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Monday, 16 December 2013

I want...

skinny_slutI want...you to look in my eyes as you feel the pain I inflict.

I want... to see the tears stream down your face.

I want... to dress you up like a whore whose sole (soul) purpose is fucking.

I want... to make your ass bright, fiery red so it's hot to my touch.

I want ... you to look me in the eyes while I torture you.

I want... to beat you so hard that you melt into me afterwards.

slave_clothespegsI want... to hang weighted clamps from your pussy and nipples.

I want... to push you to the very edge of your limits.

I want... to lead you on a leash in public.

I want... to have you piss your jeans for me on a crowded street corner.

I want... to know you are wearing  a butt plug at work.

I want...you to cum every single time just before you pee.

skinny_corsetI want...to know you kinkiest desires so I can pull them from your fantasies into the real world.

I want...every orgasm you have to be for me.

I want...you to get wet just by me pulling your hair.

I want...to transform you into a sex-crazed-slut.

I want...to drink your shejaculate every day. 

I want...you to swallow my cum no matter where I've shot it into you. 

I want...your undying devotion.

I want...you. 

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