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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Slave Application Form

This is the slave application form that gives an example of how a prospective slaves might begin becoming a slave.  Doms can look at it and if there are things you like, take them and use them.

Most BDSM relationships have some form of checklist of activities that have been discussed as well as a contract or agreement about what exactly everyone is agreeing to. Do this not only for learning about limits and your partner. Do it because it protects your ass.  Hell, it's a very good idea to have her on camera (appearing sane, sober and consensual) agreeing to everything before you play with her at all.  And that's the main idea behind this...don't forget it!

A prospective slave  could fill out application forms if they are interested in becoming a slave. I will post this from my perspective as I have never been good at writing for a 'general case' and I know my own kinks SOOOO much better. So yeah, I am not really looking but it is useful to see and I might as well make it a 'live' example if anyone is especially keen on becoming another slave of mine and coming to the Home for Wayward Sluts (what one slave called the Slut Pound or the Slutphanage --made me laugh.)  But I warn you...I will torture you with questions on your kinks as I am fascinated by that subject in general.   The point is, make up your own application process and tailor it to your own needs.  Be as honest as you can about what it is you offer and are looking for -- and I can't write that for you.
A slut should answer all the questions in the below spreadsheet.  This gives a very clear idea of how much of a slut she is, how much experience she has, what turns her on, what she is willing to do and what her hard limits are. And I do enjoy seeing the depth of your depravity too.

The application is long. Excessive even. (Note: if you really want a slave into your kinks, I would edit the shit out of the general spreadsheet so it includes the stuff you are into as only a geek with a high intellect and fetish for surveys would suffer through all these questions. And yeah, I made Ashlie fill this entire fucker out because I like to keep her busy.)  And the girl should be masturbating and ideally have a vibrator inside of her the entire time she is filling out the application. This will take considerable time and several sessions for her to complete.   But part of the point is to show that you are serious about the application and developing a relationship and my getting to know you.

So aside from proving you are serious about joining us (just completing all 7 tabs of the application is a task, I assure you), this application will show me if you have interests that are common with me and if you are perverted enough to join.  Someone that has read 50 Shades of Grey and is now playing with the idea -- would likely be crushed underfoot because I need someone who lives and breathes kink...not some middle-aged woman who got turned on by some Twilight fan fiction. I need truly depraved perverts. Also note that some questions reflect the variety of sexual experience that some slaves have had including growing up in abusive conditions. This does happen and my understanding the nature of the abuse gives me valuable insight into the mind of such a slut and her life experience.  If you cannot deal with all perverted sexual behaviors, do not attempt to take this test --you are not ready.

It's a Google doc so you may need to create a gmail account for yourself in order to open the application. Just open it and then you may need to save it as your own document before you can modify it.  Then send me a copy of the completed form and I will get back to you.

The Steps are:
1) Create a Gmail Account
2) Go to Google Docs (aka Google Drive) and make sure you can create documents
3) Open the link below.
4) Goto to File --> Make a Copy and create a new application just for you.
5) Fill out all the yellow fields in all available tabs
6) Click "Share" in the upper right and share it with me while sending me a note saying you would like to apply. Send to (Balmmaker 'squiggly A' gmail 'sentence ender' com

If the application is acceptable,  then and only then will we proceed to your sending photos -- as I'm far more interested in your level of kink, your experience and your willingness to serve than your physical state. And if I see your photo and think you're super cute and hot...well, I can't have my opinion favorably swayed by looks as life as a slave is not for everyone.
application WILL also be used as a basis for the slave contract that you will eventually sign.  The contract states in no uncertain terms what you are agreeing to and can also be used to denote hard limits that I will respect. For example, if you state that being called names and humiliated is a devastating to you and would crush you...then this is a place to put it so I know!  I will never ever intentionally break a hard limit for you.  I respect that slaves are different and need to be treated differently to be happy.   Oh, and knowing the things that turn you on the most...also very useful information for me.  (Note: Since I have a fetish for seeing girls get off and orgasm...if when I know the things that turn you on like mad, I am going to force you to do those
things...a lot. Yes, you've been warned.)

Remember, you MUST be masturbating the whole time you fill this out! Pick the format that best suits you:


NOTE: Download Open Office here (free spreadsheet and word processor)

If you have questions about what some of the items are...leave a comment and I'll explain.
And anyone else that just wants to see the whole epic checklist, hit me up and I will pass the beast on to you. It covers every fetish as aspect of human sexuality that I could think of. And no...I am not into everything.

The point is: have your sub fill out a checklist, sign an agreement and clearly get their consent on all activities before doing anything.

[I will do another post as some point with more checklist examples and resources as this is an important topic.]


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