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Monday, 13 May 2013

A Slave is Beaten

It’s early in the morning, that’s all I know. As I slowly swim to consciousness, I begin to register the
pleasure. Yes, I’m wet. I’m feelin’ very good. I think I’m getting receiving oral sex! What an awesome way to wake up. As I move my arms around to get more comfortable – they don’t move. After a tiny struggle, I realize that my arms are bound somehow. In fact, I’m blindfolded and immobilized.

I search my memory for details, but there are none. I was planning on playing video games today to please my Master but I thought he would be off at a job. I guess you’ve made other plans. I have to go with it, since I’m obviously your slave. As I lie there, I bask in the glow of slavery and delight in my bindings that hold me down, helpless. If I knew what was ahead for me this week, I don’t think I’d be so relaxed.

The sucking on my pussy heightens in speed as I press my pelvis forward while moaning. I feel an orgasm building, strengthening, deep inside. I push forward, forward…whack!

You're not allowed to cum.

Whack. Whack. Whack. The blows just make me wetter.

You love it, you dirty slut. Look at you. About to cum, so eagerly without permission. You must be trained further. Trained to enjoy pain as much as pleasure. Pain like this

Your finger thrust deep into my pussy… but at the same time; you are digging your nails into bare and hairless pubic mound. Slowly, ever so slowly, the nails work their way down to my slit. I begin to whimper to let you know how much it hurts.

That’s right, beg… Beg for me to stop, I love listening to you sounding so pathetic.

Whack whack whack! With the nails still biting into me, you beat my bare pussy lips. Whack, whack, whack whack whack… a small pause WHACK! God! You’ve hit me sooo hard! The pain resonates around my body. For many seconds I absorb the pain fully until it starts to die down then … Whack! Another fierce blow. 

Feel it. Completely Feel the pain. Love it.

Whack! As I cringe, I hear slight laughter from you. My God, the cruel Master I love is hurting me, he’s really getting into it… I’m in trouble.

So slave. My pathetic little slutty slave. DO you like my nails on your pussy? 

I know I have no choice but to answer yes. Despite the pain, despite everything, I know that if I answer ‘no’ then that is an invitation to extreme cruelty. “Yes” I answer meekly.

You Uppity little whore! 

Whack! Whack whack whack whack whack! …pause… whack whack whack! Whack! WHACK! 

Have you forgotten you position!

 I feel your nails dig even deeper into my pussy flesh. It feels like you’ll break through the skin. Other nails dig in and scrape down my inner thigh, leaving red trails behind.

Oh yes! You have forgotten! You want me to remind you that you are my slave! 

More nails scraping down the other thigh.

I see. You’ve fucked up, and intentionally made a mistake so that You can have more pain, like you richly deserve!

I panic. No! I only want to serve you! But I hold my tongue. The hand in my pussy releases and the pain floods in with the blood to the pinched, tender skin. You enjoy the deep purple nail marks around my pussy, and watching them change colour to red and shallow out, knowing how painful that must feel. You thrust into my pussy again, and dig your nails in above once more. I flinch, but you don’t care. (Actually, you enjoy seeing me flinch, and let a small evil grin briefly cross your stern face…)

So, Can’t remember to say one stupid word. You are such a bad slut, you must be severely punished until you say, “Master” after every-fucking-thing you say.

The nails dig in deeper, and you begin to pound my pussy with your fingers, making me wet, despite the increased pain of your nails. You jerk faster and faster, and I feel your other hand begin pulling at my lips. You know that my lips are sensitive, which adds more pleasure as you pull and pinch at them. Then you rake my lips with your nails. I cringe, but you know that as long as you don’t scratch the tender skin inside my pussy, you won’t hurt me in a way that will inhibit my ability to serve you. You’ll carefully avoid any scratching inside my pussy that would cause serious pain both now and during a fuck. Of course, if your slave is really really bad… say she bites you or something, then you’d quite enjoy stuffing a coarse toilet brush up her pussy. But for now, there is no need to deliver any blows to such a sensitive area. Pinching and pulling, scratching and smacking exterior lips and where your hair would be, if you could grow any, will quite suffice. Besides, you sadistically love the look of utter concern and worry whenever you deal with such a sensitive area.

You’re my slut. I own you, so I can do whatever I wish to you. I can beat you whenever I want.


I can violate you. 

You reach around and stick a finger roughly up my ass.

And I decide everything for you because I am your master. Your job is to obey and to worship me like I deserve. I am your god. Your supreme lord and master and you have no will except mine!

You pull your finger out of my ass, and scratch from my ass to the base of my pussy. Then you slowly rake over my lips and up my opening until you reach my clit, where you being a pass around it and down the other side.

Any time I offer you pain or pleasure, You must accept. The only answers from you are, “Yes, Master”. Do you understand? 

“Yes, Master”.

Good. Do you want me to bite your clit?

No! My little clitty is far too sensitive… I hope I don’t lose all my arousal! … “Yes, Master”. As you bite, my world swims in pain.

Are you thirsty for my pee? 

 “Yes Master.” 

Good, because my bladder is full of tasty morning piss.

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I oblige and you straddle me, forcing you hard cock down my throat.

Now suck my dick. Good. 

Suddenly both my nipples feel like they are being ripped off.

Keep sucking and take me deep down your throat, Or I’ll have to really punish you. But for now, you sluttly little bitch, your punishment is to drink my disgusting piss. You have to gulp it down, and taste the bitter nasty flavour! You love it, because you are a perverted whore. So don’t even try to pretend that you don’t like the nasty taste. Don’t spill, you have to swallow every drop as punishment. What’s this! I didn’t give you permission NOT to having dripping cunt! Get wet!

Whack! You start thrusting into me again with your skilled fingers. You have to be wet and dripping for all your punishments.

It’s part of your worship. It may take vibrators inside your pussy, but when I tie you to the rack and whip you, you’ll be wet.

I can feel myself slipping away. I guzzle your piss to please you. It tastes awful but I don’t deserve any better. I have no choice. I must submit to you. You own me. I am yours. The bitter stream slows and stops. I lap up all the dribbles. I squeeze every last drop out of your cock with my throat and mouth. For you. I squeeze and lick your beautiful cock with my tongue until you order me to stop. I’ll do anything you ask of me. God, I love that he just started this morning without warning!

Good Job. As you know, this week is fairly busy for me, but it is going to be hell on you. You see, You’re mine. All this week, you will do nothing that you are not ordered to do. Here are some ground rules for this week, do not disobey me. 1) You will only piss into a bowl while you vibe yourself with the magic wand. 2) You cannot wear clothes in the house and you will only wear the clothes that I tell you to wear. 3) You will be my toilette slave and drink every drop of my urine every-time i pee at home. That means that I will not pee in a toilette this week, because you are me toilette. DO you understand.

“Yes, Master”.

Good. Also, you must report any masturbation to me when I come home. In detail. You will always tell me how much you’ve cum, and you will match your orgasms without me, to the orgasms with me. That means if I order you to cum twenty times during the day, you have to cum twenty times for me that night. I am going to have you drained all week.

Now, I am hungry. Go make me breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast with jam, coffee, juice.

As soon as I’m untied, I rush off and make breakfast. I do it quickly and efficiently. Soon, I knock on the door and tell you it is served. You come out and force me down on my back on the kitchen table. You then move the food from your plate onto my chest. The eggs are hot, but I can bear it. As I lie there, you eat the eggs off of my tits, sometimes chewing at my nipples and skin, other times licking oils off my skin. Then you take the toast and put it over my wet pussy and you begin eating it off me. When the toast is finished, you put a bit of blueberry jam on my pussy and lick that off. Finally, you take the coffee cup and touch it to my pussy lips and watch me squirm from the heat.
With breakfast over, you order me down to the bathroom. You order me to lie down in the cold bathtub and tell me to masturbate while you watch.

Good, now that you’re nice and wet, I want you to lie back, raise your hips above you and piss all over yourself.

 How humiliating. It’s so hard to piss when I'm so aroused and horny and as I push, nothing comes out.

Do you think I’m joking! You are my slave! DO what I ordered you to do, or you will be punished! Now keep touching yourself and PISS!

I push and push, and just as you reach down and pull my nipple, I begin pissing.

Keep Stroking yourself while you piss. 

As I do, the flood trickles off. Push! Keep pissing! The warmth surrounds my naked body a pee flows over me, coating me in my own filth. Finally, I am empty.

You are such a dirty slut! Stand up. Give me you tit.

Whack! Whack WHACK! You begin rubbing my clit Whack! 

You deserve to be punished. Do you want to be punished? 

“Yes, Master”

How much?

“More than ever before, Master.”

I order you to tell me…

you grab my nipples and dig your nails deeply into them…

How you deserve…

you twist my nipples hard…

to be punished. Now!

With a sharp pull, you glare at me so fiercely that I am quite afraid. You twist and dig at my nipples until I can finally think of an answer, “A shower with just cold water!”

You didn’t say Master!!!

A mad flurry of blows rains down on me. You slap, scratch, hit and even punch me. Finally, you calm down a bit and cease to see red. Well, except the red on my skin. I am cowering against the wall, defenseless. You quickly get out some rope and begin binding my hands behind my back. Then you place me in front of the shower and turn it on… just cold. A wave of frozen water covers me and I soon begin to shiver as you wash me with a pair of luffa gloves that scratches me all over. You pay extra attention to my pussy and tits with the gloves as the cold water makes me even more vulnerable to the pain they offer. You rub my clit cruelly with the gloves until I am at the point of cumming.

If you cum, I’m going to stick my fingers up you ass, with these gloves on! Don’t you dare cum! You have no permission to cum! 

I’m just about past the point of no return. I fight the orgasm, hold it back but… just at the last possible second, you stop. I breathe heavily, but I don’t cum. I am so thankful that I haven’t disobeyed you.

and I melt into you hands. Please Master, touch me, pleasure me. I beg you. The thoughts in my head are of total submission yet the water freeze my flesh.

You are filthy and disgusting. Look at you, a pervert coated in piss and you think you deserve my hand! You deserve nothing of the sort.

You suddenly soften as you turn off the freezing water.

There, there, let me dry my poor slave off. You are cold aren’t you. Shivering little slut. Here, you cuddle your master, give him all your love, and warm up against my body. You are mine, aren’t you. 

“Yes, Master”.

You have to love me and worship me, that’s what a good slave does.

You wrap a warm fluffy towel over my shoulders while drying me off.

Here, cuddle me closer. Good slave. I love you, my little pet. But it’s your fault that I have to punish you so. Sometimes you are so bad, you need to be punished. Other times, I just look at you and have to hurt you. You understand.

Now, I have to go off to work. While I am gone, you will do exactly as I say. First, you have to finish leveling you Mystic up to her next level in Perfect World...then cum 8 times as a reward. Then, you will take a porn magazine I leave on the bed for you and masturbate to it for exactly half an hour. Use a vibrator but do not cum. After that, You will level your cleric to his next level. You will take 2 more half hour breaks to jerk off again during this, but no cumming. This time, you will look at pictures of girls on your computer imagine that every girl is also my slave and that I have ordered you to lick her while I am watching. Time yourself with the timer and when it goes off, you must go back to leveling you cleric. Then, after you level the cleric, you will cum 20 times to the girls you looked at earlier. When I get home, I expect you to be playing Perfect World, and you will show me the leveled characters. Understand? 

“Yes, Master.” You grab my nipple and twist. And No internet sites. “Yes, Master.”

Good. When I’m finished working, I think I will need to unwind by beating you rather severely. Besides, I want to test out a new whip I made for punishing you. So be ready for a rack session that is much rougher than you’ve ever experienced.

That day was a great day for me. I was a good slave! I didn’t have my own will at all, but was filled with the will of my God. I was his, and I would serve him well to show him how much I love and respect him. I did everything exactly as he had asked. I was playing when he got home. I expected him to inspect my work right away, but he had to pee much too urgently for that. He got out his urinal and filled it. I felt his energy seeping in from his pee, making it ever easier to obey his orders. Then he inspected my work but wasn’t happy with the disorganization of my inventory and banks. He accused me of doing this on purpose to anger him and grabbed me by the hair and dragged me down to the dungeon. After tying me to the rack, he made me cum hard with his hand. Then he left me there for what seemed like hours! When he entered again, felt my pussy and found I wasn't so wet.

You must be wet for me, so that you’re ready for me to fuck at all times! Get wet! 

His hands quickly coaxed me to full arousal, but I could sense that he was angry with me-- which made that harder. Please! Don’t be cruel, I’ll do anything you say! Please. No such luck.

What followed was the most intense beating of my life. He made me count out the strokes and say, “Thank you, Master” after each hit. Until he ball gagged me. He tied me in uncomfortable positions, often with clamps hanging off my pussy lips or nipples. He tied my tits up, looped the rope through my legs and up my ass crack. She then pulled the rope and secured it so my asshole was sore from the rope and my pussy lips were split apart around the rope. My hands were secured behind me and I was tied in such a way that if I moved, the rope would pull up against my pussy, chafe my ass, or a different rope would pull on the nipple clamps. Only in this discomfort did he really beat me. He whipped me 300 times with each whip he owns, supplementing my punishment with his bare hand or the luffa glove. I struggled, I cried, I begged, but he would not stop. Well past the point where he could show mercy, but there was none. He made me tell him my sickest fantasies—on pain of punishment if they weren’t dirty enough. Then he’d punish me cruelly for my dark desires. He used all the clamps and clothes pegs available to him, and left them on for long periods… just loosening them and putting them back on in the same spot to aggravate my punishment. The only thing I was thankful for was that he timed how long the steel clamps would stay on me to avoid any actual damage to me. Sometimes, if the clamps were very strong, he left them on for just 3 long minutes at a time. I suffered for hours, forced to watch as he hung weights from my pussy and tits. He gagged me, and began whipping my ass some more.

Take it. You deserve it, so take the pain. You are my slave, so be thankfull that I am giving THIS to you. 

WHACK! I surrendered to him, went completely limp, and flew! I adored his cruelty in my altered state. I adored him when he strangled me. I worshipped him as he pinched and stretched me. I begged for him as he violated my ass.

My flesh was marked from head to toe by the time he slowed down. Ahh, but when he slowed down, I was so delightfully hiss… I gave myself fully over to him that day! He made me drink his piss again, this time straight from the tap, and then rewarded me by letting me lick and suck upon his gorgeous cock. Then I cleaned his asshole with my tongue and went back to his cock and pleasured him until his jizz coated my throat.

Then, with my soul open and exposed, he cuddled me like an infant. So adoringly his. I never have felt so safe. So secure.

Finally, he moved and told me that my punishment time was over. Better than that, he told me words that I cherish to this day. You've done well. I'm proud of you. I believed him when he said that I'd earned the right to cum in front of him today. In fact, he put on my favorite porn film of girls shooting whip cream up each other's asses and then eating out of each other... and allowed me the honour of cumming for him while he watched.

We had some snacks before bed. He then told me he loved my company and that I was to now speak candidly and be ‘at ease’. He spoke to me lovingly and sweetly, letting me know that he felt he could tell me anything because I was his property. So the rest of the evening we cuddled and talked. Just before falling asleep, he said,

Rest up. because you are going to cum many many more times tomorrow. You’ll cum to magazines. To video. To Jpegs, Cum to all the sluts in your dirty pictures. You’ll cum to photos for me. Then you'll cum in my mouth, and on my cock. You'll cum with me in your ass. You’ll cum from the blue dildo in your ass as I fuck you from behind. You are going to cum all day tomorrow. So rest up, because if you don’t get wet quick enough after cumming -- I’ll have no choice but to punish you…

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