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Monday, 29 April 2013

Going down on a girl



Video of girls licking pussy

Going down on a girl is an important skill that we think every body should learn.  Oral Sex is an important part of any physical relationship  and knowing how to give good head or face goes along way with many people.  Formally it is called cunnilingus, many puns are made about "Cunning linguists" for communication is a very important part of cunnilingus.  Personally I very much enjoy eating pussy and am happy to try and pass on what I have learned about muff diving. And, of course, I expect any and all slaves of mine to practice this on other girls and to be really, really good at it also! So here are my five rules for going down on a girl:
1.  Be Prepared: Way before anything happens, make sure your nails are groomed with nails cut short and no dirt under them. Wash any dirt of your hands because very few girls go for the hobo look.  Now, before going down on your lady friend (regardless if she has been your lady friend of 20 minutes or your wife of 20 years)  You have to warm her up, unlike guys who are ready to receive a blow job pretty much instantly.  Women respond better on average to being physically romanced through passionate kissing and caresses all over their bodies.  Some classic pieces of advice are “Work from the outside in” and “it’s better to be slow and steady than fast and furious”.
2.  Be Comfortable:  You are most likely going to be there for a while (unless your a biter)  So it’s important that both of you are comfortable and warm without being over heated.  When a women sits on a mans face he has to make sure that he can breathe easy even if she moves around a little while on top of him (this is especially important if any type of bondage is being used to restrain the man).  As a man with the women lying on her back you might be tempted to through a comforter over your head when you go down there, this can lead to serious over heating and lack of fresh air.  Don’t arch backwards too far or your back may get sore and force you to readjust your position at a critical moment.  Also if you are ever around carpet, be careful of cock-rug-burn as it hurts and could inhibit future performance.  For women, sometimes it’s best to have a blanket to stay warm.
3. Don’t rush:  the goal is not to see how fast you can get your tongue on her clitoris, but how good you make her feel. It isn’t a race and better, the more she enjoys the total experience, the easier it will be to make her cum - and cum and cum. So relax and enjoy the entire sensual experience...it’s not like her hard-on will go down or anything. Just be comfortable and enjoy: she will pick up on it. Remember, the goal is not to make her cum, the goal is for her to have a good time.  Some girls feel pressured to cum and feeling rushed makes her stressed. Besides, it doesn’t matter if she cums as long as she has a good enough time to invite you back to her bed.
4. Communicate with her about what she likes: You’ve gotten this far, now ask the expert: calmly ask her what she likes. Some women will know exactly what they want and you  have to make them comfortable enough to actually tell you -- by being non-judgemental and accepting. If she tells you something she likes,  do it. Better, remember it for next time.    Other women may have no idea or limited experience and don’t honestly know what they want.  Usually, in these cases, you can try a variety of techniques and see what she responds best to. Sometimes women want you to experiment and are really curious to try new things, for example, sticking a finger in her ass.  make sure you ask her if she likes fingers inside her vagina or if she just prefers tongue on her clitoris.
5. Get to Work:  You have warmed her up and she has told you what she likes so now it’s time to deliver the goods.  Remember this isn’t a rush delivery take your time, maybe kiss neck, suck on her nipples a little or lick her around her thighs.  Build her anticipation of your coming tongue on her clitoris.  Rub your hands over her body, while you make your way down to her vagina.  When you get down there remember that all clitoris’s and vagina's are different, stick to what she told you to do and you will be fine.  But remember that what she told you she likes can change without notice at any moment so be prepared to improvise.  You should know whether or not she likes fingers inside her.  if she does stick one or two fingers inside her and make the come hither motion on the roof of her vagina to stimulate the G spot.  If she doesn’t know what she likes there are three basic techniques for three different clitoris types.  The first one is the angry clitoris type that needs to be punished with as much tongue as possible with fast and powerful licks till fruition.  The second type is the soft and lazy clitoris that just wants lazy giant doggy licks steady, simple, and easy.  The third type is the hypersensitive clitoris that just wants tiny teeny little licks and motions; the key with this one is to move slowly and be on the right spot, it’s all about accuracy.   One last point if the girl you are going down is getting more and more excited without moving around JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!  If she is moving around and grinding her hips, she is usually trying to get you to move to the “right spot” with out having to tell you “hey dummy it’s a little to the left”.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Brain of Pain of Slut -Pt.1

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” 
― John MiltonParadise Lost

I am a bit of a sadist.  I enjoy inflicting both pleasure (i.e. forced orgasms) and pain. But I really love to inflict pain on a girl who ENJOYS it!

I used to have a slave who was a total pain slut -- who would get wet and horny and turned on if I flogged her. If I wanted to make sure she was ready for sex,  I could spank her hard so that her ass turned bright red.

This is interesting because I've known many slaves who transform the experience of pain (that most people would find unpleasant) into a source of great pleasure that they would seek out.  A good pain slut has transformed the experience of pain into that of pleasure in her brain.

That doesn't mean that they can't experience unpleasant pain...for example, if she were to burn herself accidentally on the stove (this happened) she hated it! It hurt her a lot and the pain was most unpleasant.  And yet if I inflicted a similar pain on her, because the source of the pain was her Daddy, she would melt and swoon and beg for more.

And if I were to beat her in front of a crowd of people (for example, on stage at a party) her pain tolerance would go through the roof as she was giving a performance and LOVED it! So on stage, she developed an extreme tolerance and enjoyment of pain -- due entirely to the source and situation --> which tells me a slut's brain is a very important thing.

And so, the most important part of a slave is her brain -- and making sure that she is in the right space to properly enjoy everything that she experiences.


Let’s talk about Gags.  This Master very much enjoys the power aspect of denying the slave the ability to speak.  She is forced to convey everything through body language: the use of her eyes, how she holds her body. To me, she becomes much sexier as she is just a physical and sexual girl -- unable to express herself in other ways. It's so cute to watch a slavegirl who desperately wants to get fucked spread and position herself in tempting ways when she is denied the ability to say, "Fuck me."

 The First time I used a gag, I was 20 years old in a girls dorm room during first year of university.  She had a boy friend and I wasn’t that boyfriend. She didn’t want her room mates to know that we were “making love”.  It had to be quiet enough that she could tell them that we were just studying.  However as I was doing her on her side she was quite loud and verbal.  I am a pragmatic and practical man so I took her panties and stuffed them into her mouth to quiet her down and then held them in place with my hand.  It succeeded in shutting her up and it felt awesome for me to exert that type of control over her.  Afterwards she thanked me profusely for thinking of her and taking care of her needs.  In hindsight as I write this I now realize that she was totally into it and I wish I had gagged her every time before and after that event.
A gag is anything that covers or is inserted into the mouth to stop the person from crying out and/or closing their mouth, and in some cases even speaking.  Gags are generally small rubber, plastic or waterproof material, that incorporate straps that wrap around the head to be held in place. Other varieties include cloth, tape or leather strips that wrap around the head to silence the sub.  Cloth, such as the panties mentioned above, can also be stuffed into the mouth to effectively reduce the amount of noise the sub can make. Other gags can include rings that hold the mouth open or penis shaped or inflatable gags which fill the mouth -- again reducing the sound that can escape the mouth.
One of the reasons I most enjoy using gags is the way it takes away control from the sub through totally limiting their ability to express themselves.  Instead of using words, the sub is confined to nods and mumbles to get anything idea across -- which leads to them not interrupting nearly as often. I highly enjoy when they shut up. :)    The thing is, from talking to subs afterwards, I’ve found that they also enjoy having the control of speech taken away from them.  They find it highly erotic and it magnifies their whole submissive mindset -- and so gags take on a symbolic value to the sub.  It becomes a symbol of their submission so that when they wear it, it is a physical manifestation of their submissiveness. Basically, whenever a sub puts a gag on, it triggers them to assume the submissive role -- even if they are a switch.
Physically, once the gag is in place, the jaw is held open and it draws the attention of the sub to their mouth -- which many find to be a highly erogenous zone.  Many gags also inhibit the sub from swallowing or closing their mouth entirely and so subs tend to drool with a gag in their mouth. Some find the loss of control over their own saliva to be humiliating as they feel it drip down their chin and onto their chest.  Other people enjoy the gurgling and slurred speech of a gagged sub, some people particularly enjoy inviting the gagged to speak -- knowing full well they are helpless to do so.
There are many types of gags:
  • Ball gag: a ball made of rubber or plastic that is held in the mouth with strapsBall Gag

    a ball gag
  • Bit gag: a horozontal rod that the sub can bite down upon just like a horses bit  
  • Cleave gag: a strip of cloth that forces the sub`s mouth apart and pulls into the cheeks

  • Forniphilia gag: a gag that attaches an object to a person’s face for purpose of humiliation. For example, a toilet brush, ashtray or dildo

  • Funnel gag: a gag with a funnel on it that is useful to force fluids into a sub’s mouth -- this is especially useful in golden shower play

  • Harness gag: a gag that has a head harness to hold it in place
  • Inflatable gag: a gag that is placed in the mouth and then inflated, usually with a rubber bulb pump, so the mouth is filled with the inflated object

  • Jennings gag: a medical device made of steel that forces the mouth open

  • Knotted gag:  a knot, usually of cloth or rope, that fits in the mouth like a ball gag
  • Medical gag: a common term term for a Jennings gag (see above)
  • Mouth corset: a gag that takes the form of a corset or extends up from an actual corset

  • Muzzle gag: A leather cover that forces the mouth to stay closed using  straps that wrap around my head
  • OTM (over-the-mouth) gag: A cloth or strip of tape that covers the mouth, sealing it. Not so effective unless there is some cotton stuffed in the mouth first
  • Pacifier gag: an over-sized pacifier like those used for infants, that is useful in ageplay
  • Panel gag: A panel, usually leather, which holds a square panel in place over the mouth with straps -- sometimes a ball or penis gag is held in the mouth with this panel

  • Penis gag: A fairly short dildo that goes inside the mouth, forcing the sub to suck upon the rubber cock

2 penis gag. The small end goes in the mouth. The large end is used as a Forniphilia gag.
  • Plug gag: a usually rubber stopper of sorts that fills the mouth of the sub while being held in with straps
  • Ring gag: A ring, usually metal or coated metal, that is inserted behind the front teeth of the sub to keep their mouth open.  This is especially useful to take all control away from a sub during a blow job.  The only issue witha  ring gag is that it can be easy to flip in the sub’s mouth
  • Spider gag : Is a second generation ring gag with small metal bars extending from the ring to stop the wearer from flipping the ring horizontally in their mouth’s

  • Stuff gag: Is where a ball or wad of cloth or some other soft material is stuffed into the sub’s mouth
  • Tape gag : Wear a gag is made out of tape usually duct tape or medical tape to cover the sub’s mouth

  • Tube gag: Is a gag made from stuffing a tube into the sub’s mouth to hold their mouth open
  • Whitehead gag: is a dental device designed to hold the sub’s mouth open.  It is made from metal and doesn’t come with any padding, so care must be taken when it is being used to protect the sub’s teeth from being damaged. The main difference between this and a Jennings gag is it has two rachets in front of the gag which hold it open

Friday, 26 April 2013

Being forced to wear a butt plug

When my slave goes off to work, I worry about her sometimes.  I worry that she may think that she's there just to do a job and forget that she's first and foremost a sex toy.
Now all we need is a tail

So, to ensure that she is always aware of being a slave and that she is always toy for pleasure -- I sometimes make her wear a butt plug to work.  Before she leaves, I lube up a pink butt plug and make her bend over, exposing her cute little butt hole.  I gently slide the butt plug up her ass, slowly, enjoying how it looks (and also, it's kinda big as it is designed to stretch her ass a bit so she can easily take my cock whenever I choose.)  As soon as the plug starts to narrow again, her hungry asshole swallows it up and pulls it into position.

Then I make sure she wears a cute thong to hold it in place.

She goes off to work, filled.  Then, as she moves throughout the day, serving customers, she always has the sensation of butt plug reminding her that she is a slut. And she returns home, she is horn and wants nothing more but for me to remove the butt plug and fuck her ass.



Thursday, 25 April 2013

Definitions #1

This doesn't apply to everyone, I realize, but it does apply to me. This is how I define submissive girls...and I love them all:

A sub is a submissive-- a girl who is willing to yield to the will of her master. A slave is a girl who is willing to give herself entirely to her Master -- to sell her heart, her body and her soul to her Master so that he may have such cherished possessions to please him always.

A little, is a little girl...a girl pure of mind and heart who knows how to love untarnished by the bitterness of the world. She loves her Daddy fully and lives to please him. This could be a 30 year old woman who enjoys  pretending she is an innocent 11 year old.  She enjoys having no responsibilities nor power while at the same time has an open and loving heart of an innocent little girl.

A slut is a girl who puts sexual pleasure first at all times. A slut prides herself in how horny she is and always being able to think of a sexual angle to everything. A slut has a very dirty mind. While some people look down on sluts...I cherish them more than anything in the world.  I wish there were only sluts in the world -- yet sadly, horny, insatiable girls are the rare and exotic gems that make life worth living.

A pain slut is a girl who gets off on being beaten and abused. She is turned on by spankings or being tied up and whipped -- and lives for it.

A whore is a girl who is turned on by having her sexual services sold.  She might have to do something for a client in return for money -- although providing sexual services to strangers for money is generally not my thing.  A whore might also get off on being paid for posing in nude photos or in a porn video -- and handing every sent that she earns over to her Master (displaying my girl as a slut to the world does have much more appeal to me...especially the video shows off her talents as a sub.)

A gimp is a sexual fetishist who enjoys to be thoroughly bound so she completely helpless and unable to move.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Family and BDSM

I would now like to take the opportunity to express my views about family and how slaves fit in. While slaves  have a lower position on the totem pole I want to be perfectly clear: if you are collared, you are family. Slaves must learn their place within the family and how to behave around extended family and to help make this easier I wish to discuss wives, parents, siblings and length of relationships. Yet, to me, a collared slave is here to stay.

So first off, you can be a slave who chooses to submit to myself, the Master, as many have done before. This begins like any short term relationship. But if we are both extremely lucky, the relationship will develop into one where I wish to collar you and you will accept such a collar. I do not collar lightly. To me, my collared slave is my permanent property -- and I'm no more likely to give her up than I am to get rid of my right arm.  A collar is a symbol of my permanent ownership and quite honestly, it's a good deal more permanent than a wedding ring.

A collared slave is a permanent part of my personal family and will forever be treated as such.  While a slave does not have the responsibilities and duties of a wife -- she has her own place within the family.  Just as the family dog and cat are very much a part of the family, so is a collared slave. Any new additions to the family will have to work with her -- and will also have to do her best to get along with extended family as well.

My slaves are trained very specifically to include and embrace other girls -- wanting and encouraging their Master to use her with other girls. There is no toleration of jealousy as jealousy reflects an incorrect mindset. Also, the presence of jealousy would show that the slave feels insecure in her position and that she fears being replaced -- which simply is not an option for her and she deserves a purple butt for even letting the notion of not being with her Master enter her mind.

Slaves must get along with new slaves. This covers, of course, sexually. But I do not want my slaves to simply tolerate the presence of each other. My slaves must open their very hearts to each other and each girl will treat a newly collared girl as a new wife: their new wife.  Slaves must love and support each other more deeply than I would expect a man to love his wife. As such, I will establish this as the dynamic and relationship long before any new slave is collared -- as she's not just being collared by me, but gaining an entire family.

Her extended family (parents, sibling, aunts and uncles) then become my family as well and will be treated with respect. Her position as slave may not be formally announced to the family and they may wonder if we are going to get married or something -- but the real answer is no. There is no need.  Also, my family becomes that of the slave and she will behave accordingly around my family and do her best not to behave inappropriately around them.  That said, around family relations, I have decided to relax my slutty dress code rules so that the slave may dress more modestly -- as if I am having dinner with your father, I don't constantly want to be reminded that I want to fuck your ass and I certainly don't want to do it in front of him. Also, since the dynamic of Master and slave will undoubted make family members uncomfortable, this will be significantly toned down so that family members feel fine.

Now holidays can get more than a little complicated. Basically, it's a balancing act to hit as many traditional family events as possible and alternate as appropriate from year to year so that Christmas Dinners etc are attended a frequently as possible --and no slave's family neglected.

On wives: it is possible for myself to take a wife. I have been married once in the past (to a Playboy model and established actress -- who became extremely ill after 5 years of happy marriage) and it could happen again. But any wife will have to be 110% supportive and accepting of any collared slaves in the picture as giving up the wonders of a slave for the marginal gains of wife would be foolish indeed.  However currently it seems much more likely that I would add more slaves and skip the burdens of having a wife.  Slaves however, may be allowed to marry another slave collared by me. This would not only establish an extra special bond between the girls, but allow for important benefits such as allowing one slave to immigrate into Canada from her country -- and also allow for her close relatives to come to the country as well if that seems appropriate.

So as you can see, I have thought about this, and I have a practical approach to keeping my slaves within the real world.  A slave must be kept happy and apart of their family and home for the long term. A collared slave has a secure and permanent place in the household and her family will be embraced by the entire household.  


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Love Note from a slave #2

I had never cried before during a scene. Then again, I had never been hit so hard, so unforgivingly, or so repetitively in such a short amount of time. He had proven to be different from the other Doms I had experienced before though. He had already shown me so many new and wonderful things in just two sessions alone.

The punishment was to be 47 lashes on the backside. They were to be administered with His leather belt. Needless to say I was terrified. His dominance assured me, though, that there was nothing to fear. Not really. He had me bent over the bed, bare-assed, hands over my head, ring gag in my mouth, and face being pressed into my soaked panties.

I was fine until the thirteenth lash came down. He reminded me that thirteen was His favorite number, and He wanted it to really count. The lash came down hard, so hard that the force of it pushed the first sobs out of me. They came so unexpectedly, and the next thing I knew, tears were streaming down my face. With the ring gag in my mouth, my sobs were loud and I was unable to muffle them or cover them. All I could do was keep crying. Keep counting each lash number out loud. Keep sobbing out "Thank you Sir".

Calling out "yellow" to slow the scene or "red" to stop the scene were not even options for me. Truth is, as bad as it hurt and as overwhelmed as I was, I did not want it to stop. I can't remember a single moment during the punishment that I thought to myself "I wish this was over already". At the same time, it wasn't a pain I enjoyed. It was't a pain that gave me sexual satisfaction. The satisfaction that the punishment evoked was much deeper than that. A satisfaction to my submissive self. A satisfaction that I could and would take every lash He delivered. Too many times had I experienced Doms who treated me like I was so fragile and breakable. At my showing the slightest bit of discomfort they would slow down or stop altogether. He wasn't like that though. He knew I could handle it. Showed me that I could take it. And when it was all said and done, and the tears were still welling up in my eyes and streaming down my face, He looked down at me and smiled His wonderfully beautiful smile. "You were very good," He said. I melted. That's when I knew. This is what I needed. This is what I craved. To be so completely overtaken, so completely overwhelmed. Then, at the end of it all, to look up into a strong, caring, and reassuring face and hear the words "good girl" murmured in my ear.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Shaving and Pubic Hair

I have a very strict and unbending -- yet simple -- rule regarding pubic hair on slaves. There will be none.

A slave must be vigilant to ensure that she is completely and 100% hairless from the neck down. That means the slave cannot, under any circumstances, have any pubic hair, hair around the anus, underarm hair or hair on her legs.  The only hair that is somewhat acceptable is hair on her lower arms --so long as it is not too dense or thick.

Additionally, the slave is forbidden to look at any amount of pubic hair on a female -- be it in porn or in real life.  If she sees it in a porn film, she will fast forward or turn the movie off. If in real life, she will avert her eyes.

I don't want to simply state this as a rule -- I want to explain my rational behind it.

First off, I do not deny a woman the right to have her pubic hair groomed any way that she wishes.  It's her body and she has a right to keep it as she pleases. I know this can be a difficult area for women to traverse as men often have very different preferences ranging from completely bare, landing strip, groomed upper patch, neatly trimmed, and au natural.  Women have complained to me that they keep it shaved and the new guy want's anything but shaved. They go trimmed and a different new guy wants shaved. It's hard to predict for you...and so many feel you can't win .   Personally, I think if the guy insists on wanting shaved: he should be willing to do some of the work himself and treat her to grooming sessions.

However, absolutely none of the above applies to slaves. Slaves do no have the right to choose how to keep their body because they do not own their body. Their purpose is to keep their body in as desirable a state as possible for their Master. So their Master's preference is their world and law.

And the way I see it: body hair is not something a slave is allowed to experience in any way.  My reason are as follows:

1) a slave must endeavor to embody all that it feminine and submissive. Simply put: hair is masculine, hairless is feminine. And a slave must be feminine.
2) pubic hair serves to conceal a slave's genitals -- a form of modesty I will not permit. She must be exposed and fully naked.
3) having no pubic hair is undoubtedly slutty -- being smooth and hairless leaves little doubt that you are a sexual being and groomed for fucking. 
4) licking hair doesn't work well -- I much prefer licking skin.
5) exposing pubic hair in low cut slutty clothing is seen as inappropriate and even illegal where exposing the same skin without hair is legal.
6) Aesthetics: I personally think no hair looks way way sexier and more pleasing to the eye.
7) Feel: I love the way skin feels...it's awesome.
8) Effort: it takes more effort and daily attention to keep completely hairless... and I adore giving daily duties to ensure the slave's mind is focused
9) Messing up and having hair is a fantastic excuse to harshly punish a slave. Because I recognize it takes constant attention -- failing in any degree greater than a bit of stubble will ensure the harshest of punishment.
10) Hairless girls seem cleaner and less smelly to me.
11) Completely shaved is easiest to maintain and judge -- the slave has very clear orders: no hair. Very simple for her.
12) By insisting that slaves cannot look at any form of porn with girls that have pubic hair, they must take care and put more effort into find porn to cum to...keeping their minds focused.

Now any long term slave of mine will solidify her commitment to me (along with getting collared) with getting laser permanent hair removal.  Basically, the slave has all of her pubic hair, leg and underarm hair lasered off with a laser tuned to frequencies to permanently kill the hair follicles.  While this can be expensive -- it fully worth it!  Hair simply doesn't grow back and goes from stubbly to gorgeously smooth and lickable skin!!

A slave taking the step of permanent laser hair removal is a remarkable show of commitment to me and makes be glow with joy inside. It's akin to getting a tattoo with my name on it...only much prettier and more feminine.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Why good girls cum a LOT!

This will be a short post to say, GODDAMN! I love it when girls cum lots and lots.

I don't want a girl who masturbates once a week. That's ridiculous! A good girl will NEED to touch herself many times a day. I want insatiable girls that can't go 5 hours without the need to touch themselves overcoming them and they make themselves cum for me.

A girl is at her most gorgeous while she is in the throws of organismic ecstasy.  And I love gorgeous girls! If a girl touches her pussy and cums for me once an hour, every hour, all day long...that is a special girl indeed.

I like to train girls so that they masturbate many times a day...gradually increasing the number of times to 20 or 40...hell, training a girl to cum 50 or 100 times a day, every day, is not out of the question and would certainly ensure she is thinking about sex a good amount to make me happy.

But I'd prefer to have a girl that before I start training her was such a horny slut that she was cumming many many times a day already.

There's two girls in my life right now...one is a well trained slave and I force to cum for me many times a day --and she is my dream! The other girl, she's new but I am really wanting to train her to be a good little slut for me and I am wanting her to touch herself every day for me! If there was one thing I could tell her, it would be to touch your little pussy more every day.

Good girls cum a lot because that pleases Master.

Saturday, 20 April 2013



There are many duties that a slave of mine will have and these will, of course, be subject to change at a moment's notice depending on what I deem most appropriate.

A slave does not have a right to question any duties assigned to her but must attempt to fulfill them to the best of her ability. If she is unable to fulfill the duty, she will inform her master so that her behavior may be adjusted.

Here is a list of current and active duties and responsibilities currently being enforced with my primary slave:

  1. the slave must cum at a bare minimum of 20 times per day while looking at pornography.
  2. any time the slave needs to urinate, she must cum immediately before peeing, pee and then cum immediately afterwards. The orgasms do not count in reducing the number of orgasm required by rule #1.
  3. If the slave is rushed and for any reason unable to fulfill the orgasm requirements of rule #2,  then the next time she needs to pee, the slave will:
      •  cum
      • pee into a glass
      • cum again while drinking her own pee, cumming while the pee is in her mouth
  4. When the slave is at home, she will use a Hitachi Magic Wand to vibrate her pussy and cum while she pees into a bowl in her room.  This is to practice cumming and peeing at the exact same time --training her overcome the natural shut off of  the ability to pee while sexually aroused  While this is difficult, Master loves to watch this. 
  5. When the slave is around her Master, she will. at least 3 times per day, spread and expose her ass and try to tempt her Master to fuck her her ass.
  6. Any time the slave is around her Master, she will dress as a slut with no illusions of modesty -- she will be proud to dress a street-walking whore to remind her that her primary purpose in life is that of a fuck toy.                                                                                              
  7. Any time the slave is around her Master, she will beg to drink his piss. To do this, the slave will:
      • make her Master's cock hard
      • blow him while he relieves himself in her mouth
      • swallow every drop
      • thank her Master for the drink
      • provide beverages to her Master so that he is well hydrated 
  8. The slave will endeavor to make her Master cum at least 2 times a day as a bare minimum. She may use her mouth, ass, pussy or hands. 
  9. The slave will not eat excessively and will be vigilant to ensure hear weight remains less than 110 lbs.  If she starts getting strong impulses to eat while risking getting to fat, she will take the hunger as an trigger to cum and she will give herself orgasm instead of food. These also do not count against the daily requirement to cum as laid out in rule #1.
  10. The slave will look herself as having failed if her Master if he elects to masturbate by himself rather that use her -- and so she will do everything possible to ensure he always uses her.
  11. The slave will ensure that she is fucked in the ass at least 2 times for every time she is fucked in the pussy. For this reason, the slave must present a strong preference to anal sex as anal sex is all about her Master's pleasure --and not her own.   
  12. The slave will put serving her Master always as a priority and pride herself in always putting her Master first.
  13. The slave will give her heart to her Master and love him unconditionally.  It is her sacred duty to love her Master with all her heart.
  14. The slave will never, ever fake an orgasm. If she does, she will tell her Master as soon as she can that she did not fully cum as was her duty --she will do this no matter what she fears as punishment.
  15. The slave will never speak ill of her Master. 
  16. The slave will inform her Master of discomforts and other bodily status changes so her Master can direct her accordingly. The slave, being possessor of the most accurate biofeedback will inform her Master of any impending dangers or risks she perceives to his property (since her body is his, it is her duty to help keep it safe and healthy.) 
  17. The slave will brush her teeth every day.
  18. The slave will ensure, daily, that she is 100% hairless below her neck.
  19. The slave will see any feeling that her body experiences as for her Master.  Any discomfort imposed upon her by her Master will be welcomed as a service to her Master.  
  20. The slave will never look at and certainly never masturbate to porn containing girls with pubic hair.
  21. The slave will never masturbate to a girl with breasts larger than a C-cup.
  22. The slave will always ensure that her Master's cum enters her body. If he cums on her, she will swallow it. If he cums  in her ass, she may be allowed to keep it inside her there, depending on her Master's discretion but may be required to eat it too.
There, wow, 22 rules! I think that's it. I've never actually written them out before -- these we unwritten rules that have evolved over time as they came up. However, I will have my slave look them over and tell me which rules I have forgotten (we'll see how many she comes up with!)

Friday, 19 April 2013

How to win my heart

How to Win My Heart (a guide for slaves)
Be open and available to me, non-judgmental  and pure.
Have a wicked sense of humour.
Be insatiable and hornier than 20 women.
Love from the heart.
Never once have a single pubic hair in your whole life.
Be filled with delicious submissiveness that fills your every pore.
Have no idea how to say, "No".
Be highly intelligent.
Be warm and innocent.
Be as perverse as a convicted pedophile priest and yet as loving as a saint.
Feel best when you are tightly bound by my ropes.
Love like a young teenager who has never been hurt.
Share your porn.
Share your drugs.
Be a hedonist and love to dance.
Be thin and pretty as I love to have arm candy.
Remember the things I forget yet forget any minor grievances.
Cuddle me morning, noon and night.
Play video games with me.
If I get too distracted by games: spread your ass cheeks to remind me that I love you.
Masturbate frequently and tell me about it.
Make obscure jokes.
Find the perfect fame girl or JO or both.
Mix me drinks that are way too strong.
Laser off and predominantly remove your pubic hair.
Live to be tied up by me.
Prefer anal sex.
Love love love to dress up as a slut.
Be proud of being a slut for me.
And  put my collar on your neck and wear it proudly forever.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to give Me a Great Blowjob

Blow job, giving head, getting your knees dirty, going down on, give cone, sucking off, whatever you choose to call it, fellatio by any other name still feels just as good to your Dom. Being able to give good head is a vital skill for any submissive so here are some useful tips, tricks and how-to’s help you serve me the best.
The Marriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines fellatio as: oral stimulation of the penis. While that definition may be pretty self explanatory, it doesn’t do much to give you the low down on how to perform the basics of a good blow job. Contrary to what porn may show you, a good blow job is about more than just bobbing your head up and down at a frantic, head-banging pace on his cock.
The basic foundation of a good blow job consists of 4 pillars:
  • Lubrication
  • Suction
  • Rhythm
  • Care
Nothing kills the mood when giving your Dom head than dry mouth and lack of good lubrication. Watching porn, you will often see the giver spit on the penis of the receiver. The simple and obvious reason for this is to provide good lubrication, a vital cornerstone of a good blow job. Lubrication will facilitate smooth gliding of his cock in and out of your mouth and minimize friction which can be rather painful. If you notice the skin 'pulling' be sure to add more lube.
Lubing up:
  • You can use your own natural lubrication – saliva. Work up some spit in your mouth and lick it all over his penis or, if he enjoys a bit more of a show, spit onto his cock with a sexy smile.
  • Got dry mouth? Not to worry, flavoured lubes will do the trick and you can choose your favourite yummy flavour!
  • Remember that spitting is both slutty and sexy -- so don't be afraid to do it often. 
Lubing up, a good start to giving great head.
Lubing up, a good start to giving great head.
Suction is an important part of giving good head; while I appreciate a strong sucking, don’t go in too strong straight off the bat. Just as with rhythm (which you will get to in a moment), start slowly with a gentle sucking and work up to your maximum suction power. Remember that you will only be able to really suck the first couple of inches, maybe 2 or so, before your sucking power will inevitably peter out like a vibe with dying batteries. You will be focusing your sucking skills on the head and maybe the first inch of his shaft so once you work up to full strength, make it count!
Rhythm is another vital cornerstone of a good blow job. You cannot just take my cock into your mouth and start bobbing away furiously, not only will this lead to a poor blow job but you will also get tired quickly and run the risk of giving yourself an unpleasant neck injury --denying me future BJ pleasures. The basic rhythm foundation for giving good head is to start out slow and work up to a fast but comfortable speed that won’t leave you in a foam neck brace for a week.
Tip: When working on a rhythm, try picking a set number of strokes, say 5 or 7 or however many you like (just not too many). Let’s say, for example, that you chose 7 strokes; you would give him 6 slow, gentle, almost teasing strokes to start off with and 1 faster, more powerful stroke. The next repetition would have 5 slower strokes and 2 faster etc until all 7 strokes are fast and powerful and then in the repetition after that go back to the beginning with 6 slow and 1 fast and do it all over again. This is a great way to build up anticipation and pleasure without popping his cork too quickly.
Most people think care must be taken on to involve those pretty pearly whites of yours. I enjoy a little teeth action at times (especially a bit of biting around the base of penis).  But this should be used to heighten sensation and used sparingly as contrast. For the most part, things should be lovely, slippery and smooth feeling.
How to give a slippy slide:
  • The first step is to pretend that your Dom’s cock is a super frozen popsicle and you have a mouth full of freshly filled teeth. Any contact with that popsicle will send painful, electric-like shocks into your jaw and head. This isn’t a fool proof method but if you are working a slow rhythm then it will more often than not do the trick.
  • The next tip is to fold your lips in over your teeth, covering them like a sports gum guard would. This may not look as sexy as the above trick but it is a sure fire way to help you protect your Dom’s precious cock from your pearly whites, especially if you are working up to a faster rhythm.
Now that you have the basics of a good blow job under your belt, it’s time to learn how to blow like a pro by adding a few top tips and tricks to your repertoire.
Passion, Enthusiasm, Excitement:
Let’s face it, nobody likes to have sex with a cold fish and this goes for oral sex too. When you give your Dom a blow job, make an effort to show Him that you are enjoying giving Him pleasure. Giving head should be one of the most pleasurable or exciting sexual experience you have because you are giving pleasure and serving him well. If you are not receiving any physical stimulation from me, it is always ok to touch your pussy during a blowjob to show me how much giving BJs turns you on.  But don't overdo it --I know the difference if you start faking. I want the real you. Here are a few tips to make your performance more passionate and enthusiastic:
  • Make eye contact – don’t stare me down in a creepy way, just look up occasionally to make eye contact.
The eyes are the windows to a happy (submissive) soul.
The eyes are the windows to a happy (submissive) soul.
  • Makes some noise – you don’t have to scream orgasmically or put on a fake performance like in the over abundance of plastic, cookie-cutter porn out there. Little vocal gestures can make all the difference, some mmm’s and ah’s occasionally, tell me how good I taste and now good my cock feels in your mouth.
  • Vary your speed, intensity and rhythm – monotony can kill a good blow job so switch it up randomly and according to my physical responses to show me that you are paying attention and not just going about the motions.
Remember that knowing that you are excited to suck me off and are enjoying it will please me and I will allow you to service me more in the future. 
Hally little cock sucker.
Happy little cock sucker.
A Helping Hand:
Using your hands can help you stimulate the entire penis at the same time for maximum pleasure, so don’t be shy about lending yourself a helping hand:
Take me from flaccid to rock solid hard with your hands and then add your mouth to the mix. Hold my erect penis as you would a microphone and slide your hand up and down it's length. Add your mouth and follow the movement of your hands as far down as you can comfortably and then back up.
Tip # 1: Use lots of spit and/or lube on your hand. A lubed hand feels about 20x better than a dry one. 
Tip # 2: While using your hands and before the blow job gets too serious, take a break and try this nifty trick. Grip my penis with one hand, making a ring around the shaft with your fingers. Slide this hand up and down my shaft, squeezing a little for extra effect. Lube up the tip of my cock with spit or lube and cup the palm of the other hand over the head. Now make gentle circling motions with the hand cupping my cock head, kind of like a very gentle juicing action. This will feel really good for me and give your mouth a little break.
Tip # 3: Instead of just following your mouth up and down on my cock, spice it up by doing a gentle corkscrew/twisting motion with your hands as they glide up and down my shaft. You can also gently roll your head in a similar motion over the heard of his penis at the same time. Remember, gentle movements as you don’t want to hurt your Dom or yourself, you can always make the movements stronger if he tells you to.
Lend yourself a helping hand for an amazing blow job.
Lend yourself a helping hand for an amazing blow job.
Use Your Tongue:
Use your tongue to maximum effect, twirl it around the head of my cock, flick it over the tip, lick around where the head meets the shaft…be creative and watch my appreciation.
Twirling your tongue around the sensitive head of his cock will feel really good.
Twirling your tongue around the sensitive head of his cock will feel really good.
More than just cock:
When going down on your Mastrer, remember that my penis is not my only pleasure spot.  Try adding extra stimulation to overload my pleasure senses by tickling, licking and very gently sucking his testicles. Cup my balls with one hand. Gently caress them.  Stimulate the perineum (the sensitive area between the testicles and anus) with gentle massage and if you are feeling bold you can also lick the upper part closest to his balls.  Use a moist finger or two to gently massage the outer part of the anus. Be creative.
The Map:
My penis is a real life treasure and you should be thankful to get to explore every super sensitive spot to make me blow my load, HARD.
The Head/Glans: this is one of the most sensitive areas on my entire body so paying special attention to it packs a real pleasure punch.
The Testicles: Gentle is the way to go but stimulating this often forgotten but very sensitive area will leave me weak in the knees.
The Perineum:  Explore more of me to get rocks off so much better. Stimulate the upper perineum just behind the tested for maximum effect.
The Fraenulum: This is the sensitive line on the underside of my penis where the head meets the shaft, running your tongue gently along this line feels amazing! Stimulating the fraenulum with the underside of your tongue feels surprisingly good:
Hold the base of his cock gently and place the underside of your tongue against his fraenulum and quickly flick it from side to side, kind of like a pendulum in fast forward.
The Anus: If you want to show me you are a real slut wanting to do any dirty thing to please me, then as things get heated up, take a couple of wet fingers and massage the outer portion of the anus. Swirl around, You can even put a finger in a little bit...but not to deep or it distracts from the blowjob.
Add things to your mouth, add to your blowjob:
Being as sensitive as it is, the penis will be very receptive to hot and cold sensations. Here is how you can bring temperature play into your blow job:
  • Take a swig of hot (not too hot – you don’t want to burn your mouth) and swill it around in your mouth a bit before swallowing and then take his cock into your mouth, sucking for about 30 seconds. Then repeat with some ice water, the change in sensations should be thrilling and enjoyable for him.
  • Cold fizzy drinks, chilled champagne, ice-cream can bring added sensations into playing with temperature during your blow job.
  • You can also try small ice cubes or medium ice chips, treating him to the warm, wetness of your mouth with flashes of chilly sensation keeping him on high alert.
  • Another way to play with temperature is to warm him up with your mouth and then blowing gently on his penis.
Minty Fresh:
You know how mints can make your mouth sensitive to temperature and all tingly? They work the same type of magic on a cock and chances are he will love the effect. Suck on a mint pre blow job or while you are busy going down on him; you can even try blowing on his penis once the mints take their tingly effect.
Saucy Sessions:
Whether you like the taste of your Dom’s cock or not, there is no harm in turning a blow job into a taste sensation. Try some cream, chocolate body paint, chocolate sauce or various other sweet sauces in yummy flavours that will make you WANT to lick him clean and enjoy it too!
mmm...chocolate sauce, yummy!
mmm…chocolate sauce, yummy!
Make his rocks pop:
Use the popping candy Pop Rocks to your mouth so that you add a distinctive popping sensation to your blowjob.  

Deck the Halls:
Using the throat candy, Halls which has  a menthol additive ads a huge amount of sensation to any blowjob.  The black halls is best. As you suck away, you can pull off and blow -- the air will make a pleasant cooling feel that is awesome and intense.  

Lick His Ice-Cream Cone:
Flatten your tongue against his penis and lap at him with long strokes from base to tip, leaving no inch untouched and untantalised. Licking his ice-cream cone in this way will not only feel good but it when you throw a little eye contact into the mix it will look good too.

Love Bites:
Lip-nibble your way up his shaft by very gently taking the skin of his penis between your lips and softly giving it a small tug. You can also use your teeth. Be somewhat gentle but if I'm very aroused you can nip much harder and it will still feel good. My cock isn't as delicate as you might think.  I especially enjoy you going all the way down and then biting around the base of my cock. 
Turn Your Routine Upside Down:
Lie on your back on the bed or couch, hanging your head over the edge. Allow me to stand astride your head and fuck your mouth. I  enjoy the control and ability to go deeper and forcing you to deep throat. It's especially good as this can produce a lot of sexy saliva! 
Doesn't this just look like so much fun?!
Doesn’t this just look like so much fun?!
Gagging during oral sex is a massive turn on for me. Gagging is an involuntary reflex but pressing on and continuing the blowjob enthusiastically is a great way to show your devotion. 
The Ultimate Gag:
Your Master is a real pervert and loves it when you go so hard and deep that you gag and actually throw up on my cock.  The first time this happened with a slave, she was deeply embarrassed and we had to do a timeout (yes, I had a buddy there who was also enjoying her...which was twice as embarrassing for her.)  But I soon found that the vomit became a massive turn on. One, because the little slut has not control over her body -- it's all about me making her experience things. Two, the vomit itself is a fantastic lubricant! It feels so warm, slippery and nice...really, there's nothing better. I say again, it feels damn fine. Three, when she pukes, her pussy and anus involuntarily tighten (this has many other advantages.)  Four, if she presses on and continues the blowjob even though she has just puked...looking up at you with love in her eyes and a desire to please no matter what her discomfort...well, nothing makes my heart melt like that kind of amazing devotion. 
Bonus: Lick it up again to show me what a wanton slut you are!

A Great Slap Job:
Mix things up and watch my appreciation. Try gently slapping my cock against the side of your face or stick out your tongue and gently slap my hard cock against it. You can also try making a big O with your mouth with me inside it and gently slap my penis from side to side against the insides of your cheeks. When done correctly and with sensual flair, these moves will pleasantly surprise me and make you look like a sex rock start. If you are unsure about technique, try it with a jelly dong first to perfect the moves before trying it on your Dom.
The Final Mad Dash:
You know your Dom is getting close to cumming when his body gives you several indications:
  • as I get nearer and nearer, my hands usually migrate down to my thighs and press into them. I don't know why...
  • my testicles become harder and seem to pull up into my body with the scrotal sack seeming to shrink. When I cum, one testicle is actually pulled inside my body. (While this happens to every guy,  a lot of people don't know this...as they are usually watching the rest of the show.)
  • My muscles will tighten, legs stiffen and pelvis arch into your mouth.
This is the important turning point beyond which there is no return and the time is now to pick up your pace, suck harder and give this blow job your all.
The Grand Finale:
Just before your Master cums in your mouth, you should be able to feel my cock throbbing, pulsing, even twitching a mere second or 2 before my hot spunk fills your mouth. The important thing here is to show your Dom how much you appreciate my cumming on your mouth and how much you enjoy it.
As I cum, it's extremely important to keep going. I have the ability to cum for much longer than the average guy...and more intensely.  I my howl and spasm and convulse for several minutes if you keep going.  So do that! I cum so long and so damn hard. But if you stop for even a second or two...it can shut the whole orgasm down.  Do not be alarmed at the massive intensity of the orgasm...just trust me in that, I'm enjoying myself. A LOT.
Spit or Swallow?
If You Spit:
Do it as show by spitting into another slave's mouth or into her spread ass so you can drink it again from her anus. It's fun to swap cum back and forth many times with your little friend, putting on a wonderful show for your Master.
If You Swallow:
Swallowing my cum is a real compliment and expression of commitment and I will love the gesture. Make it even more ego pleasing by looking me in the eye, opening your mouth to show off your prize and then swallow with a cheeky, satisfied smile and you can add the cherry on top by licking your lips afterwards.
Showing off her reward for a job well done.
Showing off her reward for a job well done.
Once your Dom has cum in your mouth and you have either spit or swallowed, you now have the taste of his jizz in your mouth, something you will like. Love the flavor and enjoy it as long as possible.  If you find my cum is less pleasant tasting than usual, you can feed me different things to make my cum sweeter and more delicious like:
  • pineapple
  • cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg (makes me taste like pumpkin pie.)
  • citrus fruits
  • cranberry juice
  • apples
  • mangos
  • parsley
  • celery
  • vanilla extract
  • wheatgrass
  • ginger