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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Demanding Orgasms

As a Master, I have discovered that I have an almost boundless  thirst for orgasms.   Both my own, of course, but I have a huge, MASSIVE drive to get orgasms from my slaves.   A slave slut who hasn't cum today is nearly worthless  (in fact, not having cum is almost an emergency and calls for drastic action except early in the morning as I can't always fuck you while you sleep.)

I love seeing girls in the throws of orgasmic ecstasy....it's like crack to me.   What could be more appealing than girl, instead of sitting idle, is pleasuring herself?  But why do I like this? Like? Hell, I LOVE it!! But why?

First off, from a vibrational point of view, I am sensitive and can feel and sense the orgasm and pleasure of those near me.  So I physically feel the pleasure and basically...being a guy, love to feel orgasmic pleasures as often as possible.

Secondly,  a slave lost in the throws of an orgasm looks so damn pretty and sexy! What could be sexier than a girl actually orgasming? Absolutely nothing.  But I'm a bastard and require girls to be as sexy for me as they can. So aside from controlling how she dresses and how she holds herself and poses...a sure fire way for me to think that girl is sexier and more appealing to me...is by forcing her to cum.

Third, and this is one of the most important reasons...the more a girl cums, the hornier she gets.  This has even been studied scientifically and they have found that the more frequently a girl orgasms, the more frequently she NEEDS to orgasm. So a worthless girl who cums once every couple of months barely feels the desire to cum at all.  A girl in a new relationship who's just been fucked twice in a row a much hornier and desiring of fucking...and is significantly more likely to masturbate too! (God, I love seeing girls touch themselves...so damn hot that just writing about girls hornily masturbating has made me hard while writing this. I could watch that forever!)  Anyway, the studies found that there apparently is no upper limit to this desire.  A girl who cums 10 times a day will be much easier to arouse and if she does so the next day will find it near impossible to NOT touch herself...usually several times at least.  And a girl in the pattern of cumming 10 times a day (she's done that for months, for example) will have a practically blinding desire to keep cumming that often. 

Part of the reason for this is orgasms release dopamine and oxytocin that can actually get you high in a way that is chemically similar to a heroin hit. Studies have show that regular users of internet port for masturbation creates and almost trance-like effect that not only make them oblivious to the world but is empowering too. Soon, the PC can become an erogenous zone that keeps popping back in your mind -- and this is exactly what I want in a horny little slut. I amp up these conditions and transform her a pleasure seeking hedonist.

Finally, I love the control.  I love being in charge and knowing that I can order a slave to cum at any time that pleases me. I know that she is more open and less in control while she cums that at any other time in her life.  And I love to amplify that loss of control by making her cum extremely often...but she is no cumming for herself but she is cumming for me and MY pleasure.

Also, after years of practice demanding forced orgasms, I've developed a taste for pushing boundaries and limits...knowing that a girl might only cum for herself around 10 times a day if she's properly horny...I want to push her to cum so that she cums much more than that so I can be sure the orgasms are FOR ME.  

How demanding can I be? Well as my slave knows, she has to cum a bare minimum of 20 times a day for me. And that is not counting the extra demands I have of making her cum both before and after she pees...every time. But the pee-gasms DO NOT count towards her cum quota...they are entirely separate.   But that's the very bare minimum.  And let me tell you, the minimum is extremely effective for training sluts to be...well, slutty! 

But what's the most? I will have to consult my slave but there have been numerous occasions where I have forced her to cum over 100 time in a single day.  It was a lot of effort to extract that many from her....but I have  a great thirst and need...so it was a labour of love.   I would guess the most she's cum for me in a single day is around 150 times.   After we broke the 100 record...I was so damn proud of her!  And she is most definitely a horny little slut! She can't even play video games for too long without taking cum breaks for me.
And this pleases me greatly.

Now there are a couple tools that are great for drawing orgasms out of a slutty little cunt. The first is the hitachi magic wand. I love this tool and it's wonderful as it can be employed from a wide range of angles and this includes during sex. (I do LOVE LOVE LOVE a girl to cum on my cock as I fuck her as her muscles tense and flex in the most pleasant way...and I feel her cumming more closely at that time...and it's the best!)

The other tool...and the most effective for forcing orgasms, is the Sybian. To give you an ideal of what this looks like, please watch the video below:


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