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Friday, 14 June 2013

A Day in the Life of a Slave Part 3

[Continued from a Day in the Life of a Slave Part 2]
You've gone out and left me with orders to watch a video of you and masturbate as I follow your instructions. I follow your every word:

So now you’re wet and vibrating your clit. Now slap your pussy... Slap it harder than that. Spank your clit. Hit it again. Keep vibe yourself more. Now slap you pussy lips. Slap it harder. Harder still. Don’t slow down. Keep slapping your pussy. Slap it harder! And Harder still!

I feel so degraded...being forced to slap my own pussy which is just aching to pee. You had me filled with so much water and I am at about a 9.5 out of 10 on the scale where 10 is involuntarily pissing myself. Still, masturbating helps a lot. If I stop...I will surely wet myself.

Vibe your pussy on high speed. Now scrape your pussy lips with your nails! Feel the pain, feel the pleasure.

I’m going to masturbate Sandra now. You’re going to keep vibing yourself and watch me play with this little slut. Adore me and be thankful that I let you look at such a pretty young girl. You don’t deserve to watch such a beautiful girl have dildos shoved into herself, but you’re going to watch because I want it. Vibrate your pussy and idolize more. This is your worship to me. Adore me. Smack your pussy hard and say out loud, I revere you. Smack yourself again. Every time I say, ‘Now’, you have to smack your pussy. Now. Now. Keep using the magic wand on your clit and watch me make this little slut cum.

On the screen, I watch you: You make Sandra lay back and give me a great view of her bare, hairless pussy.
You play with her for a while, showing her to me.  Her tight little pussy is so lovely. I can see she is wet and ready. Then you take out a huge dildo and force it in her as she squirms to take it. Every so often you shout out a stream of, “NOW’s and I dutifully abuse myself. I can see Sandra is getting get closer and closer to cumming and you start a steady stream of “now now now now now now nownownownownownownow” until Sandra screams and cums really hard while arching her back. I was so close to cumming too, but not being ordered to cum held me back – luckily.

SLUT! I bet you have to pee pretty badly now. See the bowl on the table, you’re going to pee in that bowl. So take it, and hold it under your pussy. Get ready to pee when I count you down. 10… you have to piss so badly…9… wait for my order…8… feel your bladder… 7… you’re about to burst…6… it’s going to feel so good to pee… 5… imagine the piss shooting out of your pussy…4… but there isn’t enough pee in you yet… So Drink the rest of the bottle of the table. … Good. You’re going to have to suffer a bursting bladder while you wait for your Master to give you the order to pee. You fucking whore. You don’t deserve to pee yet! Now MASTURBATE and look at what I do young little Sandra here. 

I practically cry at your cruel trick.  I'm shaking and little dripples of piss have leaked out of my bare snatch. I watch as you roll Sandra over and put her ass up in the air. You lube up your fingers and slip them slowly into her tight little asshole. Seeing this, I vibe my clit off madly --desperate to hold the piss back --as you stick more fingers in and you seem to really be enjoying yourself. Then you take a variety of plugs and put them in her ass and make me watch as you slide them delightfully in and out.

This goes on and on...my legs are now shaking with the need to pee. I don't think I'll make it...I'm going to piss myself. I'm going to piss all over your couch Master :'( Oh now. Some more dribbles. Please Master...please let me pee.  I cram the head of the magic wand onto my clit to stop the flow. And now I'm about to cum! Oh God!

Put nipple clamps on again. Pull them to make sure they’ll stay, and it’s time for you to pee. You’re going to have to piss through a vibrated and aroused pussy. So get the bowl again, and vibe yourself while you get ready to pee.

I put the clamps on as fast as I can. The pain is huge but I plow through it -- I quickly straddle the bowl and another dripple of piss leaks down my thighs. I ram the wand into my clit on high as fast as I can get it there. I'm so turned on and I look to see the most lovely image of you licking Sandras little butthole.

Come on, your bladder’s bursting, so get ready to piss for me! The intensity that you are feeling: that is for me! Slut...you have permission to cum and piss at the same time. So piss in the bowl, slave. Cum and PISS for ME! Cum now slut!

I’m almost dying from having to piss and I'm seeing Sandra's little ass in the air and it's all too much for me
and I CUM! As soon as I start cummng I start pushing really hard to get the pee out!  I'm vibrating my clit on fast and  it’s so hard to pee through an orgasming pussy. I push and force it, and it comes out in little squirts --squirting over the head of the Hitachi wand.  Luckily the bowl is wide so I don’t spill any as I pee while having waves of orgasmic shuddering and convulsing from a series of intense back to back orgasms. One painful squirt at a time gradually grows into a streaming torrent of orgasmic piss as I vibe myself while I pee into the bowl. The flood gradually subsides, and I’m left there, holding the vibe up to clit...still shaking and orgasming repeatedly.

I’m a bit embarrassed to see you standing there beside me, watching over me, inspecting me as I am forced to degrade myself for your image on the video.

That bowl is pretty full, but you are a piss slave, so you won’t mind drinking it will you? You want to drink it, don’t you?

Yes, Master.

When I tell you to, stick your face in the bowl and drink as much as you can without breathing. Then raise your face out above the piss and wait for further instructions. Do it now!

I dive in and submerge my face and hair in the bowl and drink until I need to breathe. Pulling my head out of the liquid, I hear your voice.

Good girl. Now it's time for you to stop this video, go sit in the cold, empty bath tub and put the stopper in. Then dump the remainder of that bowl over your head and swish around in your own piss. Take off the nipple clamps and wash and dry them. After they are clean and dry, empty the tub of your disgusting piss. Then put your pussy under the faucet and draw a bath. Take a long bath to clean up. When you’re clean, come back and push play on the video again. But no peeing nor playing with yourself.

With that, you turn your back and leave. Humiliating myself further, I  follow all your instructions. Finally,  I return to the TV room and press play. I am pleasantly surprised to find that you have changed Sandra into a black latex dominatrix costume.

Now you have to show me you are truly my slave by giving me your SACRAMENT. Your are going to masturbate and squirt cum for your Master. Get a fresh bowl from the kitchen and get wet for me. You are going to have to show me that bowl full of your squirt as proof when I get home.

After getting the bowl, I return and watch you whip Sandra mercilessly as your force her to dance and gyrate for your pleasure. When you begin a countdown from 20, I am so ready to cum for you. I quickly cum and squirt my jizz into the bowl for you, as you requested, as soon as you say 1. Then you tell me to take a 20-minute nap using the alarm clock, then restart the video and watch it again.

Luckily for me, you arrive home again when I am still napping. You wake me and tell me that you have more work to do, so you hog-tie me on the bed and leave me there, bound, blindfolded and helpless. I try to rest in my uncomfortable position while I listen to you type away.

Hours pass. You leave the room. I smell food cooking. I hear you eat and then wash the dishes. Finally you return and start spanking my ass.

You need to be beaten some more for being such a slut this afternoon.

You spank me cruelly until you are satisfied with the shade of red my bare rump has turned.

Then you take me to the living room where the curtain shut.

You haven’t finished cumming for me today. Now turn on the computer so that you can see the photos of all my other sluts that you've dutifully collected for me.

I turn on the computer and bring up a directory of photos of hot, slim girls.

…. Good. Now start MASTURBATING.

I start fingering my clit for your pleasure.

 Oh, Look at her. Look at her legs. I’ll make you lick those legs. Next bitch. I’d make her bend over and spread her asshole for you to look at. Then I’d make you lick her asshole. Put your tongue out so you can put it in that whore’s dirty ass. Next. Look at her.  She’s so young. You are such a pervert, you have to tie her up and fuck her tiny asshole with a strap on.  Tie her up, then spank her till her ass is red and then stick your fingers in her ass while she cries. Next. Oh, look at her tits. Larger than I’d think you’d like, so I’ll have you suck on this slave’s tits while I fist. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, whore? 

SMACK! My face stings at the blow.

There, I know you haven’t had your pussy slapped in too long.

You toss my hand aside. SMACK, SMACK. You spank my pussy lips as hard as you might hit my ass...then you grab my hand and ram it back on my stinging clit harshly. You point to the screen.

Suck her tits. Now bite her nipple. You slut. Let’s see WHOM I’ll have you fuck next. Next.

I flip to the next image while hoping it pleases you -- yet never stopping with my fingers on my clit.

Oh, look at what a cheap whore dress she’s wearing. I made her wear that so she looks as easy as she is. Go on, fuck her.

You start hitting my little tits now as you berate me. Smack. smack. Go smack on smack and smack fuck smack her! SMACK! Next. Oh, I don’t like her at all. But you’re such a whore, you’d do everything I want to her. I don’t like her suburban face, so kiss it. stick your tongue in her mouth. Now she’s going to lick clean you anus. Next. And her! I’d make you jerk off while I fist this bitch. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Yes, Master.

Because you’re a huge pervert?

Yes Master.

Good. Next. Since you like watching fisting, I’d get her to fist herself. Then you could suck on her ass and watch her wrist from up close. Next. I like her, so I’d kiss her while you watch, then I’d get her to tie you up and whip you. Smack. Then I’d have her bite your nipples while I kiss you and feel you weakened by the pain. Smack! Next. I’d have this slave pull at her own nipples until HER TITS are stretched out NICELY for us. Next. Nice skirt. I’d take her out in public and get her to lift it up and show us her shaved pussy underneath. Next. Another blue bikini. I’d go to the beach with both of you as my slaves and have you take care of my every whim. Then I’d have her take off her bikini top and have you rub oil on her back, stomach and tits… right on sunnyside beach! Next. Masturbate faster because I’d make her suck your cunt off until you came and squirted all over her her cleavage there. Next. I’d cover her in whip cream and make you lick it off her. Next. I’d make you lick her little bare pussy and I’d suck your clit you while I did that. Next. She’s so ‘appealing’… piss in my slave’s mouth while she drinks it down. Next. Nice legs… you have to shave her legs and then lick them afterwards without missing a single spot with your tongue. Next. Ahhh, a group of slaves. See how I dressed them all slutty for you? Do you want to MASTURBATE in front of all of these slaves while they watch and laugh at you? Good. I want you to cum for me. Let the cum build up and let it squirt out of your pussy. Cum for me. Give me my cum. Come for these girls. Next. Squirt all over her ass. I’ll make you fuck her ass with your tongue and piss up her in her little asshole so you have a drink.  Cum you little slut. Push out my cum and squirt for me! Cum! Cum!

Oh God! Oh GOD! He’s ordering me to cum. I have to cum cause I’m a slave. OH GOD! I’m Cumming!!!!

The next thing I’m aware of, I’m being lead to the bedroom. I’m exhausted from this intense day filled with the most squirting and piss orgasms of my life. He puts me beside his bed on the floor. He ties my collar to the leg of the bed and used as rope to bind my hands and feet. Safe and secure, I quickly fall asleep. My last thought before sleep is that this is just the start of my life as your slave. It's just day 2 of my slavery. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Then again, it’s not up to me.

[To be continued]

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