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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Why good girls cum a LOT!

This will be a short post to say, GODDAMN! I love it when girls cum lots and lots.

I don't want a girl who masturbates once a week. That's ridiculous! A good girl will NEED to touch herself many times a day. I want insatiable girls that can't go 5 hours without the need to touch themselves overcoming them and they make themselves cum for me.

A girl is at her most gorgeous while she is in the throws of organismic ecstasy.  And I love gorgeous girls! If a girl touches her pussy and cums for me once an hour, every hour, all day long...that is a special girl indeed.

I like to train girls so that they masturbate many times a day...gradually increasing the number of times to 20 or 40...hell, training a girl to cum 50 or 100 times a day, every day, is not out of the question and would certainly ensure she is thinking about sex a good amount to make me happy.

But I'd prefer to have a girl that before I start training her was such a horny slut that she was cumming many many times a day already.

There's two girls in my life right now...one is a well trained slave and I force to cum for me many times a day --and she is my dream! The other girl, she's new but I am really wanting to train her to be a good little slut for me and I am wanting her to touch herself every day for me! If there was one thing I could tell her, it would be to touch your little pussy more every day.

Good girls cum a lot because that pleases Master.

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