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Friday, 8 November 2013

Found an Old Message on Facebook

Ganja Babe
I found an old message on Facebook and I thought that Ashlie and the Special K would enjoy reading it.

I have no recollection of reading this initially so it was a surprise to read it today.

Ashlie, you remember the girl that did your makeup for the photo shoot when you were a model for Morpheus' How to Be Kinkier? Well, apparently I'd emailed with her long before that.

"So you’re looking for the dirt on [Littlegirl --name changed to protect the innocent ;) ]. Well I will have to dig deep in to the dusty archives of my memory for what you’re looking for. [Littlegirl] has always been good to me, We went to a lot of the same fetish parties when I first moved to Toronto, When I first came here, I barely knew anyone and she was fetish royality and knew everyone in the scene.

When I think of [Littlegirl] I think of someone who is intelligent, compassionate, unique, fair, dramatic (in a good way), independent, one who stands up for what they believe in, dedicated, kind, helpful, a teacher, extreme, wise, fun, understanding, an individual, a nonconformist, and fearless. These are just a few I could go on. She was also my younger slave sistor's tutor. She was labelled as a “bad kid” and “stupid” and [Littlegirl] was able to get through to her and teach her to get the respect she deserved while still being a sub and all in a way that she was able to absorb it. I saw the two of you on stage and she was obviously wearing your collar so I should be looking for the DIRT for you!!!!!!!! How did and when did that happen? It's not easy to impress and snare the Ganja Babe.

Lol. Ganja Babe. I ever tell you about the time we were riding a hemp leaf coated float down Yonge
Street with [Littlegirl] and, believe it or not, the Ex. The Ex is, of course, is the former Playboy model and long term girl lover that if I recall correctly, clashed like mad with Littlegirl. But somehow we were all on a parade float with the song, Ganja Babe playing over and over.

This was at the gay pride festival and I've always been a supporter of people's right to shag whomever pleases them --so there I was.  With two...strong minded women who were exploring new ways to be catty with each other while attempting to appear graceful in my eyes. Fun times :-/

Anyway, at one point, a stop a friend and his wife in the crowd and went over to say hi. The wife had a big crush on me --and the Ex had told me about the time the wife had pulled her aside and said, that they were 'really open-minded" and she would "love to get to know me a lot better."  So that's the backstory. So I run up and say, "Hi!" and BAM! The hubby grabs me and plants a massive wet kiss right on my lips.  I was dazed honestly because I didn't expect that. At all. Especially not on parade.

Then the wife grabs at my arm and starts trying to reel me in for one as well. It's not like they were unappealing looking. In fact, the hubby was a fairly well successful actor and had appeared in The Mod Squad but I'll say no more. The wife on the other hand was definitely a possibility --but considering the mouth kiss that just happened -- and prevent myself from being sucked into an impromptu street orgy...I beat a hasty retreat back to the Ganja Babe float.


Ahhh, Ganja Babe. The guy that sings that gave me a fantastic hug a couple summers ago...memorable. He was surprisingly tall and muscular for a dude that refuses to wear any damn shoes. And I would never admit to smoking anything this him after the show...but knowing I got a hug from him would've made Littlegirl bonkers as she used to love that song (hence the float with it blasting.)

Then again, I gave a LOT of hugs the day of the parade too...as I was wearing a t-shirt with, "FREE HUGS" on the front and back. ;)    

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