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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Alan Turing Pardoned

Appreciating this killed Alan Turing, father of
the modern computer. 
I just read about this:  the British government pardoned Alan Turing this week! I was super surprised for this because, wtf did the father of modern computer programming do wrong? I'd never heard a peep about him having a 'criminal' side --although I've often read of the Turing test and his many other accomplishments that have made this digital age possible. Such as the concepts of algorithms and computation. He is the father of Artificial Intelligence. And he helped win WWII by breaking the Enigma code.

So what did Turing do that was so wrong? This links back to may posts on Sex and the Law... and how governments have no goddamn right to interfere with human sexuality.  Well, it turns out that Turing was convicted of being a homosexual! Again, wtf? That's no crime. But his punishment was: chemical castration.  Yes, the father of modern computing was chemically castrated by the fascist British penal system. And the result? He committed suicide less than 2 years later.

But at least they pardoned him...way the fuck after the fact and way to late-- but I am still disgusted.  Seriously, chemically castrating someone is unforgivable. And doing so because he preferred men is obscene and perfect example of how the morals of the day can blind us to what is actually right and wrong.

The 'justice' system killed one of the brightest minds of the 20th century by castrating him and labeling him a criminal. Imagine all the contributions we denied ourselves because we couldn't stomach the fact that he liked men. Sure, breaking the enigma code brought world war two to an end much quicker but a war hero or not, he was convicted of homosexuality in 1952.

So I say it again: government has no place in the bedrooms of the people.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Is 1.25 hours a Quickie?

anal offering
I barely had any time with Ashlie today...2 hours max. And I spent a good 1 1/4 of them fucking her sweet, sexy little ass.  Actually, that's not entirely true. I also fucked her filthy mouth. And I pissed in her mouth twice. So overall, we spent some quality time together.

While I was fucking her, she begged me to get her a new slave sister -- one that she could help train to be a pain slut. She told me that she also wanted to train her to squirt for me so that she could have me come home to wonderful fresh glasses of her female ejaculate.

I have to give Ashlie credit, she does know how to beg. But I am also suspicious that she was trying to make me cum in her ass with the filthy words she was using. That and her touching herself so she came hard on my cock for me. Seeing her cum is so wonderful <3

It felt so goddamn good to fuck her ass this afternoon. It was so smooth and perfect-- and my cock was raging hard for her (like always.)  Ashlie also showed me a pretty hardcore site that she'd found -- because you know,  porn is always a good addition to any fuck session.

I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to fuck her pussy today but, melt my heart, when I mentioned it Ashlie said, "Oh no Master! I am much too young for that! Please just keep fucking my ass."   Sometimes it's hard not just to shoot my load deep up inside of her.

In the end, we both had to run but that was definitely a shorter fuck session for us...is it wrong to call that a quickie?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Australian Kisses

My sister just got back from Australia so I thought I'd do a post on Australian Kisses. What's an Australian Kiss? It's just like a French kiss but down under. ;)

Austrailian Kiss

Basically, it's another way of saying, 'oral sex' or 'cunnilingus' but I like it more because it really is a lot more like a French Kiss than anything else! God, I love tasting pussy! <3 <3

But one word of caution: this is not to be confused with an Austrian Kiss...which is a more of Klimt Kiss on the side of the cheek:
Austrian Kiss

Friday, 17 January 2014

She begged me to piss in all her holes

She awaited my arrival on the porch.

I grabbed her by the hair as I reached her and led her by it into the house.

Have you cum for me today?

"Yes, Master."

How many times?

"I came 30 times to lesbian porn, Master, and then another 6 times when I needed to pee for you."

There is something about a slave showing her devotion to me by cumming for me that I find to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.  Knowing this little slut was addicted to cumming like a sex-crazed nympho made my heart soar and take such pride in the training job I'd done with her.

Are you finished cumming for today?

"OMG no Master! Please, may I cum more and more for you? You haven't even used your slave's holes as of yet today."

It was true. I had just come home and I had to satisfy my appetite.

And what did you cum to today, when you were touching yourself?

I was already hard, having her pulled tight to my chest and holding her firmly by her long hair. Hearing her tell me about her masturbation sessions made me want to rip her clothes off.

"I came while looking at thin little girls and imagining licking their asses for you while you fucked all my holes."

You want me to fuck every one of your holes?

"Oh yes, Master! Please, fuck each and every hole of mine. If it would please you, please fuck my mouth, my ass and my pussy....and I thought of other things to today, as I came."

And what was that?

"I thought of you fucking each of my holes and pissing in them too. Please Master, would you like to piss in every one of my holes?"

I yanked her head back and kicked her knees out so she dropped to the ground-- bringing her mouth closer to my hardened cock. Yes.

"Please Master, fill my mouth with your hard cock and piss down my throat. Then fuck my ass hard and piss up my ass. Then fuck my bare, hairless little pussy and finish peeing with a great big flood so my pussy if filled with your piss."

There is one thing I'll say for Ashlie, she knows how to beg.

Just from hearing her beg for it, I wanted to fuck her tight little pussy and piss while my cock was buried deep inside of her. A pussy is a beautiful vessel to piss in. You can piss deep in her and then make her straddle a bowl so she can drink it afterwards.  When you piss in a slave's mouth, she's can only hold a little and the temptation to swallow is great for her.  When you piss deep up a slave's ass, it's awesome to watch her drink it -- but it doesn't always work out unless she's had a good series of enemas beforehand so it doesn't come out mixed with other solids.  But her pussy...oh my! You can piss deep up her pussy, using your slut as a custom fitted urinal, and afterwards she can put on a show that reminds me of her squirting! And then drink all my piss down afterwards.  Yes, pissing up a slut's pussy is one of the finest places a Master can pee.
inverting pissing girl

And then I did just that. I ripped off her clothes, tearing her black work outfit off of her, ruining it because she was NOT dressed like a whore for me --which pissed me off.  I proceeded to rape every hole she had starting with her ass and then giving her a tasty cock in her mouth which I forced deep down her throat till she gagged.  I tossed her onto the floor and raised her hips well over her head and pile-drove my cock into her ass again. I forced some fingers up her little twat and she was soaking wet so I switched holes and fucked her tight pussy till I was about to cum. Only then, did I fill her smooth, bare little pussy with a litre of piss. As I pissed, she frigged herself off madly with her fingers and as I looked into her eyes, she came so hard she squeezed my cock out of her pussy and sprayed herself with my piss as it shot out of her pussy.

Yes, she gave herself a golden shower with her cunt being the showerhead.

She valiantly tried to wipe up all of my piss and get it into her mouth  -- and I decided that I would drink a lot of water today and put every drop of it into her wet pussy.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Using a slave as a Urinal

golden show slutOne technique that I enjoy for training sluts is using them as a urinal. First of all, it's always way
more fun to pee into someone's mouth than a toilet. Let's just say it's a lot more interactive. But why is it so effective?

1) You have to pee several times a day and so it established a regular, ritualized relationship where she drinks from you because she is a slave. There is nothing like regular re-enforcement to keep her mind focused on being a sex slave.

2) It's a great excuse to be blown several times a day. Of course, it does take some disapline on the Master's part: it's easy to wait till ya really gotta pee and then waiting for her to get you hard with her mouth before you pee can be a challenge.

3) It's all about the energy exchange. Drinking your piss means she is consuming not only your urine but your essence and energy. It helps her become one with you. Literally.  In fact, this is something that has been practiced amongst the Tantric traditions for many hundreds of years.  You are 80% water...and drinking all his liquid makes you filled with his energy and much more amiable to doing his bidding...because you become so synced up with him.
Peeing in her mouth (while hard) is so much better than
peeing in the water.

4) She should learn to drink from you as a matter of devotion -- and come to desire your piss as the
only real place that you should consider pissing.

I love pissing in Ashlie's mouth every time I need to go. Seeing that she is always 100% willing and eager to drink my piss makes me swell with pride.  She's been drinking every drop of my piss whenever I am around for years now and I have to say, nothing brings us closer. Of course, sometimes I give her golden showers or piss in her ass...but the majority of the time this happens in places where I don't wish to spill -- and so she drinks the piss directly from my cock.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Societal Perceptions of Sluts

Ok, this post is on a certain issue I have in Western society...the bashing of sluts. Full disclosure: I fucking love sluts and think they are the best thing ever...and I don't really understand the whole, 'let's make sure girls aren't fun and interesting --at least without feeling really guilty about it" thing.

I recently stumble across a post on the net asking this question:
Q. Do Guys like sluts? Do guys not like sluts? Why do guys want sluts? Will guys have relationships with sluts?

Now my answers to these are:
A1. Obviously.
A2. Only deeply troubled guys that are socially awkward and not worth your time of day.
A3. Because sluts have the most fun in life -- and if they play their cards right, they can have fun with them-- so that everybody wins.
A4. Sure. But it's best to look for a poly guy as he will not be as freaked out and controlling.

But then I read the answers to the questions (posted by dicks mostly) and I wanted to barf.

Aa. you are a whore & he is just going to use you for sex. if youre cool with that, go for it.

Commentary: wow. Calling a girl names just for asking a question? How abusive and a perfect example of the ingrained acceptableness of slutshaming. And why can't a slut be empowered and use him for sex?? Just wondering.

Ab.  guys make like whores because theyre easy sex, but they get bored. trust me. better to make him wait for it.

Commentary: Fuck dude, learn basic grammar and punctuation! Secondly, who many people get really bored with sex unless the sex itself is fucking lame (pun intended.)  And 'making him wait for it' and these kind of rule based bullshit games just contributes to the mind-fuck of people not following their natural instincts that has lead
us to such a fucked-up-and-sexually-repressed society. 
Ac. First of all i am a female and sluts man or women are ridiculous. i for one do not sleep around and you shouldnt either. guys are turned off by girls who give it up easily. but they still will have sex with you. alot of guys like to hook up but most of them do want to find that one special girl. idk how you do it.
Please change your ways. I know it sounds bad but yes you are a slut and the fact that you don't have any emotion after sex just proves how terrible some girls can be.

Commentary: Goddamn...women are the worst for slut-shaming. I, for one, am turned on by a sexually empowered female. Stop encouraging women to be difficult! Easy is way better. That's why they call it easy. Where is the benefit of being difficult except that life sucks for longer before it is good.  And lots of guys are hoping that a hookup will turn into an awesome relationship. Finally, assuming that a slut doesn't have any emotions involved...is just fucked up.  Sluts can be deeply caring and awesome.

person choice slutAd. Guys want sluts because they put out! Most just want to mess around with the sluts and don't respect them. When guys wants a long term relationship, they'll seek out a nice girl who has higher standards.

Commentary: I most definitely don't seek out a girl who has 'higher standards' and this say more to me about the messed up relationship our society has with sex rather than anything intrinsic to sex/relationships. Not having sex is not some sort of magic way to have good relationships!! But it IS a great way to fall into the friend-zone.  Most powerful relationships are sexually charged from the beginning. 

Ae.  Most guys like sluts, but no guys care about/respect/love sluts. 

Commentary: omfg no! Lots of guys love and respect sluts. In fact, a problem that sluts have is the guy goes all gooey and falls for her way to fast and she has to push him away. And why the fuck are guys having sex with people they don't genuinely like and respect?? That makes no goddamn sense at all.  Guys -- and girls -- need much better training.  

Af. The guys are just telling the truth, girls who sleep with different guys before marriage are whores. You sleep around and what do you expect? You want to know something even more amazing? Those same guys do not usually marry whores. They sleep with the whores and marry the "good" girls. They don't usually want the "left overs"

My Commentary: Fuck. That. So it's ok for guys to sleep around but not for girls?? WTF? And wrong!! And who the fuck wants to marry a totally sexually inexperienced prude? Honestly, get the fuck outta here you lame ass. I have SOOO much harder a time respecting a so called 'good girl' who wants to do bullshit like take me to meet her congregation at church.   Now if you wanted to get high and go party --  then I could get on board. Or be awesome in some way. But a 'good girl' is a lame duck that should be put out of her misery by some fat fuck who is willing to drop his standards to marry her.  But if you want a cool and interesting husband, don't settle for some fuck-knuckle with these kinds of issues.

Ag.  Some guys are actually good guys, and if they really like a girl they won't have sex with them too soon because they want the girl to realize that they do care for them.

My Commentary: Again, LAME!! Great way to end up in the friend zone. If a guy really likes a girl...he shouldn't
stop slut shaming
have sex with her...because if you have sex too soon you don't care about them??? WTF is going on in people's heads??

Seriously. I think about my friend and wonderful slut Denise.  I met her and was pretty much instantly attracted to her. I wanted to bang her right then and there. Now, she hooked up with a friend of mine so I ended up only kissing her that night...but I do care for her and can't imagine why meeting someone and knowing you like them right away is a problem!  Now, I'm a guy who trusts my instincts. I can look at a girl and know she's wanting to hook up -- but that doesn't mean I will. Why? Because I have to like her for that connection to happen. It should always be a 2-way street.  If people are sleeping with each other because they are drunk and manipulative...that's a general issue in society but has nothing to do with the fundamentals of sluthood. 

The whole idea that guys will fuck a slut but want to marry are virgin is so fucking flawed.  The way I see it, if a girl is sexually repressed all her life, inexperienced in bed and obviously has a minuscule sex drive...why in God's name would you want to marry her??  If this is actually the criteria that people are using then no wonder the divorce rate is so high.  Why? So called 'good girls' should only get married to 'good boys' and they can live in lame-assed bliss together. But someone that's more interesting and fun will want to do fun things with her like tie her up and have her best friend eat out her ass...and then she will have a Goddamn meltdown and go running to her Minister for advice --and that just won't work out well. No...stick with sluts. For relationships. For marriage. And for flings. It's win-win-win. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Sex and the Law: Age of Consent

This is a series of controversial topics involving sex and the law.  This one is on sexual harassment and unwanted contact. This series may challenge your system of values. If you disagree with me...let me know why and tell me if there is something I completely missed -- maybe I'll reverse my opinion when this new bit of insight comes to light.

Also note: I am arguing from the perspective of devil's advocate. I recognize that the things I am saying challenge societal norms and I because I am putting the ideas forward does not mean I practice nor wish to practice the things discussed.  So if I argue in favor of bestiality, don't take it as me expressing an urge to sex with goats: I'm just looking at things from a different angle.

So let's talk about the age of consent. Age of consent this age where a person is deemed legally capable of of consenting to sexual acts. Generally speaking, if you have sex with someone below the age of consent, it is considered a serious crime such as statutory rape or child molestation and you go to jail for many many years.

The concept of the age of consent first occurs in written form in England in the year 1275 A.D.  It is interesting to note that modern conceptions of an appropriate age typically span the ages between 14-18 with the lowest worldwide being 12 (Angola) and the highest being 21. Yes, a 20 year old is considered not responsible enough to know if they want to have sex or not (in some places.)

Across North America the average is 17 years -- with Canada being 16 and the United States varying between 16 and 18 (see the handy chart). And I have to admit, the whole idea that a person is responsible enough to drive a car before they are capable of deciding to have sex is preposterous.  Additionally, these laws fly in the face of the actual decisions made youth.  The average age for people to start having sex in the United State is 15.5 years ...or BELOW that age when it is considered rape because they are too young to decide. That seems completely fucked up. Keep in mind that is the average meaning that 50% of youth are having sex below that age. Also consider the number of people that want to have sex but for whatever reason don’t manage to succeed in getting laid until they are over 15.5 years.  So I am proposing that the laws on consent are based on some weird moral complex and has nothing to do with actually protecting children.

Consider that in England, when the first age of consent laws were passed, the age where it was considered ok was just 12.  If you did the deed with someone younger it was a minor misdemeanor. Also, it was considered a common practice to marry girls that were 9-11 years old in England at that time so 

The canon law of medieval Europe placed the age of consent at 7 years. Yes, 7.  There is even specific parts of the law allowing for marriages to be annulled, even if consummated, if the sex was had before the girl reached puberty. Oh how the times have changed, huh?

The age drifted upwards only in the mid-19th century → up to 10-13 years old. 

Another way to look at this is through the lens of biology. The body of females tend to hit puberty between the ages of 8 and 12 with the average age of onset being 10.25 years.  So girls hit puberty and gain the ability to reproduce very early -- and so I am arguing that their biology says they are ready to have sex around that age.

Also, from researching this topic, guess what? There is a massive increase in interest in sexuality at this age due to hormones that are released. So our biology is actually triggering all sorts of signals priming and encouraging that person to have sex.  And the laws currently deny all of this.

Just thinking about it a bit more: all this mass hysteria about child pornography is largely concerned with men looking at girls under the age of 18...and yet some of those girls could have reached puberty 5+ years beforehand and --- is this not a biologically valid response? I mean, if any mammal had sexual interest in another of its species several years after maturity...we would consider this a completely normal and natural (and expected!) reaction. But within ourselves...we make it highly illegal and dictate 10 year+ jail sentences?? My logical brain is baffled.

Should the age of consent not match the onset of puberty? Well, in some countries, that is precisely the case.  But in prudish North America --we set the age of consent up to 3.5 years AFTER the average person starts having sex.  Keep in mind that in Virgina in 1689 it was commonplace for 9 year olds to get married. So what the fuck happened?

Now let’s try to strip away all the values and ‘meaning’ that society has taught us about sex and to look at it from a more practical standpoint. What is sex? Physical touching were two (or more) individuals touch parts of their body together for pleasure. 

So can we really say that a person below the age of 18 is incapable of deciding if they enjoy the way something feels? Should we not allow them to decide what to eat either because they are too young to know what tastes good? The second part should sound completely crazy--- but how is it the 1st part has become widely accepted??

The short answer is the Women’s Christian Temperance Union  WCTU -- yes, those same lovely ladies who brought water-to-wine-Jesus’ message to ban alcohol and launch the disastrous crime wave known as the roaring 20s. The WCTU raised the age of consent in the 1880s and 1890s up from as low as 7 and as high as 10 up to 16 accross the United States -- as part of their anti-alcohol lobby. Yes...that’s why the age of consent is so high:
Christian morality. They went on to lobby governments around the world calling for a worldwide ban on alcohol and raising the age of consent. Since there was little formal opposition to raising the age of consent and it was much easier to pass laws doing so than to ban bars and saloons…..the age of consent was generally raised with little fight or fanfare.

In fact,  Frances Willard, the WCTU leader, thought that the Christian purity of men must be enforced by law and wrote, "we could be instrumental in the passage of such laws as would punish the outrage of defenceless girls...the gentler sex is thus hunted to its ruin or lured to the same pit in a more gradual way, strong drink is the devils kindling-wood of passion, as everybody knows.”  Willard frequently proclaimed that a girl under the age of 16 would be utterly ruined if she we to be so morally corrupted and exposed to sex before such an age.  

So that’s the nut from which our age of consent laws come from. 

Our current laws are based neither on science, nor the  desires and actions of people around the age of sexual maturity...no, our age of consent laws come from stern ideas of Christian purity that were sown in 1880s as way of keeping women pure and uncorrupted by the evils of sex. A fair portion of the message at that time was preserving the innocence of the girl so she didn't have too high a sex drive later on in life. Interesting...how very not helpful of them. Don't they know that girls with high sex drives kick the ass of asexual girls?

So the next time you encounter thoughts about girls being 'too young' remember that our current age of consent laws have only been in the popular mind for about 100 years...the rest of human history it has been far lower. For these reason, I think we should drop the age of consent laws back to a more reasonable level. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Rechargable Epilator

One particularly annoyance of mine is having a kitten not properly groom herself -- specifically leaving some hair behind.  This should be punished to ensure there are no further infactions. But how do you punish her?  

One particular appropriate punishment is using an electric epilator.  This is an evil device that rotates
and pulls the hair out at the roots...and it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.  It kinda reminds be of using a violet wand. Anyway, I think it best to let the punishment fit the crime-- and it removes the hair at the same time.

One note: this works best if she is accustomed to shaving.  If she waxes regularly, the pain from using the epilator (or using the epilator frequently) considerably reduces the amount of pain this device inflicts. But in the short term, it's a fun toy that is effective at yanking her hair out by the roots.

If you want one, they are currently on sale at Factory Direct for $19. It's a Wahl...and they did make a really great vibrator a few years back so they may make a decent diplilator too.  And considering that most girls I've mentioned this item to consider it a torture device...it seems like a bargain bondage toy --the perfect addition to your bondage equipment drawer.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

How to get Laid

I see guys doing this whole, "I am a nice guy" dance I kinda scratch my head at it.  Being nice doesn't get you laid.  You know what does? Being fun, spontaneous and interesting.  Demonstrate some skill via something you are passionate about. But hoping she'll take pity on you because you are nice...that's a flawed strategy.

Of course you can look at guides and stuff online about how to seduce girls but again, you're missing the fun and spontaneous aspect (do you really want to seduce a girl via robot like tactics? How fun is that?)  And she is extremely sensitive to that kind of crap so as soon as she picks on on you being inconsistent with what you are saying, she'll be outta there.

Sex is not a reward. It's not an end game. It's a fun thing that you can do. So when it feels right, do it. Be bold, take a risk and do it.  When? When it feels right. When it feels like that would be the best, fun thing to do next. Don't build it up in your head as some kind of fancy reward...it isn't.  The best way I've found to get laid is not give a shit about getting laid. It will happen when it happens. And girls who pick up on that...help make it happen.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Make Your Pussy Taste Great!

Now every girl should want to have a great tasting pussy. Why? So people suck on it! So aside from keeping your pussy smooth and hairless...what can you do to make her more appealing? The simple answer is: make her taste great! Have you ever sucked on a nasty tasting pussy? It's not exactly something that make you want to repeat the experience. But a great tasting pussy makes me want to eat it all day and come back for more.

So the best way to improve the flavour of your pussy juices is with diet. Specifically, there are foods to eat and foods not to avoid.



Red meats
Strongly flavored fish
Junk food

By far the best thing to eat is pineapple (something that also works wonders in making semen taste great) and the quickest way to make you cunt taste bad is smoke while drinking lots.  It's also a really good idea to stay will hydrated.

While  it is not well understood why pineapple make your pussy taste so good...but I can speak from experience that it really has a big impact.  It does take several days to notice the effect but if you eat a lot of pineapple everyday for a 10 days the impact will be striking and there is no way he won't notice!

One last thought on this: Don't start eating pineapples all the time when you are feeling horniest...just to find that you are tasting your most delightful when Aunt Flo comes to spoil the party.  No, start when Aunt Flo is visiting to maximum the impact ...and the amount of oral sex you receive.  ;)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Cocked Asses

I thought I'd share one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received from on of my wonderful sex kittens: Couque D'asses.   What are Couque D'asses (pronounced Cocked Asses of course) are a kind of cream filled cookie that are pretty, delicious and just plain make me happy.

I have no idea where the kitten found such a thing -- probably near the place she got the 'make your own candy sushi kit' which is the coolest thing ever.  But the important thing is, she saw it on the shelf and immediately burst out laughing!

Cocked asses cookie
Pronounced 'Cocked Asses'

God I love Engritch.  I've also seen some rather fine fails like the drink called 'Sweat' and a 'hairless clams.'  It's one of the many benefits of a multicultural city like Toronto.

If you'd like to see a full product review...I googled it and apparently I am not the only fan of Couque D'asses:

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Forcing Her to Cum

This little bitch hasn't cum enough for me, has she?

She wore a cut off t-shirt and some tight cameltoe short. It was just after breakfast and she was handing me another coffee. She leaned over me, seductively.

"No Master, I haven't," she meekly replied.

Well I intend to fix that.  Go get the magic want and plug it in near the projector.

I have a projector that projects movies on the wall so that my little sluts can view porn in theater-like conditions. The screen is 14 feet wide and goes to the ceiling...so you can't miss any of the porn.

I then loaded a series that specializes in skinny, flat girls doing ass-to-mouth scenes. When she arrived back, I could see a tiny spot of  dampness on her camel-toe shorts-- she does love to be told what to do. :)

Plug it in and sit down.

I can't be certain, but it seemed to me she could not have put her ass any higher in the air, offering it, while she plugged in the powerful vibrator.  She then quickly plopped down on the big, comfy couch and awaited my orders.

I started the movie which just jumped straight in to some anal fucking without the pretense of plot. I sat down beside my kitten and put my arm around her, cuddling her as she watched.

Turn on the vibrator.

She did, and moved it instinctively towards her thin little shorts. Being a good and well trained little slut,
she knew exactly what to do with the porn I offered and started masturbating like a champion to the girl getting fucked by two guys.

Good girl. Now we're going to play a game. Every time you see a cock move from an ass directly into some slut's mouth, I want you to cum. We can pause the movie each time, if need be, to make sure you cum for each and every instance.

She nodded and rewarded me by moaning and cumming... I glanced at the screen and the girl had a cock in her mouth. This was going to be fun!

Good girl...I want plenty more of those.

"Yes Master"

multivibratorsWhat followed was a morning of having her cum in my arm over and over and over again. Every movie that she watched seemed to demand at least 10 orgasms and I was there, ensuring that she gave me each and every one.  One movie had a  young, dark-haired Asian girl that she particularly liked and it must have had at least 25 ass-to-mouth occurrences --and so I made her watch it again.

There's nothing like having a skinny bitch cumming repeatedly in your arms...over and over.

When the magic wand started to overheat, I got her 2 other vibrators -- one for her ass and one for her pussy.  These weren't as powerful and so the orgasms too a little longer to coax out of her -- making me pause the films on particularly nasty images until she gave me what was due to me.

After I counted her 85th orgasm, I told her that while she was doing well, I still needed an even 100
max and anal girls
orgasms .  I went to MaxHardcoreTV.com and put on a favorite Max Hardcore film with Max fucking three skinny young bitches in the ass and you know that he had a great time making them piss and puke on each other. By this time, the Magic Wand had cooled down enough but I saw now point in letting the vibes in her pussy and ass go to waste so I kept them there. (My sex kitten has a near infinite supply of batteries.)   Every time Max went from a girl's ass to a mouth, I felt my little sex kitten shudder and cum on the Hitachi while I helped her out holding the vibes in her holes as she squeezed at them with her strong pussy muscles.

She was sweating and exhausted by the time she reached her 99th orgasm. The next one had to be a really big one so I made her get up the edge of orgasm for each ass-to-mouth instead of cumming -- so that the 100th would be super intense. I kept this up for several minutes until she said

"Master, I'm going to squirt a whole bunch. May I please get on the floor so I don't get your couch wet?"

Such a considerate kitty.  Yes, you can cum all over my hardwood floors...but only if you promise to lick it all up afterwards. 

"Yes Master. Of course, Master."

Squatting on the floor...I brought her up to near orgasm 2 more times as I held her from behind. cupping her sweet, perky little tits and rolling her nipples in my fingers.

NOW! Cum for ME!

And she did. She shuddered and started squirting that sprayed so hard it splashed off the hardwood and left little drops of cumslut juice all over the floor.  I had to hold her up, her orgasm was so intense and I reached down and cupped the ass vibe in place.  The pussy vibe, however, had been shot across the floor and was now sitting in a puddle.  She was moaning and leaning back into me. Shejaculating always gave her by far the most intense orgasms.
Shejaculation puddle
When she'd started regain her senses a little bit, she arched her neck back and gave me a sweet little
kiss. Then, exhausted, she flopped down into the puddle of her own shejaculate.

Very good girl. Now lick that all up for me without missing a drop. If I find any drops, I am going to flog you 250 times, understand?

"Yes Master"

Good, now get to it -- Lick up your own cum. Drink your own squirt juices for me.  And don't think that any of these orgasms you had this morning count towards your daily quota of orgasms for me -- they don't.  You still need to cum just as much as any other day.