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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Puking Kittens

This happened several months ago but I think I'll share:

After a wild night of gratuitous drinking and general hedonism worthy of a post of its own, I found myself awakening the next morning with Ashlie on one side and Special K on the other.  That's what nice big, soft, fluffy beds are for. (Ashlie was somehow cuddling her pink bunny Sloppy -- which she must have brought into my room as I never knowingly allow Sloppy into my room after seeing how he constantly messes her room up.) 
Knowing that I needed to re-hydrate myself and the kittens, I commenced operation Get-us-some-damn-coffee which was sneakily labelled as only phase one of the plan involved caffeine.    Coffee came with a large glass of water...followed 15 minutes later by another.  I set my timer so every 1/2 hour Special K would get us all a new water refill. 

Soon, Ashlie was squirming in her charateristic way that lets me know she really needs to pee. I remained silent.  Then Special K started looking water-logged as well. Good. It was time to move them to the bathroom as I really needed a bath and a urinal as well.  I had Ashlie draw a bath and then get in it make sure the water was fine.  I had her keep her bra on...as I like wet bras and her perfect little boobs looks so good with a frame.  Then I stood over her and let loose a torrent of piss into her waiting mouth.  (Actually, she got me hard first by blowing me  -- and Special K, sensing an opportunity immediately starting touching her cute, hairless little-Asian-lady-bits.  I pissed and soaked Ashlie's face, hair, bra and chest as I pissed through my morning hard on.  Luckily for Ashlie, I was apparently well on the way to re-hydration and it was almost clear despite all the booze the night before.
Now Ashlie was squeezing her thighs together in an attempt to hold back her own flow until I gave the command. I knew that she and Special K both needed to pee badly -- but Ashlie had just drank a whole bunch more so her need was probably greatest: so Special K would go first. ;)

I arranged Special K over Ashlie and had them both masturbate -- as no girl should pee without cumming first, am I right? Both girls were now looking at each other while wildly rubbing their clits.  I told Ashlie she should cum as soon as she tasted Special K's piss. Special K loves seeing that and upon hearing my orders immediately went over the edge right there and came in a shuddering orgasm. I grabbed K's hair and said, "Now piss in your slave sister's mouth. Do it as fast as you can."

A flow of piss arched over Ashlie and into her awaiting mouth. As soon as the piss landed upon her tongue the little slut moaned out an orgasm. Ashlie desperately tried to catch all of K's piss with her mouth as she does hate to miss any.  

Ashlie was now double filled with piss and I knew her bladder was aching from the way she wiggled and squeezed her legs together. So I reversed their positions so Ashlie was now above Special K's awaiting tongue. Hornier now than when they started, they kept touching their moist pussies until they both came and Ashlie looked to me for the nod to allow her to finally relieve herself.  

As soon as I nodded, a massive wave of piss began soaking Special K as she greedily swallowed every drop she could get. 

But I wanted to make my little girls share a more intimate experience. 

So I asked Ashlie if she was sad that she didn't get to drink her own pee. Of course, my little slut said, "I wish I could have drank my own piss for you Master."

"Oh, then you shall. Sit down." 

Ashlie sat back down in the tub as I maneuvered Special K over her. "Open your mouth and get ready to swallow. And DON'T STOP TOUCHING YOURSELVES."  I then forced my fingers deep inside K's mouth.  I felt the warm of her mouth...I felt her teeth on the sides of my fingers and I felt the folds of skin on the otherwise smooth back of her throat.  Soon, Special K gagged on the my fingers in her throat. She rewarded me with a warm wash of piss-laden-puke all over my hand as it rushed on it's journey into Ashlie's sluthole.  

Ashlie, being a first class slut, eagerly swallowed all of her slave sister's energy while the rest soaked her face and hair with piss and vomit.  She swallowed quickly and reopened her mouth for the next wave. I could tell this horny little slut loved drinking so intimately from her lesbian slave sister. 

Grabbing this slime-covered-whore, I pulled her over the recovering Special K who looked at me with eyes begging me not to make her repeat the puke swallowing actions of her slutty slave sister.  That look alone made me rock hard.  Of course I would show her mercy. I would let her watch a wonderful blowjob instead while she licked my balls.  Why waste the fear of waiting by quickly forcing her to do it when she could dread her vomit-drinking-duties for much longer? 

I told her I wanted her to drink as much puke as possible as Ashlie's puke was full of my piss and she had a duty to consume as much of my energy as possible...no matter what the source. Ashlie blew me like a pro and got me right to the edge. Sensing that, she did one of her magical mouth tricks and pushed me over the edge before I could pull out... so I grabbed her head and slammed my cock deep down her throat and came so hard I saw stars. 

Ashlie tried to hold it back and made a noble effort too...but eventually my cock in her throat made her gag and puke on my cock...so I pulled out and Ash's puke powerfully all over Special K. Not wanting the girls to lose any of my cum, I forced their faces together and they locked in a French kiss that allowed them to swap puke, Ash's piss, my piss, K's piss and my cum all in one! Their mouths full, I ordered them not to swallow but to swap the mixture back and forth with their tongues as they continued to kiss.  
Special K then looked at me with panic and then suddenly started to puke straight in Ash's mouth that was locked on hers. So I declared Ash the winner who got to swallow it all.
Ash needed to pee again at this point so I took the dog bowl that was on the bathroom floor and made Special K hold it under Ash as she fingered her to make it as difficult as possible for Ash to pee.  Ash came than then pissed all over K's hand that was playing with her pussy...and filled the dog bowl nicely.
For cumming in second, Special K got to have a bowl of Ash's piss dumped on her face while she came once again for me.

So now it was time to wash the kittens off with the shower head and then we all went back to bed for a little post-hedonistic-afternoon nap. 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Cock has a Big Crush on Your Ass

My Cock Has a Big Crush on Your Ass

anal threesome
My cock is madly in love with your ass. He's hard just thinking about her.  He throbs with anticipation. 

My cock is obsessed with your ass. He thinks about being in you night and day.

My cock remembers how smooth and slippy you feel. He remember you for hours afterwards. He pulses and drips clear pre-cum in memory of you several times a day.

gorgeous assholeMy cock loves yours ass with the intensity of a grade six crush. He writes your name inside all his books and has a picture of you hidden in his locker. He hopes you'll come to his pool party this summer.

My cock always knows when your sweet, tight ass is near.  He squeezes when you are around,
just to say hi. He's hard as a rock and determined to push past your rounded butt cheeks.  He puts on shows tenting the pants he's in just to get your attention. He'll do anything to get back inside of you.

My cock owns your ass.  No other ass will replace.  He needs to have you daily and fill you until you are leaking his cum.

My cock invented thrusts just to penetrate you deeper. He groves and slides just for you. Nothing makes him want to explode more than being in you.

spread hot anusMy  cock is addicted to your tight sphincter. He wants to cum just thinking of you. He loves
the way the magic wand vibrates through your pussy and makes him cum at the exact same time as you. He loves feeling your warmth surround him. He loves your tight muscles cuddling him ever so close. He needs to be enveloped by you.

Most of all, my cock loves to squirt deep up you anus.  He loves to shoot and shoot and be drained dry.  He loves the feeling of cumming deep up your bare ass.  He loves to keep pumping away as he cums harder and longer with each thrust.

My cock loves seeing his cum dripping out of your ass. Seeing his seed dribbling out your butt. Knowing that he's done a very good job. Knowing that he's made his mark on his little girl.

anal gif movieHe loves seeing you hovering above a dish and opening up to squirt his cum out so it may be  drank out of devotion.

My cock loves how your ass worships him. How she wiggles to get his attention. How she is completely devoted to his attention.  How she always seems to have buckets of lube nearby -- just in case.   My cock loves how she lives to service him and him alone.

Your ass is mine to fuck. My cock and your ass are best friends, with benefits hotter than latin lovers. Your ass makes my cock happier than any cock on the planet.

My cock knows your ass is waiting patiently for his return and is already aching for him to penetrate her again.

And that is why my cock has a permanent crush on your sweet, tight little hairless ass.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Kitten Surprised Me Today

My sexkitten Ashlie took me out for a wonderful Christmas holidays brunch today. I had a pulled pork tostada which was to die for...and a bloody Cesar as my kitten suggested it.  She had salmon eggs Benedict (known as Eggs Copenhagen after the capitol city of my people), a salad and a spicy Cesar.

When we arrived home again, I was worried that my girl had eaten too much. So I took my slave and, grabbing her by the hair, I led her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I made her strip naked except for her tiny little stretchy purple top and stand in the bathtub.  I did like the top she was wearing so I let her keep it on.  It was the kind of top that if she pulled it down low, it looked like a tight little slutty dress with spaghetti straps. I was ready to abuse her.
vomit slut
I took off my clothes and pushed her to her knees.  I then took my hard cock and inserted it into her mouth. She had her hair in a ponytail which served nicely as handle for mouth fucking her. I fucked her mouth hard and fast and she even bit down a little to prevent me from going too deep. Angered by this a slapped her cheeks while twisting her nipples until she gave a little girl squeal. (note: fuck I love that squeal! It sounds so cute and yet helpless...it make me want to inflict pain just to hear it.)  Struggling to take make cock is one of her jobs.

pretty puker
With renewed determination, I forced my thick, hard cock deep down her throat. I fucked her mouth deep and hard and when she started to gag I slammed deep into her throat so she puked all over the place. Salad and eggs coated my balls and legs as she looked up at me to gauge my response...not knowing if I`d be upset that she had thrown up during a blowjob.

I kept throat fucking her and decided she needed some lubrication to help get more of her brunch out of her.  Still rock hard, I started to piss in her mouth and as she tried to swallow, I forced my still pissing cock down the back of her throat and pissed deep into her. She struggled to swallow, to gag, to try and keep my piss inside of her -- and did a good job.  She swallowed it all.

As a reward, I bent her over the side of the bathtub so her head and chest was hanging out of the bathtub and I took my cock that was super slippery from her puke still and took her in the ass.  I fucked her ass as she moaned and struggled with her uncomfortable position.

In truth, it was a difficult position for me to fuck her in as the bathtub was slippery from her puke and my feet kept sliding. So I put more weight on her and fucked her hard and fast.

puking blowjobWhen I was near cumming, I pulled out of her ass and pulled her face back on my cock.  Slipping her ass juices into her mouth via my cock, I let her savour the flavours. Then I mouth fucked her hard, using both hands to force my cock into her throat.  She rewarded my efforts with a massive fountain of puke. I pulled back to let it rain down at my feet and then quickly slammed out another wave.  Ashlie puked and puke, covering herself in her vomit as the entire bottom of the tub was covered in salad, salmon, eggs and my piss. She must have puked a good 8 times till she was dry heaving on my cock.

I then pushed her back and made her open her mouth so I could rinse her mouth out with more of my piss.

slut pissed on in bathtub
She then eagerly jerked me off with her puke being the best lube ever (it really is!)  She sat there, on her knees with her mouth wide open -- visually begging for my cum. Seeing such devotion pushed me over the edge and I filled her mouth with a massive white load of semen.

After regaining my wits (I have no wits whatsoever while cumming...I just abandon myself to the experience) we started some water and rinsed all the vomit down the drain (and I had to poke the bits around to make it go down...kinda gross.)

Following that, we drew a bathtub and bathed in a relaxing afternoon bath.

As I cuddled her in the bath, I asked her how hard that experience was for her, on a scale of 1 to 10. And my devoted little slut surprised me with her answer, `I dunno. A 3 or 4 maybe.`  That`s one of the many reasons I love her: what many girls would consider an extreme puke blowjob...she rates as a 3-4 out of 10.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Sex and the Law: Homosexuality and Anal Sex

beautiful gay anal
Criminals? Or intimate.
This is a series of controversial topics involving sex and the law.  This one is on sexual harassment and unwanted contact. This series may challenge your system of values. If you disagree with me...let me know why and tell me if there is something I completely missed -- maybe I'll reverse my opinion when this new bit of insight comes to light.

Also note: I am arguing from the perspective of devil's advocate. I recognize that the things I am saying challenge societal norms and I because I am putting the ideas forward does not mean I practice nor wish to practice the things discussed.  So if I argue in favor of bestiality, don't take it as me expressing an urge to sex with goats: I'm just looking at things from a different angle.

ancient gaysGreeks and Romans
So let's talk about homosexuality and anal sex.  Homosexuality is something that is actually criminal
in many countries.  In ancient Greek and Roman times, the terms and concepts of homosexual and heterosexual didn't actually have a direct meaning/translation and were not considered categories of sexuality. While it was considered illegal to rape a male citizen...homosexual acts were commonplace and as long as the male was doing the penetrating there was no lack of status whatsoever...so long as you we sticking it to someone of a lower class than you (so it was always ok to fuck any slave's ass that pleased you...just as it should be.)

Gay Samurai code
Gay Samurais...totally common.
Japan and the Samurai
In feudal Japan, same sex love was part the samurai warrior culture and if a boy in training agreed to it...he was expected to be the one to make the first move. Yes, I'll say it again, the Samurai loved young boys. Deal with it. There were even  same sex 'brotherhood contracts' where they agreed not to take other lovers. And this was all viewed from a particularly positive standpoint.  They even gave it a really easy name to remember: bi-do (the beautiful way.)

Death Penalty
Now homosexual activity has been legal in my country (Canada) since before I was born. It was made legal in 1969 (the summer of love :)  )  But keep in mind it was punishable by death up until 1869 in Canada....just like it currently is in Maldives, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, Nigeria, Mauritania, and Sudan you can be killed for homosexual sex acts: that is legally...the courts convict you of having homosexual sex and kill you.  Some of these countries it's just men that can die this way...but others are more equal opportunity and kill lesbians as well.

Homosexuality Laws Around the World
But the death penalty (which is totally overkill, if you asked me) is just the tip of the iceberg.  Homosexual acts are illegal in 70 of the 195 countries in the world.  That's 36% or more than 1 in every 3 countries!
Gay rights and the Law Map

Henry VIII and Buggery
In 1533 Henry VIII introduced the Buggery Act of 1533 as the first official outlawing of anal sex in the West. Now buggery encompasses both anal sex and sex with animals...implying somehow that they are pretty much the same thing.   So you could be hung for either until the law was removed in 1861.

Where I Stand
Ancient_Greek_analNow my opinion on this is: if there is no damn victim, then there's no damn crime! People should retarded. There is all kinds of evidence of same sex behaviors in animals so the old, 'it is unnatural' argument is baseless...but even if animals didn't enjoy same sex relations...so what? I couldn't give a rats ass about...a rat enjoying some ass. I'm not going to base my enjoyment on the choices of lizards and kangaroos.  People should be allowed to fuck whomever they want -- so long as all parties consent.
be allowed to consent to and enjoy anything they please and throwing them in jail is bloody

In fact, I find it morally repulsive to impose laws against any form of sexual act or behavior amongst consenting parties.  Men should have full freedom to fuck any guy they want, however they want.  Women should, of course, be allowed to fuck girl that gets her wet too.

Anal Sex
Greendale_anus_flagNow I come to a particularly absurd part of Canadian Law.  The age of consent in Canada is 16 meaning any 16 year old is deemed old enough to decide whom they want to fuck -- except, of course, A) if there is a camera present and B) anal sex. Yes, you must be 18 in Canada to consent to anal sex! This is not only one of the stupidest laws I've ever heard of but it's offensively biased against homosexual males.  I dare say, Canadian lawmakers got it ass backwards.

But wait there's more! Anal sex is the only sexual act defined in Canada that is illegal if more an 2 people are present! I shit you not. Anal sex is only legal in Canada if there are 2 participants present -- no one can witness this.  Anal sex during a 3-some? Illegal.  Anal sex at an orgy? Definitely out.

You cannot even council a LGBT teen on anal sex legally because...well, it's illegal. I have no other reason. Of course, discussing sex anal with someone with someone under 18 may result in preventing of sexually transmitted infections and them having a positive relationship with their own sexuality...but the courts know best, right? Ummm....no...we gotta change this law before it causes any more damage.

Canada should try to catch up to the French laws which struck down all sodomy laws in 1791.

I've already done a post on Russia, Gays and the Olympics here.  I think that was my first political, non-BDSM post perhaps...though I do enjoy expressing my opinion.

Lesbians and the Law

I love this symbol. Equality. It's not about
being gay or straight or bi...it's about equal rights.
Gay Marriage
Yes, homosexual people should be allowed to marry whomever they want. Duh. This seems so
obvious to me as heterosexual marriage. The very first time I heard of this as an 'issue' I was like, 'that's dumb. This should take about 2 seconds to sort out" but apparently it's much more complicated than I imagined so perhaps I'm not the most qualified to discuss it.

Homosexual Rights within American Law
Legal Book Gay RightsIf you want to read more about the specifics of homosexual rights within the laws of the United
States of America...check out this book:
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples. It's written by attorneys Dennis Clifford, Emily Doskow and Frederick Hertz.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Frosty the Pervert

Continuing on with perverted and dirty Christmas songs for the holiday season:


And so you can sing along, here are the lyrics. Happy Kinkmas!!

Frosty the pervert
in a trench coat he did go
to a the school yard to expose his dick and balls made of snow

Frosty the pervert
all the kids he liked to watch
His dick did grow when he packed snow 
on his cold and icy crotch

There must have must have been some magic
when he stroked his frozen meat
cause Frosty started moaning loud
and it began to sleet

Frosty the pervert 
was as glad as he could get
he threw away his corn cob pipe
and lit a cigarette

Frosty the pervert 
didn't want to go to jail
he began to run 
while dripping cum
and the cops picked up his trail

Down to the village 
his dick melting in his hand
Running here and there
all around the square
yelling "catch me if you can!"

They chased him down the streets of town
right to a vice squad cop
who shoved a night stick right up his ass
and Frosty screamed "Don't stop OOOO!!"

Frosty the pervert
was locked up that very day
but he did not cry 
as he waved good bye knowing he'd be back someday

Beating his meat 
all over the streets
look at frosty go

Sliding his hands 
all over his glands
his cum, as white as snow 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The 12 Days of Kinkmas

Ms. Ashlie sent me this song today so I thought I'd post it for the holidays...sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas, this is a perverted Christmas song to sing around the tree or to amuse your nieces and nephews. Enjoy the lyrics as you sip some eggnog.

The 12 Days of Kinkmas
On the first day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
Christmas kink blindfold
A blindfold so I couldn't see.

On the second day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
two nipple clamps kinkmas
Two nipple clamps and
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the third day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
ribbed glass buttplugs
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the fourth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
slave suffering
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the fifth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
Five golden showers
Five Golden Showers! 
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the sisxth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers 
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the seventh day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
kinkmas squirting
Seven sluts a-squirting
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers 
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the eighth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
Eight ropes for tying 
Seven sluts a-squirting 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers 
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

One the ninth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
anal milk lesbians
Nine Maids-a-milking
Eight ropes for tying 
Seven sluts a-squirting 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers 
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the tenth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
Ten Candles dripping 
Nine Maids-a-milking
Eight ropes for tying 
Seven sluts a-squirting 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers  
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

On the eleventh day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
many types of vibrators
Eleven vibes a-buzzing 
Ten Candles dripping 
Nine Maids-a-milking 
Eight ropes for tying 
Seven sluts a-squirting 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers  
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see.  

On the twelfth day of Kinkmas my Master sent to me: 
group of skinny girls with tiny tits
Twelve tiny titties 
Eleven vibes a-buzzing 
Ten Candles dripping 
Nine Maids-a-milking
Eight ropes for tying 
Seven sluts a-squirting 
Six bars a-spreading 
Five Golden Showers  
Four calls for mercy 
Three butt plugs 
Two nipple clamps and 
A blindfold so I couldn't see. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Just Fist Me This Christmas

Here's a classic holiday tune that I sing every Christmas. It's by the Wet Spots and just like the female ejaculation that causes wet spots: they are goddamn awesome. They were also incredible and hilarious live!

So happy holidays!

Just Fist Me This Christmas, by the Wet Spots    
Lyrics so you can sing along:

It's Christmas time, and all through town
The people run around
Buying lots of pretty things they'll throw away

But darling, you've no need to prove
Your love with gifts and trinkets
You can show me that you care another way

Just fist me this Christmas
Do me underneath the Christmas tree
Leave the gifts, just bring the Crisco
'cause Christmas means fisting to me

I don't need decorations or expensive celebrations
Or a never-ending spending spree
'Cause let me tell you, Mister
The gift I can't resist
Is when you're buried to your wrist in me!

Just fist me this Christmas
Do me underneath the Christmas tree
Leave the gifts, just bring the Crisco
'cause Christmas means fisting to me

Now the snow is fallin'
And the relatives are callin'
But we're letting it ring (and ring and ring)
Singing Glory Hole-a-leuia
A very merry to ya
We'll be swinging in the Christmas sling

Just fist me this Christmas
Do me underneath the Christmas tree
(By the nativity scene)
Fist me this Christmas
'Cause Christmas means fisting to me!
'Cause Christmas means fisting to me!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Consistency of Cum

pearl necklace
The pearl necklace you can wear all the time!! Somehow I
don't think this would be a well received gift. :-/
Let's talk about sperm.  Have you ever noticed that sperm changes consistency?  It's a standard timeline and if you haven't noticed this...allow me to explain how and when male ejaculate changes.

Now first off, male cum comes in a variety of volumes and thicknesses. It's generally white, fairly thick and sticky when it first comes out.  Typically males produce 1-2 teaspoons of semen each time they ejaculate with an upper limit around 4 teaspoons.  Now the actual volume changes from load to load.  Obviously if you've cum twice before that day, you are going to shoot a lot less.  Interestingly, if you perceive there is direct competition for the female (say in a threesome??) then your load will be significantly larger.  Why? Because your body senses the need to produce more volume and therefore more sperm to increase your odds of impregnating the girl.   Last thought on this...what happens at orgies of gay men? Does this effect get transferred?

Ok, so you've shot your load. What happens?
sperm army
Sexy looking sperm

Right as you cum and ejaculate, your cum is thick and sticky.  Why? Two reasons. Thick cum can
be shot out farther. The idea is to shoot your semen as far as possible so it goes deep up the girl in order to impregnate her. It also is thick so it won't leak of of her vagina immediately after sex.  The cum is also sticky so it will stay on whatever it hits...this is your body assuming that you are at least looking at and aiming at pussy.   But I'm sure this reproductive strategy also has worked countless times by getting the cum on a girl's face or tits or stomach and then she touches it and then touches her pussy -- transferring that sticky sperm to the right spot.

Test tube baby sperm
Guys? Where are we??
After about 1-2 minutes, the semen goes extremely watery.  The colour changes from white to
almost clear and it loses all thickness and becomes a runny, water-like fluid. It's still kinda sticky...but much less so.  This stage happens so the sperm can now race towards the egg.  The assumption is the semen is somewhere in the right neighborhood (and not in a Kleenex, a stomach or an anus) and now it goes into speed mode.  The semen becomes fluid so the sperm can race quickly around in it to try and find that elusive egg -- and fast!

sperm iraq mission accomplished
"Mission Accomplished!" (and just like Iraq,
there may be a little bit more to do.)
The final stage, the semen thickens up again. This is mostly observed in the presence of air...the
sperm thickens up after about 5-10 minutes and loses it's watery consistency.  I'm going to hypothesize that the sperm thickens up to block other competing sperm from entering the Fallopian tubes after your boys have gotten in there first.  Sperm was designed to be competitive and there are blocker sperm and killer sperm as well as runner sperm (runner sperm are the sprinters that sprint towards the egg.)  Sperm is competitive.  Why? Because biology accepts something that society denies: that women are sluts.  Women can and do enjoy being fucked by more than one guy a day and this occurs with such frequency that our basic reproductive biology is designed around it. So being a slut is natural and expected.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Free the Nipple!

I mentioned a few days ago my plan to do a Sex and the Law post on toplessness...but a friend (and kink activist) sent me a link to this post on Free the Nipple which is more timely so I'm supporting it:
(as I write this the campaign has raised a little less than $27K of their $250k goal --- and has a meager 95 shares on google plus... so please share it people.)

censored nipples on free the nipple
OMG! Look closely...her nipples are still censored!!
Basically, it is crowd sourcing the fundraising to a very worthy cause: freeing the nipple and decriminalizing the female body.  Specifically, it is providing funding for a movie on political activists who are working to free the nipple.

Free_the_nipple_censoredNow why free the nipple?  Because violence is incredibly common and easy to view in our mainstream media but a woman who is topless on a beach gets arrested??? Huh??? As a man, I have completely legal nipples that can be shown when and how I please and nobody says too much.  But women? Gooooooooood LORD! If a woman were to show me her nipple...I think I would be severely psychologically scarred for life -- she must be stopped and put behind bars. :o)

free_the_nipple_facebookTruthfully, I believe that making nipples illegal are a symptom of our incredibly sexually repressed society and it one of many things we need to change. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why a woman's nipples are banned from TV, Facebook, YouTube and as well as from beaches, swimming pools and anywhere else a man can appear topless.  

Let's give women the right to be topless.  I'm not saying all women MUST be topless...I'm saying all women should have the right, if they so choose. Let's change the laws. Let us embrace equality.

And apparently Miley Cyrus is getting involved too! Here's a link to a video that, at the time of this posting, has less than 100 views. :-/ C'mon people! Link and share!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rape as a Weapon

Warning: this is not going to be a sexy post.

I heard a story on rape being used as a weapon of warfare in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRP) and thought it was both interesting and terrifying.  Apparently the rate of rape is at a staggering 50 women per hour.  The net result is 12% of the women in the Congo have been raped at least once.  Clearly, this is systematic and being used as a weapon of warfare. And it's not just the Congo. It's being actively used in Zimbabwe, Syria and Burma.

If any guys are reading this are finding themselves slightly aroused, consider this: they are raping men as
well. The rate of male rape is unknown and certainly under-reported as men are extremely resistant to reporting rapes because it lowers the status of their entire family and they seen as possible spies for the enemy. This last part makes little sense to me...as I would think that a man who had been held captive and repeated raped would be highly motivated to slaughter the perpetrators.

Women too are shamed by the rapes and fear telling their husbands as a typical response is to declare her unfaithful and throw her out of the house. Even highly publicized rapes of political candidates wives in Zimbabwe  -- where rape has been used as a political weapon -- it is extremely rare for the man to stand by and support his wife: they instead opt for divorcing her.

Worse, women who attempt to participate in political processes are specifically targeted for rape.  Apparently being raped is very bad for votes too -- nobody wants to vote for a rape victim and she will not get elected.

So I'd like to name the Congo as the worst place on Earth to be a woman. Another terrifying fact: 3% of the female population was raped in 2007. In some places like the Eastern province of North Kivu that rate hits a staggering 7%.   That's 7% of the women there being raped in a single year. This country now hosts 1.8M female rape victims and more, uncounted male victims too.  This is profoundly uncool. And it speak to the magnitude of the problem -- and the culture of rape.

Considering the shame, lowering of status and potential for divorce as a consequence of admitting to being raped...it's likely the actual numbers are considerably higher. The sexuality of an entire generation if being mutilated.

Thousands? Millions. Military action now.
I know people get extremely upset over the use of 'unfair' weapons such as landmines and chemical weapons...but has any government ever been held accountable for using rape as a tactic of war?  We have troops in Afghanistan doing God knows what...but for fuck sakes! We should send some peace keeping troops into these ravaged areas to aggressively crack down on any military or militia group using rape a weapon.  It's time we treated large scale rape as aggressively and respond to it with same intolerance that we have for chemical/biological weapons. The scale is far to great for this to be treated as some '2nd class crime' -- rape is being used as a weapon of war and we need to send troops to stop it.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sasha Grey

One of my favorite porn stars is Sasha Grey. I like her for a lot of reasons...she is highly intelligent, sex positive, ambitious, kinky-as-fuck and on top of all that: she's got a smokin' body and beautiful little tits that rock the planet (not to mention a smirky-smile that makes me weak).  So if you don't know of her...allow me to introduce you.

Sasha Grey was born March 14, 1988 under the name Marina.  That makes her about 25. She's 5'6 and listed as 110 lbs. Now the main thing that makes her awesome is her brain.  She's a smart one...and unlike most porn stars, the more I see of her acting like a normal human being-- the hotter she gets.  I think this chick is actually cool. (Note: most porn stars I want to say, "No no honey, please don't speak...you're ruining it.") But Sasha can speak all she wants because she's got something to say.  Seriously.  She's in film now...so, for example, if she couldn't speak intelligently on a filmmaker like Akira Kurosawa I'd eat my own ass. And how many porn stars actually graduated a year early from High School?

Cooler than Howard Stern
Sasha butted heads with Howard Stern (a man who has never particularly impressed me in any way)
So...points for her!  When that curmudgeon found out that she had the nerve to have 'an agenda' Howard was all, "What a genius. I'm going to sit there an listen to this. Please. Just tell me how much cock you can suck and how far you can swallow a hot dog. That's what I want to know. I mean, really."  Which is extremely offensive to me, to be honest. Come on Howard Stern! You're such a fucking tool if you are trying to take girls who openly express their sexuality and reduce them to 'hot dog swallowers."   I mean seriously...what is sexier? A vacuous near retard with big tits that will do anything you ask her...or an intelligent firecracker who happens to be damn skilled at fucking??

Sasha_Grey_bro_fistAnd Sasha is a firecracker too. She's the next voice of liberated female sexuality if you asked me. She's just 25 so give her some time to mature and find her voice...but she's well on that road. I can't wait to hear what she has to say after 5 more years of thinking about it -- and bouncing ideas around with others. But she's openly bisexual --which is great because I can't really related to 100% straight or 100% gay girls...and here's to keeping your options open!

She's sex positive and I think she'd fully agree with my viewpoint that sluts are the goddamn
best women in the world but you can't try to limit them, possess them and you should never ever try to slut-shame them.  Women should own their sexuality and be empowered by it.  It's time for a revolution where we finally say, "Women are sex goddesses...fucking deal with it already and stop trying to limit them into some bullshit box that doesn't fit."

For example, look at Sasha in any film she's in. Is she 'playing' what she hopes to be sexy and seeking guys approval? Not at all.  She's just being herself. Sure, she plays it up for the camera, no doubt...but you can tell she's being real. And being real...is so much hotter than the long-nailed horrors that 'ooooh ooohhh ooooooh" for the camera like the goddamn morons that they are.  (Whoops, am I being to harsh on standard porn star?)

Sasha's speaks directly to the ageism in porn too...where actresses have an extremely limited lifespan where male actors....not so much.  But is it true than only a 18-19 year old can be sexy? Have you sat down and talked with some of them? It's a gawd-awful-anti-Viagra.  Sure, I can and have Dommed some younger girls -- but all of them have been able to hold their own in a conversation and were the exception rather than the rule.  So why is it we only show them in porn?

And worse, we have the nerve to tell girls to augment their breasts??? Are you kidding me? That's
Feminist and more hardcore than you
awful. Hmmm...I'm kinda ranting here and projecting a bit on Sasha at the same time based on the stuff I've been able to find from her today.

So one thing that makes Sasha fantastic is she's done porn and then moved on to do other more 'mainstream' stuff (like porn isn't mainstream??) like acting, writing and DJing. But guess what? She's not said she's stopping porn because...why the fuck should she???   And hence, the reason she's going to be different.  She gets it and is directly challenging societal molds. She's reminds me a Madonna somehow...a real maverick -- except she's a lot smarter than Madonna.

A favorite quote:
Sasha_Grey_worked_over 'I don't need to see genitalia up close; I don't need to see a dirty yellow couch against a white wall. I want to see something different, like this is not exciting to me.'

Yeaaaaah! I mean really... every girl I've seriously dated has expressed a desire to 'hot and sexy porn' that's not like that mentioned above nor so BS story porn that is uninspired and as water-down as it is unsexy.  Surely I'm not the only guy out there to think, "Wow...this porn is really boring."  So I say the world needs a creative visionary like Sasha to show them how it's done.

Sasha_Grey_girl_from_naked_eyeAnd the girl can act too.  Check her out in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience.  A very
cool thing about this film was it was improv-based -- a style that's extremely difficult for actresses without the chops to pull off (and it certainly helps to have life experience and insight too!)   Her performance was impressive and you can see she's portraying a woman that's open to her customers and yet still guarded...not an easy thing to pull off.

She's also played in HBO's Entourage  playing a fictionalized version of herself and in Canada's own Smashcut. Most recently she's done, The Girl with the Naked Eye (2012) and Skinny Dip in 2013.  These a just a few of her acting credits...check out IMDB for the latest on her acting career.   That said, the roles she's gotten have been ok...but I think she's needs a role that brings out her fiery sexuality--- a BDSM Mistress in some Sci-Fi world perhaps? Something she can pull off while really showing who she is inside...now that would be something truly great to see.

Sasha_Grey_spinningThe most promising role I stumbled across was Inferno: the Linda Lovelace Story. Now that could be interesting...I just am scared of the 70's bush potential.

Yeah, of course she spins.  She's released an EP  aVigillant Carpark in 2009 and does DJ gigs
travelling around North America because...yeah, she's awesome. *drools* 

Sasha_Grey_juliette_societyLike Madonna, she released a photobook called NeĆ¼ Sex in 2009 which I haven't been able to find as
of yet...the only photos I've seen from her are from her twitter account...but she seems to have an eye for it. 

Then she released an erotic novel,  The Juliette Society this year (2013) and I really want to get my hands on that as well-- although knowing that a person is opinionated and outspoken...doesn't exactly make them a good writer so we shall see.

I've also done Playboy.  Twice.
Yeah, she's a porn star, for certain...she's done over 250 films and was great at it. She did officially announce her retirement from porn on April 8, 2011 but...well see how long that lasts.

I'd like to see be the first person to successfully balance a mainstream life who also happens to do porn...now that's a strong statement. 

I should and will do a post just on her porn...but that will take more research ;)    Till then, she's top porn awards like AVN's Best 3-Way Scene, Best Group Scene, Best Oral Sex and Female Performer of the Year.  So I'm going to put it out there that she's good in bed too.

Now Sasha had the nerve to actually want to read to school children! I mean, what kind of monster is she?? Does she actually believe that children should read for themselves?

Now parents got upset because someone who has actually had sex was going to be reading to children. None of the parents admitted to having sex and were shocked that woman who could do such a terrible thing would also want to corrupt children into a life of reading.  Some postulated that this is just the first step and she may plan to encourage children to write as well. 

So what's next for Sasha Grey in 2014. Well, there's Inferno: the Linda Lovelace Story. And she's also working on a book on the philosophy of sex...which could be a really interesting read and she should totally steal ideas from my blog here to make her book better.  I'd also like to see her become a spokesperson for the Slutwalk campaign and get an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.