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Friday, 11 October 2013

How to take care of a Dom

How to take care of Dom?  Huh? There are are tons and tons of articles on how to care for slaves and pets but what about the subbie caring for a Dom??  This article is in recognition of the work it takes to be a Dom and sometimes...they need a little tender loving care too. So how do you do it? I can only speak for what works for me but it's a start.

First off, let's be honest here, being a Dom is a ton of work. You have to make all the plans and decisions, prepare things in advance, pack the toys, learn the safety, learn the techniques, be creative, and then flow with how your sub reacts. If you think having a dog is a lot of work, try having a sub -- they are even more work. 

And what does the sub do? She's provides the receptive energy that I find so utterly delightful but...it's not normally her place to be the one 'taking care' of anything.

But then there's life and sometimes it's a a real bitch. Your company loses a big whack of cash or if you're employed, maybe that changes.  Friends and can family die or, well I'm sure you can think at least one more scenario where life doesn't go your way.  So, when this happens, sometimes the last thing I want to do is make any fucking decisions at all or put my energy out there at all.  I just wanna go into my mancave and sulk, drink a beer, play video games and generally do fuck all. 

So what can a subbie do when this happens? For me, several things really work:

  • Mix me a drink and make some delicious food.  Then make another drink ;)  
  • Don't ask and definitely don't expect anything to be done by me
  • Kiss my cheeks
  • Cuddle
  • Look at me with adoration in your eyes -- like you know I'll bounce back (I am your sun that everything rises and sets upon...but do this not in any kind of condescending way...but if it's done for real...it's like, damn, life may be a bitch but I still rock this little girl's world.) 
  • Wear super slutty outfits around the house just 'cause.
  • Within the Daddy Dom context, 
    • draw me pictures to put on my fridge (I have a wonderful drawing of a heart that says, "Daddy" on a black background that makes me smile endlessly.)
    • Be the little girl who doesn't understand the growed-up stuff so is just happy to play
  • Play a good boardgame with me
  • Put on pee shows
  • Show me your asshole and remind me that it's there for me, whenever I desire
  • But on a show cumming for me every so often throughout the day -- not expectant, just to please me
  • Cuddle me and as your snuggling into me, touch yourself
  • Show me pictures of hot girls you found for me on the net
  • Take me to a movie
  • Give me a BJ
  • Just sit with me and watch me play video games -- and be actually
  • Do laundry
  • Act like a really subbie girlfriend who is utterly smitten with her lover and can see nothing wrong in her new love -- y'know, the kind of behavior that doesn't actually get you laid or get you far with a guy... but as a sub in an established relationship, you can actually get away with it quite nicely.  
  • Don't ask for fuck all
  • Don't point out anything that needs doing
  • Don't criticize in any way
  • Having an adoring slave wait on you is really utterly delightful -- it's like disappearing into your mancave with your favorite, loyal dog.
  • Wake me up with a blowjob (best way to start a new day) 
  • Recognize I'm human and be kind
  • Offer the greatest gift you have: your complete submission

I know that there's a number of sexual items on this list...but that's me...I'm forever horny.  Some Doms this will aggreivate them so play it by ear and at all times be respectful and remember that you are just here to serve.

I reread the list and it's pretty sweet. And I do like sweet, adorable girls...as I've had several little girls do items listed above and...well, fuck yeah, life ain't that bad at all.

Do these kinds of things for me, and I'll no doubt remember it when life kicks you in the twat and punches your tit.  And it'll help me get back to a state where I want to hold your leash again ;)

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