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Monday, 22 April 2013

Shaving and Pubic Hair

I have a very strict and unbending -- yet simple -- rule regarding pubic hair on slaves. There will be none.

A slave must be vigilant to ensure that she is completely and 100% hairless from the neck down. That means the slave cannot, under any circumstances, have any pubic hair, hair around the anus, underarm hair or hair on her legs.  The only hair that is somewhat acceptable is hair on her lower arms --so long as it is not too dense or thick.

Additionally, the slave is forbidden to look at any amount of pubic hair on a female -- be it in porn or in real life.  If she sees it in a porn film, she will fast forward or turn the movie off. If in real life, she will avert her eyes.

I don't want to simply state this as a rule -- I want to explain my rational behind it.

First off, I do not deny a woman the right to have her pubic hair groomed any way that she wishes.  It's her body and she has a right to keep it as she pleases. I know this can be a difficult area for women to traverse as men often have very different preferences ranging from completely bare, landing strip, groomed upper patch, neatly trimmed, and au natural.  Women have complained to me that they keep it shaved and the new guy want's anything but shaved. They go trimmed and a different new guy wants shaved. It's hard to predict for you...and so many feel you can't win .   Personally, I think if the guy insists on wanting shaved: he should be willing to do some of the work himself and treat her to grooming sessions.

However, absolutely none of the above applies to slaves. Slaves do no have the right to choose how to keep their body because they do not own their body. Their purpose is to keep their body in as desirable a state as possible for their Master. So their Master's preference is their world and law.

And the way I see it: body hair is not something a slave is allowed to experience in any way.  My reason are as follows:

1) a slave must endeavor to embody all that it feminine and submissive. Simply put: hair is masculine, hairless is feminine. And a slave must be feminine.
2) pubic hair serves to conceal a slave's genitals -- a form of modesty I will not permit. She must be exposed and fully naked.
3) having no pubic hair is undoubtedly slutty -- being smooth and hairless leaves little doubt that you are a sexual being and groomed for fucking. 
4) licking hair doesn't work well -- I much prefer licking skin.
5) exposing pubic hair in low cut slutty clothing is seen as inappropriate and even illegal where exposing the same skin without hair is legal.
6) Aesthetics: I personally think no hair looks way way sexier and more pleasing to the eye.
7) Feel: I love the way skin feels...it's awesome.
8) Effort: it takes more effort and daily attention to keep completely hairless... and I adore giving daily duties to ensure the slave's mind is focused
9) Messing up and having hair is a fantastic excuse to harshly punish a slave. Because I recognize it takes constant attention -- failing in any degree greater than a bit of stubble will ensure the harshest of punishment.
10) Hairless girls seem cleaner and less smelly to me.
11) Completely shaved is easiest to maintain and judge -- the slave has very clear orders: no hair. Very simple for her.
12) By insisting that slaves cannot look at any form of porn with girls that have pubic hair, they must take care and put more effort into find porn to cum to...keeping their minds focused.

Now any long term slave of mine will solidify her commitment to me (along with getting collared) with getting laser permanent hair removal.  Basically, the slave has all of her pubic hair, leg and underarm hair lasered off with a laser tuned to frequencies to permanently kill the hair follicles.  While this can be expensive -- it fully worth it!  Hair simply doesn't grow back and goes from stubbly to gorgeously smooth and lickable skin!!

A slave taking the step of permanent laser hair removal is a remarkable show of commitment to me and makes be glow with joy inside. It's akin to getting a tattoo with my name on it...only much prettier and more feminine.

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