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Friday, 2 August 2013

Sex Swing

One of the best things for ease of fucking is a sex swing.  If you haven't tried one of these, you really really should. The first time I tried one of these was with a now-rather-famous-sub of mine who happened to have a perfectly placed ceiling hook that easily support her weight -- and from that very first time, I was totally hooked.

Ha ha...just did a post on swinging so of course my next post has to be on sex swings!

A sex swing can be anything that supports the slave's weight, hangs from a tie point and allows her to lie back and sway back and forth. Ideally it has a bit of a hammock type bed for her to lie back on. Some swings have loops that support her legs independently while keeping them spread -- and while these are nice they are are not required to get the job done.
Leather: nice feel...but pricey

A sex swing can be purchased online from various sex vendors for $100-$400 and usually come with
mounting equipment, webbing and possibly some sort of neoprene padding. However, this can be done for far less. Go to a hardware store and investigate the hook possibilities...and you should be able to get something suitable for under $15 easily. The swing itself can also be found at some hardware stores or walmart as backyard swing chairs or even modifying a hammock.  I got one for $35.

Rope...good feel for her and dirt cheap too!
My recommendation
Of course, some swing chairs are made of rough rope which can be a little uncomfortable for her -- which makes the cheaper ones more desirable for me  (you can have her getting to comfortable.)  So not only are the rope ones much cheaper...but they provide the right feel for your little slut.

The reason to use a sex swing is simple: it makes sex easy. Like really crazy easy. You know all that moving and humping? Instead of all that effort, you can just move her back and forth with your arms almost as easily as you can move your hands around in the air.  It's easy. Want to go fast for a bunch? You can do it without breaking a sweat.

And if she cums and squirts...it doesn't soak the bed. ha ha.

Swing with spring
Now there is also a version that has a spring or bungee cord at the top...this was actually demonstrated to me by a busty blonde pornstar who was swearing it was the best thing since the invention of lube.  It bounced really nicely and so a spring and/or bungee at the top adds a lot to any swing as it allows for not just back and forth movement but up and down as well. It came with a big frame that was designed to take the weight...but a significantly solid ceiling hook and spring should do the trick just fine.  And yes, I do recommend adding this option.  The spring itself from a hardware store costs around $15-$20.

Make sure that the ceiling mount is substantial and can take your at least double your weight  and the slave's weight combined. Why double? Because you really don't want this falling down mid-fuck! (That would be a fuck up.)  You may fall onto the sub as you cum...so it should be able to take your weight too.  So a really solid tie point to hang it from is required -- meaning both a good quality hook that is rated for over 600lbs and it attached solidly to a nice beam (do not even think about putting into just a drywall or plaster ceiling --hey! you just thought about that. Grrrrrr.)

If you are going to have a spring added to the top, you will require a much more significant ceiling hook as the acceleration can make the weight of a 125lbs girl seem like 600 pounds or more...so springs require a much more significant ceiling mount. 

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