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Saturday, 14 September 2013

I'm moving to Antarctica

I have decided that I should go do research in Antarctica as:
1) I really should visit every continent
2) have you seen the amount of smokin' hot female researchers there??
Seriously girls smart and adventurous enough to take a job doing research on the coldest place on earth are damn sexy just for that. But damn! Have you seen the shear number of hotties living there? From Fetlife alone the research facilities must be crawling with latex clad ladies!
Now I'm am a little concerned for their health as I've heard ninety-year-olds are way more susceptible to the cold: so why they flock to...well, Antarctica is a bit of a mystery to me. Still, they certainly seem to take care of themselves down there. I have a theory that extreme cold is incredibly good for the skin and is possibly the best way to keep wrinkles and excess body fat at bay. So I'm heading to Antarctica and research my theory.

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