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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Female Libido Pt.3: Chemical Dampeners

Female Libido...it's a great thing when it's working. So lets take a look at what makes women WANT to have sex...and what dampens their libido. I will divide this  into a series that covers physical, chemical enhancers, chemical dampeners, herbal, and mental.  This is Part 3: Chemicals Dampeners.

Anything that kills or reduces libido is a dampener. I'm listing them off from most to least potent.  


Now just as chemicals can enhance sex drive...they seem far more likely to unintentionally kill it.

Now there are drugs out there that can chemically castrate you -- if you are male. This is using chemicals to nuke your sex drive.  But what about for females?  Guess what the easiest chemical castration is? A strong birth control pill. Awesome :( 

The Birth Control Pill
So at the top of the list is The Pill. >:(   Oral contraceptives including all types of hormonally based birth control in women...tend to kill libido. They should fucking mention this, no? All types from pills, patches, rings...whatever method you want to get hormones into you...they all fuck up your sex drive. Why?  Well, first off, it makes you literally less sexy.  Women miss that whole ovulation thing...which is their sexual peak! Every month, women who ovulate hit a massive, massive peak in sexuality. You know how all mammals go into heat and just wanna fuck when they ovulate? Well, it happens to women too. Heat is defined as, "a period of extreme sexual receptivity around ovulation that occurs in all mammals except humans." I'm calling bullshit on that last part.   

Did you know men respond to women who are ovulating far far more positively than the same woman a few days later? It's true. And most casual sex occurs for women during ovulation. So the pill fucks that right up and all of a sudden you don't ovulation and miss your sexual peak every month. That sucks balls.

36% of women firmly and strongly believe that the birth control pill sacks your sex drive. The amount of sexual health specialists put the number much higher. It levels out your hormones so there's no peak. Additionally, it binds to testosterone in your bloodstream rendering it...and your libido useless. (See testosterone as a libido enhancing drug, above.)

Anti-depressants are known libido killers that can not only kill your desire to have sex but also kill your ability to have orgasms. So it's lose-lose!  There is a lot of different anti-depressants out there and different people respond very differently to the same drug so if one isnt working for you -- switch.  Drugs in the Prozac family of drugs. They mess with your seratonin levels (kinda like ecstasy) meaning hitting peaks of orgasm can be really difficult. 

That said, if you're seriously depressed, you're probably not getting much action -- so the sexual  side effects can be outweighed by the fact that you're way happier and happier people tend to get laid way more often.

One anti-depressant that stands out is Wellbutrin as it doesn't have the sexual dysfunction and libido killing side effects 

Blood Pressure Medication
Like anti-depressants, most blood pressure drugs kill female libido. They kinda suck for that.  But there is a lot of different options so switch them up until you find one that doesn't kill your sex drive.  

Cocaine, heroin, crack, morphine, opium and other opiates all are known for having massive libido killing effects. Women stop caring about sex (and frequently food!) and become really drug focused instead. Women who regularly use opiates tend to have huge difficulties reaching orgasm and major dryness problems to boot. So even when you do have sex...it's not very good.  But the main effect is to the sex drive which plummets on 'fun things to do list."  Cocaine is a stimulant and can lower inhibitions and boost confidence which can help getting laid -- but regular users confidently go do other stuff and tend not to fuck as much.

I don't think it will surprise anyone that sedatives are powerful libido killers. They sedate you. The make you less likely to do anything.  Your 'get up and go' gets drop-kicked-to-the-stomach and even if you have a willing partner, your ability to be aroused has taken a major blow and 'it feels like such a hassle to do."   Sedatives are better at creating a zombie than a nympho -- so be aware of this. 

Cancer Drugs
Cancer drugs are notorious for killing the female libido...during and even years after treatment.  Many cancer drugs like aromatase inhibitors block estrogen formation sites and your libido goes bye-bye.  Of course, being nauseated and super low energy all the time isn't not a very sexy state.  Add that to losing your hair and/or a breast and your confidence can take a real hit at the same time.    

50% Of women report a significant lack of libido 2 years after cancer treatment stops so there is probably a lot more to it than the immediate effect of the drugs -- but standard counselling during cancer treatment address loss of sex drive.  That said...being alive with no sex drive sounds better than being dead (with no sex drive). 

So yeah, drugs in general don't seem all that good for the female sex drive.  Staying healthy, fit, eating well and exercising are all great ways to boost your libido -- but taking drugs is generally not a very good plan.  That is, of course, unless you are taking drugs that are specifically designed to boost female libido

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