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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Improving Self-Image of the Slave part 2

[Continued from Part 1]
The best way to improve a slave's self-image is by helping her feel happy.

It may sound too simple, but simply telling your slave when she is pleasing you with her behavior is the best way to improve her self-image and help promote happiness. Whenever she does something that you want repeated...reward her: positively re-enforce the behaviors you want repeated. Clearly let her know that she's done well.

Your slave will most likely come to you burdened with all sorts of ideas of what it means to be a successful member of society: she should have money, possessions and a powerful job. Well guess what? Those things don't fucking make you happy!! It's a bullshit lie that money leads to happiness.  Millionaires and people making $50k a year have identical happiness scores. Material things? Nope. They offer only an extremely short term spike in happiness and then you just have more crap in your house. A powerful job? Well, no...it's not the power that makes you happy...it's the connected-ness with other people, feeling valued and being creative. So let's look at what makes people happy for real.

Top 5 Things that Make People Happy

  1. Connection: Family and Relationships 
  2. Compassion: Treating everyone with kindness 
  3. Caretaking: Looking after others
  4. Being grateful for what you have
  5. Health: massively influenced by feeling empowered   

And the biggest factor in unhappiness?  Financial stress. (See, this is why we think having money will make us happy! Because we are stressed about it...but the truth is having money just stops you from being miserable: it doesn't make you happy at all.)
So guess what? You are the Master and your fucking job is to make your slave feel happy.  Happiness and self-image go hand and hand. And you job is to guide your slave and look after her.   Luckily, being a slave is one of the most wonderful and simple ways to get happy! Let me explain.

A skilled Master should guide a slave's tonal (a.k.a. mental self-talk) and he can put the slave into a position such that she is free from all financial stress and burdens.  Additionally, he can give her all sorts of opportunities to caretaking and serving and appreciate the hell out of her for it.  He can guide her mind so that she regularly focuses on kindness and compassion. And he can create a solid, safe, secure family type situation where the slave is completely comfortable and confident in her role.

Now, if the Master is vocal of his appreciation of her...she should blossom and her self-worth, self-esteem and yes, happiness should skyrocket. The slave gains satisfaction from connecting with her Master and takes pride in serving and even takes on a special and easy to understand social position amongst the community. Her ability to serve well becomes intrinsically intertwined with her serving and not having to worry about anything else.

Additionally, the Master grows to love and depend on her for her spectacular service -- and it's a real win-win situation. 

The main point is: a Master must create the right circumstances where he reshapes and recasts the slave's thoughts so that her self-esteem becomes linked to serving and gaining the approval and encouragement of her Master. 

The Master has several tools at his disposal to influence his slave strongly and improve her self-image so that she is focused on happiness.

A Master's Top 10 Tools for Improving his slave:

  1. Hypnosis
  2. NLP
  3. Positive Re-enforcement (aka praise)
  4. Setting Goals
  5. Teaching coping skills
  6. Mantras (e.g. compassion meditation
  7. Visualization
  8. Meditation
  9. Clearly defined rules and practices
  10. Punishment and sexual rewards

I will talk about each of these and attempt to link back to this article and fill these in as the sections are written. 

Ok, I still have more to say on Improving Self-Image of the Slave this will have be....

[To be Continued]

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