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Saturday, 1 June 2013

From a slave

There is something about
Being pushed up against a wall,
Face first
Cheek resting on rough wallboard
Breath caught in your throat
Listening to the growling in your ear
And trying to remember your own name
There is something about
Being pushed up against a wall
Your back flat up against it
Staring straight into eyes that see through you
Swallowing hard
Waiting for your heart to start beating again
There is something about
Being made to crawl across the floor
To a seated Man,
Staring into your eyes
Not letting you not look at Him
Not letting you stumble
Drawing you to Him without a word
A whimper caught in your throat
There is something about
Being pulled up by your hair
Feeling that hand slink up your neck
Into your tresses,
Close to the scalp
Gripping it,
Guttural sounds emitting from His lips
The pain not nearly as strong as the urge
To cry or bite a hole through your bottom lip
There is something about
Being bitten
Especially on the back of the neck or nipple
Feeling His teeth so close to piercing you
Wondering, as you cry out,
If He will,
This time
If you're going to bleed for your Submission
There is something about
Being bent over the back of a chair,
Without warning
Without pretense,
Without question
Having your pants dropped,
Cool air hitting hot skin
Your cheeks blushing,
With the same color of your ass
As He warms it with the striking of the palm of His hand
The tears you cry not cooling you
The tears you cry because He has found you
There is something about
Those words He uses
Those names He calls you
Those phrases meant to elicit a response
And you do respond
All of you responds
And your body betrays you,
There is something about
Kneeling quietly beside him,
Your body bruised,
Your mind silent,
For once,
For a time,
Your head bowed,
Your eyes closed,
Your lips quivering as his fingers touch you,
Your submission unquestioned,
Your peace at hand,
His hand
There is something about
Being thrown down and taken
Not against your will
For your will is to be there
To please,
To submit,
To offer,
To relinquish,
And you cry out for breath,
For more,
For Him
And you know you are home

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