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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

On Being Thin Pt1

This article is continued in part 2.
There are quite a number of other reasons to be thin from health benefits and longer life span to increased libido and, of course, increased sexual appeal.

One of the most important duties of a slave is to look good on her Master's arm/leash.  When I show up to a party and have 3 hot, thin girls on my leash it adds to my status amongst the other Masters and slaves. If a girl is out of shape and dumpy...it reflects poorly on me.

But women often feel a huge amount of pressure to be thin in order to be seen as attractive in society. But this pressure often weighs heavily and impacts women negatively. So one of my goals as a Master is to ease that negative impact by taking charge AND responsibility for my slave's body.  If she starts to get fat, that's my fault! Not hers. And it's up to me to correct the situation. 

As a Master, I take responsibility for my slave and I look upon it as my duty to her to IMPROVE her situation and leave her better off than when I found her (if I leave her at all!  I have no issue with keeping multiple slaves so long as they get along with myself and each other.  A slave can be more wonderful than a wife as she has all the devotion and loyalty, 100x the sex benefits and none of the bullshit. Why not have more than one.) 

And I know this is a seemingly unfair beauty standard that is forced upon all women. But it exists and I live in the real world and have no choice but to work with it.  A slave should not feel pressure to be thin so that she will be beautiful... instead, with my assistance, she is far more concerned with displeasing me and doing things to please me to worry about trying to live up to a standard.  In fact, I create my own beauty standard and standards that she aspires to and she works towards pleasing me -- something she can achieve and get direct feedback on how she is doing...and it's infinitely more doable too.

Health Benefits of Being Thin
But let's look at the other benefits of being thin...before we get to what I like about being thin: how you look!  Being has numerous health benefits that can be grouped into 3 categories: avoiding diseases that plague fat people, benefits of being thin,  and benefits of reduced caloric intake.

Avoiding diseases that plague fat people is a huge benefit to being thin.   I want my slaves healthy for as long as possible. Being excessively heavy means you are much more at risk for diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and a whole slew of other diseases.  Being fat means it takes a lot more energy to do anything because you have to move a lot more mass around! So it's a lot more work to be fat and your body has to work a lot harder to keep up. This puts more strain on your heart because you have to pump more blood farther in addition to supplying more oxygenated blood to muscles that are forced to move a lot more weight around.  And fat people also have more fats and solids floating around in their blood (it's harder to clean a larger system) and some of these can clog and get stuck causing all sorts of difficulties and even cardiac arrest.

Thin people, in contrast, benefit from being thin in variety of was such as they cool themselves much more efficiently so in summer their bodies suffer only 1/4 the stress from heat. Oxygenated blood has much less distance to go meaning that cells can access oxygen and clear toxins much more efficiently.  Blood clots in veins are less likely to form mainly because the system is smaller yet the capacity for cleaning the blood is almost unaffected by body size...so you have cleaner, richer blood. The is definitely a correlation between people being thin and them not suffering from as many diseases...and so this is a great reason to encourage lighter body weight.

The final health benefits come from thin people not eating as much and not putting as heavy demands on their bodies...with the result that has been scientifically measured: they age slower. Significantly slower. There is a huge benefit from reduced caloric intake. The amount of free radicals in their blood is less (see better cleaning in the above paragraph) and so the damage to their cells (aka aging) is much less.   Additionally, there have been recent papers written to show that periodic fasting is greatly beneficial to your body.  Even with the same weekly energy intake, if you consume all those calories in 4 days and fast for 2 with one lesser calorie day, your body gets a chance to rest and repair itself.  Evolutionary biologists tested this theory and were amazed by the result. You see, the human body spent most of it's development where food would be available in spurts and NEVER 3 meals and 1 snack a day.  So the human body was DESIGNED to fast. So, basically, you should. You'll be healthier for it. 

So to sum up the health benefits in one sentence: the less you eat, the less your body has to work to process the food and the easier it is to clear the waste. So eating less makes you not only look younger, but your cells ARE younger.

Skinny Girls are Hornier
But Master, what does all this have to do with sex? Don't worry, I have my own perverted reasons that trump any of the substantial health benefits: being thin makes girls hornier.  Seriously, it does! But oddly, this effect only extends to females and not males. How could being thin possibly make you hornier?  Easy: evolution. This has also been scientifically proven.  You see, thin girls have a lot less fat and resources to devote to reproduction (a biologically very resource demanding activity.)  Even getting ready to put out healthy eggs and providing a good and fertile home for the eggs in the womb...takes a lot of resources to do properly. So...thin girls are naturally a lot less fertile.  And the thinner they are, the less fertile they are.  In fact, many anorexic girls don't reach puberty at all or if they do have significantly less secondary sex characteristics (eg. tiny boobs, less body hair, thin hips etc.)   So how do they compensate for this? Biology provides the answer.  The cheapest way to compensate is less fertility is by making the girl hornier.  You have sex more times with different people and you dramatically increase your chances of reproducing.  And so, according to evolutionary biology and scientists measuring it, skinny girls are hornier.

Note: this is based on the same evolutionary principle that makes older women hornier-- younger women are significantly more fertile and so it's just not necessary for them to be having sex as often to become impregnated. As they age, it gets more difficult to become pregnant and so, their sex drive gets a big boost.

Now, of course, evolutionary biologists have also measured men...and this does not extend to me.  In fact, undernourished men actually do better to cum less often...saving up for a more potent load of sperm (ready once every 4-6 for a really skinny guy.)

And this also gives us insight into the mind of modern men which evolutionary biologists have pointed out as a 'backfire in the system.'  You see, men have a strong primal desire to have sex... something evolution has ingrained into our minds and bodies -- as nature has tricked us into thinking that sex is really fun and not about procreation at all.  But men have apparently noticed that thin girls are noticeably more horny: they have sex a lot more frequently. Countless studies have pointed out that thin, attractive women are alot more likely to have sex with multiple partners (at the same time or via cheating), have more sex in monogamous relationships and have more sexual partners throughout their life.  This is was originally thought to be a direct consequence of them being more attractive and therefore having more opportunity.  But evolutionary biology has recently turned this on it's head.  Thin women are hornier and WANT to have sex more frequently and this CAUSED a shift in what men find attractive BECAUSE thin women put out more and want more sex.  Men are damn simple creatures and just go for what's easy is the lesson here.   The other lesson, I suppose is, let's do away with this nonsense about being a slut is bad. Guys love it and it's powerful enough to have caused a shift in what guys ultimately find attractive....so feel free to be a slut. Embrace it. Just don't give any other girl a hard time for having her fun too.

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