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Friday, 10 May 2013

True Submission

First of all, I don't want to hear any complaints -- or anything else from you  --- so I'm going to put this ball gag in your mouth to make sure you've shut-the-fuck-up.  And I think a slut like you needs to have are real incentive to stay still. Your arms are sufficiently immobilized, I know, but you still might try to move around.  So, I'll just put these nipple clamps on here--That's very good, look like you love it! Then I'm going to tie these nipple clamps to this rope and feed the rope through the pulley and finally are going to tie the end to clamps attached to your pussy. There, now you can't move at all without having your parts pulled upon. Now stand up straight and look beautiful for me while I whip you.

As the lashes of the whip lick my skin I try to remain as motionless as possible. Even small motions and twist pull my nipples and my pussy causing even more pain. And yet, as a slave that has been ordered to to show that I am enjoying myself, I try to project just how much joy and pleasure I'm feeling in serving you. And I truly do feel pleasure. I am yours, I am yours, I am yours. My job is just to look beautiful and be turned on. Oh my God, it hurts so much. But I'll never let you know it.

As my punishment continues, I feel myself slip ever more into a submissive role. Each hit, slap, bite, scratch and clamp clears my head in a way. The pain takes away my ability to think and all that is left is my willingness to give myself to you. And you notice to. You look me in the eye and smile.

I can see that you love it, it you little slut. There's such a fucking perverted whore that you love to be tied up so you can't even move and then abused. Used like the slut that you are. Now look at me. Look at me and love me. Give yourself to me. Open up and give yourself, all of you to me. I want to worship me because I am your god. Give yourself to me and worship me, adore me, and love me. That's what I want. I want to be adored by you. That is your purpose here. Your purpose is to make me feel good. And then, if you're lucky, I may want to make you feel good too.

With that, you move over to the dresser and get a bottle of oil. You squirt some oil on your hand and move over to me and start spreading the oil all over my tits, stomach, pussy and thighs. Fingers thrust into my pussy and rub my engorged clit.

Lookit this, you don't even have any pubic hair because you're a sexy little nymph. You just want to be fucked all day long don't you? Your so horny for me, aren't you?

You continue to jerk me off until I have a huge, raging clit on as my little button is screaming for more. Then you squirt some more oil on your fingers and rub the oil into the crack of my ass. Then you suddenly and forcefully shove 2 fingers deep into my ass. I'd moan, except for there's a bite ball in my mouth.

Now I'm going to hold my fingers still, and you're going to move yourself back-and-forth and slide my fingers like you would a cock in your slutty little asshole. And I don't care how much you have to pull on your slutty little nipples and pussy with the rope as long as you fuck my fingers.

I rock back-and-forth, sliding around your fingers, and with each slide by and up pulling very hard on my nipples so that tears well up in my eyes. But I want so much to be a good slave and obey you that I show you that I'm enjoying it and move even farther. Perhaps as a reward, you put your other hand on my well oiled pussy so that I feel completely surrounded by you and penetrated by you at the same time. This mix of pleasure, discomfort, and pain is almost too much for me as I feel myself close to coming. You sense this to , and began slapping my pussy lips harshly so that I don't come.

You stand up, and move beside me. Pressed up against me, I fear your breath against my neck and your hands wrapped around me as you pull me close. I see your hands reach over the nipple clamps and tug on them lightly.

Look into my eyes.

As I look into your eye, I feel myself completely letting go. Then, I see your eyes widened with excitement as you pull fiercely on the nipple clamps. The sharp, overwhelming pain drives every shot out of my brain and I give myself to you. I feel the energy of my body, the wisps of the energy of my soul flowing around in my belly and chest. As a give myself to you, this energy also goes to you, flowing into you and in return your energy flows into me. The intensity of this feeling of energy moving around is magnificent. The pain from my nipples transforms itself into pure and ecstatic feeling. I feel energy flowing rapidly out through my nipples and into you. The world transforms and all the pain that I deal is suddenly converted into pure pleasure and joy of having a physical apparatus.

I can feel all the energy within you so clearly that it feels as if it is myself. I feel almost distanced from my body, and as if I were an outsider looking down upon myself and watching you beat on me. And yet, each blow and scratch brings me such a great and unspeakable pleasure that I feel more and more energy flowing in to me through the openings created by the pain. I feel you and I simply want to be you. And the more pain I feel the closer I feel to a new kind of orgasm. Pain really is the wrong word for it now, because there is only pleasure.

Suddenly, you unclamp the nipple clamps and the blood flows suddenly back into my nipples causing excruciating pleasure. You release the clamps that tied my pussy to my nipples and allow the blood to flow back in too – making me yield farther into your control. Then quickly and efficiently you toss me on the bed like a limp rag doll. Then you oil up raging cock that makes we yearn to have it inside me. I can tell that you are focusing more on energy now than anything else. You move behind me and put your chest up against my back and I feel you clicking into me. And you focus your energies on your cock as you begin forcing it into my anus: raping me. I barely feel the cock because all I feel is your energy penetrating in me from behind. I began moaning and coming, despite the bite ball, but this kind of orgasm doesn't end with a quick release. It goes on and on as you continue to rape me. Your energy shoves deeper and further into me and travels up into my stomach and chest. I feel your arms wrapped around me and squeeze me while your fingers scratch me – all the while you thrust inside me.

You are mine.

I am yours, I am yours, I am yours. You can do anything to me. Oh God, my sole purpose here is to please you. I have any desires of my own, because my will is your will! Everything I do, think, and feel, is for you and your pleasure. I love him. I love him so much. He is me and I am his – there is no separation between us.

You fuck me and fuck me and fuck me some more. And give up all forms of resistance and simply allow you to take me. It feels so good to have your energy entering me and filling me from behind as you violently trust yourself into me. I am just a slave. The slave of the most wonderful Master in the world. He does anything he wants with me and makes it my job is to love it. And GOD! I do love it. We are energetically intertwined and truly making love.

You slow down, and I notice you wiping some of the sweat off your forehead and I am suddenly aware of how sweaty I am too. I feel so sexy as you slip and slide on my skin: layers of sweat to helping our skin glide.

I'm going to take a break now, because we both know that this great feeling can start again at any time. So I'm going to go and have a snack. And if you're lucky, I'm going to bring a little bit down for you too. Are you thirsty?

I nod.

Good. Line a back and going to tie you up to make sure you don't go anywhere.

After tying me up, spread-eagled and exposed, you go upstairs and have a snack for what seems like an hour. It really doesn't matter to me because I am just slave for you to use at your convenience. When you finally come down, you have a nut in your hand.

I just had the best snack and I had some wonderful drinks to go with it too. I had some coffee mixed with chocolate. And I had two large glasses of water. And I figured that the best kind of snack for you isn't food, but drugs. So I'm going to make you get high with this.

You bring a mirror over with a white powder on it. Then you take out straw. I know this isn't cocaine or anything like...this is a special drug that I took before that made me feel soooo open and submissive that I lost all boundaries between you and I. You put the straw up to my nose and force feed it to me. You make me do more because you want me high. You know I lose all ability to resist you. Finally, the last line is gone and you straddle me and look down upon me. There something in the way you look at me that makes me feel so adored and appreciated. You have the biggest smile as you sit back tug on my nipples some more. Then you move down and begin to eat out my pussy. There's nothing I can do as I am completely tied down and that your mercy. Not that I would ever move. Still, I feel even more excited as I begin to feel your teeth brushed against my lips. I notice my tiny little boobs are perky and nipples fully erect. I used to feel insecure about my tits because they were small but now, I am so proud of them. You make me feel so pretty and hot and desirable. I abandon myself to the pleasure of looking at you and feeling your mouth on me. Feeling your tongue penetrate me. Your teeth sink into me. I am yours.

Suddenly, you stop and stand up over me.

My goodness, I did drink a lot. And now have to pee, but I don't want to leave the room as I am enjoying this far too much. In fact, I don't want to stop giving sucking on your pussy. So you, slave, a going have to blow me till I'm hard and then drink my piss as I enjoy how you taste. But make sure that you don't just drink my urine, you also absorb all my energy and allow it to take over your belly as it flows into your stomach.

You then force your hardened cock into my mouth and I begin blowing you as best I can, although my head is pinned back with nowhere to move. You lean over and dive into my pussy. I know you are enjoying it and eating me out because you enjoy it so much. The warm pleasure moves across my pelvis and belly as suddenly I feel your warmth enter and fill my mouth. I gag a little as you force your hard, pissing cock deep into my mouth and I desperately try to swallow it all without losing a drop. I am yours, I am yours. Fill me with your energy. The urine is bitter in my mouth, but it isn't my mouth anyway. It is yours. This is just a test, a way that I can prove to you that I will do everything for you. So I drink as much and as fast as I can. But you piss too fast and some dribbles down my face and some even goes down my neck and on to my chest. It doesn't matter. I am yours and if it is a concern of yours then it matters. Otherwise, I am happy to smell of your piss and be covered in it. Then suddenly, I start to feel all the energy from your urine filling and rising up in my belly.

You turnaround and click into me again. The delightful play of our energy begins again as the mist that is me and the mist that is you becomes a misty cloud of us.

What seems like days or hours goes by and then you pull back and give me the biggest smile of your life.

You are mine, aren't you?

Oh, yes Master, I am.

Are you the biggest slut ever?

I try to be Master.

Do you want to be biggest and sluttiest girl ever?

I do Master.

Will you prove to me you're a huge whore?


AAARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! A flurry of scratches break up and down my chest--yes, what?


That's better. So you'll fuck whoever I tell you too? Yes you will. Because you're my slave. You know that Doxia thinks that I am hot [I know that because she told me that when she was was looking at my pictures the other night. She also things you are hot.] Well, if you're lucky, you can watch us make out. But for now, you're going to have to make out with her boyfriend Cameron because it will turn both of us on to watch you french kiss him. You want to do that because you're a whore, don't you?

Yes Master.

I especially want to see him fuck your bare, tight little pussy. He has 6-pack abs, you know? I've seen them. Impressive...and good for fucking you hard.   But don't worry, I'll also make you fuck Doxia too. I know you prefer girls. In fact, I'm looking forward to making you jerkoff in front of Doxia while you look at pictures of girls – just to show her the type of girls that appeal to us both. And you will be proud and unashamed to do this for me. Perhaps I'll even get them as a couple to serve me –and I'll use them primarily as your sex partners so I know you're having enough sex daily. I will also take Doxia as I desire her, of course. But it will be so much fun to order them to abuse and use you too. You've wanted to be in a little harem of slaves for quite some time, haven't you. You're lucky that I want that too. And I can make you use a strap on and fuck their asses any time I want! There is only one condition, for now: you can only have this kind of deep tantric energy sex with me, your Master and owner… do you understand?

Yes, Master.

Good. In time, I may get you a slave wife whom you will be allowed to energetically connect with but that kind of intimacy is only for long term relationships. I have to go get Dox and Cameron. Oh yes, and get the cameras too. I want to record your sluttiness for later. But I won't be gone long. They are both upstairs.

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