thong to one side to expose her wonderful pale skin, so white and hairless. Jen's pussy looked freshly waxed without a single hair visible -- hell, she's smoother than my own pussy. She slid her fingers in and found Jen's pussy to be warmer and much wetter than she'd imagined. OMG! I'm fingering a girl!  But as soon as she felt inside of Jen, Envy knew she was hooked. A full on vagina-addict.  She didn't care if she ever took a cock --it wouldn't matter as long as she could have pussy.  And Jen's pussy was perfection itself.

Envy's head began to swim as she was surrounded by maiden energy and engulfed in femininity. As the evening progressed there were girls touching, licking, caressing, fondling, groping and penetrating.  And for the love of god, there were boobs and pussy everywhere. But still, Envy had never been kissed.

The next thing Envy was conscious of was Jen saying to her crush, "I dare you to lick her ass while I use the Hitachi on her."

Angel just grabbed her by her hips and flipped her over. Then she maneuvered her onto all fours and made her spread her legs a little bit.

"Go on, lick her ass," Jen said.

And Envy had at long last the feel of her best friend's tongue. She never dreamed that the first place she would feel it was her puckered asshole though. But as she felt her tongue massaging her most intimate spot, she gave herself over entirely to Angel.  Envy felt her heart and her ass as she never had before. I think I love her. And I think I love anal. I hope she licks my asshole for a week.

"Come on, don't be shy, it's just a girl's asshole. They are made for tongues. So stick your tongue as deep up her ass as you can," Jen commanded.

Envy could hardly believe it  -- but she was enjoying this more than any physical feeling she'd ever experienced before. Her excitement grew when suddenly she felt a textured ball of sorts press up against her sopping clit and then BAM! Jen turned the Hitachi on. The sensation of her beloved Angel with her tongue deep, deep up her ass combined with the mega-strong vibrations of the Hitiachi yanked an orgasm deep out of Envy's soul. She came so hard her vision was filled with sparkles of light. The most intense orgasm of her life threw her helpless body around like a ragdoll shaken by panther. Envy squirted for the first time just then.

Envy came and gushed as a physical expression of her orgasm bursting forth. Her female ejaculation sprayed all over Angel, Jen, herself and Jane -- not a girl in the room went unsoaked her shejaculation.

Yes, she's lost her viriginity to 3 girls it seemed...but still, Envy had never been kissed.

[To be continued]

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The word, "Cunt" (origins and reclaiming it)

bare cunt
There a few words that evoke the wrath of feminists as much as cunt. It's considered by many to be the most offensive word in English. So it's definitely a bad word, right?  Or is it?  It commonly means the female genitals (of a human) so that's not exactly the worst thing. In fact, I can think of 100 000 things I like a lot less. It could also be considered a derogatory word for a woman.

Now first and foremost, we need the word cunt! There isn't another word that covers her entire business! Vulva is the clit, outer and inner lips but not the vagina and vagina is the love canal itself missing the lips and the clit. Who the fuck named these things? Dumbass men, that's who.  Well I think all are entirely essential. A vagina without a clit is like a river without any water.  I'd also be rather upset if my girl just had a vulva but was missing her vagina (though not as upset as her, no doubt.)  So cunt is an absolute necessity, if only for utilitarian purposes.
Noun, verb, adjective, adverb and expletive 
You know you've made it as nasty word if you can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and
expletive (She was really fucking interested in him after he gave her a fucking fine fuck, but after he fucked her he left with her car which really fucked her and now she doesn't give a fuck about him.)  <--just penned that and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, you can also have a cunt of a day made worst by having a cunt of an assignment to finish.

But what are the roots and origins of the word cunt?

cunt mugIt is thought that the word cunt originally entered the English language via the Anglo-Saxons
invading England in the 12th century. You see, the Norse people used words like 'kunta' (Old Norse) or 'kunto' (Germanic) to describe, shockingly, the entire female genitals.

You can find it several times in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (c.1390) and it was not considered in any way obscene.  That somewhat known bard Shakespeare also make reference to it cunt in Hamlet when Hamlet says to Ophelia,"Lady, shall I lie in your lap?" and she replies, "No, my lord. "  Hamlet pretends he's shocked and says, "Do you think I meant country matters? That's a a fair thought, to like between maids' legs."   He refers to cunts again in Twelfth Night when Malvolia does some handwriting analysis, "There be her very Cs, her Us, and her Ts: and thus makes she her great Ps."

So the word was in common usage up to the 18th century and then sort of died out an disappeared until the mid 20th century where it because a nasty word for a nasty thing.

Well, the Norse/Germanic roots probably don't go far back enough. After all, 'kunta' means woman in several African languages. Kunta in Sumeria (ancient Iraq) meant, 'one with female genitals' (I imagine there is a lot of overlap with girls and women here.) Kuna -- sometimes spelled Quna is considered by linguists as the root of the word Queen.
Indian Goddess Kunti

I believe the strongest roots are to Kunti: in Hindu mythology she was a woman of unparalleled beauty who had sons from the gods Indra,  Vayu and Dharma. She's in the Bhagavata Purana and explains the philosophy of Bhakti yoga to Krishna. And she's become associated female sexual energy and kundalini. Some refer to Kunti the Hindu goddess of female sexuality and procreative power.

So if you're calling a girl a cunt-- considering the above origins...it's hardly an insult.

Cunda Buddhist Goddess
If you don't buy the Indian origins...how about Kunnon (or alternatively spelled Cunda), the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Kunnon is the goddess that carries the divine mother aspect in Buddhism and is the protector of women and children.  And, of course, she's also a fertility goddess.

So again, cunt doesn't sound like derogatory to me.

Reclaiming Cunt
Cunt needs to be reclaimed and taken back from the current use: an obviously prudish insult that stigmatizes the origin of every one of us with misogynistic fervor. Let's give her a nice cleansing douche, if you will. Trim and groom her so she's all pretty again. Cunt refers to everything associated with female beauty and power. Speak the word cunt with reverence and invoke her full potential.  Cunt is a word of power.
warm deep cunt

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

True story of a girl's first kiss pt 2

Note: I'm not making this up. This actually happened -- I'm just trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

See the start: True story of a girl's first kiss pt 1 here

Envy was so excited to go hang out with the new girls. She was girl crazy and definitely had girls on the brain. Angel went over to Envy's house to collect her --help her change her hairstyle to twin ponytails-- and then got a ride over to the Jen's house.

Angel wore a light summer dress and flip flops that seemed so feminine that Envy just wanted to jump her best friend and kiss her right there as they walked up to the Jen's house.

When Jen opened the door, Envy was so happy to see a thin and cute little blond girl. Jen was thin like Angel -- perhaps not as rail thin as her but still looked yummy. Her boobs were small but looked damn hot in the red crop top she wore with a cute little matching A-line skirt.

To Envy's surprise, Jen leaned in and kissed both of Angels cheeks before inviting them inside. Angel mouthed, 'She's Italian' to Envy to explain the cheek kisses.

Inside the house had marble floors and a giant crystal chandelier in the front entrance. They we led down a small set of black marble steps stone  before then entered the kitchen. The kitchen was decorated all in black and white with black stone counter-tops and white ornate wooden cupboards.

Sitting on a high bar stool at a counter was Jane, a gorgeous redheaded nymph that immediately locked eyes with Envy and gave her a mischievous smile. Jane too was a wisp of a thing and Envy realized that her paltry b-cup she was clearly the largest breasted of the group.

Party progressed with a mandatory ordering of pizza and they watched. "The Breakfast Club" -- some old teen movie that had the  girls howling. Their favorite line was, "If I lose my temper, you're totaled man." Followed by, "Totally?" --"Totally."  Now the girls were totally using totally at every opportunity.

Eventually, they moved to the living room and Angel proposed they play truth or dare.  Envy could feel herself get wet instantly -- but she wasn't expecting things to move that quickly. The very first dare was hers...given to her by the redheaded nymphet, "I dare you to take off all your clothes." Jane stripped down to her bra and panties but the nymphet stood there with arms crossed and shaking her head.

"All of your clothes."

Envy complied and soon she was completely exposed before the other girls. She didn't even have a few wisps of pubic hair to conceal her modesty -- she was completely nude.  And she loved it!

There's nothing like having a naked girl in the room to embolden the other darers and it seemed the 'truth' was always ignored as this was a game of dares.  "I dare you to lick Envy's nipples," happened before the game even got back to Envy's second turn.

The redheaded Jane was clearly the wildest of the group -- every single dare of hers seemed to involve the word, "licking."

The girls eagerly complied to each others base requests and in flash Jane was wearing a black lace push-up bra and matching lace panties. Then then blond Jen was stripped down to a planer tan coloured under-wire bra with matching thong that had a front so narrow that Envy could see the hairless lips and pubic region clearly on either side of the thong front.  Finally Envy's crush and bestie stripped down to a red bra and pantie set that made Envy think, "Wow. Now that is lingerie."

From the way things were progressing -- "Will this be where I will finally has her first kiss?" Envy wondered.

 Continued here:

True story of a girl's first kiss pt 3

Sunday, 23 February 2014

True Story of a girl's first kissth Pt.1

This is a true story from a girl both Ashlie and I know...though the story was told to Ashlie first and she told me after because she was so wet from hearing about it. The ages will be left out because there is too much ageism in society already. But sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

There's a girl, named Envy. She is a fairly tall girl at 5'11 and weighing in at 130lbs with some rather perky b-cup tits. Envy had a pretty face, long brown hair a good amount of curves despite having super long legs. And Envy, has never kissed a girl. She's known for a long time that she really liked girls -- not the dykes with short hair but the girly girls in her class. But she'd never had the opportunity to kiss a girl. Or a boy for that matter. She figured she wasn't a complete lesbian but slightly bi...for the right guy...but so far no guy or girl had kissed her.

She did come close with her best friend, Angel however. Angel was the same age as Envy -- them being in the same class and all, though she looked much young as her face still looked like a girl just starting puberty --a fact she abhorred as she wanted nothing more than to look older. Angel's rail thin body, tiny a-cup titties and lack of curves in general didn't help her look any older either. So she made up for it by being the wildest girl in school.

One time at a sleep over party, Envy came super close to kissing Angel. They we all playing Truth or Dare and Angel got dared to kiss Envy on the mouth.  Envy's heart skipped more than a few beats as she'd always dreamed about kissing her best friend. But when it came down to it, with all the other girls watching and Angel moving in to kiss her...she panicked and pulled back.

That was 6 months ago and Angel hadn't tried to kiss her since. Then again, she hadn't played a lot of Truth or Dare lately either. But that could very well change tonight. She and Angel were going to a sleepover tonight with two girls that Angel knew. Envy could barely concentrate in class just thinking about the possibility of playing Truth or Dare again with Angel.  She vowed to herself not to chicken out of any dare that came her way, no matter what.

The minutes creeped and with every tick of the clock, she got hornier and hornier. The possibilities with the two new girls also popped in and out of her head. What would they be like? Would they have big boobs -- she hoped as she squeezed her thighs together and pretended to listen to her math teacher. Not many girls in her school seemed to be that chesty but who knows, maybe she could lucky as they came from North Bishops -- the other school in town that Angel knew some of the girls from before she moved across their little city.
pussy stuffed with underwear
It was too much for her and she asked Mr. Cooper if she could be excused to go to the bathroom.

Walking down the hallway, she felt a tiny trickle of dampness slide down her thigh as she hurried to the bathroom to relieve herself. She had the perverted thought of stuffing her panties right up inside her pussy just to sop up the flood.

Closing the door on the bathroom stall she dropped her moist white cotton panties and lifted her short skirt up. Envy pretty much always wore skirts as she thought her legs were her best feature...and skirts were feminine.

Reaching down, she cupped her completely bare pussy with her hand and slipped an index finger lightly inside her.  Yes, she was super wet and horny. She loved feeling the bare skin of her pussy. She had always kept it 100% hairless and had vowed to get permanent hair removal there just as soon as she could afford it -- saving years of paying for razors and Brazilian bikini wax jobs.

She needed to pee but that somehow made her more excited and she decided that should needed to cum first, before she peed.  She played with her little clitty and thought of Angel's shiny shoulder-length jet black hair, her pale skin...and the she looked leaning in kiss her.  Her heart was all a flutter touching herself there on the toilet as she said to herself, "I love her. I love Angel and I really need to kiss her."  That was all it took and she came hard, biting her lip to keep quiet in the bathroom stall. She griped the toilet holder and came again, squirting a small amount as was her habit (and another reason she preferred masturbating on toilets) and let a small moan escape her lips.

Her virgin lips...that had never been kissed.

My slave died.

dead sexy
As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in some time (1 month?) it's all a blur. You see, I had a rather sad circumstance befall my household:  On January 22nd, 2014  my beloved slave Special K was out walking and was fatally hit by a car.

So this has thrown life into a bit of a state of chaos and caused some rather intense grieving on my part.

run over whoreTo be honest, I've been pretty down since it happened and feeling somewhat powerless.

Luckily, Ashlie has been a pillar of support -- a great benefit of being poly is, in the hard times, there is a stronger support network.  If Special K was the only girl in my life/household it would have been unbearable to be in the house all alone.

That and dealing with the family and funeral obligations --it's horrible and depressing and both Ashlie and I have eaten to much from things well wishers have left.

So now there is a big gaping hole (but not the good kind) where she used to be. I will miss her lovely still warm martinis made from her female ejaculation to great me at the door. I will miss fucking her ass and cumming in it as I force her to orgasm over and over on my cock while she eats out Ashlie's tight little butthole. I will miss her young and firm body with a stomach so perfectly flat...her hairless pussy and most of all....

Asian_schoolgirlI will miss her perverted little mind. She was the only girl I've ever known to get sexually excited at the prospect of being humiliated by having to have sex with a dog. I think she actually preferred it when Ashlie hadn't had time to clean herself out with an enema so she would have a dirty cock to taste.  Her limits were so far beyond most girls that it could best be summed up by: No sawing off limbs with rusty tools.  That's about it.  (I'm fairly perverse and had to be careful of joking suggestions as she'd be like, "ummm...yeah! Let's do that!" )

I'm saddened by just all the things we'll never do together. I know she really wanted to be ass fucked by Max Hardcore and to have him piss in her ass so she could drink it: all just to please me. She was hot, young and thin enough to be a model and I'm sure Max Hardcore would have fucked her ass mercilessly without hesitation. I'd even planned on asking him to go extra hard on her because she would love that. Then I was going to fuck her super hard right afterwards...but no more.

The missed opportunities.  The things I meant to do --thinking time was unlimited. But it's not.

And where will I find another Asian bi-slut that's submissive, poly and deeply in love with Ashlie in a non-competitive way?

So Special K, you will be dearly missed. My you have your 72 virgins in heaven...because if anyone could be gangbanged by 72 girls, it was you.  <3  Give'm hell girl.
devil girl