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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Female Libido Pt.2 Chemicals Enhancers

Female Libido...it's a great thing when it's working. So lets take a look at what makes women WANT to have sex...and what dampens their libido. I will divide this  into a series that covers physical, chemical enhancers, chemical dampeners, herbal, and mental.  This is Part 2: Chemicals Enhancers. 

Unfortunately, while we live in a society where we expect our problems to be solved by taking a pill...this isn't really the case with respect to the female libido.  The physical changes are going to have way more of an impact-- especially because they address the underlying problem. And here's a general disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and if you want to put drugs in your system then you must consult a doctor first. I'm not recommending that you use anything. 

Ok, ok, onto the chemicals and drugs! First I'll list the libido enhancers with the best near the bottom. Then I'll continue with chemical dampeners. 


First up is pharmaceuticals.  Specifically, Viagra (sildenafil).  Yes, the exact same Viagra that men take. Shockingly, the genitals of both sexes respond well to this drug.  ''Seventy-two percent of the women on Viagra vs. 27% of the women on placebo got to 'much improved' or 'very much improved' on a scale [of sexual functioning],'' says Harry A. Croft, MD.  Harry is the medical director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center in Texas and a co-author on a study where women were given does of Viagra and the results quantified.   But interestingly, while it enhanced female pleasure...it didn't do much for upping their desire and will to have sex. But it had a big impact on increasing the frequency and intensity of orgasm. So..yeah, there's that.

"I actually prescribe a lot of Viagra for women," says, Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego and editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.  The effect is mostly due to causing the clit to swell up and be all good to go.

Next up, Flibanserin which is a drug to increase female libido.  The catch? It doesn't seem to work. The other catch? You can't say it's fucking name. So I can't see this drug going mainstream. If you want to read a boring-ass study on how it was proven to suck...knock yourself out. (ok, ok, it's only a summary...if you want to read more after that you truly are a masochist.)

How about something that works? Intrinsa! What is it? Basically, it is a clear testosterone patch that is worn just below the naval.  It releases 300 µg of testosterone every 24hrs -- which is way less than testosterone treatments for men.  Many women think of testosterone as a 'male hormone' but it is actually produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women.  Intrinsa is made by Proctor and Gamble and has some pretty good results:  over a 6 month study, 'satisfying sexual activity' increased by 73% in the users. Why? Because testosterone makes you want to have sex and will even encourage you to take action to make that happen.  The catch?  It's not legally approved in the US but you can get it by prescription in Canada and Australia. 

Then there is Libigel.  Personally, I like the name. It's another testosterone product, this time a gel that you spread on your arm.  Basically, it works the same way as Intrinsa.  The initial version of this had a massive 230% improvement in the frequency and pleasure of sexual encounters. Which is massive.  But in the 4th quarter of 2011 it was announced that it failed the Phase III trials -- which is bad as I believe Phase III drug tests are the major safety test. So if it say, causes breast cancer or heart attacks...it fails this phase.  So they dropped the dosage and resubmitted it to clinical trials...but as far as I know it's not out of the woods yet. 

But let's talk about other potential side effects of testosterone, shall we? Too much testosterone in women could have masculinizing effects: deeper voice, more hair, more acne, decreased breast size (yay!), and making your junk get bigger. Yes...megavag! It can also mess with your monthly cycle. 

Why not use estrogen? Well, Estratest does! But in combination with testosterone. Estrogen by itself apparently doesn't have much effect on sex drive.  Estratest was developed for women with their ovaries removed...and it boosted their sex drive (providing hormones formerly provided by ovaries.)  It's now prescribed by some doctors to boost libido. Like all estrogens, the hormone may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and blood clots in the lungs or legs.

Meth. Yeah, it's time to mix it up a bit. Time to go illegal, Breaking Bad style. Meth is reportedly a massive libido booster for women and men. It makes you horny as fuck and want to fuck for hours and all night long. The main drawback is...it's meth! It can turn you into a hallucinating, bat-shit-crazy, drug addicted loser if you are lucky.  Meth can fuck you up in a hurry. There's a ton of before and after 6 months on meth photos online...and it's scary. 
Just say no to meth.
Other popular illegal drugs for libido? Ecstasy! Ecstasy is a possible libido enhancer because it lowers inhibitions and makes everything feel really really freakin' good.  While it most definitely is a great drug to encourage making out and cuddling, I wouldn't say it is the best sex drug because of performance issues.  Everything feels good and sex seems like soooo much effort! Additionally, it messes with guys ability to both get hard and to cum. But the aftereffects are big downer for me: it causes depression and life loses it's zip...so it's not great for a long term solution to boosting libido. 

Next up, Lybrido by Pfizer (makers of Viagra).  Lybrido is a combination drug that uses some testosterone, Viagra and
buspirone.  The first two are mentioned above and the the third, buspirone is an antianxiety drug that drops your serotonin levels briefly and makes you far less stressed or 'inhibited'.   This combo approach appeals to me because the brain is a big big factor in this equation. So this three pronged approach seems to have hit a home run with users and it looks like it will be available on the market in early 2016. 

Another drug in the pipeline is Bremelotide, which is a nasal spray that works on parts of the brain linked to sexual stimulation. So you squirt it up your nose and your brain suddenly finds it way easier to get aroused  I like this approach and it seems the most viable of the pharmaceuticals to my taste. Because it effect the brain, the brain starts sending out the right signals to help the body prep for sex. 

ArginMax has also been clinically studied even though it is a mix of herbs.  It appears to have had a massive effect on both the women's libido and in the amount of satisfaction they get out of sex. I've read way too many reviews on various websites as a result of this article: generally, these pills seem to be quite popular.  Along with GoldMax which also uses ginseng as it's major ingredient (a potent libido booster known to Chinese tradition medicine for, like, forever.) 

My favorite review for GoldMax as follows was written by Chloe Cross of Vice Magazine:

Look, not to freak you out or anything, but Gold MAX is fucking intense. I took two capsules before dinner, and without warning my body suddenly screamed YES, and the River Nile was unleashed in my panties. Thanks to GM I had sex for the first time in two months. YAY! My prey described me as being “wetter than an otter's pocket”, which I’m fully taking as a compliment.
Afterwards, he fell asleep and left me writhing around all night trying to "accidentally" wake him by grinding up against him (quite aggressively). It says on the packet that Gold MAX is a Chinese herbal remedy and as such has "no unpleasant side effects", but I got the feeling that if I took it more often it might turn me into a rapist. Which is about as unpleasant a side effect as I can imagine.
Rating: 8.5/10 (-1.5 points for the rapey bit) 

That's it for chemical enhancers. The next part will be on chemical libido dampeners. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Female Libido Pt.1: Physical factors

Female Libido...it's a great thing when it's working. So lets take a look at what makes women WANT to have sex...and what dampens their libido. I will divide this  into a series that will cover physical, chemical enhancers, chemical dampeners, herbal, and mental factors that influence libido. 

Physical Enhancers
To physically enhance the experience and pleasure that she feels, you can simply flood her genitals with blood so she's all horny and engorged. In order to do this: there's suction vibrators. The only one I know of that has been FDA approved (and you can get a prescription for!) is the Eros. 

The Eros is basically a little suction that goes over the clit and sucks on her like, I dunno, a mouth??  Ha ha.  Anyway, you use this to suck on the clit which increases blood-flow significantly (in many ways working just like a penis pump).  And then the device vibrates. 

The results? Well, more blood-flow in that area and all of a sudden you're hornier.  It's no big surprise. Guys will tell you that with a hard on you are way hornier. So this works for women too. In addition, it makes them wetter and more responsive to physical pleasure.
Eros Prescription Vibe:
Ask your hot doctor to
show u how to use it.

Now there Eros itself costs $179 and is prescription only but keep in mind that they are getting medical insurance companies to pay for it.

Let's face it, sucking on a clit isn't that difficult and probably doesn't require something studied by doctors in order to work. A much cheaper option is a little $15 clit vibe found here.   
Fetish Fantasy Clit Sucker

A well groomed lady using a suction vibe

Now the medical community is all excited because they found a little pump that can boost female sex drive...but they are missing a massively obvious libido booster: Masturbation!  Women who masturbate are hornier. A lot hornier. They are thinking about sex more. They are exercising their girly bits more and practicing cumming.   From a medical journal, "repetitive, high-emotion, high-frequency sexual behavior and self-stimulation may cause changes in neural circuitry that, in turn, may cause perpetuated hypersexuality."

So yeah, masturbating daily works wonders for female libido and is probably the single most powerful libido booster out there in any form. So if you want to feel hornier...touch yourself more. Doctor's orders.

Rest up! A good night sleep improves a woman's energy, mood and sex drive. So get your beauty sleep! 

Get groomed.  If you are all nicely shaved, showered and feel comfortable to showing all parts of your body, your are more likely to WANT to show all parts of it. Conversely, if you are self-conscious and feel like a hairy Sasquatch your sex drive will mirror that. So do whatever it is to make you feel groomed and pretty. Paint you nails. Put on lip gloss or wear your favorite perfume. 

Being healthy, fit, and well rested goes a long way to
boosting sex drive
The most powerful physical thing you can do to boost libido: exerciseExercise has a massive impact on you giving you more energy, releasing stress, increasing your vitality and vigor. Mentally, exercise makes you feel better about yourself: more attractive and more appreciative of your body. And exercise increases your blood flow meaning your girly bits get more blood and so it is easier for them to get engorged and wet.  Women who exercise regularly have significantly higher sex drives and also, they report much less PMS and shorter periods. 

And finally, lose weight! It's been found that women with low weights and BMIs have significantly higher libidos. As one evolutionary biologist described it, "Larger women have more resources available to get pregnant and can be impregnated more easily.  Very thin women, in contrast, have a more difficult time getting pregnant so the body compensates by spiking their sex drives to increase their chances of getting pregnant."  So thin girls are way hornier and much more likely to be sexually active.  And apparently, the thinner, the better.  Now there has been some slightly conflicting info on this where being extremely thin can sometimes cause interruptions to your hormonal system due to lack of resources-- and this can occasionally cause a big drop in female libido.  But in generally healthy thin women, it causes a big spike in sex drive.  

Physical Dampeners
Any sort of 'bad pain' that is unexpected, unwanted and not related to the twisted actions of a Dom is usually a massive buzz kill. 

Additionally, there can be problems with her self-lubrication which can result in pain from excess friction and tearing while things are going in there...which can lead to apprehension about the whole experience. So a simple solution to this is a  good lube that let's her know that won't happen.  Now every pussy is different with her own likes and dislikes so find a lube that agrees with her.  Personally, I prefer O'My...as it's the best in every way from being natural to tasting awesome and truly edible

Other things known to kill libido? Lack of exercise. (See above.)  You feel sedentary and lack energy and this is reflected in you sex drive...so switch it up. 

Poor sleep...who feels really sexy when they are exhausted? No one. So rest up. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Divine Nectar

I found out a about a film that I thought I'd share and ask...has anyone actually seen it? Is it as bad as the trailer makes it look?

The film is called The Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation.  This being a favorite topic of mine, I am extremely interested in it and rushed off to find the trailer. Well...this is what I saw:

Now maybe it's that I used to work in film (I've won awards for editing, writing and have even produced films that were show at major film festivals and even long listed for the Oscars) but I don't think that's it... I think this trailer hits on SOOOO MANY terrible visual buzzwords that my flake alert was buzzing off the hook.

Consider that this is one of my most favorite topics ever. I also practice and enjoy tantric sex --because damn, who doesn't enjoy cumming for 15+ minutes straight? And I am pretty familiar with shamanism too.   So wtf is it about this trailer that sets me off so much?

It looks sooo freakin' terrible that I want to watch it just for the train wreck factor.  Yet...maybe the editor for the trailer just sucked balls and it's descent?  (Generally, I would say that's not usually how projects work but then again, maybe they got a asshat of a trailer editor and the actual film is watchable.)

So, is this an informative film on female ejaculation and how to make girls squirt?  From the trailer, I would be shocked if it didn't focus on tantric practices...which could also be kinda cool. Does it focus on drinking it? What exactly does it cover? So I definitely wanna see it.

But my question is...will this be 2 hours I will never get back? Or will it provide insight or at least be a valuable learning video to which I can refer others.  I'll get back to you on that.

Here's another trailer for it...less censored and definitely not YouTube friendly because there's squirts and tits and stuff http://www.squirtshops.com/trailer_divine_nectar

And if you didn't know of the pirate bay, you can purchase a DVD (I know, you thought you go rent the vhs tape from the video rental store!) which is available here.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Being Forced to Pee

Being forced to pee  (adding to the "Is it Piss? The Female Ejaculation Debate") 

Many girls are extremely self conscious about squirting because they are worried or concerned about incontinence...yes peeing themselves.  And to those girls, I offer the following stories based on my personal experiences.

Grabbing her by the hair, I force yet another pitcher of water down her gullet. She's squeezing her thighs together and looking at me with eyes pleading to let her pee.  She's never peed in front of me before.  So I have to make her first time special.

I lead her by the leash attached to her new collar and she eagerly follows me on all fours.  She's butt naked except for the collar. And she actually thinks I'm going to let her pee.

Well...I will. But her body won't.

I lead sit her on the toilet and immediately order her not to pee yet.  I order her to spread her legs so I can inspect her pussy. I know it's perfectly hairless because I've already checked...but nothing like a quick inspection while she's sitting on a toilet to really make her conscious of needing to pee.
Then I start playing with her clit. I expertly run my fingers up and down her slit until her clit is swollen enough to deserve my attention. I play with her clit and look into her eyes as she's almost forgotten she needs to pee at all. It's amazing: being sexually aroused makes it really difficult to pee.  Most guys are totally familiar with this...but girls usually are a bit clueless. You see, guys know you can't piss through a raging hard on. Every 13 year old boy has tried...because they happen all the time then...and it never works!

xena_cant_peeWell, that's not completely true: you can learn how to control the muscles and piss through a hardon. But if you haven't practiced...it's damn near impossible.  The body is designed to eject cum...not pee...when sexually aroused. Guys all know this. Ask them.  The plumbing switches over to the 'cum piping' and the pee valves get shut off.

Women and men have extremely similar structures and plumbing -- as they all develop from the same basic units and differentiate as the fetus develops into a male or female. And so this trick of the plumbing that doesn't allow you to pee while aroused also applies to women.

How do I know? Because I'm a twisted fucker who has gleefully used this on a variety of girls. I've yet to have one slave that could do pee the first time.

So I make her drink far too much so her bladder is ridiculously full and she's dying to pee. Then, as described above, I sit her on the toilet and instead of letting her pee, I play with her.

With her clit swollen and delightlfully hard...I play with her love button while I start inserting fingers up her pussy and start finger fucking her till she's close to cumming.

"So, you really need to pee, don't you?"

A desperate nod and 'yes' usually follows -- or I make her drink more...but I've never had to make her drink more...she's always bursting.

"Are you ready to pee now?" I ask.

"Yes! Please Master,  I'm really worried about peeing on your hands," she replies and I can tell she really believes it too.

"Ok, you may pee now," I say as I pull my fingers out of her but keep playing with her clit.  She struggles and squirms...but nothing happens.  She looks distressed as she finally has permission to pee...and can't.

"Come on, I thought you said you had to pee," I tease her.

"I do! I don't know why I can't!" she explains to me far more surprised than I am.

"Come on, push it out."

She pushes and pushes...but...   well....  nothing.

"Damn girl, I don't think you ever needed to pee. Shall we go and I'll give you an hour or so before we try again?"

"NOOOO!!! Please!  I can do it!"

Hmmm....well, ok. "Ok, I'll give you one more chance, but if you can't do it, you have to drink
 another full pitcher of water before you can try again, Ok?"

She always agrees to this. And she always has to drink another pitcher. Why? Because girls can't pee when they are really aroused. I have no idea why they are so worried about it, ha ha. It's like no girls read that section of their owner's manual. :)

Inserting a waterproof vibrator with clit vibe attached is the next stage in this prolonged pee torture. This can go on another 10 to 15 minutes.  Her bladder should be at about 150% capacity now and she's complaining that it hurts and she really needs to pee...and by now she's getting the idea that maybe I should stop fucking playing her little pussy so she can pee.  Oh, and it's always good to stop for short periods to give her a chance to try and pee...just to keep her attention fully focused on that.

"Do you really, really need to pee?" I taunt her.

"oh yes, please!"

"Then I will make you a deal," I say with a sly grin, "I will let you pee into this pitcher on the condition that you drink it afterwards."

Her eyes widen with horror. Drink my own pee???

You would be surprised at the number of girls I've convinced to have their first experience drinking their own piss this way. You see...they are desperate at this point and will agree to just about anything.  So they might as well agree to something I think looks really fucking hot.

When she agrees... I allow her to pee into the picture but slowing down how much I play with her...giving her longer and longer breaks between touches until she can finally pee. As soon as she starts I can stop the flow at will by playing with her clit again.  She has no control over it.

Suddenly I change my mind.  "Wait. You can't pee yet."  Her eyes widen with shock and pleading! Nooooo! But you SAID!  

Ha ha. "I think you need to cum for me first. I want you to be a good little girl and cum for me. Then I will allow you to pee."

I using the vibe and my fingers, I push her over the edge and make her cum hard! God, I love seeing girls cum...it's like my crack pipe always calling to me!

After about 5 seconds of orgasm I stop stimulating her, "Pee for me NOW! Push it out!"

She pushes and struggles...but nothing comes out at all. "PUSH!"


"You keep saying you have to pee to fucking PEE!"

She pushes and pushes, squirms and struggles and... finally the tiniest little flow starts.  I think of this as the plumbing finally switching back...slowly.

The stream starts to gain momentum and goes from a trickle to a thin stream and as soon as it hits a medium stream...I start playing with her again. :)

This can have 1 of 2 effects: It can kill the stream again; or she will push through it with fear and desperation that I will not allow her to pee more than a tiny amount.

Either way, I insert fingers inside her and then order her to pee/keep peeing.  I don't move my fingers at all...I just like to feel her pussy muscles pushing.

Eventually she pees out enough to relieve her swollen bladder...and fill the pitcher with her clear piss.   This is actually really great for her to drink...for a first experience, it's totally watered down and barely tastes like anything at all... a wonderful introduction to watersports.

Besides...I'm nowhere near finished with her as the last pitcher is still being processed by her system and now she's drinking this pitcher of pee...so the games will continue for some time yet.


So considering this is a technique I use for my own twisted satisfaction: I say to any girl worrying, "is it pee?" when she squirts... I say, "Fuck no. It's not fucking pee." Girls only think they can pee when close to orgasm...believed me, I've asked them. They all think they can pee and are worried about it. Ha ha. Good luck.  The most I've seen is a tiny dribble that couldn't come close to forming a stream...just running a little bit down her butt crack. And that is actively trying to pee-- with a massively overfilled bladder.  The odds you peeing accidentally are minuscule. I would bet against it every time. No, if stuff gushes and squirts out while you're all hot and horny...it's cum. Congratulations...you are able to female ejaculate.

And no, it's not pee.

Final thought: this is a great part of BDSM training that gets her way way more interested in urine and watersports as the powerplay combined with intense bodily urges is really intense.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Why it's awesome to have a sexpet

First off, the definition of a sexpet. A sexpet is a 24/7 sex slave who has signed a contract and collared by you. She's your property and responsibility.

Now it can be a lot of work to take proper care of a sexpet and making sure her mind is in the right headspace the whole time...while you plot out the various ways to torture and abuse her.

But this hard work is more than compensated by the rewards.

Why it's awesome to have a sexpet:

  • I can fuck her the way I want and so I love it
  • seeing the devotion in her eyes as I attach a leash to her collar
  • knowing the she will follow the leash to the best of her ability
  • I can punish her as hard as I like -- but it's more fun teaching her a lesson at the same time
  • Because I know her so well...I know exactly where her limits are and can gently push them
  • knowing that if she's distraught or confounded, I can just take fucking control and sort her shit out
  • knowing that she'll be loyal to me know matter what situation I put her in: so it's my duty to defend her and keep her safe
  • when you go out with a sexpet on your arm, the other girls notice and want some too
  • having her give me presents, little gifts and snacks when she wasn't ordered because...well, every day is like Christmas with sexpet around
  • because the longer you know her...the better you can mindfuck her
  • because having live in eye candy dressed for sex is best art I could wish for in my home

Now these apply just to Ashlie (my sexpet) and not my others...are they are sex kittens but there's only one sexpet as she's earned the title <3

  • because she's fucking hilarious
  • she will find the hottest girls that suit my taste and just drool over them she's so distracted by their hottness
  • because she a most careful listener who takes my orders and preferences to heart and remembers them better than I do
  • because she has never, ever once refused sex or even acted anything but enthusiastic at the prospect of being fucked. 
  • because she's so natural and comfortable during threesomes she just makes everything seem chill and fun
  • because she's wonderfully brilliant. I have never, ever had anyone consider my sexpet dumb...or even possessing average intelligence. No, she's got a witty, rapid-fire brain that makes me want to eat it. (Don't worry, I will take the health risks into account and satiate myself by eating another part of you in place of your brain.) 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

On Squirting: a Woman's Perspective

The first time I gushed I was was 15 and was masturbating.  I thought, "oh God, did I just piss all over my bed?!? What will my mom think!?"   It didn't take to too long to come to the conclusion it wasn't piss but something far far better.  I have since done this from vaginal sex but something that isn't often mentioned is anal sex.  One of the things that makes me squirt really hard and the most fluid is anal sex!   I have no idea why, but anal makes me the wettest!

As I've gotten older, I have found it just gets easier and easier to do.  Now, I squirt almost every time
using my favorite vibe inserted in me with it's 'rabbit ears' on my clit. I pretty much have to squirt every single time.   

About a month ago I squirted and gushed a good 8 feet! I couldn't believe it and actually got out the tape measure.  Almost exactly 8 feet!  I regularly squirt and can soak through 3 towels easily...and I'm starting to figure out how to squeeze my muscles just right to get the maximum distance!

And how does it feel? Squirting feels sooooo much better than an absolutely mindblowing orgasm.  Usually with a super intense orgasm I'm dazed and super sensitive afterwards and don't want anything touching my clit.  If it's super intense...I usually have to take a nap just like a guy!! ha ha.   Yet when I squirt I feel a massive pressure buildup to the point I just don't give a flying fuck what I squirt on I fucking have  to squirt! And I love to keep it going too and squirting more and more! The more I squirt the more intense and wonderful it feels.  

After squirting several times minimum, the pressure is relieved for a bit and I can get on with my day...till I feel the need to squirt again or till I happen to stumble across some good porn and then I usually feel the need to give it another go!

Any guy I have been with has responded excessively positively to my squirting.  They all have loved it and expressed desires to drink it, bath in it and just plain watch me do it.  Guys eyes always go wide when I squirt during sex. Every. Fucking. Time.  I am not only not nervous about squirting during sex: I can't wait to see his reaction and have him worship me for the goddess that I am.   

The main thing is: the more I've done it, the easier it gets, the more I squirt, the more control over it I have and the farther it goes. So practice, practice, practice!  I think every woman should make regular squirting a masturbatory goal! 

Muscular suggestion with Hypnosis

One of the key advantages a Master has in using hypnosis is he is free to position the slave as he chooses and he can direct her feeling and body with things like electrowands, floggers and nipple clamps...which, when used correctly, can be extremely effective.

Body positions are closely related to emotions and simply putting yourself into a 'wonderwoman' stance for a minute or so is enough to change your brain chemistry and make you more confident. This is exactly why I use certain postures and have trained the kittens to hold them when waiting or being inspected.

And the opposite is true as well. Hang you head and slouch and soon you will be in a far more mopey mood.  So it's essential to straighten your back, keep your chin up, brighten your eyes and smile for fucks sakes! All of these things will make you happier, healthier and enjoy your life more.

There is a close link between emotions and physical behaviours. Carl G. Lange of Denmark was one of the first to document this thoroughly but the recent advances of the past few years have made it undeniable. It changes your heart rate and rhythm, your breathing, your hormones, eliminates stress hormones from the blood...on and on.

And this most definitely applies to slaves and hypnosis.  Once you have induced your slave, change
her position.  Get her on her knees and clasp her hands together like a devoutly praying saint...and have her thoughts directed so she is subconsciously praying to you.

Or have her prostrate herself to you as she tells you all the reasons why she needs you as her Master. Any position commonly found in worship is ideal: kneeling, bowing, laying prostrate...anything that subconsciously sets her mood. Adjust her position and be mindful of it as you progress through the hypnosis session.

This goes also for her facial expression. Under hypnosis, it is very easy to manipulate a slave's facial expression and you can even do so quite directly.  And these facial expressions will evoke stronger emotions within her while hypnotized than they do in the waking state -- yet even in the waking state they can result in powerful physiological changes.

I will give a very specific example so you can understand the technique.  If you are wanting to her imagine something that please her greatly -- say her imagining herself with a lower body weight and being more fit and attractive...you can suggest that she stand like an athelete crossing the finish line first with her arms in a V over her head in victory! As she walks over to the podium to get he medal have her wave to her adoring fans in the crowd with both hands over her head as the champ. Then have her smile as she 'directs her attention down to her body and feels' her fit and strong core.  As she's beaming away with pride...ask her how she feels with her new slim and strong body. Have her desire it greatly and associate these positive emotions and confidence with a thin and fit state that she now greatly desires -- and you've effectively primed her subconscious to want this and move towards it.

Friday, 20 September 2013

15 Hypnosis Tips

As I have previously mentioned, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for BDSM and training a slave. The use of hypnotic suggestion can greatly improve your slave’s enjoyment of a scene and improve her overall ability to serve you.  (I know, I know, I haven't actually written the How To Hypnotize Your Slave Guide yet...I'm working on it!)

But in order to use hypnosis effectively, you have to understand how to use it as a tool. There are several suggestions (no pun intended) that I can put forth that can you understand how hypnosis works and how to properly use it as a tool.

These guidelines will apply to all hypnosis and not just use in BDSM.

Here are my Top 15 Tips for Hypnosis:

  1. Use a script until you are very comfortable with hypnosis. You may find it extremely useful to write out a script that you are going to use with your slave. Beginners often make mistakes when winging it but if you develop a script beforehand, then you can proofread it for errors. After you are more experienced, you will see that the script is just a general guideline-- it’s the phrasing that is of utmost importance.
  2. Imagination is key. Her subconscious mind will respond best by actively engaging her imagination and use every sense possible to make it as vivid as possible.
  3. Be playful. It is best to be flexible and playful...not ridged. If a certain turn of phrase seems particularly useful...use it! If she hints at something she finds deeply relaxing...latch onto it and use that knowledge to get her to ever deeper states.
  4. Belief cannot simply be destroyed...they have to be replaced.
  5. Support beliefs with other known beliefs. Prop up new beliefs with as much logic as possible.
  6. Beliefs are extremely powerful. If you believe you can’t do something...it won’t matter how hard you try to do it… you will fail.  The belief must be changed first.
  7. Strong emotions are great at cementing beliefs. The stronger the emotion is...the easier it is to affix a new belief.
  8. If she is expecting to be hypnotized and allowing of it...it will be super easy to hypnotize her. So prime her a lot beforehand and get her to want it to happen.
  9. Build on small acceptances and agreements. The more she begins to accept what you are saying or suggesting, the easier it will be for her to accept more difficult suggestions later on.
  10. If you can logically convince her that she wants it to happen, add her imagination to visualize it afterwards. This will have a powerful multiplying effect.
  11. The longer she can concentrate vividly on a subject, the more powerfully she will accept it.
  12. On a topic, the first suggestion given will have the greatest effect on her.
  13. Long held beliefs often come with physical and emotional reactions. What her body language closely as she will be communicating with you using it.
  14. Never suggest something that could be dangerous to her.  She may be physically capable of more while hypnotized but there is a risk attached to performing physical tasks while hypnotized. So use this time for mindwork...not body work.
  15. Your job is to guide her and convince her through visualization and logic. Convince her that she wants it to happen and then help her see how it feels to have that happen.  

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Female Prostate

Continuing my series on female ejaculation or squirting (search PC muscle or ejaculate on this site in the upper left search box), I thought I'd focus on the source of the wondrous event of squirting.

Now I personally believe that all woman can ejaculate...simply because 100% of the women I have been with for any length of time have squirted. I think it's simply a matter of practice and proper stimulation.  That said, I don't want any girls to feel stressed about it if they haven't squirted. If you can't orgasm, that's an entirely other matter...but not squirting..meh, give it time ;)

So let's take a closer look at the female prostate-- the source of squirting -- and let's start at the very beginning.  In the womb, during fetal development, all fetuses start off as females therefore all must have structures that can turn into either male or female sexual organs.  When the y-chromosomes kick in, one structure develops into a large prostate gland on males.  But if you're a girl...it develops into a structure that is actually a big group of individual glands and ducts that surround the urethra and also have a group of tiny passageways into the vagina.  These have also been labelled by some as paraurethral or Skene's glands.

These glands on both males and females produce prostatic fluid...and both males and female report significant pleasure resulting from stimulation of this gland --which causes both to release some prostatic fluid into the urethra.

The average size of the Skene's glands are 3.3cm long, 1.9 cm wide and 1 cm tall -- or for those wanting antiquated and obsolete imperial measurements...it's about the size of a small woman's thumb.

Note: this is not normally visible from the outside
 but she's pushing out so she's holding herself open
so the gland ridges are visible.

 Now it surrounds the urethra (the hole you pee out of) and is just beneath the surface of the skin and it also protrudes down into the top wall of the vagina. Hypotheses: some women have told me they feel like peeing when they are nearing orgasm...perhaps this is directly related to this gland completely surrounding the urethra?  If you insert your finger inside her vagina and curve it upwards you can easily feel the roughened bumps of the skin that is displaced by some of these glands.

Now what does the female prostate produce? It certainly doesn't produce all of the ejaculate found in female ejaculate.   But into the cum that she squirts out, these glands insert some PSA (prostate specific antigen), PAP (prostate acid phosphatase) and some fructose aka fruit sugars.  Yes...she makes herself sweet and fruity for you! And what else does the female prostate release? Serotonin! Directly into your bloodstream. You're welcome!

Now what could be the purpose of this PSA being released into the ejaculate? Medially, it's actually a fucking mystery. Damn doctors have their heads up their asses so I'll have to explain (just like I explained the reason for women ejaculating the first place) as this makes sense:  PSA is also found in semen and it's purpose is to dissolve vaginal mucus which can trap sperm.  Additionally, it causes the semen to get thinner so it can travel easily deep up into the vagina and beyond!!  Yup, same purpose as the males...because...well...same purpose. Remember, the point of sex is to get pregnant. (I know, I know, I keep forgetting that too!)

As for the PAP that is added to the ejaculate? I challenge you to find any mention of it that refers to healthy function in men...it seems the medical community is convinced this is a unhealthy sign of cancer in men -- and is ignoring the fact that women produce it too altogether.

What is in Female Ejaculate?
The truth is...it's a mix of heaven and shear bliss. Specifically, it has some PSA, PAP, urea and creatinine in it. Both urea and creatinine are found in urine but in considerable higher concentrations. Female ejaculate is much more dilute than urine and also contains PSA and PAP which are signature chemicals high concentrations in the ejaculate only.  Female ejaculate tends to be clear, slightly sweet, odorless and non-staining. It's a miracle fluid that should be sprayed everywhere.

Are you sure it's not urine?? YES!!  It has 600 times more PSA than urine, 8X more PAP, 4X more glucose, 50X more fructose, 8X LESS Creatinine, 1500X less urea, and 5X less salt. It's a completely different formula. We're not talking about small percentage differences here...keep in mind that a 1X difference equals 100%  ...so you could say it has 60 000% percent more PSA but I find that really hard to picture.

So, yes, the source of the liquid probably is the bladder initially...but it's basically taking the water out of it and creating ejaculate using the available water in the urine...while keeping most of the pee in a much more concentrated form.  However, it's also appears the glands are pulling liquid out of the bloodstream too...the whole process is not well understood at the moment --especially on how it can process so much fluid so quickly.  

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Double click your mouse

Yeah, it's made for double clicking! Dooo eeeet!
I heard an expression today and just loved it.  Apparently it's been around awhile but it's new to me.  It is "double click your mouse" as a slang for female masturbation.

I think that's so awesome! tee hee.   So much better than 'tiptoe through the twolips'.

There's so many phrases for guys doing it and girls need some good ones too. Especially as female masturbation and use of porn is becoming much more common.

Apparently 'double clicking your mouse' was mentioned in American Pie and Urban Dictionary.com has it listed from May 2003 so it's been around awhile.

Monday, 16 September 2013

On Female Body Fluids

Let's  talk about female body fluids! Of course, I will discuss my favorite produced during female ejaculation..but there are many others as well.  Our society seems to have a great disdain for any female fluid and there is a definite amount of pressure on women not to do such things as sweating. Worse, menstruation is not supposed to exist and boys tend to freak out at just it's mention. In other societies, menstruating women were cast out of the community during this time or were blamed for crop failure, poor hunts or dying cattle. And personally, I don't see how that's going to help women embrace their wonderful fluids which are super sexy...literally. I mean, come on! Would you rather be with a self-lubricating babe or have to be constantly reaching for an expensive bottle of astroglide?

Women were once told not to do sports so they wouldn't sweat and be unattractive.  Then antiperspirants got in the game and took things up 10 notches with just plain mean advertising.  Before 1912 there just plain wasn't antiperspirant and people simply accepted the fact that we sweat. Why? Because people sweat!  Sweat serves a natural function to regulate body temperature and at the same time you release pheromones which attract the opposite sex. For women, it's like their most powerful way to advertise that they are ovulating and very fuckable.  So in stark contrast to the ads...sweat can make you way more popular with the boys.  Of course, sweaty men are seen as virile, right? Is it because they produce sperm and that fluid is a-ok!?  Well, the media seems to think sweaty men good...sweaty women bad.

Then tampons and 'sanitary napkins' got in the game with a whole slew of marketing campaigns
about being discreet and not being stinky!  The natural progression was the douche. And of course, women are stinkier and need much stronger stuff than men. So hell, why not use Lysol down there? That sounds like a really really good idea! You know what I wish my girls tasted like? Not pussy...that's gross! Give me a nice mouthful of Lysol any day! YUM!

In porn, men soak girls in their paltry amount of fluids all the time. Porn has basically standardized the facial...as well as cumming all over her tits, stomach, ass...you get the picture.  So why is it there isn't more porn with women giving facial? Seems way more awesome to me. Women make far more fluid so it's much more cinematic. But it took till 2008 to get female ejaculation off the banned porn list in England. Yes, a female squirting was up there with a girl fucking a horse. That's a massive stigma. No wonder women are concerned with producing 'too much lube." Of course, you can NEVER have too much lube. Ever. (That's the 1st rule of anal sex too ;)  )  So god forbid you squirt! That's even worse than too much.  ha ha.

Some women are so self-conscious about squirting that they feel stress about sex and prefer to avoid it rather than be 'incontinent' and unsexy in front of their beloved.  What if she has sweat sex while menstruating and ejaculates? Good lord...the man would leave her for sure! Either that...or he'd grow a pair, accept female fluids as a wonderful part of being with a woman and feel confident in the fact that if they weren't there...there probably was something really wrong with her.

So ladies, I'm giving your squirting, sweating and bleeding the thumbs up! Yay for you for being healthy.  And if you experience more intense squirting orgasms...fuck the risk of your partner having a 'bad reaction' and go for it. Hedonism babe...it's always the way to go.

Now the origins for the motivation behind this post? Researching female ejaculation and so much damn research seems focused on 'is it normal' and 'is it pee'.  Both of which seem deeply entrenched in the societal grip of female bodily fluids being taboo.  And it is time to grow up and embrace the realities of the world.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

I'm moving to Antarctica

I have decided that I should go do research in Antarctica as:
1) I really should visit every continent
2) have you seen the amount of smokin' hot female researchers there??
Seriously girls smart and adventurous enough to take a job doing research on the coldest place on earth are damn sexy just for that. But damn! Have you seen the shear number of hotties living there? From Fetlife alone the research facilities must be crawling with latex clad ladies!
Now I'm am a little concerned for their health as I've heard ninety-year-olds are way more susceptible to the cold: so why they flock to...well, Antarctica is a bit of a mystery to me. Still, they certainly seem to take care of themselves down there. I have a theory that extreme cold is incredibly good for the skin and is possibly the best way to keep wrinkles and excess body fat at bay. So I'm heading to Antarctica and research my theory.