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Monday, 9 December 2013


I was chatting with someone online today and in the process created a new phrase: fnap.  Basically, I was describing the process of fapping and then napping -- as I think this has got to be the most common thing for guys to do to get to sleep...and girls fnap too.  In case you've not heard the term fap before, it's slang for masturbation (based on the sound of masturbation: fap fap fap). So a fnap is where you cum and then pass out immediately afterwards.

See, when a guy cums, his body releases a massive dose of hormones that is, according to New Scientist, the equivalent of taking 7 (short acting) Valiums. So when a guy cums and then falls asleep...it's partly because he's being hit with a sledgehammer of chemicals that are knocking his ass out.

Aside: biologically, this has good reason.  According to evolutionary biologists, before cities, human
females uses to go into heat and want to fuck a whole bunch of guys at once.  This worked out well for the girl as she, well, got fucked by a whole bunch of guys! This was sure to get her off and satisfy her nicely. Good little slut.  Now nature decided to help her out by knocking out each guy after her came -- so he doesn't immediately try and spoil her fun with some macho/possessive bullshit. So guy #1 cums and zonks out leaving guy #2 free to fill in the blanks. ;) And so on.  This way everyone guys  a shot at reproductions...and the sperm wars were born (but that's another story.)

Back to fnaps.  So what's the best way to fall asleep without drugs? A fnap. Just fap and bam! you're out like a light! Insta-nap! It's fun, stress free and easy.  And fnaps are used by soooooo many people to get to sleep each night or to have a quick nap in the afternoon...that there really should be name for it. And so, my friends, the fnap was born.

Happy fnapping!

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