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Monday, 21 October 2013

I Want...

I want...

I want every part of you. I want it all: the entirety of you. 

I want to make you head swim with perverse images and ideas of what I might do to you. I want you body to ache with desire. I want you heart to race in anticipation of my touch.

I want to probe every part of you with my fingers, violating you. I want your tears on my tongue as my hand clasps over your mouth, muffling your screams.  I want to fist you tiny, tight little ass and feel you melt around me as I crawl inside you. 

I want you be beg me to go deeper.

I want to redden your skin with my caresses --with my floggers and paddles. I want each thud to make you more mine.

I want to take you fast and hard.


I want you to look at me with absolute submission. 

I want to cover you body with my blows so that every inch bears my marks.

I want to bind you and clamp you before I fuck you endlessly until you are a shell of orgasm around my cock.

I want you to ache the next day as you sit and melt a little, thinking of me. 

I want you to consider if your clothing would meet my highest approval every time you get dressed.

I want you to crawl to me and offer me you ass.  I want you to think of me first, always, over yourself.

I want you wake me with a devotional blowjob in the hopes of winning my favor.

I want you to shave your pussy and be thinking of me the entire time -- of how pleased I will be looking at your cunt --and to get moist at the thought of me spanking you bare little box.

I want to twist you into a bound little pretzel so that any movement in any direction causes greater discomfort. And I want you to appreciate and worship me as I have all the power over you.  I want you to give up any remembrance of having power. 

I want you complete sexuality to mold to my liking. I want to become my orgasm addicted junkie. I want you to thrive on porn, toys, and other girls who are my playthings.

I want you in pain -- knowing that you will suffer as much as I desire until you are

I want to see the pain in your eyes as they beg me wordlessly to use you as hard as I see fit.

I want to see you so very terrified, in agony and loving it.  

I want to hold you gently afterwards and soak up your love like a sponge.  

I want you to cum so hard and long you are disorientated for minutes. I want you to cum so uncontrollably that you spray and squirt everywhere. I want to bathe in your shejaculate. I ant to nap in the cooled wet spot of your female ejaculation. I want you wet cum to be a physical symbol of your love for me. 

I want you to love taking me deep up your ass and then cum on my cock. 

I want every fiber of you being to so tightly wound around me that you consider yourself as nothing but my slave. I want you to worship your Master. 
I want your mind focused on being a sex slave, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

I want all your emotions to be 10X as intense as you've ever experienced before -- I want you lost in a sea of me. I want to swoon at the smell of my shirt and to touch yourself in anticipation of seeing me. 
And I want you committed to me. I want you feeling safe and secure knowing that you are home now...forever.
I want you to trust me with your life. 

And I want every aspect of your being. 

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