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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top 20 Orgasm Types

1. The Optimist - Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes...
2. The Pessimist - Oh no, oh no, oh no...
3. The Flip Flopper- Oh yes, oh no, oh yes, oh no...
4. The Traveler - Ahh, I'm coming, I'm coming...
5. The Religious - Oh God, oh God...
6. The Greedy -  more, more, more...
7. The Evangelist - Yes Jesus Jesus Jeeesus!
8. The Submariner - Mmm... OHHH... Deeper... Deeper... GO DEEPER!
9. The Sailor - Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...
10. The Racer - Faster oh yes faster faster FASTER!!!
11. The Dingleberry - Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT oh SHIIIIIIIIIT!
12. The Oil Rigger - It's a gusher!
13.  The Beatle - I love you yeah yeah YEAH!
14.  The Traffic Director - don't stop don't Stop Don't Stop!!
15.  The Dental Patient - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
16.  The Ninja
17.  The Eager Student - Oh oh oh oh oh!
18.  The Austin Powers - Yeeaah Baby!
19.  The John McClane -  Harder harder harder!
20.  The Kool-Aid Man - Ohhhhh Yeaah! 

Note: I saw a list online of the top 9...I expanded it and removed some of the crappy ones on the list. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013



Hogtying is a popular bondage technique for immobilizing one's slave by tying all four of the person's limbs together.  The way I like to do it is to tie a slut's arms together behind her back, and then tie her legs together at the ankle. The legs are then bent up and attached to her wrists. It can also refer to positions where wrists are bound to the upper arms (as long as it's behind her back.)

The term Hogtying comes from farm ranches as this rope technique was originally used to secure pigs.
There are several variations of the Hogtied position. Special bondage tools and equipment can be used to achieve a hogtied position -- as always ;)  Of course my favorite tool for achieving the Hogtied position is rope.  But a Monoglove can be used to secure a person's arms behind their back and then attached to the legs using the tip of the Monoglove. Leather straps, handcuffs, metal wrist and leg shackles all can be used as well.
Here is an example of adjustable hogtie straps

The wrists and ankles are normally in close proximity to each other without touching. In a more challenging Hogtie, you can make the slave's wrists touch or overlap her ankles. This causes the back to arch, and may cause severe discomfort in a prolonged bondage scene. But the standard position can be maintained for much long fairly comfortably by the slave.

Personally, I think hogtying looks beautiful and sexy. The girl is obviously bound and immobile and, if you have a good slut, will love you for it. I do adore girls who feel safer and cared for while immobile -- and this position certainly achieves that. 

As with all rope bondage, care must be taken to ensure that circulation of the blood is not cut off -- this is especially important when ties are used around the ankles and wrists as the veins are near the surface and easily compressed with poor rope work.

So make sure you use ties that don't cut of circulation and definitely do not use ties that cinch tighter. (I will have to make a post on how I like to tie these.)

Be sure to stay with the sub and monitor her at all times, checking her hands and feet for discoloration (blue and grey are bad colors for skin! Undo her if you see this!)  Also, feel her hands and feet to make sure they are not getting cold -which is another sign of poor circulation.  And you can always ask her if her hands or feet are tingling.

In more challenging hog ties the back can be arched back. Don't make her overextend backwards and be warned that she won't be able to maintain more severe positions for that long.  Her back may start to cramp up or spasm and then your little sex pet will be an unhappy little girl :'(

And as always, keep some EMS scissors handy so you can cut her lose quickly in an emergency (if you are using rope.) Do not worry about the cost of the rope. The slave's health and well being is way more important: and she will probably trust you more if she sees you're willing to cut a $50 rope to rescue her quickly --and BDSM is all about trust.  

Some versions of a hogtie involve a predicament bondage where a neck rope is attached to keep the neck, back and legs arched but this is really NOT RECOMMENDED!  If the Dom is someone accidentally incapacitated or feels he can leave her alone -- the victim can tire and strangle to death. So don't do this!

The hogtie position places a lot of pressure of the abdomen of the slave (especially if she is placed on her belly.)  This can create postural asphyxia (aka it's really difficult for her to breath because of the position.) Care should be take to ensure she can breath easily. Keep alert and check in with her to make sure she can still breath .

Gagged -- but not on her stomach.

Disclaimer:   Use common sense. I am not advocating use of any technique or practice on this website. You are responsible for your own actions and safety -- research techniques online and take courses from people who are experts.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Love note from a slave II

The truth?
You owned my heart
for a long time
your chains encircled my soul
and made me wet for you
The Truth?
You conquered me
the day we met
your charm and sex appeal
twisting a spell over my pussy.
The Truth?
You enchanted me
day after day
Your humor, wit, wisdom
drove me forever into your world.
The Truth?
You took me
owning me just by being there
your love and gentle ways
had me enthralled around your flame.
The Truth?
I was already yours
In all ways
Heart, Mind, Body and Soul
but this was the steel
The Truth?
Yours Forever
With your collar
I'll forever kneel. 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Anal Sex

It's funny, when I first fell in love with anal sex it was through porn as I was with a girl who didn't want to have anything to do with it -- she said she thought it was 'dirty and nasty'.  Well, I have to agree with her. It's dirty and nasty and I love it!

I now find assholes to be much sexier than pussies...maybe because I've fucked more asses? I dunno.  It's not that I don't find pussies sexy... a bare, completely shaved pussy is one of the prettiest things I can imagine.  Still, if i had my choice, I'd always fuck an ass.

Anal sex feels more intimate to me.  It's more intense and needs to be done properly by someone who knows what they are doing.  And ultimately, for me, it's a more submissive act and that's why I prefer it.  

A slave should never feel like she has control over her body. Her body is for giving pleasure to others, as THEY see fit. So she must learn to SERVE.   It's not about her and her pleasure.  It's all about pleasing me.  Luckily for her, I love love love to see her orgasm and so require it from her.  I will not hesitate to beat a slave for withholding orgasms from me.  (Of course, this is nowhere near the fierce beating she'd receive from faking an orgasm -- a capitol offense and one of the worst sins she can commit.)   So all of her holes must be freely available to be used as her Master sees fit.

And so this Master enjoying ensuring that she truly knows how to please with her mouth and her ass and, if she's lucky, with her pussy.  I realize that anal sex is more difficult for her...and that is part of the reason why a slave needs to be trained so she can eagerly provide such services at any time.

Now anal sex can get very dirty and nasty as my ex gf pointed out.  I mean, there is a practice known as ass-to-mouth where a Master pulls out of a slave's ass and forces her to taste the inside of her own ass by licking and sucking his cock. He then repeats this, fucking her ass again with her saliva as lube then making her taste her ass of his cock.  Of course, this can and should be done with a couple of slaves so that they can experience ass-to-other-girl's-mouth as well as licking each other's assholes. 

The reason I enjoy this is it is a great way to test a slave's devotion.  A slave that hesitates or, god help her, refuses to lick a cock covered in ass juice is in need of much more training and discipline.  And it's really hard to fake the responses of a fully trained anal slave who leaps at the opportunity to SHOW her devotion by tasting anything and everything anal. I must admit I also do derive some pleasure out of seeing a slave clean a VERY tiny amount of ass stuff off my cock while looking at me with a look in her eyes that says, "Master, I will do ANYTHING for you."

Some extend this to the eating of feces...which is truly nasty and most definitely a test of a slave's willingness to serve. However, the actual eating of feces comes with rather significant risks of illness from large amounts of bacteria contained in the stool -- and personally, I think it's pretty gross and would only consider it for an extreme test or for use on a slave that got off on being pushed in such a way. That said, I've never actually made a slave eat poo... so I can't speak to the effect of seeing her devotion would have on me. But that's in no way a requirement...unlike anal sex -- which is awesome!

I also love anal sex because of the way it feels! The ass feels very different than a pussy. The walls of an ass are extremely smooth and yet the ass itself is tighter and the combination means, for me, it just feels far better.  The down side is, the ass is not self-lubricating, and so it requires lube. And lots of it! Anal sex definitely feels better with more lube (for both parties) and here's the number one rule for anal sex:

You can't have too much lube!!

While I love seeing the slave struggle to take my cock and please me as I fuck her for as long as I want!  I know anal can get increasingly intense as it goes on...and so a slave learning to relax and take me as I fuck her ass for the better part of an hour without the slightest hint of a complaint...is so wonderful! 

Another benefit to anal sex is the slave can vibe her pussy and masturbate freely --cumming on my cock with her ass. The slave can cum and but the actually vibrations of a vibe in her pussy transmit easily to my cock through the thin barrier between the ass and pussy.

Perhaps the best benefit of anal sex is pregnancy. Specifically, it's extremely difficult to impregnate a slave via anal sex.  And the worst case scenario is she gets pregnant and has ass babies -- which as much cuter than standard babies, are much less work, have a gestation time of much less a week and are 100% flushable!

Now a new slut may find it difficult to take it up the ass on a regular basis.  The ass needs to be stretched and get used to accommodating my cock. And the best way to do this is to force the girl to wear a butt plug during the day...especially as she goes to school or work.  Nothing will make her feel sluttier.

It's a very good idea to have her wear a thong as they were designed to hold butt plugs in as she goes about her daily business. Just walking around will make her feel sexy and remind her that she's your little slut.  And this form of anal training is guaranteed to make her loosen up in a hurry. Even is she's super tight...just start with a very small butt plug. Then, after a few days of that, increase to the next biggest size.  And keep going, gradually increasing the size until she can easily walk around with a huge butt plug up her ass. A slut can go from a pink sized butt plug to a fist size in a couple weeks -- you wouldn't believe how quickly she adjusts to the larger sizes. The ass is truly a wonderful and adaptive organ.

To do this, make sure it is her that is putting in the larger plug as you go up in size...as her ass is kinda involuntary and can squeeze shut against her will -- and this is totally involuntary. If this happens...if she is in control, she can go super slow and really really take her time.

Eventually, your little slut will be able to wear whatever plug you desire as a fashion statement. And, when you wish to fuck her, you simply remove the plug and she's good to go. She's already warmed up and ready to go!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Why Geeky Doms Rock

1. INTELLIGENCE. Give me a smart Dom any day over Dom Jock Macho Man. The smart guy knows He doesn't know it all and spends an inordinate amount of time continually learning to be a better Master.
2. PATIENCE. They're methodical. They're used to solving complex problems. They even welcome such challenges and they know that there are subs out there that are complex and challenging as hell. These subs do not intimidate a geeky Dom.
3. APPRECIATION OF A SMART SUB. A geeky Dom loves a sub with a brain, they know You can't fix stupid. She may not be the prettiest or have the most beautiful body around but they don't care... They LOVE smart! Smart trumps physical beauty any day. They aren't intimidated by such a sub and in fact welcome her wit and insight and love her mind. A sub with brains loves this right back... so many Doms can't handle her intelligence.
4. THEY LOVE A PUZZLE. Lord knows that a smart sub can present a puzzle to most Doms. Not so the geeky Dom, He is inquisitive and loves to solve a puzzle, (it's His nature) especially the puzzle of an intelligent and independent woman who craves to submit to the right Man. He will take his time and use his laser like mind to delve deep into her psyche, figure her out and put all the pieces together and claim her as His before she realizes what hit her (pun not intended).  And he's usually smart enough to figure out a solution that you might not expect.
5. MASTERS OF THE MIND FUCK. See #'s 3 & 4. Intelligent subs can be quite a handful. They often outsmart their wannabe Doms seeing right through them and quickly getting bored and frustrated (insert eye rolling subbie here). Ah, but the geeky Dom can see right to the core of this subbie, knows what makes her tick and can wrap his mind around her essence and whip her little brain into a chaotic frenzy and drop her to her knees before she knows what's happening and she'll never see it coming. Trust me, weappreciate this ability... we crave this ability... we need this ability...

A good geeky Dom knows that 95% of his powers should be devoted towards winning your mind. So he uses his intelligence to ensnare completely using tools from hypnosis and  NLP to ever so subtle things that he's noticed that makes you tick.  
6. QUIET TIMES, NATURE WALKS AND PLAYING GAMES. A geeky Dom doesn't have to be all "macho" all the time. They are confident enough in their dominance to let go and be content to hold Their sub in Their arms, spending time on long walks or sitting on the back deck on a spring afternoon, listening to the birds chirping, watching the squirrels and deer romping about and just enjoying "being". Or playing games as he loves to keep his mind active. The bonding achieved doing this is incalculable. His sub is putty in His hands.

7. ACTUALLY USEFUL. Of course, a side benefit of the Dom being highly intelligent is...he can actually do stuff. Useful stuff. In a wide variety of ways. Maybe he can wire a 3-way switch for hallway lighting, create a website, use laser cutters to create new items or take apart and fix a motor. And he's usually smart enough to have the resources to actually accomplish these tasks too -- as he probably figured out a way to earn more than minimum wage ;)
8. BETTER LOVERS. Oh yes! Lord Domly Dom thinks He's a great lover because he has a cock Ha!. Not so the geeky Dom. He's studied a woman's anatomy and physiology, he knows the rhyme and reason behind her sexuality and uses it to his advantage thus making him a most exquisite lover. And when he has claimed His sub, he has studied her as a person even further and knows intimately what makes her tick, what drives her wild, what brings her to her knees begging for more.
Yes, give me a Geeky Dom any day...
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU

Friday, 24 May 2013

Torture Garden

Should I do a post about Torture Garden this past weekend in Toronto?  I sort of feel obliged to...being on of the biggest events in the community.  Parties were at Wicked and Opera House (no surprises there).

Classes of note:  Elwood (same Elwood from GTA Rope Social) did a class on Rope Bondage.

Here's a TG promo video:

I see kinky people 0_o

I might was well take this time to plug the Summer Fetish Ball this July.  Nothing like rubber in July to make one overheat. ;)   https://www.facebook.com/events/163462703826778/

Pet Care

”Are you okay, pet?”
”Come on babygirl, focus on daddy.”
“We’ve been pretty rough on you, and you’re pretty out of it. Do you remember your safeword?”
“Tell me your safeword babygirl.”
“And do you want to use your safeword?”
“All your parts are still there, you won’t have any lasting marks. Daddy’s friend is very skilled at what she does. Are you enjoying yourself?”
“yes… daddy…”
“Really, you enjoy getting a harsh spanking with weights hanging from your nipples, while being forced to wear massive butt plugs and vibrators inside you? You’re one sick puppy.”
“And did you enjoy the foreplay, or lack of such…? How we tied you up straddling a vibrator and made you watch as we had sex right infront of you? Did you enjoy being deprived of what you wanted so badly and seeing it given to someone else?”
“…no…yes… I… yes…”
“Did you cum for daddy on that vibrator?”
“…no… almost…”
“Sounds like I set it at the perfect level then, to get you all worked up and giving no relief. And how many times have you cum since?”
“…none, daddy… not allowed…”
“How many fingers, not counting the thumb, do you have on your left foot?”
“Fo… none… toes… “
“Good girl. You’re waking up a bit. It’s early yet you see, we have hours left to play… Maybe if you’re a good pet for daddy’s friend she’ll show you her strapon collection next, maybe you can come hard with both your holes filled…”
“Oh god… yes daddy…”
“Are you experiencing 'bad pain' or discomforts that I should know about? Tingling, lack of circulation? Tell me now --as I own your body and need to know the status of my property." 
“…no Daddy...I hurts...but in the good way."
“Well it's time for you to drink this big pitcher of water so you have to pee lots for us, pet. Not that I'll let you. But drink it fast anyway, before I decide to let her show me how good she is with a cane instead.”

The above is an example of checking in with your slave. Making sure she is ok, looked after both physically and emotionally, and enjoying herself. Little things like this show your slave that, deep down, you really care about her...no matter what you're making them do. 

This can form an incredibly intense trust and bond between Master and slave that vanilla folks rarely achieve.

After you are done playing with your toys, if they are really flying this gentle aftercare is super important as the intensity of emotions can result in an intense feeling of abandonment if you just leave. I highly recommend more of this kind of checking in and helping to bring them back to reality gently. Ensure that her body has not been hurt beyond what you thought and...well, I like to be a strong and loving Daddy for her.

Appropriate Slutwear

A slave slut should know what is the most appropriate clothing and so I will hope to clarify this for her.

She should never wear too much clothing or be seen to be 'modest'... as her sole purpose in life is to fuck and be used as a sexual object. So a good slut would never dream of wearing clothes that wouldn't immediately make her Master think of fucking her. So, if a slut wants to show that she is thinking is sex, she must dress appropriately.

A slut is never shy. She is a slut who prides herself in wearing slutty clothing and showing off way more skin than any other girl would dare. All her clothes are designed as pure sex-wear. And a good slut would never want to be caught wearing anything that doesn't conform to at least some of the rules below!

A good slut should strive to reveal as much skin as possible. Here are some general rules to guide you in dressing like a slut -- and of course, this is tailored specifically to my tastes and this guide can be used as a general style guide for my sluts.


1) Skirts are Short. Prefer to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants or shorts as these ensure easy access.

  • Skirts should not have a hem line any lower than one hand width below her pussy.
  • dresses should be stretchy, skin tight and ideally shiny
  • dresses should have openings and cutouts to reveal more skin 

 2) Camel Toe. If you must wear shorts, be sure that they are short. tight and reveal camel-toe (camel-toe being pussy lips). Some consider this a fashion faux pas but seriously, what makes guys think about sex more than advertising your pussy?

3) Show Belly.  Try to show at least 1 spread out handspan of your belly but ideally a lot more.

4) See through is great. Wear clothes that are transparent , shear and reveal your body.

5) Show Undercleavage.  The underside of your boob is gorgeous and sexy. Show it off. 

6) Show off your bare pubic area.  Nothing is so sexy as knowing that everyone knows you are shaved bare.  So wear ultra low cut clothing that shows off your hairless regions.

7) Thongs are great. Nothing quite say, "I love anal sex" like a thong. Just do it.
Note above: lips visible on both sides = good.

8) Corset your waist.  A small waist the most universally attractive thing a woman can show off. And a corset cinches in your waist to make it smaller and therefore more attractive. 

9) Garters are best. Nothing quite says, "I dressed for sex" quite like garters. Just be sure to put your panties on afterwards...or you can't get them off in a hurry as the garters lock them in.

10) Cleavage is your friend.  Showing a little cleavage never hurt. Ever.

11) Cutouts show more.  Why wear all of a dress when you can cut out the parts that aren't required and you are left with just the awesome parts.

12) Show your back. This is one area you can show off freely without any negative consequence whatsoever. Backs are sexy... especially makes me want to grab you from behind.  

13) A bikini can never be too small nor too revealing:  Side boob. Underboob. Cleavage. Pubic zone and lips...show as much as possible for maximum attention. 

See how this one above shows of your lips? Excellent.

14) Wear stockings and lace. Fishnets, thigh highs with lace tops and of course, all lace stockings like the below are...just wonderful. Lace, of course, also works on things like bras and panties. 

15) Boots should be thigh high.  Tall tall boots. Ideally made of patent leather, but leather and other materials can also work. I don't like large platforms on the sole of the boot however.

16) Shoes? No. Heels! Big clunky sensible shoes or running shoes can't hold a candle to a long spiked high heel. Aim for at least 3-4 inches but no more than 6 inch heels. 

17) Be a leather and latex lover

18) Cosplay is the way.  Cosplay could be a whole other post. Ashlie...take a closer look at Reptile below, tee hee. 

19) Kilts are cute. The lure of the schoolgirl outfit is time honored.  But it's best to look like a real schoolgirl than to overly tart this one up...ruining the illusion of innocence.
20)  Spandex and PVC.  Nothing like stretchy and wetlook materials to clung to and flatter you hot little body. 

21) Accessorize! Use gags, collars, wrist and ankle cuffs, lights  and anything else that makes you look exactly like what you are.

22) Butt cleavage works. Don't be afraid to show off the top of your butt crack. Jeans should be low cut anyway and this is another benefit.

23) Shorts should show cheek.  Shorts should always be short enough to show some butt cheek from below. They are called shorts for a reason.