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Saturday, 7 December 2013

On Humiliation

Many find forced anal
licking humiliating
Slaves, in my humble opinion, benefit from being humiliated.  Humiliation is part of the whole 'mind-fuck' and let's be honest here....mind-fucking is where it's at. Now why is humiliation important? Because it re-enforces the decision that your sub has made to be a slave. And as a Master, a great way to encourage obedience is also humiliation for the exact same reason. Most important of all...I believe that humiliation brings your slave much closer to you both mentally and emotionally.

Humiliation is an ordeal that a slave has to endure.  Much like hazing or boot camp, she suffers through all the indignities in an experience far more intense than anywhere else in her life.  And if she finds it within herself to survive it.... she's literally *proven* herself to you. The magnitude of extreme bdsm scenes leaves her with a feeling of having gone through an ordeal -- and like many survivors she connects strongly with those who were present for it.  The intensity of the emotional experience is great and unforgettable...it draws you both much closer together as two whom have experienced so much together.

Nude in Public: another favorite
A slave has made a choice to follow her Master's commands, no matter he asks of her. So obeying
humiliating commands is a strong reinforcement of this decision. And after suffering through some extreme humilation, she will often experience an emotional release that bonds her to her Master.

Of course, using humiliation can also have a negative psychological impact. Knowing exactly what makes your slave tick means you know all the buttons to push...but pushing them all at once haphazardly can crush her for weeks. As her Master you are responsible for her emotional state and must avoid this. Done too extremely or too often will cause her to put up a shield wall that separates you from her...because she needs this a psychological protection. But the worst thing you can do with humiliation training is destroy her trust for you. If you make her do things that push her too far...she'll stop trusting you and this is the worst case scenario.

Now how do you humiliate your slave? Well, every slave is different. Some may find being made to vacuum
naked in front of your friends to be the most humiliating thing ever.  Others may find the same thing kinda hot but not humiliating at all. So the humiliation training must be tailored to her.

Want specific ideas on how to humiliate your slave? See my post on 69 Ways to Humiliate your slave.  

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