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Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Test

The Test  - Part 1

When I come home, I see a note on the table. It says on that simply, " obey this ". I opened up the note and read it. It instructs me to go downstairs and put on my leather cuffs, and ankle cuffs.  Then I am to wait, while pondering exactly what it means to be a slave. .

Obediently, I go downstairs and strip naked. I put on my slave gear --of course, I am already wearing a metal collar -- the collar that never comes off. Then I wait to in my usual position, and submissively think of my life as a slave.

I hear the door open behind me and you walk toward me.

Turn around and look at your Master, bitch.

I turn around, and when my eyes register you, my heart skips a beat. You're wearing a full leather hood
from Northbound Leather with a leather cape and sleeves but your chest is bare down to your black leather pants. Damn you look hot. I feel my knees go weak.

You think you are beautiful enough for me? You don't deserve me. So going to make you pay. Turnaround.

You granb me by my hair and pull my head back very hard. Then forcefully you take my arm and twist it behind my back. I yield to you as you push me forward towards the rack. My hand is held up roughly and then quickly tied in place. Then my other arm and legs-- so that I am uncomfortably spread-eagled. Then you'd click the elastic bungee cords to my neck collar so that I am pulled in opposite directions and I really can't move it all.

You like what you see?

Yes Master.

I don't think you fully appreciate what I offer you here. And I don't like the tone of your voice.

What? Oh no! Master is in one of those moods where there is only wrong answers -- though some answers are much more wrong than others. I know I am screwed.  Meanwhile, you have retrieved something from your trunk of horrors -- and I see now it is a rubber bite bar.

This should solve that problem.

You roughly force the bite ball into my mouth and strap it in place.

That’s better. Now you like you are ready to submit to me. Of course, you always are submitting to me aren’t you? You are my little slave, so everything you do is for me. So make sure that all your thoughts are with my pleasure in mind. Do you understand? Slap. Hard across my face.

I nod.

Good. Now first of all, look at how you are standing… your sole purpose is to look good for me. You are a pretty slave, but you have to look your best for me. So stand up straight. Belly IN. Stick out your flat little chest that you try to pass off as tits. [You scratch these areas as you touch them to re-enforce your statement]. When you think about your body, think about it being totally beautiful. Project beauty from every pore. Project beauty from your face, because that is what I want see. That is what you have to give me. Are you going to look beautiful for me from now on?

I'm nod again.

Good. Now there is a second, and very important thing, that I wanted to get through your slutty little skull.

You move in close so that I can feel the heat from your body radiating against my chest. You look me in the eyes, and smile. Then you rub your hand around my nipples, threatening to pinch.... as I wilt under your caress.

You know that I own every aspect of your being. I control you. I control your thoughts and your will. And all you have to do, as my willing slave, is to obey me. You understand that it is my right to hurt you. I can hurt you, I can fuck you, I can make it do anything at please. 

You get out shorter pieces of rope and start securing me tighter to the cross. I start to prepare myself for the ordeal that will surely come.

But there's one thing that I've noticed that I want to change. You see, when I hurt you, you make these faces like you want me to stop. These stupid pleading little selfish faces that take away from my pleasure of hurting you. Make those faces because you're stupid little slut. Well, no more. From now on, I want you to look like you're enjoying it. Because I know you are, because your such as huge slut. So when I hurt you, like this [you fiercely pull on my nipple, squeezing hard as you do so] look at me with adoration and joy.

You tie fast, adding rope after rope so I am completely immobilized.  Helpless. Yours.

 From now on, you are to keep my pleasure in mind first. That means that every time I hurt you, I want you to look turned on. Of course, you're such a whore that everything I do to you turns you on. But from now on, I want you to look it.

And more than that, the more I hurt you, the more I want you to give yourself to me. Do you think you can handle that?

I nod again.

Good, because I'm in the mood to test your understanding. And you better pray that you can pass the test.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


It's Gay Pride week and so I think it's appropriate to do a post on my favorite type of sexuality: Bisexuality. Bisexual girls are definitely a strong preference for me (I don't really 'get' fully straight girls and pure lesbians are not my biggest fans either.) One thing that I've consistently found is: girls I like are also ones that love to be made to do things with other girls.  So I'll follow up with a post on Forced Bisexuality.

But first, let's talk about Bisexuality -- especially since Gay Pride completely ignores the Bi aspect in the name and serves to alienate some of the people that I love.

The Bi Pride Flag
The Numbers
According to Kinsey, 7% of women get a rating of 3 (equal amount attraction to both genders aka fully bisexual) in the ages of 20-35.  But that was in 1953 when there was massive social taboos against homosexual sex.

Many studies, even recent ones, fail to include much in the way of options for bisexuals --even though Kinsey pointed out in 1948 that the majority of the population was neither strictly homosexual nor heterosexual but somewhere in between.   In fact, the number on strictly homosexual people (people that only have sex and attraction to the same gender as themselves) roughly matches the number of strictly heterosexuals.   So most people are on the continuum in between.  But surveys tend to ask people about identifying as gay  -- which doesn't reflect their behavior but how they like to think of themselves.

Interestingly, in the 2000s, the number of people reporting that they IDENTIFY as homosexual has dropped significantly. In some cases from 15% down to 1% in the same city over a 20 year period.  This downward trend in reported is thought to be due to the increase in gay/lesbian presence in the media -- and young men and women are actually now less likely to associate themselves with the label as it seems absolute and would limit their options with the opposite sex.  Again, this points to a larger portion of people being bisexual than gay.

In the US, numbers from surveys point to anywhere from  1.5% to 8% are gay or bisexual...and yet the television companies who analyse the markets have numbers over 20%  -- again, pointing to the difference between identify yourself to a survey person as gay versus actual behavior on a daily basis.

I say daily basis --because it's rare for someone to NOT have a same gender experience of some sort. For example, while 48% of women have had multiple homosexual experiences and a much higher percentage admit to finding women attractive, just 1.5% of American women consider themselves bisexual.

Make up your mind already!
Many people don't view being bisexual as a valid lifestyle choice -- that they are really gay or straight
and that there is no inbetween.  However, that's crap. Being bi is a valid choice and should be respected  --and it is in fact offensive to imply that the choice and decisions a person makes are not valid.  So being bisexual is an option.

However, both the gay and straight communities tend to view bi people as going through some sort of phase and refuse to see the option of being bisexual as a valid choice. These models, while popular, are extremely inaccurate and lead to feelings of alienation by both group.

The gay community tends to subscribe to the 'transitional model' where the bi person is viewed to being in the process of realizing that they are fully gay but they haven't quite come to terms with it.

Meanwhile, the straight community subscribes to the 'pathological model' viewing the bi person as mentally conflicted and confused as they have yet to make a decision about their sexuality (or that they are having a lot of difficulty in making this decision.)

So I will say it again:


Camouflage and the Hidden Bisexuals:
Bisexuals, while probably the most common type of sexuality, are the least recognized because they

tend to blend in well with straights and gays so well.  When surrounded by gays, bisexuals appear to observers and friends as gay. When surrounded by straight people, they are seen as straight.

Additionally, there is often considerable social pressure to behave within the social rules of setting -- with little tolerance of 'straight' behavior in gay situations and vice versa.   The whole idea that a queer person engaging in opposite sex behaviors is somehow a threat to the community and should be shunned is equally prevalent in straight venues where gay behaviors lead to ostracism. In neither case is bisexuality embraced nor accepted -- and hence: the bi person 'chooses' to act either gay or straight depending on the environment.

There is also a stigma where bi people are afraid to come out as 1) they may be rejected by their friends 2) their friends may then instantly and incorrectly label and assume them to be gay 3) fear of rejection by lovers 4) lovers will immediately assume threesome scenarios and see them as a means of fulfilling some fantasy while completely ignoring the emotional connections.

Bisexuals hiding in plain sight will  only change if people have the courage to come forward as bi and challenge the notions that bisexuality isn't a valid or 'final' choice.

The Sexiest Choice:
Bressler and Lavender (1986) found that bisexual women had more orgasms per week and they described them as stronger than those of hetero- or homosexual women. They also found that marriages with a bisexual female were more happy than heterosexual unions, observed less instance of hidden infidelity, and ended in divorce less frequently. Goode and Haber (1977) found bisexual women to be sexually mature earlier, masturbate and enjoy masturbation more and to be more experienced in different types of heterosexual contact.  And finally, Van Wyk and Geist (1984) found bi women have a significantly higher sex drive, fantasize more, and generally crave sex more often. What's not to love?

The 17 Types of Bisexuals
I know, I know, I shouldn't try to classify people: everyone is unique.  I agree. But for shits and giggles, I compiled a list of 17 types of Bisexuals: 

Alternative bisexuals: may have a relationship with a man and after that relationship ends, may choose a female partner for a subsequent relationship. Then, many go back to a male partner.

Circumstantial bisexuals: primarily heterosexual, but will choose same-sex partners only in situations where they have no access to other-sex partners, such as when in jail, in the military, or in a gender-segregated school.

Concurrent relationship bisexuals: have primary relationship with one gender only but have other casual or secondary relationships with people of another gender at the same time.

Conditional bisexuals: either straight or gay, but will switch to a relationship with another gender for financial or career gain or for a specific purpose, such as young straight males who become gay prostitutes, or gay women who get married to men in order to gain acceptance from family members or to have children.

Emotional bisexuals: have intimate emotional relationships with both men and women, but only have sexual relationships with one gender.

Integrated bisexuals: have more than one primary relationship at the same time, one with a man and one with a woman.

Exploratory bisexuals: either straight or gay, but have sex with another gender just to satisfy curiosity or “see what it’s like”.

Hedonistic bisexuals: primarily straight or gay, but will sometimes have sex with another gender
primarily for fun or purely sexual satisfaction.

Recreational bisexuals: primarily straight but engage in gay sex only when under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol.

Isolated bisexuals: 100% straight or gay now but have had one or more sexual experience with another gender in the past.

Latent bisexuals: completely straight or gay in behaviour but have a strong desire for sex with another gender, yet have never acted on it.

Motivational bisexuals: straight women who have sex with other women only because a male partner insists on it to titillate him.

Transitional bisexuals: temporarily identify as bisexual while in the process of moving from being straight to being gay, or going from being gay to being heterosexual.

Opportunistic bisexuals: people that engage in sexual behavior with the same gender only in cases where there is little risk of discovery by people in their social group.

Peacocking bisexuals: people that engage in bisexual behavior with the primary intent being to attract someone of the opposite gender.

Exceptional bisexual: people that are mostly heterosexual or gay but will make an exception for rare individuals that they find very attractive --even though the vast majority of the people in that gender they do not find attractive. Eg. Girls who like guys...but would sleep with Drew Barrymore.

Equal bisexual: people that feel almost exactly equal amount of attraction to both genders.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Fuck a Friend Friday

Today is Fuck a Friend Friday!

You know that person you really get along well with? You have lots in common and feel comfortable together? Well, stop being an idiot: life is short and you obviously need push-- and that's where Fuck a Friday comes in!

Fuck a Friend Friday is the last Friday of every month. Why? Because it's on the last Friday as a reminder life is short so just fucking do it.  Make a move. Don't talk to her about it...don't build it up...just get on top of her (or him) and say, "You know, I didn't really notice it till just now, but you're kinda hot" and kiss them.  If they put up resistance, explain it's Fuck a Friend Friday and fuck it, you're my friend!

This is similar to Steak and Blowjob Day -- but better because it's bringing friends much closer together.  It's such a good holiday -- that the powers that be have made it a monthly event.

You're welcome. ;)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

50 Ways to be a Better Daddy

I started off calling this "Rules for Daddies"...but they are not really rules becasue if you are anything like me, being told what to do makes you NUTS!

Part of being a Daddy Dom is taking the lead and helping create a world for your little girl where she is safe to be young, sweet and innocent.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, you can refer to the following list to see what appeals to you.

So here are

50 Things You Can Do to be a Better Daddy:

  1. Give her attention everyday.  Even a quick text lets her know she's in your thoughts
  2. Do something with her that she's never done before
  3. Commit to her in some way. I'm poly...but that doesn't mean a girl doesn't have a special place in my heart and my life.
  4. Discipline her as needed. And even when it isn't needed. ;)
  5. Enjoy her silly and cute side -- before she grows out of it
  6. Put your fingers inside her
  7. Inspect her pussy to make sure it's completely bare
  8. Spontaneously kiss her hard
  9. Make her tell you her dreams
  10. Set goals for her to achieve them
  11. Squeeze her as tight as you can
  12. Think of something you love about her -- every single day
  13. Put one of her drawings up on your fridge
  14. Put her birthday into your calendar
  15. Know her middle name
  16. Get her to tell you her thoughts
  17. Lick her in unexpected places and carefully watch to see the spots that work
  18. Undress her
  19. Lay out the clothes that she is to put on
  20. Molest her while she sleeps
  21. Pick your little girl up and never put her down
  22. Ask her if there is anything she needs help with
  23. If she's bratty, she wants a spanking. Give it to her
  24. Clearly explain what you expect of her
  25. Find out her limits...then push her right to the edge
  26. Honor her for giving herself and her power over to you
  27. Protect her.   If someone is pushing her around, it is your duty to step up and defend her
  28. Create a safe space for her.
  29. Hint and lead up to the big games you have planned for using her
  30. Spoon her. She is so cute as a little spoon!
  31. Buy her an unusual stuffed animal that matches her personality
  32. When you watch TV together, have her sit on your lap.
  33. Sing her a lullaby
  34. Write a poem for her
  35. Don't complain to her. You're her Daddy. Complaints go from littles --> adults.
  36. Send her a letter
  37. If you go on a trip, bring back a toy from your travels
  38. Spank the hell out of her tight little ass
  39. Give her apple juice with a bendy straw after a spanking
  40. Put her in the tub and bathe her
  41. Be stronger than you are: be her superman
  42. Take to Build a Bear and have her make her own teddy
  43. Cut her meat up for her
  44. Teach her about something totally perverse and present it as an adult game
  45. Call her work, "School", her co-workers "kids in her class" and her boss is her "Teacher".
  46. Send her to bed when she is tired
  47. Check for monsters under the bed
  48. Read her bedtime stories
  49. Tuck her in at night
  50. Put a night light in her room so she's not afraid of the dark
    "Just like a lollypop, Daddy?"

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Ageplay is a form of roleplaying between two (or more, heh heh) consenting adults where participants act as if they are a different age than their biological age.   It may or not be sexual but the primary characteristics are the powerplay, lack of responsibility, and re-experiencing the emotional states and interactions of your youth.

Usually people pretend to be much younger than they are with common ageplay ages being:  baby (0-16months old);  toddler (2-3 years old); young child (4-7); prepubescent child (8-11); preteen (12-13); and teenager (14-17).  However, the girl may get off on the guy playing an elderly man, for example...it doesn't matter: if you are roleplaying a different age: it's ageplay.

Ageplayers who pretend to be little girls call themselves littles. They often refer to 'their little self' as way of owning their little persona and incorporating it into their adult life. Littles love to see things from a childlike perspective -- and point out when people are not sharing and being mean!

Ageplay, for me, is highly sexual but I've played with girls who love it just for the fact that she gets to
color and make drawings and just plain be a little girl with no responsibilities nor worries. A girl can get off on the fact that her Daddy will take care of everything -- and she gets to re-experience the safety and security of having an ever loving, strong Daddy who knows everything and will take care of her.

I used the term Daddy above, but that's just a form of roleplaying -- it's not required nor is the incest element a defining characteristic.  In fact, having sex with some related to me doesn't work for me at all -- yet a girl calling me Daddy and being my little girl...damn, that's hot. I think the Daddy part is one of the easiest ways to establish a roleplaying scene where love and a close emotional connection are assumed.

The real reason that I love littles
As a Daddy, there's clearly one element that attracts me to this: the big-ass heart of a little girl!! Fuck your baggage: love me like you've never been hurt. Little girls have the biggest, purest hearts -- and they love with all of it! It's not conditional. It's not judgmental.  It's just love.  And who can deny or hurt* a little girl that loves you with all her heart?!  It's addictive <3

*- Ok, I can spank the hell out of her tight little bottom...but I'm talking about heart/mind hurts.

Ageplay is not considered pedophilia or related to pedophilia by professional psychologists. It's roleplaying that allows the girl the freedom to open up like a child in ways she might not in her adult shell. And for Daddies...there is a certain assumed power dynamic of an adult having absolute say over the child -- but this dynamic can have a loving, tender element attached to it that is far different than say, a Nazi/Jewess roleplay. The Daddy has the authority but need not enforce his will so sternly: his word is often enough.  Not that Daddies don't spank ;)

Aside from the girl having all of her burdens disappear when she becomes a little, she loses not only the responsibilities in her but the concept of responsibility too. Her world becomes one about play.  And now she's free to do the things she still enjoys such as play with dolls, stuffed animals and pencil crayons. In fact, if she didn't like stuffed animals (aka stuffies) I might suspect there was something seriously wrong with her. 

Some age players like to go to infant form -- to be just physical and maybe not even know any words at all.  It's like a self-imposed kind of bondage if you think about it.  Instead of gags and rope, the baby just plain can't speak or walk.  And there is also diapers involved which can get them off with changing -allowing for exposure and touching of genitalia when cleaning them up.  Note: they may be playing...but she still can have some big girl poops and so...well, I prefer girls in the 8-12 range. ;)

The effect of a big heart and the innocent worldview I find intoxicating.  There is one subbie I know who does it so well and so whole-heartedly that she's just seems like the most delightful sweetie ever! Even though she doesn't match the physical body type I've posted about earlier (though she does have a very pretty face and the bestest long straight black hair <3  ) ...but it's her energy and her sweet little-girlness that truly won me over.  And with Ashlie (who just had a birthday and turned 11) it's nice because they play well together and both love stuffies!

Hmmm...you know, I haven't mentioned this blog at all to her. I should really send her the link. :)

The reason I enjoy ageplay so much is also because I get to share with the girl her sense and remembrance of her awakening sexuality. I get to really learn about what makes her tick by hearing about her first feelings and awareness of sexual feelings.  From the first time she touched herself in the show to the first time she remembers squeezing her legs together in the way it felt really good.

I'm sure I'll write more about littles and ageplay...but it's bedtime. So get off to bed and I'll be up in 5 minutes to tuck you in.