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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Squirting into bottles for Me

I am thinking back fondly to the earlier days of my relationship with Ashlie.  She was living with her boyfriend at the time...which made things kinda awkward.  And by awkward I mean, "He wanted to kill me."  Yet, I knew what I wanted and I had to have it.  I know, you could consider me evil but really, Ashlie deserved soooo much better than him.

Regardless, the separation made our encounters even hotter.  I was really falling for this girl and we were exchanging some very hot texts daily.  The main thing that was like crack to me was she would cum whenever I ordered her. And I ordered her to cum a lot. I was addicted to it. (She doesn't know this...but I would just watch my phone and smile...awaiting for her response that she had just cum for me.) <3

Anyway, as this developed, I was training her how to female ejaculate and having her practice this as often as possible...as practice makes perfect.  She got a device for practicing squeezing her pc muscles and was starting to increase the volume and frequency of her squirts.

Make sure it's a nice smooth phallic shape so you can
bottle-fuck her with it and drink it out of her ;)
While I longed to see her gush and squirt everywhere...alas this could not always be arranged.  This
prompted a brainstorm of mine to have her squirt into a bottle so that I could see the proof that she had cum and squirted for me! Making her squirt (as forcing and making any girls squirt is awesome) followed by holding a trophy of her female ejaculate...well, I was in heaven.

Seriously, this was like the best thing ever. She would come over and deliver 2 or 3 bottles of her precious, clear, sweet female ejaculate. And when I drank it...I could feel her energy go inside me, enter my stomach and it felt so goddamn good. Then, usually, I'd forget about it for a pause...and then suddenly, 3-7 minutes later it would hit me like an avalanche coming down the mountain! I'd just suddenly cum! Somehow, drinking her shejaculate was causing me to have solar plexus orgasms!

So when I say that female ejaculate is like crack to me...it's fucking like crack!

It was sooo awesome to have a bottle of her sweet female fluids in the fridge ready for me to drink whenever I desired. It got that I was worried about drinking it too fast and 'wasting it' as the intensity was slightly influenced by quantity...so it was tempting to drink more.

Luckily, with a squirty squirting sexpet  able to gush and cum anytime that pleased me, there was little risk of this.  Of course, the intensity of the orgasms are best by drinking her clear cum straight out of her bare and hairless pussy...but the boyfriend didn't seem down with this concept.

(Recording the bf threats on the phone was a nice counter to the threat of violence...but he eventually caught me with her and a fight ensued where my biggest concern was hurting him why my little sexkitten watched as she was looking on with horror.)

 But I just want to sing the praises of making a girl squirt so that she can prove to you that she's been cumming a lot...by shejaculating and handing you her pussy juices in a bottle as proof..  And you definitely should drink it all! <3  <3

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