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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Forcing Her to Cum

This little bitch hasn't cum enough for me, has she?

She wore a cut off t-shirt and some tight cameltoe short. It was just after breakfast and she was handing me another coffee. She leaned over me, seductively.

"No Master, I haven't," she meekly replied.

Well I intend to fix that.  Go get the magic want and plug it in near the projector.

I have a projector that projects movies on the wall so that my little sluts can view porn in theater-like conditions. The screen is 14 feet wide and goes to the ceiling...so you can't miss any of the porn.

I then loaded a series that specializes in skinny, flat girls doing ass-to-mouth scenes. When she arrived back, I could see a tiny spot of  dampness on her camel-toe shorts-- she does love to be told what to do. :)

Plug it in and sit down.

I can't be certain, but it seemed to me she could not have put her ass any higher in the air, offering it, while she plugged in the powerful vibrator.  She then quickly plopped down on the big, comfy couch and awaited my orders.

I started the movie which just jumped straight in to some anal fucking without the pretense of plot. I sat down beside my kitten and put my arm around her, cuddling her as she watched.

Turn on the vibrator.

She did, and moved it instinctively towards her thin little shorts. Being a good and well trained little slut,
she knew exactly what to do with the porn I offered and started masturbating like a champion to the girl getting fucked by two guys.

Good girl. Now we're going to play a game. Every time you see a cock move from an ass directly into some slut's mouth, I want you to cum. We can pause the movie each time, if need be, to make sure you cum for each and every instance.

She nodded and rewarded me by moaning and cumming... I glanced at the screen and the girl had a cock in her mouth. This was going to be fun!

Good girl...I want plenty more of those.

"Yes Master"

multivibratorsWhat followed was a morning of having her cum in my arm over and over and over again. Every movie that she watched seemed to demand at least 10 orgasms and I was there, ensuring that she gave me each and every one.  One movie had a  young, dark-haired Asian girl that she particularly liked and it must have had at least 25 ass-to-mouth occurrences --and so I made her watch it again.

There's nothing like having a skinny bitch cumming repeatedly in your arms...over and over.

When the magic wand started to overheat, I got her 2 other vibrators -- one for her ass and one for her pussy.  These weren't as powerful and so the orgasms too a little longer to coax out of her -- making me pause the films on particularly nasty images until she gave me what was due to me.

After I counted her 85th orgasm, I told her that while she was doing well, I still needed an even 100
max and anal girls
orgasms .  I went to MaxHardcoreTV.com and put on a favorite Max Hardcore film with Max fucking three skinny young bitches in the ass and you know that he had a great time making them piss and puke on each other. By this time, the Magic Wand had cooled down enough but I saw now point in letting the vibes in her pussy and ass go to waste so I kept them there. (My sex kitten has a near infinite supply of batteries.)   Every time Max went from a girl's ass to a mouth, I felt my little sex kitten shudder and cum on the Hitachi while I helped her out holding the vibes in her holes as she squeezed at them with her strong pussy muscles.

She was sweating and exhausted by the time she reached her 99th orgasm. The next one had to be a really big one so I made her get up the edge of orgasm for each ass-to-mouth instead of cumming -- so that the 100th would be super intense. I kept this up for several minutes until she said

"Master, I'm going to squirt a whole bunch. May I please get on the floor so I don't get your couch wet?"

Such a considerate kitty.  Yes, you can cum all over my hardwood floors...but only if you promise to lick it all up afterwards. 

"Yes Master. Of course, Master."

Squatting on the floor...I brought her up to near orgasm 2 more times as I held her from behind. cupping her sweet, perky little tits and rolling her nipples in my fingers.

NOW! Cum for ME!

And she did. She shuddered and started squirting that sprayed so hard it splashed off the hardwood and left little drops of cumslut juice all over the floor.  I had to hold her up, her orgasm was so intense and I reached down and cupped the ass vibe in place.  The pussy vibe, however, had been shot across the floor and was now sitting in a puddle.  She was moaning and leaning back into me. Shejaculating always gave her by far the most intense orgasms.
Shejaculation puddle
When she'd started regain her senses a little bit, she arched her neck back and gave me a sweet little
kiss. Then, exhausted, she flopped down into the puddle of her own shejaculate.

Very good girl. Now lick that all up for me without missing a drop. If I find any drops, I am going to flog you 250 times, understand?

"Yes Master"

Good, now get to it -- Lick up your own cum. Drink your own squirt juices for me.  And don't think that any of these orgasms you had this morning count towards your daily quota of orgasms for me -- they don't.  You still need to cum just as much as any other day.

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